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  1. Fix Dogs (aka reset hounds in glitched games) + Fixes No Sleeping Glitch

    ONLY FOR GLITCHED SAVEGAMES WHERE DOGS ARE NOT SPAWNING CORRECTLY (Fixes dogs spawning every time you join and dogs not spawning at all)
    Step 1 - Start your glitched game with this mod
    Step 2 - SAVE and QUIT
    Step 3 - disable this mod and load your game... all the dog information is now wiped and should resume spawning normal... you know it worked because now you can sleep!
    I created this mod because I was playing Shipwrecked and one day I could not sleep anymore because of some clandestine danger and 50 days later found out it was because hounds were not spawning.
    Please comment if you have any problems or if this worked for you.




  2. Too Many Items

    Allows you to spawn any item you want. Press (T) to open spawn menu
    Side notes:
    - Might not contain all items (placable items aren't possible yet)
    - If you are missing an item, lets me know!




  3. Talkative Object

    This mod allows you to know all the essential information about objects all around you.
    For example : number of cycle left to fertilise again a grass, time before the torch run out or when a pigman will stop to following you and many other things.
    Works with all versions of DS
    This mod is able to evolve with your suggestion so feel free to ask and don't hesitate to report any bug




  4. Smart Crock Pot

    Smart Crock Pot Compatible with SW




  5. Won't Starve - The Modpack

    Presenting fellow users who manage to reach it here ----- The "Won't Starve" Modpack
          In this mopack, many additions and features that first enhance the game itself then make the game easier to handle and to play with are included
    So the survival will be better and more FUNs. The in-game experience will be more interesting and exciting without changing the game completely nor 
     losing the structure of the base game. As the title said, the mopack won't make you starve to die or die in some ways.. But be remember not to starve!!
           Being made in term of providing a better way of choosing and downloading mods, the neat of packed mods that are well-going together or already configured 
    which gives surprising moments when come into plays. Thus, It's better downloading modpacks than manually download each one oneself
    Also, these mods are personal-liking. The reason I want to post this is just to satisfy myself as a hobbyish joy of making things, especially modpacks!
        Before listing some of the features, I would like to give credits to all the mod makers who make such amazing works, fascinating mods
    that I use in this modpack with all the mods:

    0. Ash Fertilizer ( More Fertilizers ) by mouse
    1. Advanced Farming by Afro1967
    2. Additional Structures by DownloadAlot
    3. Additional Equipments also by DownloadAlot
    4. Backpack and Amulet Slots also by afro1967
    5. Better Compass by GraySloth
    6. Best friend forever by Hunkinsland
    7. Combined Status by rezecib, Kiopho, Soilworker and hotmatrixx
    8. Compromising Survival by simplex
    9. Craftpot by IvanX
    10. Display Food Values by alks
    11. Detailed Tooltips Daynar
    12. Dusk and Night Musics by Dragon Wolf Leo
    13. Dawn Break by HeavenFall
    14. Extended Map Icon by StarLion
    15. Fashion by _Q_
    16. Fast Travel by SoraYuki
    17. Fish Farm also by afro1967
    18. Geometric Placement by rezecib
    19. Golden Spear by _Q_
    20. Happy Flowers (Lite) by mouse
    21. Infinite Clothes also by tehmugwump
    22. MemorySpikeFix also by simplex
    23. Minimap HUD by squeek
    24. More Map Icons by Michael
    25. More Plantables also by GraySloth
    26. OPcane -> Less OP Walking Cane ( Better WalkingCane ) also by tehmugwump
    27. Pig Shop by Flaky
    28. Painted Pig House by justjasper
    29. Silkworm also by Afro1967
    30. Simple Health Bar by D.Y.C
    31. Sleep In Spider Den by Prince143
    32. Smart Minisign by MySora
    33. Throwable Rocks by Reinert
    34. Unlock All Released Characters also by heavenfall
    35. Useful Flooring by Nadevill
    36. RainLagFix by Simsure
    37. Rare Items by infernalthing
    38. Wilson's House ( With Timed Light ) also by afro1967
    39. Wardrobe also by justjasper
    40. PlayerPooper by Plospo

