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  1. Just checking in my starvelings!

    1. minespatch


      You okay man?


  2. Thanks for keeping this current mate!
  3. you shall be remembered dear Mod:wilson_cry:

  4. Back to your roots, eh? haha xD

    1. tehMugwump


      You can't deny the Handsome.

    2. ImDaMisterL
  5. Steam will keep it updated. You'll see the build number at the bottom of your screen. It will either auto-update or update when you launch it.
  6. Sweet! I'm still waiting on the patch that makes it so I don't suck so bad.
  7. Well, that's about the sweetest thing I've ever seen. Too bad he died later in a pool of his own vomit, heheh.
  8. Thanks mate! For future reference, had a 'sweep' tag hanging off one of my dudes all afternoon (don't know if it warrants a bug report):
  9. Tone please. I'm sure Shaggy just wants to help.
  10. You know what they say: Absence makes the heart grow fonder...
  11. Wondering what the mod API will be. May have to dust off my mad mod skills, lol.