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  1. Friendly reminder: be careful while exploring caves...
  2. Meme potential? (no idea how to sign)
  3. That's just super-funny. One, who kills a dragon, becomes a dragon! The trolls have already won w/o doing anything! They made devs ban beefalos from boats! The devs defeated trolls and became trolls themselves. Lets be honest. Marble/moonaltar stealing etc is a silly reason to ban beefalos. You can make beefalo drop marble/moonaltar parts before jumping to boat. Thus making those unique/irreplacable items impossible to be stolen/hidden on world edge boat.
  4. Look up mod called "sisters re-united" it's about wendy and ressurected abigail. I am sure you can find useful code there. I think there was an option that allows full contol using arrow-keys etc of alife abigail.
  5. I am an author of DS local coop mod. You can use any code from my mod. If you need.
  6. The quiestion is actually more complex. I am making a mod that allows you to move objects attaching them to mouse cursor. But I don't want players to be able to throw objects into ocean. Mainly because I can't figure out to make items on water play their floating animation. (Second problem is - drowning enemies is just too easy.) Is it possible to detect those invisible walls that separate ocean and island? (So I can force drop grabbed object before it goes into ocean). I want to prevent this:
  7. Find some mods that allow you to teleport beefalo. That's the only solution. There are a lot of useless items and feaures in DST that were never fixed by devs. Same goes to beefalos.
  8. Sailing is Fun!

    I've encrountered the same bug bro
  9. I would like to have an option to change volume of voice. It seems way too loud to me.
  10. There is a mod already that adds shields.
  11. Nearly everyone here (including me) is basically Wendy w/o Abigail.
  12. I made a boat, jumped on it, jumped back to ground, jumped back to boat and drowned! Boat had full HP, and wasn't sinking or something. Boat was anchored and wasn't moving. A friend of mine, who was on the same server, drowned several times the same way. Server is launched on my PC, sever is with caves.