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  1. Too Many Items+ (Hamlet Update)

    Hi, Steam (Original Creator):
    And here is the Hamlet Version:
    Codes by C.J.B.
    Items and bug fix by GaRAnTuLA.
    DST version by Skull.
    DS version by Soo. 
    Hamlet Update by Chris.

    Allows you to spawn any item you want. 
    Press (T) to open spawn menu.
    Left Click to spawn 1 item.
    Right Click to spawn 10 items.
    Toggle Button and spawn num are Configurable

    This is a work in progress, of course...
    I'm new to modding so if You want to help me understand more and maybe even fix something about this I'll highly appreciate it.




  2. Backpack & Amulet Slot Mods

    Backpack Amulet Backpack and Amulet  
    NOTE: This mod does not support the small texture option.
    NOTE 2: I've only updated the BackPack and Amulet mod. No point in doing anything less (IMO).
    BackPad mod and BackPack and Amulet mod available. DO NOT ENABLE MORE THAN ONE!
    These Mods add 1 or two slots in equip slot depending on the download.
    So, now armor and backpack have different slots to equip plus Amulet.
    A big thanks goes out to kiopho for the Amulet code!
    Double-click the downloaded mod. DRAG the enclosed directory into your dontstarve/mods directory and enable on the games Mod screen.
    More info, link below :
    Discuss this Mod




  3. Easy Beefalo riding

    * Beefalo can always be saddled and ridden.
    * Beefalo don't buck players or throw their saddles.
    Thanks to @rezecib for the Upvalue Hacker.
    Compatible with all versions (DS, RoG, SW, HAM, DST).
    Steam Workshop (DS) & Steam Workshop (DST)




  4. Up and Away

    We recommend that you also install the MemSpikeFix mod. This will lower the normally heavy memory load that occurs when you have multiple large mods activated, or many many small mods activated. If you are experiencing crashes or extremely long load times while having multiple mods activated, the MemSpikeFix mod may fix or alleviate these issues.
    The MemSpikeFix is available both as a forum download and as a Steam Workshop subscription.
    You know, you're a hard worker. Life in this desolate land is tough. You've got to fight to survive, scratching out a living in the dirt, clinging on by whatever means necessary. Just hoping that tomorrow will come.
    What if I told you there was more than this out there? That right above your head, up there in the sky there was a whole new world? A paradise unlike any other.
    Would you like to see it?
    I ask very little of you. For a small sum, a kingdom can be yours. The very land you tread is as soft as any mattress. There's food wherever you look. A veritable buffet of the sweetest treats you'll ever enjoy.
    Doesn't that sound good?
    Animals of all shapes and sizes will flock to you. Weird and wondrous sights a-plenty. What about a giant mushroom? What about a giant mushroom made entirely of jelly? There's all that and more.
    You don't have to stay here, jumping at shadows and living off bark. I shall wait for you on the road as rain falls. Come, come find me and I'll give you your freedom.
    Why not go Up and Away?
    Up and Away adds an entirely new world to explore. To get started, you must find the Shopkeeper, a suspicious fellow who will spawn along the brick road during the rain. Among the new content added, there is a new tech branch, new mechanics, and much more. For those in a rush, a preset has been added to simplify the process of gaining access to the land above.
    The mod is currently in alpha, and so there may exist bugs and incompatibilities with other mods. If you find any, do report it, as fixing any possible issues is a priority. Feedback is welcome and encouraged!




