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  1. It's not some Random Individual, it's Mike23Ua, argueing with him is an honor act.
  2. If you have a position. Be ready to defend it.
  3. @Canis New crafts are really neat. Nightvision mechanic requires way more thinking. I played a custom character (my own very tweaked version Charlie) with nightvision in DS for like 400 days. She had moggles-like nightvision. Much more powerful then your proposition for Webber. Main thoughts from my experience: 1st. Nightvision was totally useless on surface. Night time doesnt really limit players given the fact how cheap Light items are. I think we both agree here. 2nd NV worked best While treasure hunting in caves and ruines. I had free had slot, so I could go bacpack, helmet weapon. But at the end of the day, if DS was rpg and NV was a perk that you can choose from a list in cost of some disadvantage, I would avoid it. More info on Charlie NV vs Webber NV: Charlie NV is always active and always saves from darkness, in fact it allows you to go around w/o Light items. (Charlie NV is balanced by some harsh disadvantages, but it is too long to describe them here) Webber NV can fail you, it doesnt allow you to go around w/o Light items even on surface. While in caves/ruins you can easily be left with low sanity, meaning NV will turn off. This heavily limits usage of NV (that was already small). In conlusion: NV in general is nearly useless 95% of the time even powerful version. In Webber case it is even more so . I see that you tried to balance NV, so ppl wont complain about super dooper OP Webber. But NV power was already very weak! I recommend against having it all.
  4. I heard God of War and RDR2 were made for consoles. They are way more demanding then DST.
  5. Power yes, but not the knowledge.
  6. Strong winds is a tropical thing, doesn't suit constant continental climate. Waves are odd for DST boats, in SW waves were used to flesh-out sailing. So you were dodging them or jumping on them to get speed boost. In DST that's impossible, because boat plarform is big and slow.
  7. Single-player boats could have been the 1st thing to be added into ocean, because 1) textures - ready, 2) code requires rework, but it's mostly there. But for some reason klei desided to make platform boats 1st. It's either they were not planning to add single-player ever or they want to add them after they put more content into ocean. Last option seems odd, because ocean content (such as mobs island config) obviously should be planned around ways to move at sea - big/small boats. Anyway I hope that I am mistaken and single player boats + Walani would make it. Water taxy idea is cool btw.
  8. Why do you always talk about troll-usage of things? Do you really meet trolls that often? Someone please, draw that Grieving Walani Kidnapper, that would be good meme.
  9. I can totally see that work, I don't believe klei would go in that direction.
  10. What if Wilson was able to take next step in SCIENCE instead of pathetic magic? Like a lvl3 research station "Laboratory". Extending concepts from previous scientific discroveries. For example: 1. Rainocontroller - you can now shelve (useless) rainometer - you control weather now. Allows you to start and stop preciption as you please (at a cost). 2. Tesla rod - catches lighting and shines very brightly for a long period of time. 3. Barbed wire - new era fence, damages anyone who tries to attack it. What do you think?
  11. Your point doesn't contradict mine. Making surfboard basing it off goose is exactly as hard as porting entire boat system from SW, the thing is - small boats/surfs are a big mechanic that changes enteraction with water. Walani launches surfboard: Can she hold items in hands? - No? How does she stay in ocean in night? No way? = Very odd design. I don't believe klei would go in that direction. Yes? Walani equips weapons and tools = SW mechanics port.
  12. The question about Walani is not "Does she suit for high seas of DST?". She suits perfectly. The thing is: Walani is not Walani w/o her board. But her board requires mechanic of single-player small boats. And that's what Klei doesn't want to port. Porting entire big mechanic for a single character isn't likely.
  13. Quotes on Ophelia are no evidence, way too vague. Wendy doesn't say that Abi and Ophelia have similarities.
  14. Dumpster for Lore dis a reference
  15. Abigail dying from the fall is beyond boring. Hope our speculations are wrong. Agreed. Currently it's so vague, it can be reduced to 2 informative sentences: "We will make at least 1 new char. We will refresh 1 char but won't say who it will be." Other things like "game will be updated and new content will be added" is already given.