    Here are features and combination of mod:
    - Ash Fertilizer: New fertilizers like goop,.. + Charcoal Pit( Additional Structures ) provides ashes through burning logs or burnables
    + Player Pooper: Even more fertilizers
    - Advanced Farming + Fish Farm: More types of farm or sources of food
    - Additional Structures + Wardrobe: Wardrobe is a new storage with "Additional Structures" brings new storages and structures
    - Additional Equipments + Better WalkingCane + Golden Spear + Throwable rocks: A new type of ranged weapon 
    + New  RPG-like Slots
    + A "com-pass" way to reveal the whole map!!
    -> New armors, weapons, better compass and.. better walkingcane.
    - Followers follow for the rest of their life!
    - Combined Status + Minimap HUD
    + Bosses, monsters and animals all have a health bar
    -> New HUDs
    - You will never die till you really want to die ( Optional ). You can disable this, in the mod config screen, if you want to ( Recommended ).
    - Display Food Values + Detailed Tooltips: Full informations for items
    - New music for dusk-night
    - Dawn 
    - Extended Map Icon + More Map Icons: Tons of map icon + Minimap HUD: Also work with minimap
    - Fashion + Painted Pig House + Pig Shop: An addition to the base game to make it more like Hamlet DLC but in a new way
    - Fast Travel: Travel With Signs + SmartMinisign: Minisign but smart -> Signs overhauled
    + Craft With The Cooking Pot
    + Wooden floor halves sanity loss at night, Carpet one provide some cold insulations
    + Happy Flower ( Lite ): Fern pots
    -> Better BaseGame structures, flooring
    - Geometric Placement: Grid shown when placing + More plantables -> especially for planting
    - Happy Flower ( Lite ): Flowers make you HAPPY! + More plantables: More flowers than ever!
    - Inf Clothes + Fashion: Make hats worn by followers and by other mobs never wear out 
    - MemSpikeFix + RainLagFix: Small Performance Fixes
    - Silkworms as food and sillks
    - All characters are unlocked
    + Webber Sleep In Spider Den
    -> Characters and character modifiers
    - A timed-light house for all sleeping needs with cheap recipe!!
    - Some special and rare ingredients are now more common 
     -----   Known bugs:
    - Pinecone grows cause the game to crash
     For the now time, I am not a coder or proffessor in coding or something. This is just a project of mine and is expected to be buggy 
    So helps from the community would be great!     
    Thank you so much!!                        

    To use the modpack:
    1. Simply download the file provided
    2. Extract the downloaded file into the mod folder of your Don't Starve folder
    3. Run the game.
     Have FUN And Enjoy!!!


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  6. CraftBlock - 3D Base Building

    FULL RELEASE! Posting standalone version for non-steam users. (I guess? Is there even a non-steam version of DST?)
    DST ONLY! (Not compatible with singleplayer version)
    Youtube trailer link:
    Unlock the secrets of the third dimension with stacking, climbing, and jumping
    Stack Buildings Upwards!
    Placing a structure inside of another one will stack it on top Use the new Wooden Mallet tool to manually adjust height No more building placement restrictions! New Building Block Recipes!
    8 new crafting recipes in the Structures tab Cheap to craft in large quantities, but very flimsy Drops itself when destroyed for easy relocation Deconstructable with any tool (or fist) Jump with the spacebar!
    Press space while moving to jump (Changeable in mod config settings) Jump over walls, gaps, or on top of buildings Gravity now affects players (and monsters) Watch out for fall damage! New ways to traverse the Y axis!
    Build ladders to climb up and down Make stairways with Stepstools and Slabs that lift you up as you walk over them Watch out, other creatures can climb these too! NEW: Build Bouncepads to jump even higher! -Now Controller Compatible!
    -Also compatible with my First Person mod for a truly nauseating experience

    Other gameplay changes:
    Removed the invisible walls preventing players from walking into the ocean. Don't fall in! (toggleable in mod settings) Falling into water very close to land will now only apply a small amount of wetness instead of drowning you. Increased the range for building placement, as well as a few other actions Walls can only be repaired with their base material instead of adding walls (so you can stack them) Standing under building blocks counts as shelter from rain and heat Fall damage can be reduced by landing in water or on hay walls Flying creatures can move vertically however they please Holding an umbrella/parasol while jumping will now slow your fall! The weregoose can fly. Have fun with that Language settings! 在设置中更改语言! Note: This mod disables lag compensation regardless of your game settings.