  5. Combined Status

    Works with all versions of the game (Don't Starve, Reign of Giants, Shipwrecked, and Don't Starve Together). Also available on the Steam Workshop (single-player, DST)
    This mod enhances the HUD to better show the player's stats and various information about the world, such as temperature, season, and moon phase.
    This is a client-only mod, so whoever has enabled it will see the changes, and whoever doesn't won't, regardless of what server you're on and whether the server has the mod or not.
    Unfortunately Naughtiness is not available to clients in Don't Starve Together, so adding it would make it so everyone would have to have the mod. Temperature is available, however.
    Credits to Kiopho and Soilworker for making the mods for single-player, and giving me permission to publish and maintain the DST versions!
    Configuration options:
    Temperature: Whether to show the temperature of the player. Defaults to Show. Show World Temp: Whether to show the temperature of the world. Defaults to Hide. Show Temp Badges: Whether to show small images to indicate which temperature is which. Badges only get shown if this is set to Show and both player and world temperatures are enabled. Defaults to Show. Temperature Unit: Whether to use the game's internal units (default), or approximations of Fahrenheit or Celsius. In Game Units, the player freezes at 0 and overheats at 70, with warning occurring 5 away. In Celsius, the player freezes at 0 and overheats at 35, with warning occurring 2.5 degrees away. In Fahrenheit, the player freezes at 32 and overheats at 95, with warning occurring 4.5 degrees away. Show Waning: Whether to show if the moon is waxing or waning by adding new icons. Defaults to Show. (The game normally only shows icons for one direction). In Don't Starve Together, this is always on regardless of what you set, because it's a feature of the main game now. Show Moon: Whether to show the moon only at Night (the game's default), during night and dusk (Dusk, the mod's default), or Always. Predict Full Moon: Whether to predict the day of the next full moon, shown when hovering over the moon icon. Defaults to Yes. Flip Moon: Whether to flip the moon phase icon to show it like it is in the Southern Hemisphere, instead of the default Northern Hemisphere. Defaults to No. Season Clock: Clock, the default, shows a full clock of the seasons. Compact shows a smaller badge with the season and day count, while Micro shows an even smaller badge. No disables the season clock entirely. Naughtiness: Whether to show the naughtiness of the player. Doesn't work in Don't Starve Together, as  naughtiness is not available to clients. Defaults to Show. Log Meter: Whether to show the log meter for Woodie when he is human. Only relevant to singleplayer, as Don't Starve Together always shows the log meter already. Defaults to Always. Cave Clock: Whether to always show the clock in the caves. Only relevant to singleplayer Reign of Giants, as the data is not available in vanilla and the clock shows in Don't Starve Together. Defaults to Show. Stat Numbers: Whether to show the sanity, hunger, and health numbers without having to mouse over the badges. Defaults to Always. Show Max Text: Whether to show the "Max:" text when hovering over the sanity, hunger, and health badges to see their maximum values. Defaults to Show. HUD Scale: Lets you adjust the size of the badges and clocks independently of the game's HUD scale. Defaults to 1.




  6. Display food/healing items values (hunger,health,sanity)



    29.04.2014 update:
    Now you can minimize the displayed text (see the last screen of mod).
    If you interested, here is the instruction:
    - close the game
    - open mod folder;
    - copy two zip archives from folder new_fonts to folder \Steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\data\fonts with replace
    - in mod folder open file modmain.lua, find line with text:
    and change it to text:

    - run the game
    After each update of the game you'll need to replace the fonts.


    Forum thread




  7. Green World

    First: GW features require the «Green!». Spells, effects, potions will not work without it!
    Second: This mod is in development — issues are expected!
    What"s interesting:
    New zone - Green Swamp; New creatures: lizardmens, green tentacles and green snakes; New objects on the map: marshberry bushes and Ancient Watcher; New magic weapons; Shorttime effects for characters and equipment; Elite creatures with random affixes; Magic potions; New boss and some new loot.
      Magic weapons
    Lightning Spear — deals electrical damage in a conus area; Amethyst axe — shatters the ground in front of caster, dealing damage; Tentacle staff — summons a poison cloud that damages everything inside it; Bonestaff — try to breathe life into inanimate objects... or challenge the new boss by animating the Pig Figure; Lava dart — deal damage from range, damage depends on range; Axe — Lucien — yes, it can be used as a throwing weapon; Doomhammer — pull the ghost hounds. Spell scrolls

    Crushing Wave — extinguish fires and freeze your enemies; Chain lightning — what could be easier than a chain lightning? Frost nova — catch your opponent in a cage of ice spikes; Meteorite — inflict damage on group of enemies; Tranquility — heal your wounds after a hard battle.  
    Stylish caster set

    Wizard Coat — decreases cooldowns for spells and items;
    Wizard's Hat — increases damage and power of spell effects, also allows you to read scrolls even when taking damage.

    For some characters the base spell power is changed:
    Wigfrid — base spell power reduced by 35%; Wendy — base spell power increased by 20%; Maxwell — the base spell power increased by 20%; Winona — cooldowns decreased by 20%.  

