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Found 7 results

  1. Version 0.1.0


    ONLY FOR GLITCHED SAVEGAMES WHERE DOGS ARE NOT SPAWNING CORRECTLY (Fixes dogs spawning every time you join and dogs not spawning at all) Instructions: Step 1 - Start your glitched game with this mod Step 2 - SAVE and QUIT Step 3 - disable this mod and load your game... all the dog information is now wiped and should resume spawning normal... you know it worked because now you can sleep! I created this mod because I was playing Shipwrecked and one day I could not sleep anymore because of some clandestine danger and 50 days later found out it was because hounds were not spawning. Please comment if you have any problems or if this worked for you.
  2. MessySpawnFix

    Version 0.1.0


    Build a Wildborehouse in Shipwrecked? Build a Pig or Bunny house in Reign of Giants? Kill them and sleep for 10 days.... no spawning! Turns out you need to wait in real life time not game time! Maybe they wanted to balance the game and prevent us from getting too much pigskin for our first hours of gameplay? Nope... just take your torch and light the house on fire and voila you magically get bores, pigs, and bunnies (don't forget to apply ice!) This mod fixes it so bore+pig spawn correctly every 4 days instead of 4 days worth of time in real life (which could be weeks in game if you have tents and siestas!) It also fixes it so you don't magically spawn pigs when you light the house on fire. Tested succesfully on Vanilla, ROG, and Shipwrecked with Wildbore,Pigmen,&Bunnymen houses even with saving and loading. Please comment if you have any problem and comment if it works for you.
  3. Heyo, I started this world and discovered an island only accessible by a worm-hole after some searching I found the right worm-hole on Day 4. Can hounds still attack me? The island is really small. Here a some pics. One is the island the other is map.,pgcVDYC#0 Its pretty cool huh? Protokohl, EDIT: Made a typo in the title and now can't change it?
  4. Asthma is a disease for human not for bees, they are behaving normally it's like they are tired or in healing more oxygen. You don't need to worry about them may be it's because they are thirsty.
  5. I think Deerclops will look like this: [ATTACH=CONFIG]3110[/ATTACH]I think Deerclops will drop this: [ATTACH=CONFIG]3111[/ATTACH]I think Deerclops will spawn normally in Winter, because of this:
  6. Hello.. I have ordered the game long time ago with 1 more key gift. However, I deleted the mail with keys in it and now I can't play it. I have the order number from Google Wallet so It can easily be verified..
  7. The Spider Queen should not Despawn if she was hit in the last 30 seconds (I know some people have the issue with her not despawning at all, but I did not encounter that bug) They turn back into Level 1 Spider Dens in mid battle, wile fighting with a player that uses hit and run, wile fighting with hound, even while fighting with spiders controlled by the spider hat. And all the damage you made to them is gone, you get no eggs and you can't just destroy the spider nest for the eggs you have to wait until it is a level 3 again.