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Game Modifications

725 files

  1. Too Many Items

    Allows you to spawn any item you want. Press (T) to open spawn menu
    Side notes:
    - Might not contain all items (placable items aren't possible yet)
    - If you are missing an item, lets me know!




  2. The Lost Fragment (Updated)

    I did not create this mod, I updated it. Originally, it was made by Klei, the out-of-date version can still be downloaded here:
    by clicking on the film reel.
    Who knows what this mod does?




  3. Backpack & Amulet Slot Mods

    Backpack Amulet Backpack and Amulet  
    NOTE: This mod does not support the small texture option.
    NOTE 2: I've only updated the BackPack and Amulet mod. No point in doing anything less (IMO).
    BackPad mod and BackPack and Amulet mod available. DO NOT ENABLE MORE THAN ONE!
    These Mods add 1 or two slots in equip slot depending on the download.
    So, now armor and backpack have different slots to equip plus Amulet.
    A big thanks goes out to kiopho for the Amulet code!
    Double-click the downloaded mod. DRAG the enclosed directory into your dontstarve/mods directory and enable on the games Mod screen.
    More info, link below :
    Discuss this Mod




  4. Less Worms Mod.rar

    Frequency of worm attacks and number of worm spawning are decreased.




  5. Equivalent Exchange (Massively OP Version)

    This is an OP version of the original Equivalent exchange, by Nudel. The credit all goes to him for his fantastic work! His mod was my favourite by far.
    What this mod does is adds a bigger variety of things to duplicate, which includes foods, which is severely OP.
    I prefer Nudels work to mine, but i just posted this for those who wanted it.
    Here is a list:
    Berries, Carrots, Corn, Dragonfruit, Durian, Eggplant, Fish, Frog Legs, Honey, Koalefant_summer, Koalefant_winter, Fleshy Bulb Meat, Mandrake, Meat, Monster Meat, Morsel, Pomegranate, Pumpkin, Spider Glands, Tall Bird Eggs, Deerclops Eyeball, Honey Poultice, Beard Hair, Butter, Butterfly Wings, Charcoal, Bird Eggs, Rotten Eggs, Guano, Gunpowder, Healing Salve, Heat Stone, Beefalo Horn, Lightbulb, Bunnyman Tail, Big Jerky, Monster Jerky, Small Jerky, Drumsticks, Batwings, The Three Coloured Mushrooms, Normal And Dark Petals, and so much more.
    You can edit this in the modmain, you can also add items from other mods to the list, and give them a value.
    REMEMBER: This is NOT my mod, all credit goes to Nudel, the original creator. I just created this mod for people who struggle with this game, as it makes it a lot easier.




  6. Where's My Beefalo?

    Now compatible with DLC!
    Playing DS for a pretty good amount of time today.I've decided that i need a direct path to my Beefalo.
    Adds minimap icon for the Beefalo.
    Requested and added icons for
    Chester's Eye_Bone
    Volt Goat
    Rocky the Rock Lobster
    Rabbit Holes
    Don't like some icons
    Locate Where's My Beefalo\modmain.lua and open with notepad or what have you, then do this.Place 2 dashes in front of the AddMinimapAtlas you don't want to show.Save and close,thats it DONE!
    Example =
    Special thanks to Rupture from klei forums for a cleaner more compatible code!




  7. Additional Equipment

    Adds a variety of equipment to the base game.
    It basically adds a few things I found was lacking in the base game. I was initially going to release them separately but realized how much of a chore it would be to update and download so I decided to add them all together.

    The equipment added is pretty much self-explanatory. I did not go all out and add interesting equipment with effects and such. I simply wanted to try to fill in the gaps which I felt needed to be filled.

    Drew the equipment myself and tailored it to fit in with the Don't Starve drawing style.
    Visit the Steam Workshop entry for more information: Steam Workshop
    - Backpacks are compatible with RPG HUDs backpack and amulet slot option
    - Incompatible with mods which modify: Varg
    - Compatible with Shipwrecked and/or Reign of Giants
    - Incompatible with vanilla
    - Equipment that require trinkets can have their recipes switched
    - Individual equipment recipes can be enabled/disabled
    - This mod is also available on the Steam Workshop: Link




