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Won't Starve - The Modpack 1.0.0

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About This File

Presenting fellow users who manage to reach it here - The "Won't Starve" Modpack346791531_Hamlet-Copy.png.d0d92b9eb9f528754d5451fc744b06f4.png

      In this mopack, many additions and features make in-game experience more interesting and exciting without changing the game completely nor 
 losing the structure of the base game. As the title said, the mopack help you not starve to die a little.. So remember not to starve!!

      I made this in term of providing a better way of choosing and downloading mods, the neat of packed mods that are well-going together or already configured 
which gives surprising moments when come into plays. Thus, It's better downloading modpacks than manually download each one oneself



    Before listing some of the features, I would like to give credits to all the mod makers who make such amazing works, fascinating mods
that I use in this modpack with all the mods:

0. Ash Fertilizer ( More Fertilizers ) by mouse 

1. Advanced Farming by Afro1967 

2. Additional Structures by DownloadAlot

3. Additional Equipments also by DownloadAlot
4. Backpack and Amulet Slots also by afro1967
5. Better Compass by GraySloth 

6. Best friend forever by Hunkinsland

7. Combined Status by rezecib, Kiopho, Soilworker and hotmatrixx 

8. Compromising Survival by simplex

9. Craftpot by IvanX
10. Display Food Values by alks
11. Detailed Tooltips Daynar
12. Dusk and Night Musics by Dragon Wolf Leo

13. Dawn Break by HeavenFall 

14. Extended Map Icon by StarLion

15. Fashion by _Q_

16. Fast Travel by SoraYuki
17. Fish Farm also by afro1967
18. Geometric Placement by rezecib
19. Golden Spear by _Q_
20. Happy Flowers (Lite) by mouse
21. Infinite Clothes also by tehmugwump

22. MemorySpikeFix also by simplex
23. Minimap HUD by squeek

24. More Map Icons by Michael

25. More Plantables also by GraySloth
26. OPcane -> Less OP Walking Cane ( Better WalkingCane ) also by tehmugwump
27. Pig Shop by Flaky
28. Painted Pig House by justjasper

29. Silkworm also by Afro1967
30. Simple Health Bar by D.Y.C
31. Sleep In Spider Den by Prince143

32. Smart Minisign by MySora
33. Throwable Rocks by Reinert

34. Unlock All Released Characters also by heavenfall
35. Useful Flooring by Nadevill

36. RainLagFix by Simsure

37. Rare Items by infernalthing

38. Wilson's House ( With Timed Light ) also by afro1967
39. Wardrobe also by justjasper
40. PlayerPooper by Plospo





- Ash Fertilizer: New fertilizers like goop,.. + Charcoal Pit( Additional Structures ) provides ashes through burning logs or burnables + Player Pooper
Even more fertilizers
- Advanced Farming + Fish Farm: More types of farm or sources of food
- Additional Structures + Wardrobe: Wardrobe is a new storage with "Additional Structures" brings new storages and structures
- Additional Equipments + Better WalkingCane + Golden Spear + Throwable rocks: New type of ranged weapon + New  RPG-like Slots+ A "compass way" to reveal the whole map!!
-> New armors, weapons, better compass and.. better walkingcane.
- Followers follow for the rest of their life!
- Combined Status + Minimap HUD
+ Bosses, monsters and animals all have a health bar
-> New HUDs
- You will never die till you really want to die ( Optional ). You can disable this, in the mod config screen, if you want to ( Recommended ).
- Display Food Values + Detailed Tooltips: Full informations for items
- New music for dusk-night and there is - Dawn 
- Extended Map Icon + More Map Icons: Tons of map icon + Minimap HUD: Also work with minimap
- Fashion + Painted Pig House + Pig Shop: An addition to the base game to make it more like Hamlet DLC but in a new way
- Fast Travel: Travel With Signs + SmartMinisign: Minisign but smart -> Signs overhauled
+ Craft With The Cooking Pot
+ Wooden floor halves sanity loss at night, Carpet one provide some cold insulations
+ Happy Flower ( Lite ): Fern pots
-> Better BaseGame structures, flooring
- Geometric Placement: Grid shown when placing + More plantables -> especially for planting
- Happy Flower ( Lite ): Flowers make you HAPPY! + More plantables: More flowers than ever!
- Inf Clothes + Fashion: Make hats worn by followers and by other mobs never wear out 
- MemSpikeFix + RainLagFix: Small Performance Fixes
- Silkworms as food and sillks
- All characters are unlocked
+ Webber sleep In Spider Den
-> Characters and character modifiers
- A timed-light house for all sleeping needs with cheap recipe!!
- Some special and rare ingredients are now more common 


1450397445_Hamlet-Copy(2).png.488a499fa26f6334ed96f2b5ac0fa73a.png /== Known issue:



Pinecone growing causes the game to crash



      For the now time, I am not a coder or proffessor in coding or something.
This is just a project of mine and is expected to be buggy  

To install the modpack:
1. Simply download the file provided
2. Extract the downloaded file into the mod folder of your Don't Starve folder
3. Run the game.
4. Check it in the mod menu of your save file

Have FUNs and Enjoy!!!

-======'Won't Starve' Logo.jpg====--


What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog



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THANKS A LOT. I cant download mods from steam and i found struggle to download all of the essential mods that i used to use in dst. you helped me a lot by just creating the reference and a basic collection of the mod.

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 I'm glad to hear that you like it. Thank you very much for your compliment, if you are able to see this

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