    Red glyph — weapon — vampirism, armor — movement speed; Yellow glyph — weapon — chance to unleash the chain lightning, armor — releasess lightnings to attackesr Blue glyph — weapon — shattered armor (target gets more damage from all sources), armor — toughness (you take less damage); Green glyph  — weapon —  applies a weakness effect on attacks, armor — poison immune; Potions

    Rejuvenation Potion — Restores health and sanity; Haste Potion — Increases movement speed; Firefly Potion — Shows the way in the darkness; Worker Potion — Work better, work harder; Resourcefulness Potion — Simplifies the crafting of items; Genius Potion — Crafting without prototypes; Evocation Potion — Boosts your spell power; Inspiration Potion — Boosts your physical damage; Armor Potion — If you constantly forget the armor; Antidot — Removes the poison effect and make invulnerable to it for a short time. Materials

    Green scales — can be obtained from lizardmen and green tentacles; A great soul can be obtained by solving the riddle of the Ancient Watcher or by defeating the new boss; Essences — can be obtained from elite creatures.  
    New in the world
    Lizardmen cave — a home for lizardmens — day-time creatures, which can attack from a long range; Snake hole, a home for nocturnal creatures — green snakes; Green tentacles — they are almost like normal tentacles, but more dangerous, because they can attack you from a distance; Ancient Watcher is a statue, which ready to reward player, who will be able to solve its runic riddle; Marshberry — berry bushes, which grow only in the rain. Steam link: click





    Это мой первый мод я старался потел! И в итоге вышло !!!!!!
    Даный мод переносит некотырые вещи из DST!
    Такие как Стол с розой, Святилеще индюка, Лунный камень с выемкой и много другое !!
    Для работы данного мода нужны следущие моды:

    PS Данные вещи в основном имеют смысл только в декоре или под поднять рассудок!
    Мой Discord -
    This is my first mod I was trying to sweat! And in the end it turned out !!!!!!
    The given mode transfers non-stick things from DST!
    Such as the Table with a rose, the Sacred turkey, the Moon stone with a notch and much more !!
    To work this mod need the following modes:
    PS These things basically make sense only in the décor or under raise your sanity!
    My Discord -




  9. Minimap HUD (FIX)

    Fix for the newest version of Don't Starve Together (It should work with all versions and DLC's)
    Pt-Br Translation (Not completed yet).
    Read all features of the mod here:
    Sharing for everyone to use.
    All credits to squeek and pigshaam for marking this mod.




  10. (Abandoned)Deluxe Campfires (remastered)

    Ok, i suscribe on the deluxecampfires mod in steam workshop,
    but when i load the game this say "RECYPE_GAME_TYPE" crash 
    ok i fixed the mod  and load here for the standalone gamers
    (I know what it feels to not download a mod when you're standalone )
    credits to the original author Mark Pick
    (Better to up the willow's sanity regen!! and winter)




  11. at last infinite tools is uptaded

    original mod trhead:
    description: this mod is an uptaded version of the masterpiece "infinite tools" mod so that people can play it in reign of giants, it makes most of the tools of dont starve have infinite uses.
    items that are affected:
    bird trap
    bug net
    fishing rod
    beefalo horn
    hight sword
    tentacle spike
    tooth trap
    bat bat
    thulecite club
    furry bedroll
    wigfrid spear
    luxury fan
    old bell
    weather pain
    fire staff
    ice staff
    telelocator staff
    the lazy explorer
    star caller staff
    deconstruction staff
    Birds of the World
    applied horticulture
    sleepy time stories
    on tentacles
    the end is nigh
    golden axe
    golden pickaxe
    golden shovel
    sewing kit
    really big thanks to tehMugwump
    for letting me uptade this mod
    and to -=|JFH|=-Destroyer47
    for making the request.




  12. Tree grand privileged drops

    Any tree gives more log.
    small = 3
    medium = 5 
    big = 9
    ..."If they are not in there, where are they?",