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  7. Waiter 101 (RoG, SW)

    Adds Many additional crock pot recipes.
    Batilisk wings are made cookable (they count as 1/2 monster meat)
    Seeds made cookable
    Cold meat dish included to cool Wigfrid during the summer
    Candied Bacon included to help Wigfrid with sanity
    - compatible with Display Food Values and Smarter Crock Pot mods
    - compatible with Beefalo Milk and Cheese mod (can used cooked Milk in any recipe that requires milk)
    Please leave feedback if you have any comments, errors, or suggestions
    Known issues
    Items don't appear properly in Warly's portable crock pot (will be fixed next update)
    Some recipes accidentally disabled in Shipwrecked (will be fixed next update)
    Expect New Changes Soon
    A version compatible with DST is on steam
    You can download it here - even without a steam account 




  8. Becky's Mixed Mods

    Base Game/ROG/SW compatible versions
    This is basically a few of other people's mods all-in-one (Some of which I have edited/improved):
    999 Item Stacks - By Prince143
    Auto Catch -  By Stonechains
    Brighter Lighter - By mouse
    Craftable Uncaftables - By ArcticFox789 - (I have probably edited this to suit myself)
    FOV - By kiopho - (I have edited this to have a wider FOV)
    Free Effigy - By HunkInsland13
    Mandrake Respawn - By Daedalus (Steam Workshop)
    PickyPickyPicky - By tehMugwump
    Relaxed Crafting - By boon
    Storm Cellar - By afro1967
    Lunch Box - By afro1967 - (I have edited this so it has 16 slots instead of 4)
    Freezer By afro1967 - (I have edited this so it has 16 slots instead of 12)
    Too Many Items By CJB - (I have added more items to this)
    ALL CREDIT for this goes to the original owners of the mods. I am not able to create my own mod yet, I can only edit them.
    If you are an owner of one of these mods and wish for me to remove it (them in afro1967's case) please send me a message.
    If you need me to edit/add anything, send me a message or comment below




  9. Hack The Planet

    So you want to hack the planet, huh? You think you're chill enough? You think you're gnarly enough? You think you're mad fresh to the max? Then check it, keyboard cowboy. This totally rad, ill and fly mod will have you hacking the planet in the dopest of styles.
    How to Use:
    Press the "hacker key" (R by default, can be changed in the mod configuration menu) to go into "hacker mode". While in "hacker mode", the game will be paused and you can simply click the object you want to "hack" and a list of options will appear. You can change anything from it's max health, to it's movement speeds, to how much damage it does, to it's diet. You can teleport yourself to it or vice versa. You can kill it, set it on fire, freeze it or just delete it. Do you have a character ideal but don't want to write any code yet? Not a problem! Click your character and starting changing variables! You will be able to recreate over half of the character mods out there and maybe, just maybe, improve on them. You can do so much with so many different things and all of those changes are made to only that one instance of that one object, and if you screw something up, you can just reload the save and everything goes back to normal. In short, you can Hack The Planet!
    Warning: Reckless hacking of the planet has been linked to crashing of the planet. Exercise common sense when hacking the planet.
    Custom Component Support:
    Have a component you made yourself? Want to test it using this mod? Not a problem! Tired of waiting for me to add support for your favorite already existing components? Not a problem! Want to make an expansion for this mod using the tools I made and publish it to the workshop? Not a problem, so long as you do NOT package Hack The Planet with it. You can now add component support yourself from within your own modmain.lua file! The documentation with a list of all builtin tools can be found here:
    If you are using Always On or any of the RPG HUD mods,
    Try disabling the option, "Change Backgrounds".
    Noteworthy Changes:
    -Added support for custom components.
    On a serious note, I made this as a tool to help myself and others develop other mods, troubleshoot bugs and more quickly understand some of the inner workings of DS's components. It's also a lot of fun so even if you don't plan to make mods, you can still get a lot of entertainment out of it. This was made with mouse and keyboard controls in mind. Adding controller support will probably never happen. This is not the final version, adding support for all components is a very long, arduous task so be patient.
    Concerning DST: No.




