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  1. Dig Wurt code Item affinity lines. A simple way to implement what you want.
  2. Why? Could you explain? I don't think weather waves will Suit DST ocean, because, boat simply can not dodge them.
  3. I don't see how your point conflicts with mine.
  4. The main thing about Walani surf is that It's used to ride waves. But there are no weather waves in DST. So even surf is board (the only unique thing of Walani) is kinda lucklaster for DST port. Walani will need some big refresh to be interesting.
  5. I need to set variable of the custom fence to be in the "ON" mode in the set piece. As this fence is used to protect some treasures. I did this: But this doesn't seem to give needed results. What am I doing wrong? Thans in advance. P.S. I know that I can make new prefab with fence mode set to "ON" from the begining, but I don't want to go this way, because fences will have a tricky usage. It's 4 colours allign system in both Start, End modes, and I don't want to make 8 prefabs.
  6. I was trying to decompile ocean fish. Precizely "". I tool ANIM and TEX files from it and also BUILD file from "" and used "krane.exe" tools to decompile. I managed to get something working, but the decomplied file is so bad that it's useless. I can not compile it because animations are broken - that's common problem, but the error is deeper: I can't even do "inst.AnimState:OverrideSymbol("shoal_head", "des_lead_oceanfish_medium_2", "shoal_head")" because some names of images inside SCML texture folders swapped their places/names thus OverrideSymbol gives odd results. For example underwater fish siluetes are randomly swapped with above water textures. Thanks in advance.
  7. I feel like there must be a world tag for that. I just put that into mod config. Also I make crafting reciped that don't strickly require caves. Btw you should keep in mind that some people use cave content on surface mods.
  8. I don't know how this sanityfn you used would work. Do this in main fn of character: inst:DoPeriodicTask(3, function() local ents = ..... ---use some function that find creatures, dig combat component DoAreaAttack function for that local playersnum = #ents local sanity = player*0.1 inst.components.sanity:DoDelta(sanity) end)
  9. Hallo there. What kind of cute items are you talking about? I am a coder and I am currently working on a mod that will be adding custom biome, new materials and probably new mobs, it's about radioactivity, plutonuim and such, also featuring electricity and some other things, too much to write right now. We are open to work with artists. PM me if you would like to discuss this. You can check my other mods here:
  10. If loot table is a local variable you can not modify it. You need to create New one and assign it to the mob.
  11. Basically I need to get following upon inspecting my custom machine: Character quote + current fuel level My approach: inst.components.inspectable.getspecialdescription=GetDescription local function GetDescription(inst) local character_quote = ???? return character_quote .. "Fuel "..math.ceil(inst.components.fueled:GetPercent()*100).."%." end Thanks in advance.
  12. Single-player boats could have been the 1st thing to be added into ocean, because 1) textures - ready, 2) code requires rework, but it's mostly there. But for some reason klei desided to make platform boats 1st. It's either they were not planning to add single-player ever or they want to add them after they put more content into ocean. Last option seems odd, because ocean content (such as mobs island config) obviously should be planned around ways to move at sea - big/small boats. Anyway I hope that I am mistaken and single player boats + Walani would make it. Water taxy idea is cool btw.
  13. Why do you always talk about troll-usage of things? Do you really meet trolls that often? Someone please, draw that Grieving Walani Kidnapper, that would be good meme.