  13. Geometric Placement

    This should work with all versions of the game (vanilla, Reign of Giants, Shipwrecked, and Don't Starve Together). Also available on the Steam Workshop (single-player, DST).
    Snaps objects to a grid when placing and displays a build grid around it (unless you hold ctrl).
    Credits to zkm2erjfdb and Levorto for writing the original single-player versions (Architectural Geometry and Assisted Geometry). This mod is a replacement for those mods; if you have one of them enabled as well, unpredictable things will happen.
    Description of the options:
    CTRL Turns Mod: "On" makes it so that the mod is off by default, but turns on while holding CTRL. "Off" does the opposite, temporarily disabling the mod while holding CTRL. Options Button: By default, "B" (for controllers, right-stick click in single-player and left-stick click from the scoreboard in DST). Brings up a menu for changing these options. Note that it cannot save these options in-game like it can on the configuration menu, so if you find new favorite settings with this, you should make those changes in the configuration menu too. Toggle Button: By default, "V" (no binding for controllers). Toggles between the most recently used geometries (it will guess if it doesn't know, which should only happen if you just transferred between the caves and the surface or joined the game). In-Game Menu: If set to "On" (default), the options button will bring up the menu. If set to "Off", the button will simply toggle the mod on and off (like it did before the menu was added). Show Build Grid: Determines whether it shows the grid at all. Grid Geometry: The shape and layout of the grid. Square is the normal one, aligned with the game's X-Z coordinate system. The hexagonal geometries allow you to do the tightest possible plots. Walls and turf always use the square geometry. Refresh Speed: How much of the available time to use for refreshing the grid. Turning this up will make the grid update faster, but may cause lag.  Hide Placer: If set to on, the ghost-version of the thing you're about to place is hidden, and instead the point where you'll place it is marked. Hide Cursor: If set to on, the item you're placing won't show up on the cursor while you're placing it (sometimes it gets in the way of being able to see where you'll put it). Fine Grid Size: The number of points in each direction that it uses for things with a fine grid (most things). Wall Grid Size: The number of points in each direction that it uses for walls. Sandbag Grid Size: The number of points in each direction that it uses for sandbags. Turf Grid Size: The number of points in each direction that it uses for turf/pitchfork. Colors: Red/Green is the game's normal color scheme. Red/Blue should be more readable to players with red-green colorblindness. Black/White is there for fully colorblind players, or players who want the grid to be more readable at night. Outlined uses black and white with outlines to give the best visibility in all situations. Tighter Chests: Allows chests to be placed more closely together. This doesn't always work in DST. I keep this only as a legacy setting because the other geometry mods override a special case the game makes for chests. Controller Offset: Allows you to disable the usual offset that rotates around the player when placing objects. Defaults to off. Hide Blocked Points: Instead of showing red/black points where you can't place things, this can set it to hide those points instead. Show Nearest Tile: In addition to showing each of the points, this can set it to show the outline of the nearest tile, making it easier to align placement with the turf.




  14. BackpackAmulet [SW]

    BackPack And Amult Now for [sW]




  15. Max Stacks

    Stack all items to 99.
    Make non-stackable items stackable.
    Double-click downloaded ZIP file and DRAG enclosed directory into your dontstarve/mods directory.
    Start game and enable mod on the mods screen.
    Discuss >>
    This is my first attempt at a mod, if you encounter a bug or I missed an item please contact me via the Forums




  16. The Witcher 3 mainmenu soundtrack

    I guess there's a lot of peoples that they loves Witcher musics so i decided to create this mod.
    (This mod will adds some of the The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt soundtrack to the mainmenu)
    I don't know but, Maybe i will add more witcher musics of another series on my updates.
    But i know i will add more Witcher 3 soundtrack to the Worlds and Games not only main menu.
    Okey, here it is the mod playlist:
    Main menu: The trial, The song of the sword-dancer, Silver for monster, After the storm, Ladies of the woods, Geralt of rivia If you find any issues or you have suggestions let me know that to make this mod better.




  17. Mini Furniture

    Original mod Created by Shen Yi
    Lets You Move Your Stuff just right click on the structures to convert them into items & pick them up.

    Comparing mine to the original by Shen Yi
    Shen Yi replaced a lot of default items. And even removed some features of them (Collision physics for example)
    My version, however, doesn't replace any Items. Implements Propper Collision physics. Fixes the Missing Features.
    And is completely compatible with DS, ROG and SW.
    This is my first Published mod, Hope you like it.




  18. Auto Unequip on 1%

    Steam Workshop:
    Client mod.
    Automatically unequips your magiluminescence upon reaching 1% durability to prevent it from breaking.
    Feature also applies to similar equippables such as eyebrellas, puffy vests, rain hats, etc.




  19. Extended Map Icons

    Add a greater variety of icons to your map!
    Version 1.7
    Inspired by Where's My Beefalo but compatible with Vanilla, Reign of Giants, and Shipwrecked!
    Please leave icon requests in the comment section!
    The available icons are listed below, each are toggleable in the mod configuration options:
    Animal Tracks
    Baby Beefalo
    Baby Doydoys
    Blue Mushrooms
    Bottlenosed Ballphins
    Box Thing
    Chester's Eye Bone
    Clockwork Bishop
    Clockwork Knight
    Clockwork Rooks
    Crabbit Dens
    Crank Thing
    Green Mushrooms
    Hay Walls
    Limestone Walls
    Lumpy Treeguards
    Merm Heads
    Metal Potato Thing
    Packim's Fishbone
    Palm Treeguards
    Pig Heads
    Pig Torches
    Rabbit Holes
    Red Mushrooms
    Ring Thing
    Rock Lobsters
    Stone Walls
    Summer Koalefants
    Thulecite Walls
    Tiger Shark
    Volt Goats
    Water Beefalo
    Wildbore Heads
    Winter Koalefants
    Wood Walls
    Full changelog:
    Source code available on gitlab:




  20. Too Many Items

    Allows you to spawn any item you want. Press (T) to open spawn menu
    Side notes:
    - Might not contain all items (placable items aren't possible yet)
    - If you are missing an item, lets me know!