  8. Geometric Placement

    This should work with all versions of the game (vanilla, Reign of Giants, Shipwrecked, and Don't Starve Together). Also available on the Steam Workshop (single-player, DST).
    Snaps objects to a grid when placing and displays a build grid around it (unless you hold ctrl).
    Credits to zkm2erjfdb and Levorto for writing the original single-player versions (Architectural Geometry and Assisted Geometry). This mod is a replacement for those mods; if you have one of them enabled as well, unpredictable things will happen.
    Description of the options:
    CTRL Turns Mod: "On" makes it so that the mod is off by default, but turns on while holding CTRL. "Off" does the opposite, temporarily disabling the mod while holding CTRL. Options Button: By default, "B" (for controllers, right-stick click in single-player and left-stick click from the scoreboard in DST). Brings up a menu for changing these options. Note that it cannot save these options in-game like it can on the configuration menu, so if you find new favorite settings with this, you should make those changes in the configuration menu too. Toggle Button: By default, "V" (no binding for controllers). Toggles between the most recently used geometries (it will guess if it doesn't know, which should only happen if you just transferred between the caves and the surface or joined the game). In-Game Menu: If set to "On" (default), the options button will bring up the menu. If set to "Off", the button will simply toggle the mod on and off (like it did before the menu was added). Show Build Grid: Determines whether it shows the grid at all. Grid Geometry: The shape and layout of the grid. Square is the normal one, aligned with the game's X-Z coordinate system. The hexagonal geometries allow you to do the tightest possible plots. Walls and turf always use the square geometry. Refresh Speed: How much of the available time to use for refreshing the grid. Turning this up will make the grid update faster, but may cause lag.  Hide Placer: If set to on, the ghost-version of the thing you're about to place is hidden, and instead the point where you'll place it is marked. Hide Cursor: If set to on, the item you're placing won't show up on the cursor while you're placing it (sometimes it gets in the way of being able to see where you'll put it). Fine Grid Size: The number of points in each direction that it uses for things with a fine grid (most things). Wall Grid Size: The number of points in each direction that it uses for walls. Sandbag Grid Size: The number of points in each direction that it uses for sandbags. Turf Grid Size: The number of points in each direction that it uses for turf/pitchfork. Colors: Red/Green is the game's normal color scheme. Red/Blue should be more readable to players with red-green colorblindness. Black/White is there for fully colorblind players, or players who want the grid to be more readable at night. Outlined uses black and white with outlines to give the best visibility in all situations. Tighter Chests: Allows chests to be placed more closely together. This doesn't always work in DST. I keep this only as a legacy setting because the other geometry mods override a special case the game makes for chests. Controller Offset: Allows you to disable the usual offset that rotates around the player when placing objects. Defaults to off. Show Nearest Tile: In addition to showing each of the points, this can set it to show the outline of the nearest tile, making it easier to align placement with the turf. Hide Blocked Points: Instead of showing red/black points where you can't place things, this can set it to hide those points instead. Overlay Grid: Instead of letting points be hidden behind trees, beefalo, or the player, this makes them overlay on top so the full grid is visible.




  9. Flamepraise/Огненный Меч(RUS)

    Мод добавит Огненный Меч.
    • Он светится.
    • У него большой урон.




  10. Multiplayer Local CooP: 3 players shared screen

    A mod that adds 2 more players
    Detail description here:




  11. Too Many Items+ (Vanilla, RoG, SW, HAM)

    Hi, Steam (Original Creator): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=579513934&searchtext=
    And here is the Hamlet Version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1628327336
    Thank you pdr for the help!!! ^^
    Codes by C.J.B.
    Items and bug fix by GaRAnTuLA.
    DST version by Skull.
    DS version by Soo. 
    Hamlet Update by Chris. Icon fix by pdr.

    Allows you to spawn any item you want. 
    Press (T) to open spawn menu.
    Left Click to spawn 1 item.
    Right Click to spawn 10 items.
    Toggle Button and spawn num are Configurable

    This is a work in progress, of course...
    I'm new to modding so if You want to help me understand more and maybe even fix something about this I'll highly appreciate it.




  12. Display Food Values v2.0

    New version of the previous Display Food Values mod, now compatible with Shipwreked.
    Enjoy ^_^




  13. Won't Starve - The Modpack

    Presenting fellow users who manage to reach it here - The "Won't Starve" Modpack
          In this mopack, many additions and features make in-game experience more interesting and exciting without changing the game completely nor 
     losing the structure of the base game. As the title said, the mopack help you not starve to die a little.. So remember not to starve!!
          I made this in term of providing a better way of choosing and downloading mods, the neat of packed mods that are well-going together or already configured 
    which gives surprising moments when come into plays. Thus, It's better downloading modpacks than manually download each one oneself

        Before listing some of the features, I would like to give credits to all the mod makers who make such amazing works, fascinating mods
    that I use in this modpack with all the mods:

    0. Ash Fertilizer ( More Fertilizers ) by mouse 
    1. Advanced Farming by Afro1967 
    2. Additional Structures by DownloadAlot
    3. Additional Equipments also by DownloadAlot
    4. Backpack and Amulet Slots also by afro1967
    5. Better Compass by GraySloth 
    6. Best friend forever by Hunkinsland
    7. Combined Status by rezecib, Kiopho, Soilworker and hotmatrixx 
    8. Compromising Survival by simplex
    9. Craftpot by IvanX
    10. Display Food Values by alks
    11. Detailed Tooltips Daynar
    12. Dusk and Night Musics by Dragon Wolf Leo
    13. Dawn Break by HeavenFall 
    14. Extended Map Icon by StarLion
    15. Fashion by _Q_
    16. Fast Travel by SoraYuki
    17. Fish Farm also by afro1967
    18. Geometric Placement by rezecib
    19. Golden Spear by _Q_
    20. Happy Flowers (Lite) by mouse
    21. Infinite Clothes also by tehmugwump
    22. MemorySpikeFix also by simplex
    23. Minimap HUD by squeek
    24. More Map Icons by Michael
    25. More Plantables also by GraySloth
    26. OPcane -> Less OP Walking Cane ( Better WalkingCane ) also by tehmugwump
    27. Pig Shop by Flaky
    28. Painted Pig House by justjasper
    29. Silkworm also by Afro1967
    30. Simple Health Bar by D.Y.C
    31. Sleep In Spider Den by Prince143
    32. Smart Minisign by MySora
    33. Throwable Rocks by Reinert
    34. Unlock All Released Characters also by heavenfall
    35. Useful Flooring by Nadevill
    36. RainLagFix by Simsure
    37. Rare Items by infernalthing
    38. Wilson's House ( With Timed Light ) also by afro1967
    39. Wardrobe also by justjasper
    40. PlayerPooper by Plospo

     /== Known issue:
          For the now time, I am not a coder or proffessor in coding or something.
    This is just a project of mine and is expected to be buggy      

    To install the modpack:
    1. Simply download the file provided
    2. Extract the downloaded file into the mod folder of your Don't Starve folder
    3. Run the game.
    4. Check it in the mod menu of your save file
    Have FUNs and Enjoy!!!




  14. Green World

    First: GW features require the «Green!». Spells, effects, potions will not work without it!
    Second: This mod is in development — issues are expected!
    What"s interesting:
    New zone - Green Swamp; New creatures: lizardmens, green tentacles and green snakes; New objects on the map: marshberry bushes and Ancient Watcher; New magic weapons; Shorttime effects for characters and equipment; Elite creatures with random affixes; Magic potions; New boss and some new loot.
      Magic weapons
    Lightning Spear — deals electrical damage in a conus area; Amethyst axe — shatters the ground in front of caster, dealing damage; Tentacle staff — summons a poison cloud that damages everything inside it; Bonestaff — try to breathe life into inanimate objects... or challenge the new boss by animating the Pig Figure; Lava dart — deal damage from range, damage depends on range; Axe — Lucien — yes, it can be used as a throwing weapon; Doomhammer — pull the ghost hounds. Spell scrolls

    Crushing Wave — extinguish fires and freeze your enemies; Chain lightning — what could be easier than a chain lightning? Frost nova — catch your opponent in a cage of ice spikes; Meteorite — inflict damage on group of enemies; Tranquility — heal your wounds after a hard battle.  
    Stylish caster set

    Wizard Coat — decreases cooldowns for spells and items;
    Wizard's Hat — increases damage and power of spell effects, also allows you to read scrolls even when taking damage.

    For some characters the base spell power is changed:
    Wigfrid — base spell power reduced by 35%; Wendy — base spell power increased by 20%; Maxwell — the base spell power increased by 20%; Winona — cooldowns decreased by 20%.  

    Red glyph — weapon — vampirism, armor — movement speed; Yellow glyph — weapon — chance to unleash the chain lightning, armor — releasess lightnings to attackesr Blue glyph — weapon — shattered armor (target gets more damage from all sources), armor — toughness (you take less damage); Green glyph  — weapon —  applies a weakness effect on attacks, armor — poison immune; Potions

    Rejuvenation Potion — Restores health and sanity; Haste Potion — Increases movement speed; Firefly Potion — Shows the way in the darkness; Worker Potion — Work better, work harder; Resourcefulness Potion — Simplifies the crafting of items; Genius Potion — Crafting without prototypes; Evocation Potion — Boosts your spell power; Inspiration Potion — Boosts your physical damage; Armor Potion — If you constantly forget the armor; Antidot — Removes the poison effect and make invulnerable to it for a short time. Materials

    Green scales — can be obtained from lizardmen and green tentacles; A great soul can be obtained by solving the riddle of the Ancient Watcher or by defeating the new boss; Essences — can be obtained from elite creatures.  
    New in the world
    Lizardmen cave — a home for lizardmens — day-time creatures, which can attack from a long range; Snake hole, a home for nocturnal creatures — green snakes; Green tentacles — they are almost like normal tentacles, but more dangerous, because they can attack you from a distance; Ancient Watcher is a statue, which ready to reward player, who will be able to solve its runic riddle; Marshberry — berry bushes, which grow only in the rain. Steam link: click




  15. Dusk and Night Music

    For Don't Starve, Reign of Giants, and Don't Starve Together.
    This mod adds music tracks for dusk and night for each season. You can also configure whether you want music to play continuously or only when working.




  16. Fix Dogs (aka reset hounds in glitched games) + Fixes No Sleeping Glitch

    ONLY FOR GLITCHED SAVEGAMES WHERE DOGS ARE NOT SPAWNING CORRECTLY (Fixes dogs spawning every time you join and dogs not spawning at all)
    Step 1 - Start your glitched game with this mod
    Step 2 - SAVE and QUIT
    Step 3 - disable this mod and load your game... all the dog information is now wiped and should resume spawning normal... you know it worked because now you can sleep!
    I created this mod because I was playing Shipwrecked and one day I could not sleep anymore because of some clandestine danger and 50 days later found out it was because hounds were not spawning.
    Please comment if you have any problems or if this worked for you.




  17. Talkative Object

    This mod allows you to know all the essential information about objects all around you.
    For example : number of cycle left to fertilise again a grass, time before the torch run out or when a pigman will stop to following you and many other things.
    Works with all versions of DS
    This mod is able to evolve with your suggestion so feel free to ask and don't hesitate to report any bug




  18. Smart Crock Pot

    Smart Crock Pot Compatible with SW




  19. CraftBlock - 3D Base Building

    FULL RELEASE! Posting standalone version for non-steam users. (I guess? Is there even a non-steam version of DST?)
    DST ONLY! (Not compatible with singleplayer version)
    Youtube trailer link: https://youtu.be/5WS0x8xm1mo
    Unlock the secrets of the third dimension with stacking, climbing, and jumping
    Stack Buildings Upwards!
    Placing a structure inside of another one will stack it on top Use the new Wooden Mallet tool to manually adjust height No more building placement restrictions! New Building Block Recipes!
    8 new crafting recipes in the Structures tab Cheap to craft in large quantities, but very flimsy Drops itself when destroyed for easy relocation Deconstructable with any tool (or fist) Jump with the spacebar!
    Press space while moving to jump (Changeable in mod config settings) Jump over walls, gaps, or on top of buildings Gravity now affects players (and monsters) Watch out for fall damage! New ways to traverse the Y axis!
    Build ladders to climb up and down Make stairways with Stepstools and Slabs that lift you up as you walk over them Watch out, other creatures can climb these too! NEW: Build Bouncepads to jump even higher! -Now Controller Compatible!
    -Also compatible with my First Person mod for a truly nauseating experience 

    Other gameplay changes:
    Removed the invisible walls preventing players from walking into the ocean. Don't fall in! (toggleable in mod settings) Falling into water very close to land will now only apply a small amount of wetness instead of drowning you. Increased the range for building placement, as well as a few other actions Walls can only be repaired with their base material instead of adding walls (so you can stack them) Standing under building blocks counts as shelter from rain and heat Fall damage can be reduced by landing in water or on hay walls Flying creatures can move vertically however they please Holding an umbrella/parasol while jumping will now slow your fall! The weregoose can fly. Have fun with that Language settings! 在设置中更改语言! Note: This mod disables lag compensation regardless of your game settings.


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  20. Waiter 101 (RoG, SW)

    Adds Many additional crock pot recipes.
    Batilisk wings are made cookable (they count as 1/2 monster meat)
    Seeds made cookable
    Cold meat dish included to cool Wigfrid during the summer
    Candied Bacon included to help Wigfrid with sanity
    - compatible with Display Food Values and Smarter Crock Pot mods
    - compatible with Beefalo Milk and Cheese mod (can used cooked Milk in any recipe that requires milk)
    Please leave feedback if you have any comments, errors, or suggestions
    Known issues
    Items don't appear properly in Warly's portable crock pot (will be fixed next update)
    Some recipes accidentally disabled in Shipwrecked (will be fixed next update)
    Expect New Changes Soon
    A version compatible with DST is on steam
    You can download it here - even without a steam account




  21. Becky's Mixed Mods

    Base Game/ROG/SW compatible versions
    This is basically a few of other people's mods all-in-one (Some of which I have edited/improved):
    999 Item Stacks - By Prince143
    Auto Catch -  By Stonechains
    Brighter Lighter - By mouse
    Craftable Uncaftables - By ArcticFox789 - (I have probably edited this to suit myself)
    FOV - By kiopho - (I have edited this to have a wider FOV)
    Free Effigy - By HunkInsland13
    Mandrake Respawn - By Daedalus (Steam Workshop)
    PickyPickyPicky - By tehMugwump
    Relaxed Crafting - By boon
    Storm Cellar - By afro1967
    Lunch Box - By afro1967 - (I have edited this so it has 16 slots instead of 4)
    Freezer By afro1967 - (I have edited this so it has 16 slots instead of 12)
    Too Many Items By CJB - (I have added more items to this)
    ALL CREDIT for this goes to the original owners of the mods. I am not able to create my own mod yet, I can only edit them.
    If you are an owner of one of these mods and wish for me to remove it (them in afro1967's case) please send me a message.
    If you need me to edit/add anything, send me a message or comment below




  22. Hack The Planet

    So you want to hack the planet, huh? You think you're chill enough? You think you're gnarly enough? You think you're mad fresh to the max? Then check it, keyboard cowboy. This totally rad, ill and fly mod will have you hacking the planet in the dopest of styles.
    How to Use:
    Press the "hacker key" (R by default, can be changed in the mod configuration menu) to go into "hacker mode". While in "hacker mode", the game will be paused and you can simply click the object you want to "hack" and a list of options will appear. You can change anything from it's max health, to it's movement speeds, to how much damage it does, to it's diet. You can teleport yourself to it or vice versa. You can kill it, set it on fire, freeze it or just delete it. Do you have a character ideal but don't want to write any code yet? Not a problem! Click your character and starting changing variables! You will be able to recreate over half of the character mods out there and maybe, just maybe, improve on them. You can do so much with so many different things and all of those changes are made to only that one instance of that one object, and if you screw something up, you can just reload the save and everything goes back to normal. In short, you can Hack The Planet!
    Warning: Reckless hacking of the planet has been linked to crashing of the planet. Exercise common sense when hacking the planet.
    Custom Component Support:
    Have a component you made yourself? Want to test it using this mod? Not a problem! Tired of waiting for me to add support for your favorite already existing components? Not a problem! Want to make an expansion for this mod using the tools I made and publish it to the workshop? Not a problem, so long as you do NOT package Hack The Planet with it. You can now add component support yourself from within your own modmain.lua file! The documentation with a list of all builtin tools can be found here:
    If you are using Always On or any of the RPG HUD mods,
    Try disabling the option, "Change Backgrounds".
    Noteworthy Changes:
    -Added support for custom components.
    On a serious note, I made this as a tool to help myself and others develop other mods, troubleshoot bugs and more quickly understand some of the inner workings of DS's components. It's also a lot of fun so even if you don't plan to make mods, you can still get a lot of entertainment out of it. This was made with mouse and keyboard controls in mind. Adding controller support will probably never happen. This is not the final version, adding support for all components is a very long, arduous task so be patient.
    Concerning DST: No.