  10. Best Friends

    Make your friends in DS, RoG & Shipwrecked don´t leave you

    New update for Shipwrecked and Reign of Giants.
    For everyone who dont now the mod this is what does:
    -If you feed a pig, bunnymen, spider (with webber), catcoon or rock lobster be your friend and you dont have to feed them again, JUST ONE TIME!!!
    RoG and Shipwrecked F
    -Abigail, bunnymens, catcoons, chester, pigs, spiders, and rock lobster become in your friends and never die.
    -They are more faster.
    -Pigs dont become in were pigs.
    -Bunnymens dont bite you for have meet in your inventory.
    -Ballphins have a little chance to help you against sharx, with this mod always help you.
    RoG and Shipwrecked D
    -All your friends stand in your side but JUST UNTIL THEY DIE (this is cause many people wants a noon-inmortal version)
    -The Ballphin is a new friend
    I hope this mod help you to play Dont Starve with less problems or make it more fun.
    Thanks for Squeek, who help me for the first version of the mod,
    None of This Would Be Possible Without Him.




  11. Menu Redesign [Beta]

    This mod changes up the menu layout to more friendly and font changes too if you want more suggest something!

    What's New: 
    - Changed Layout
    - Changed Font
    - Changed up Login Screen 
    [Version: 0.0.5]
    Copyright © 2019 Matthew Lengerman
    Credits: Klei

    This mod is using modinfo version 2.0.0


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  12. Combined Status

    Works with all versions of the game (Don't Starve, Reign of Giants, Shipwrecked, and Don't Starve Together). Also available on the Steam Workshop (single-player, DST)
    This mod enhances the HUD to better show the player's stats and various information about the world, such as temperature, season, and moon phase.
    This is a client-only mod, so whoever has enabled it will see the changes, and whoever doesn't won't, regardless of what server you're on and whether the server has the mod or not.
    Unfortunately Naughtiness is not available to clients in Don't Starve Together, so adding it would make it so everyone would have to have the mod. Temperature is available, however.
    Credits to Kiopho and Soilworker for making the mods for single-player, and giving me permission to publish and maintain the DST versions!
    Configuration options:
    Temperature: Whether to show the temperature of the player. Defaults to Show. Show World Temp: Whether to show the temperature of the world. Defaults to Hide. Show Temp Badges: Whether to show small images to indicate which temperature is which. Badges only get shown if this is set to Show and both player and world temperatures are enabled. Defaults to Show. Temperature Unit: Whether to use the game's internal units (default), or approximations of Fahrenheit or Celsius. In Game Units, the player freezes at 0 and overheats at 70, with warning occurring 5 away. In Celsius, the player freezes at 0 and overheats at 35, with warning occurring 2.5 degrees away. In Fahrenheit, the player freezes at 32 and overheats at 95, with warning occurring 4.5 degrees away. Show Waning: Whether to show if the moon is waxing or waning by adding new icons. Defaults to Show. (The game normally only shows icons for one direction). In Don't Starve Together, this is always on regardless of what you set, because it's a feature of the main game now. Show Moon: Whether to show the moon only at Night (the game's default), during night and dusk (Dusk, the mod's default), or Always. Predict Full Moon: Whether to predict the day of the next full moon, shown when hovering over the moon icon. Defaults to Yes. Flip Moon: Whether to flip the moon phase icon to show it like it is in the Southern Hemisphere, instead of the default Northern Hemisphere. Defaults to No. Season Clock: Clock, the default, shows a full clock of the seasons. Compact shows a smaller badge with the season and day count, while Micro shows an even smaller badge. No disables the season clock entirely. Naughtiness: Whether to show the naughtiness of the player. Doesn't work in Don't Starve Together (unless the Insight mod is installed), as  naughtiness is not available to clients. Defaults to Show. Log Meter: Whether to show the log meter for Woodie when he is human. Only relevant to singleplayer, as Don't Starve Together always shows the log meter already. Defaults to Always. Cave Clock: Whether to always show the clock in the caves. Only relevant to singleplayer Reign of Giants, as the data is not available in vanilla and the clock shows in Don't Starve Together. Defaults to Show. Stat Numbers: Whether to show the sanity, hunger, and health numbers without having to mouse over the badges. Defaults to Always. Show Max Text: Whether to show the "Max:" text when hovering over the sanity, hunger, and health badges to see their maximum values. Defaults to Show. HUD Scale: Lets you adjust the size of the badges and clocks independently of the game's HUD scale. Defaults to 1.




