CraftBlock - 3D Base Building 1.1.5

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FULL RELEASE! Posting standalone version for non-steam users. (I guess? Is there even a non-steam version of DST?)

DST ONLY! (Not compatible with singleplayer version)

Youtube trailer link:

Unlock the secrets of the third dimension with stacking, climbing, and jumping

Stack Buildings Upwards!

  • Placing a structure inside of another one will stack it on top
  • Use the new Wooden Mallet tool to manually adjust height
  • No more building placement restrictions!

New Building Block Recipes!

  • 8 new crafting recipes in the Structures tab
  • Cheap to craft in large quantities, but very flimsy
  • Drops itself when destroyed for easy relocation
  • Deconstructable with any tool (or fist)

Jump with the spacebar!

  • Press space while moving to jump (Changeable in mod config settings)
  • Jump over walls, gaps, or on top of buildings
  • Gravity now affects players (and monsters)
  • Watch out for fall damage!

New ways to traverse the Y axis!

  • Build ladders to climb up and down
  • Make stairways with Stepstools and Slabs that lift you up as you walk over them
  • Watch out, other creatures can climb these too!
  • NEW: Build Bouncepads to jump even higher!

-Now Controller Compatible!
-Also compatible with my First Person mod for a truly nauseating experience

Other gameplay changes:

  • Removed the invisible walls preventing players from walking into the ocean. Don't fall in! (toggleable in mod settings)
  • Falling into water very close to land will now only apply a small amount of wetness instead of drowning you.
  • Increased the range for building placement, as well as a few other actions
  • Walls can only be repaired with their base material instead of adding walls (so you can stack them)
  • Standing under building blocks counts as shelter from rain and heat
  • Fall damage can be reduced by landing in water or on hay walls
  • Flying creatures can move vertically however they please
  • Holding an umbrella/parasol while jumping will now slow your fall!
  • The weregoose can fly. Have fun with that
  • Language settings! 在设置中更改语言!

Note: This mod disables lag compensation regardless of your game settings.

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