  21. Infinite Tools

    Hi, Original Creator:
    Compatible with Everything 




  22. Minimap HUD

    Adds a minimap to the HUD.
    On Steam:
    The minimap is fully functional; it can be zoomed using the zoom map binds (defaulted to the mousewheel) and can be panned by clicking and dragging.
    The minimap can be collapsed by hovering over it and clicking the "Close Minimap" button
    The zoom levels of the minimap and the map screen are both saved and are independent of eachother

    Q: Is it possible to change the shape of the minimap?
    A: As far as I know, no, it is not possible.




  23. (abandoned) Always On Status

    This mod has been abandoned for a long time but rezecib made an up-to-date version of it, combined with another mod.
    Displays health, hunger and sanity values at all times. It's also possible to monitor naughtiness (Krampus) and temperature. There's also a beaver meter for Woodie.
    RoG and SW compatible.
    Mechanics   Temperature and naughtiness are hidden automatically when inside the caves since it's always at 20°c and none of the creatures increase your naughtiness. These mechanics exist in the game and weren't created by me. This mod just monitors them.
      Naughtiness :
      The naughtiness threshold for spawning Krampus is set to a random number between 30 and 50 as soon as you kill an innocent creature. Killing certain creatures increases your naughtiness. Once the cap reached, naughtiness is reset to zero and the new threshold is automatically set to a random number between 30 and 50. And Krampus spawns of course. There's a chance to spawn 2 or 3 Krampii after day 50 and 3 or 4 Krampii after day 100.
      Temperature :
      Thresholds and limits are not the same whether you are playing RoG or vanilla DS. RoG introduced overheating, which occurs at 70°C (154°F). That's second degree burn territory. So I halved the displayed temperature (temp°C/2 then converted to °F) so that it feels more natural in RoG. See below for details.
    * Vanilla game : The temperature ranges from -20°C (-4°F) to 40°C (104°F). If it goes under 5°C (41°F) you'll start shivering and under 0°C (32°F) losing health.
    * RoG & SW : The temperature ranges from -10°C (14°F) to 45°C (113°F). Over 35°C (95°F), you'll overheat. If it goes under 3°C (38°F) you'll start shivering and under 0°C (32°F) losing health. So careful !
    Compatibilities - Not compatible with RPG HUD Neat unless you deactivate the custom badges (for RPG HUD Neat, not Always on Status).
    How to install this mod   It's better to disable the Steam Cloud feature for the game. Always backup your savegames, profile and saveindex before installing a new mod or you'll be very sour if something goes wrong. They are usually located in "..\Steam\userdata\<your steam ID>\219740\remote" or "My documents\Klei\DoNotStarve\save". Backup all the files found in those folders.     Extract the folder located in the archive to "...\Steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\mods" or the equivalent if you use the standalone version. Once in game, head to the mods tab and activate the mod (the Neat version requires a restart) then configure it.




  24. Realistic Yield

    A super simple Mod to mess with the Grinding that everyone hates but will never admit (since it "make the game more challenging and rewarding", lol).
    I made this after sometime playing this game on my friend's laptop,  trying to farm hound's tooth for those sweet sweet traps, and got about 1 tooth after massacring 20 or so.
    Then i went to the workshop to grab some mods,  and got desperate realizing there is next to no mod that helps increasing the drop rates, which i found very irritating. So i learnt Lua, studied the Game's API for about 2 hours, and somehow managed to make exactly what i wanted.
    This mod is very simplistic and unpolished (Just messing with some prefabs and all), but because i'm in college so i won't spend much time updating this. If you like this Mod's Idea, feel free publish a  more complete mod for every creature.
    For more details:
    100% chance to get pigskin for killing pigs 100% chance to get honey for killing bee 100% to get Hound's Tooth for killing normal Hounds 100% to get Beefalo's Horn for killing Beefalos (but make them drop less meats and wools for balance issue) Increase the chances to get Tentacle Spot, Bat Wing and Guano  This mod can somewhat works with Shipwrecked, but recommended not to since there are some issues with compatibility (Remember to NOT make your world compatible with SW)




  25. Hamlet - Craftable Anti Venom

    Adds antivenom to the craft menu.