  13. More Map Icons

    Steam version:
    This mod adds more icons to the minimap in Don't Starve. It's compatible with mod Koalefanta Proboscidea, which means there are seven icons for koalefants. 
    Compatible with Don't Starve, Don't Starve RoG and Don't Starve: Shipwrecked.
    Version 1.0:
    + mod release;
    + icons for giants;
    + icons for beefalos;
    + icons for koalefants;
    + icon for rabbit hole;
    + icon for chester eye bone.
    Version 2.0:
    + icons for tree guards, spider queen, ancient guardian, warg;
    + icons for bones and skeletons;
    + icon for koalefants tracks;
    + icon for gold rocks.
    Version 3.0:
    + icons for volt goats, rock lobster;
    + icons for mushrooms, mandrakes;
    + some icons now look better;
    + icon for Codex umbra.
    Version 3.5:
    + icon for moleworm burrow.
    Version 4.0:
    + icons for "Things";
    + icon for albino koalefant;
    + icon for mother goat.
    Version 5.0:
    + icon for Goose egg;
    + icon for marsh bush;
    + icon for double and triple lightbulb flower.
    Version 6.0:
    + Shipwrecked compatibility
    + crabbit dens
    + sandhills
    + packims fishbone
    + doydoys and doydoy babys
    + Shipwrecked "things"
    + tigershark and sharkitten
    + sealnado and seal
    + whales and whale carcases
    + suspicious bubbles
    + dogfish
    + swordfish
    + bioluminescence
    + watery grave
    + fishermerm's hut
    + tumbleweed spawner




  14. Auto planting

    You can build a lightning rod on the ground and open it with the left key, planting after you pressing "Do" button ,
    each will spend 10 gold, if you don't have enough gold it doesn't work .
    5 kinds of plants can be planted.
    The following:
    twigs = sapling
    cutgrass = grass
    berries = berrybush
    pinecone = talltree
    acorn = talldeciduoustree
    The bug:
    If you planted berrybush you can not into them and get the berries.But i can tell you how to solve this problem.
    The following:
    Digging 3 or 4 of them like picture 2 then you can get the berries.
    Have fun!
    If you have any problems let me know about them!




  15. Delete My World

    Delete everything you want under your mouse cursor,just press Delete key on your keyboard. Enjoy it!




  16. Better Drying Racks

    Do you want jerky but you accidentally cooked all of your meat over a fire, again? Well, this mod allows you to put cooked meats on drying racks. Cooked meats create the same jerky as their uncooked variants.
    Additionally, jerky spoil times are now easily adjustable via the configuration menu.




  17. Tell me about health

    Shows exact health of creatures on "inspect" action.
    (Steam link).




  18. Dusk and Night Music

    For Don't Starve, Reign of Giants, and Don't Starve Together.
    This mod adds music tracks for dusk and night for each season. You can also configure whether you want music to play continuously or only when working.




  19. Won't Starve

    Give a man a fish, feed him for a day
    Teach a man to fish? Too hard.
    Created by hrekin and Catten




  20. Prefab Counter

    Prefab Counter [DST]
    Easily count a configurable list of prefabs/items in a world, like walrus camps, amount of reeds, etc., to quickly check if a generated world is worth playing.

    Just run PC:Count() in the remote console to show a fresh count of the items in the current shard.
    Features and Usage
    The Prefab Counter mod is purely server-side, intended to be used by a server admin to get a quick overview over the generated Overworld and Caves to see at a glance if worlds have been generated with enough resources for the intended playstyle. Typically, one could be interested in the number of walrus camps, reeds, marble sources, or planted mandrakes, and if the world spawned with too little of a resource, a new chance is just a simple world regeneration away. Go ahead, whisk away the lives of every single soul inhabiting the constant, without a second thought.

    To count the configured items/prefabs in the shard you're currently in, simply run PC:Count() in the Remote Console as an admin, and the results will be printed to the chat and server log as a system message. After the results fade out, you can open the chat again (default key: Y) to see the text for as long as you need to ponder bringing armageddon upon the world. You monster.

    Certain items only ever spawn in the Caves, so if you're interested in those, you'll have to enter the Caves first and run the same command there to count again in that shard. The same applies to any other shards you may have set up in a multi-shard cluster.

