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  1. Wrong Seasons

    Try this. When you create a world the loading screen is Red or Purple? If its Red then RoG is not active or atleast It didnt got activated. If its Purple means RoG is active. If it is Purple and still not RoG content that means its bugged. This happened to me whenever I made a RoG/SW world which was later fixed.
  2. Salt lick is missing

    Salt Cube wasn't added with the Q.O.L. update. We will have to wait for them to implement it.
  3. PACK DE MODS - MOD PACK 2019 [DS] [RoG] [SW]

    Cual version de TMI esta en este pack?
  4. Console History is not working.

    Is there a way to grant access to the game?
  5. Sound lag

    Same happens for me sometimes, mostly when going insane. Like below 50% sanity it will start doing it.
  6. As you can see it doesnt seem to open the console_history.txt file. It doesnt even create one when you type anything to the console. So I can't use commands or anything typed there without having to write it again every time I want to use it. The file doesnt even create when you start using the console. The only way to be able to use the history is to create the file yourself and type any command you want it to remember. When you create the file the message that said it wasn't able to open doesn't appear anymore. But anything new that wasn't typed when you created the file seem to appear.
  7. out of memory

    The only way I can play Hamlet is with Small Textures, It doesnt matter for me but the texts and the menu is the only thing that doesnt seem to like me.
  8. Basically seasons are not showing correctly whenever someone creates a RoG/SW World, the code thinks that since you have SW active you need to have the SW seasons. Mod Page: Is there anyway to make the code understand that it needs to verify the world you are currently playing to display the correct seasons? Like if it meets a condition, to show A Seasons if it doesn't to show B Seasons and such. RoG World without DLC's compat SW World without DLC's compat RoG with SW Compat I can't run a SW with HAM compat... (PC SUCKS) Second Bug is that some items appear without Icons or Names. The items that don't appear depending on which world you play: Cooked Lobster appears now! Also how do I make the command to Start Precipitation and Stop Precipitation, I tried doing it but its not working In-Game.
  9. Too Many Items+ (Vanilla, RoG, SW, HAM)

    This has been updated to be able to Spawn Hamlet Items.
  10. Woodie has transparent hair

    Same happens for me.
  11. I mean the Overlay of the Vine is like a feature, however making it stay still can do better
  12. Yes, its 10,000 days according to Combined Status.
  13. Maybe adding the option to show shadows at the Rainforest? Disabling those shadows gives me a really high boost of FPS.
  14. I suck at coding, pls help.

    Ok, let me try that OK, It's working! I just need to fix some things within the images not showing and Season Change is Working. It's just not making the clock move to the right season. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! @bizziboi