  23. Best Friends

    Make your friends in DS, RoG & Shipwrecked don´t leave you

    New update for Shipwrecked and Reign of Giants.
    For everyone who dont now the mod this is what does:
    -If you feed a pig, bunnymen, spider (with webber), catcoon or rock lobster be your friend and you dont have to feed them again, JUST ONE TIME!!!
    RoG and Shipwrecked F
    -Abigail, bunnymens, catcoons, chester, pigs, spiders, and rock lobster become in your friends and never die.
    -They are more faster.
    -Pigs dont become in were pigs.
    -Bunnymens dont bite you for have meet in your inventory.
    -Ballphins have a little chance to help you against sharx, with this mod always help you.
    RoG and Shipwrecked D
    -All your friends stand in your side but JUST UNTIL THEY DIE (this is cause many people wants a noon-inmortal version)
    -The Ballphin is a new friend
    I hope this mod help you to play Dont Starve with less problems or make it more fun.
    Thanks for Squeek, who help me for the first version of the mod,
    None of This Would Be Possible Without Him.




  24. Menu Redesign [Beta]

    This mod changes up the menu layout to more friendly and font changes too if you want more suggest something!

    What's New: 
    - Changed Layout
    - Changed Font
    - Changed up Login Screen 
    [Version: 0.0.5]
    Copyright © 2019 Matthew Lengerman
    Credits: Klei

    This mod is using modinfo version 2.0.0


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  25. Combined Status

    Works with all versions of the game (Don't Starve, Reign of Giants, Shipwrecked, and Don't Starve Together). Also available on the Steam Workshop (single-player, DST)
    This mod enhances the HUD to better show the player's stats and various information about the world, such as temperature, season, and moon phase.
    This is a client-only mod, so whoever has enabled it will see the changes, and whoever doesn't won't, regardless of what server you're on and whether the server has the mod or not.
    Unfortunately Naughtiness is not available to clients in Don't Starve Together, so adding it would make it so everyone would have to have the mod. Temperature is available, however.
    Credits to Kiopho and Soilworker for making the mods for single-player, and giving me permission to publish and maintain the DST versions!
    Configuration options:
    Temperature: Whether to show the temperature of the player. Defaults to Show. Show World Temp: Whether to show the temperature of the world. Defaults to Hide. Show Temp Badges: Whether to show small images to indicate which temperature is which. Badges only get shown if this is set to Show and both player and world temperatures are enabled. Defaults to Show. Temperature Unit: Whether to use the game's internal units (default), or approximations of Fahrenheit or Celsius. In Game Units, the player freezes at 0 and overheats at 70, with warning occurring 5 away. In Celsius, the player freezes at 0 and overheats at 35, with warning occurring 2.5 degrees away. In Fahrenheit, the player freezes at 32 and overheats at 95, with warning occurring 4.5 degrees away. Show Waning: Whether to show if the moon is waxing or waning by adding new icons. Defaults to Show. (The game normally only shows icons for one direction). In Don't Starve Together, this is always on regardless of what you set, because it's a feature of the main game now. Show Moon: Whether to show the moon only at Night (the game's default), during night and dusk (Dusk, the mod's default), or Always. Predict Full Moon: Whether to predict the day of the next full moon, shown when hovering over the moon icon. Defaults to Yes. Flip Moon: Whether to flip the moon phase icon to show it like it is in the Southern Hemisphere, instead of the default Northern Hemisphere. Defaults to No. Season Clock: Clock, the default, shows a full clock of the seasons. Compact shows a smaller badge with the season and day count, while Micro shows an even smaller badge. No disables the season clock entirely. Naughtiness: Whether to show the naughtiness of the player. Doesn't work in Don't Starve Together (unless the Insight mod is installed), as  naughtiness is not available to clients. Defaults to Show. Log Meter: Whether to show the log meter for Woodie when he is human. Only relevant to singleplayer, as Don't Starve Together always shows the log meter already. Defaults to Always. Cave Clock: Whether to always show the clock in the caves. Only relevant to singleplayer Reign of Giants, as the data is not available in vanilla and the clock shows in Don't Starve Together. Defaults to Show. Stat Numbers: Whether to show the sanity, hunger, and health numbers without having to mouse over the badges. Defaults to Always. Show Max Text: Whether to show the "Max:" text when hovering over the sanity, hunger, and health badges to see their maximum values. Defaults to Show. HUD Scale: Lets you adjust the size of the badges and clocks independently of the game's HUD scale. Defaults to 1.




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