    The mod can count the following items, prefab names given for reference:
    Anememies ("trap_starfish") Beefalos ("beefalo") Beehives ("beehive") Berry Bushes ("berrybush", "berrybush2") Broken Clockworks ("chessjunk1", "chessjunk2", "chessjunk3") Clockworks ("knight", "bishop", "rook", "knight_nightmare", "bishop_nightmare", "rook_nightmare") Juicy Berry Bushes ("berrybush_juicy") Killer Beehives ("wasphive") Mandrakes ("mandrake_planted") Marble Pillars ("marblepillar") Marble Statues ("statue_marble", "statue_marble_muse", "statue_marble_pawn") Marble Trees ("marbletree") Maxwell Statues ("statuemaxwell") Merm Houses ("mermhouse") Pig Houses ("pighouse") Rabbit Hutches ("rabbithouse") Reeds ("reeds", "reeds_water") Saplings ("saplings") Spider Den 1/2/3/Queen/Eggs ("spiderden"/"spiderden_2"/"spiderden_3"/"spiderqueen"/"spidereggsack") Stone Fruit Bushes ("rock_avocado_bush") Volt Goats ("lightninggoat") Walrus Camps ("walrus_camp") Wormholes ("wormhole") Counting any of these items can be disabled in the configuration as required, all items are counted by default. You may also choose to not show any item with a zero count to reduce the amount of text to read. By default, however, all results will be shown.
    Documentation, Sources, Development This mod is developed on GitHub, where you can read the current documentation and installation instructions, as well as find the sources. If you encounter any issues, bugs, or have a feature request, please create an issue on GitHub, as all development is focused there. You may also find your issue already addressed in an existing issue.
    Also available on the Steam Workshop with ID 2618765953.




  21. Gemesis

    Mod for Don't Starve (Together) to craft and split gems to/from their constituent colors.
    Compatible with Don't Starve Together, and all versions of Don't Starve, i. e. Shipwrecked, Hamlet, and Reign of Giants.
    Refine green and orange gems by combining their respective primary color gems,
    just like purple gems. Cast the deconstructor staff on purple, green and orange
    gems to split them back into their primary colors.
    New recipes (Prestihatitator / Shadow Manipulator):
    1 Red Gem  + 1 Yellow Gem -> Orange Gem 1 Blue Gem + 1 Yellow Gem -> Green Gem Deconstructor Staff:
    Purple Gem -> 1 Red Gem  + 1 Blue Gem Orange Gem -> 1 Red Gem  + 1 Yellow Gem Green Gem  -> 1 Blue Gem + 1 Yellow Gem Please note that this mod does not add crafting recipes for gems, you'll still need to farm for gems! However, this mod takes a bit of tedium out of farming for specific "high tier" colors of gems, as you can now combine two "low-tier" gems into green and orange gems, and split up the higher tier gems for recombination if you happen to have a surplus of a specific color. No extra cost except for deconstructor staff charges are incurred. In my humble opinion, this mod doesn't affect balancing as much as most other gem crafting mods, and stays very close to the vanilla feeling while still removing the tedious gem farming bits.
    If you are running the Steam version of the game, install the most recent version of this mod by subscribing to it on the Steam Workshop, and it will automatically be available in game on the next start. Steam will also automatically take care of updating the mod if a newer version is released. Make sure to enable the mod if you want to use it.
    Steam Workshop page for Don't Starve
    Steam Workshop page for Don't Starve Together or other standalone version
    If you're running a standalone version of Don't Starve, you can download a release from Github or from the Klei Game Modifications download page, and extract it into the mods directory of Don't Starve. Please refer to the instructions in the official Klei forum on how to install a mod manually.
    Dedicated Server
    Proper installation of mods on dedicated servers is a bit more involved, but in general it's enough to edit the file dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua in the mods directory of the dedicated server installation, and add ServerModSetup("2556417192") to it. The mod's Steam Workshop ID is 2556417192.




  22. Global Pause [DST]

    Add the option to pause the game from the start menu.
    Only admins may unpause.
    - Pause from the start menu (admin only)
    - Hotkey to toggle pause (default "P", default disabled)
    - Non admins may now pause, but not unpause (default disabled)
    - Pause when map is open (default disabled)
    - Pause when console is open (default disabled)
    Known quirks:
    - If you paused from the menu, then go to run a command, you will see a tiny bit of time passing when you press enter.
      This is unavoidable. Without unpausing for that tiny amount of time, I cannot allow the command to run and the game will hang.
    Known bugs:
    - Sometimes things keep moving. So strange.
    - If the game is paused and the admins leave, there is no way to unpause. Somebody would have to issue the server command GPTogglePause() on the server console.
    - I don't know what happens if a player joins and the game is paused.
    Future improvements:
    Useful for single player:
    - Option for AutoPause/AutoUnPause on crafting/inventory
    Things that might be impossible:
    - Non admin unpause
    When the server pauses, most communication is blocked between the clients and
    the server. An admin may execute code on the server which bypasses these
    limitations. This is what enables the admin to unpause the game. For this
    reason, I don't think that vote to unpause or a normal player unpausing will
    ever be possible. If you find a way, and want to submit a patch, please do.
    Thanks to:
      Droozo Qoocla
    for multiplayer testing.
    Non-admin pause. Comments in the code explain why non-admins may not unpause.
    Console no longer hangs.
    Autopause added for map and console.
    Hotkey added. Default state is off.
    Added a proper icon in the game mod list.
    v1.2.0 changes
    Multiplayer pausing should now work (changed logic for this work).
    The ClientHost now only SetTimeScale(0) after everybody else has.
    Also, for some reason, now the animations stop when you pause. that means that animals won't keep moving after you pause.
    I have no idea what fixed this...
    On Klei:
    On Steam:




  23. Chat Announcements

    Chat Announcements
    Version 1.2.3, Workshop ID 2594707725
    Announce (boss) monster and player deaths on a server and/or Discord. Highly configurable.
    Features and Usage
    Have boss monster and player deaths announced as a server broadcast, and in a Discord server channel, optionally with a location (Overworld or Caves) and in-game time of death. Player deaths are credited to most recent attacker within the last 5 seconds, even if dying by fire, cold, over-aging, etc. No, PvP assists or "most damage dealt" is not implemented. Yet.
    Setup a Discord Webhook once with CASetDiscordURL("<URL>") in remote console on each shard (i. e. all running overworlds and caves), use CATest() to test, CAStatus() to view current settings.
    These monster deaths are currently announced, unless disabled in the config:
    Ancient Fuelweaver, Atrium/Forest Stalker
    Ancient Guardian
    Bee Queen
    Celestial Champion, all phases
    Crab King
    Eye of Terror
    Koalefant (Summer/Winter)
    Lord of the Fruit Flies
    Retinazor (Twin of Terror)
    Shadow Chesspieces (rook, bishop, knight)
    Spazmatism (Twin of Terror)
    Spider Queen
    Toadstool, Misery Toadstool
    Treeguard variants
    Documentation, Sources, Development
    This mod is developed on GitHub, where you can read the current documentation and installation instructions, as well as find the sources. If you encounter any issues, bugs, or have a feature request, please create an issue on GitHub, as all development is focused there. You may also find your issue already addressed in an existing issue.
    Also available on the Steam Workshop with ID 2594707725.




  24. Base Plan [new]

    This is the new location of this mod.

    This mod provides mechanics to plan bases before building them, calculate total number of required materials, keep plans to use later in the same game, save plans as blueprints to use them in other worlds and build planned things easily.
    This mod in Steam Workshop.


    + Optional pause mode, literally everything is paused so you can design in peace and silence 
    + During multiple planning the number of planned objects is displayed 
    + Auto-grid. Click and drag to plan many instances of the same item 
    + Improved auto-build. Click plan icon to build the planned items 
    + Your plans are saved automatically in the game save file 
    + Whole plans can be remembered as patterns for future use and shared between save files 
    + Things stitch to invisible grid 
    + Requirements of materials or science machines for construction are honoured 
    + Materials for a plan or one item in a plan are calculated and displayed on hover 
    + Grass, saplings and walls have never been so easy!


    Don't Starve 
    Reign of Giants 


    - "P" or the top left button are the default ways to toggle planning mode 
    - Primary control (left click usually) selects, puts and creates 
    - Secondary control (right click) cancels, removes and deletes 
    - Right click a plan to put this plan aside and make it shared between saves 
    - Hold shift when right clicking a plan to delete it permanently 
    - Click and drag to plan many items during one placement 
    - Hold shift when placing something to do another placement easily 




  25. Craftable Raw Resources

    This is a subsidiary of the Craftable Uncraftables mod. Due to a few requests, I have decided to run this mod alongside the main. This mod contains both Craftable Raw Resources, and Craftable Uncraftables (Half Edition). Craftable Raw Resources features natural materials, such as Silk and Bunny Puffs. The full list is featured below. (see Features).
    If this version breaks, please use [v.0.0.5] while waiting for a fix. Thanks.
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    Craftable Raw Resources Features:

    Craftable Uncraftables - Half Editon Features:

    Planned Features:

    Install Instructions:


    Known Bugs: