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  1. Are you planning on update the Workshop version?
  2. Same happens for me sometimes, mostly when going insane. Like below 50% sanity it will start doing it.
  3. As you can see it doesnt seem to open the console_history.txt file. It doesnt even create one when you type anything to the console. So I can't use commands or anything typed there without having to write it again every time I want to use it. The file doesnt even create when you start using the console. The only way to be able to use the history is to create the file yourself and type any command you want it to remember. When you create the file the message that said it wasn't able to open doesn't appear anymore. But anything new that wasn't typed when you created the file seem to appear.
  4. The only way I can play Hamlet is with Small Textures, It doesnt matter for me but the texts and the menu is the only thing that doesnt seem to like me.
  5. This has been updated to be able to Spawn Hamlet Items.
  6. I mean the Overlay of the Vine is like a feature, however making it stay still can do better
  7. Maybe adding the option to show shadows at the Rainforest? Disabling those shadows gives me a really high boost of FPS.
  8. It happens something similar, however this happens only if I start to lose sanity, like below 50-40%. Even if I regain the sanity the sound stutters and echoes making the game laggy until I quit and continue the game. This happens on any world even without mods.
  9. As you can see she says the same dialog as Wilson. This happens in my case when I inspect Salisbury.