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  1. So my old account was hacked and I was thinking when you buy and start DST you have to made a separate Klei account so does it mean that I can have all my items back? Can someone confirm that to me? That's all thank you.
  2. So with the a new beta for Shipwrecked out and the new DLC Hamlet for Don't Starve we now know the game isn't dead! Yay I feel like this is the right time too ask Klei too add some small quality of life things over from DST to DS. There are really only two things i really really feel need to be added. Fences/Fence Gates Mini Signs The crafting GUI from DST would be nice. I'm not asking for anything big like Toadstool or Bee Queen. Other random things from DST i think would be nice are. Marble Bushes Scaled Flooring + I cant really think of anything right now because its 3am. If anyone feels like i missed out something please tell me. (nothing lore breaking or big like the Gateway) P.S To all the Devs at Klei THANK YOU! You all do a amazing job. <3 Jamie
  3. I have a collectible Snow Chester plush that I bought during the chester plush kickstarter a couple years ago, but I only just now found out that plushes from the store have redeemable codes for Don't Starve Together? I checked the tag of the plush and it doesn't look like there is anything on there and I definitely don't have the packaging anymore, does anybody know if snow chester plushes even have a code for it? If so, where do I find it or who can I contact to get a new one for it?
  4. I've been looking for a dedicated server that runs any of the various restoration mods for characters. While I appreciate why certain characters have been changed, I'm not a fan of many of the changes made. I main Willow (#MakeWillowGreatAgain!), and I miss her in her original quirky state, though, I'll grant her pyromania made her a difficult to manage character in a group environment, but with a little teamwork (and a few Flingomatics), her original negative trait (setting random fires when low on Sanity) was very manageable. Anyone else want to play on a dedicated server that has the characters at least closer to their original Don't Starve incarnations? Demand = Supply. -Fist-
  5. So I managed to create a custom character using the extended character template, and it's more or less working as I want but one thing I can't figure out is bugging me. While creating his custom starting weapon, despite it functioning mechanically just fine, I wanted to add special "inspect" text to it, and a unique one for wx as well to match his usual "all caps" speak. Now the first two strings for the item name and description in the recipe tab are working in-game just fine, but the two lines of text I added for the "inspect" for all players + wx's special one just won't. The item also does not seem to function with the Food Values+Item tooltips mod properly, as it will either display no text (not even the "equip" option though it can still be equipped normally) or if I hover over another weapon or tool, or any item with stats really, the hover text will match the last item I hovered. This is after hovering over the torch, then hovering the weapon. The strings I'm using for the descriptions and inspect options in my modmain.lua are as follows: STRINGS.NAMES.SHADOWRAPIER = "Shadow Rapier" STRINGS.RECIPE_DESC.SHADOWRAPIER = "Don't poke your eye out." STRINGS.CHARACTERS.GENERIC.DESCRIBE.SHADOWRAPIER = "Dark and pointy." STRINGS.CHARACTERS.WX78.DESCRIBE.SHADOWRAPIER = "EXTREMELY POINTY. USE WITH CAUTION." I pulled these from another character mod called "Wolfe" who has a unique craftable weapon as well. Is there something wrong with these strings? (Well i mean obviously there is, but what...) or is it something in the other files such as the item's .lua file? If needed I will provide the full modmain.lua, item.lua and character.lua files. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hey guyz ! i'm à woodie/wendy main, and played a lot of ds/dst with thoose character. But i would love to start a new world as Webber (hellyeah). I wonder if you guyz had any tips or advice playing him in solo dst ( like fighting bosses or so ) its seems more difficult without the wicker books or the bunnies .. XD anyways, thanks !
  8. I've started a server for members of a group I admin for. The issue is that I'm the only one who actually knows how to play, and it seems to me that DST is even more unforgiving than regular DS, even with the ability to not lose your entire world if everyone dies. There are more mouths to feed, sanity drains from ghosts, everybody needs light or gets lost, etc. Any advice on how to properly go about a DST world when nobody knows how to play? I'm considering a Spring start just to keep mandatory bosses away for that much longer, but that's the only idea I have. Thanks a ton!
  9. I'm looking for someone to help me code in a perk for my mod character, just like how Webber is tagged as a "Monster" and is neutral to spiders, My character is tagged as a "Robot" and I would like to know how to make an aggressive mob neutral to my character, also capable of befriending the mob. I'm looking specifically for frogs and this is how I plan they'd work. Like the pigs, the frogs will leap back home to their original pond at dusk. They will need to be fed to befriend, (butterflies, butterfly wings, bees, mosquitoes, any insects.) Frogs will be neutral and will not attack you. I can do with just frogs being neutral on it's own, befriending them is just a bonus to me. I'll appreciate any help been given!
  10. It would be nice to be able to build more Florid posterns. I thought using 200 logs, 200 rocks and 50 nightmare fuel and inventing in a shadow manipulator would make it long enough to collect to avoid abuse but would be nice to be able to have respawn points to more than 1 place.
  11. Hello Everyone, my name is Mahmoud, and I'm currently working on Game Design for a mod for DST. before I tell you what I have in mind let me introduce myself. I'm 22 years old and have studied Game Design and Game Art & 3D Animation. During my Studies, I've learned a lot about Games and the Game Industry. I have participated in a few game Jams and I'm currently Pitching a TCG on my own. Let's get to the more important matter. The Mod. DST is one of my favorites Games, regardless if played alone or with friends, Items and more. but i believe there is more that can be done. one of the greatest and most interesting Mods out there in my personal view is the, Multi-World DST which expands the Universe of DST and adds a lot of new Elements, this is What I have in mind too. I would love to collab with the Community of DST and create a Mod that the Community will enjoy to the fullest. What do I have in mind? As mentioned above I would love to create a mod that can come close to the Multi-World mod. Something that will add new Biomes, Items, Recipes and Challenges for the players. now, how do we achieve that? one easy way would be creating new content and throwing it into the game, but let's be honest, that would be boring now wouldn't it? Here is what I have in mind. One of the events that play an important role in DST are the seasons, but with all the new mods that doesn't seem to be much of a challenge anymore, so how about we create four new Biomes! Each biome represents one Season has only that season going on. to give you a better understanding of my thoughts I'll go a little bit more into detail. The four big seasons! Let's give those four seasons a name first, shall we? Evergreen (The Spring Season): Evergreen is the Easiest of the four Biomes and offers a lot of vegetation. Just because it is the Easiest one it doesn't mean it provides no challenge for the player. Providing the players with a huge amount of fruits, vegetables, and Animals it also comes with huge dangers. one of those Enemies would be Treeguards, however, we are not talking about the normal ones that drop Living logs.those tree guards do not drain your insanity as quick and are more of common but stronger foes kinda like a beefalo. I could go deeper into details on what enemies the players could encounter but this is something I haven't set in stone yet. One thing I have decided tho is that each season has it's on Giant. The Giant for the Spring Season could be a Giant Treeguard that could throw giant pine cones that instantly grow to lvl 2 trees. or a Really Giant Pig-king that is the one and only ruler of all the others jumping and creating little earthquakes. the possibilities are endless and I'm sure you get the idea. Sunnyhill (The Summer Season): Sunnyhill is always summer, and much stronger than the usual summer! the Nights are even half as long as the normal summer ones. This is a really hot biome, No grass, dead trees but a lot of stones and fiery enemies. The Biom would have a lot of fire hounds, vultures, magma spots smaller version of the dragonfly giant and other enemies. the Biome would provide a lot of stone and minerals (copper, silver, etc.) Like the Kraken in Shipwrecked, I thought maybe there would be a Fire Kraken that is submerged in a magma pit and throws fireballs that create magma pits where they land and pierce the dry ground with its red-spikey tentacles. Stormboe (The Fall Season): Stormboe represents autumn, a lot of raccoons, Heavy winds, and tornados. New Animals such as Hedgehogs, Deers, and Owls! Stormboe would represent the hunting season as well. players would face heavy winds, move slower or even get pushed back by the wind. Thunderstrikes that will be deadly if you are not careful. now for autumn, there are a lot of Ideas for the Giants that will lurk there, maybe a Giant hedgehog that shackles his needles around you. An owl that creates mini tornados. Whitecliff (The Winter Season): Whitecliff is the last Biome. an Ice-Cold stormy snow biome. all animals that show up during winter are there, even polar bears, OX, and Wolves. this is by far the most challenging biome since it has no daylight. Only evening and night. maybe we even find some Evil snowmen. the player would face heavy colds, snow storms and lots of ice and snow. One of the Giants that could be found here might be a Giant Snowman. A King Penguin or a Yeti. How to get there? Well obviously this is something that can be discussed, what I had in mind was that the player would have to craft a Gate for each Biome. once crafted the player can use it and enter the Biome. there are two ways on how those gates would work that I had in mind. Option 1; Way of Seasons: Each gate can only be used when the representing season is active. for example, i can not enter the Stormboe unless the main world is currently in Autumn. Once entered the players day timer starts to turn backward. let's say autumn only lasts 30 days in the main world then the player has only 30 days in which he can move in-between the worlds. so the days would be a "countdown". does the player remain in the biome once 30 days have passed then a new countdown appears this one shows how long it takes before the Fall Season happens again in the main world. another way of Exit would be killing the Giant of the biome, Killing the Giant could drop an item lets say "Spirit of Fall" which allows the player to power the gate and exit. Option 2; The Giants: The player has the option to craft only 1 Gate and can travel only to Evergreen first. he has to kill the Giant get an item lets call it "Spring orb" and use that Item to open the next biome, etc. now again 2 options here; A: he can travel between opened locations as he pleases. B: he always requires an essence to travel to the next Biome meaning he always has to kill the Giant. This is what I have in mind, and this is where you come in place. if you feel like this something you would like to work on, to honor your skills, kill some free time, provide something for the community and yourself, or just like a challenge then I would be happy to work with you on this project. Feel free to comment, critic or add some ideas to this. Either PM me here or drop me a Steam friendship
  12. Version 1.2.0


    Steam workshop link: This is my first client-side DST mod - it allows you to enable force-attack on 'f' and set ignored enemies. Ignored enemies won't be attacked by default. With force-attack enabled you can target all enemies with CTRL+'f', without - normal 'f' will target all hostile entities ^_^ Supported ignored enemies: walls ballons birds (except sleeping/frozen birds will be attacked anyway) spider dens Abigail Shadow Puppets Grumble Bees (for easy Bee Queen fight) shadows (for that sweet sweet Ancient Fuelweaver fight) I won't hide it, I got inspired by two great mods: Mod that inspired selective attacking: Improved Force Attack Workshop link: Author: Hrafnár Mod that inspired forced attacks: Reverse Force Attack Workshop link: Authors: Kazaki, star I took a look at their work and added functionalities I needed... no idea if they are ok with that I love their mods - they really did a great job, I just merged, re-organized and expanded it ^_^"
  13. A while ago, I started up a private Terraria server for those who don't really get to experience Terraria in multiplayer. During boss fights, online players often reached 10 players, and this season about 20 people signed up. Now, finally turning my head back to DST, I've noticed some similar problems here. Though I am an advanced player at this game (survived about two whole years, I think that I lost the world), I need some tips from you guys about how I should structure server signups. Here's what I'm thinking: Limit is 8 players Players sign up here on the forums Server is up on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and the weekend for 3 hours a day Griefing obviously isn't allowed If everyone dies, a new server thread goes up Intermediate to expert level Please tell me what you guys think, as you guys probably know more than me about this kind of stuff.
  14. Hello there ! I have a few questions 'bout trading inn : can you win Characters skins like Survivor collection or Guest of Honor? If yes, can you win it even with trading inn 9 Common skins? I searched some answers to my question before, there was a discussion 'bout this with a developer on Twitch but the link is deleted now. If the developer who talked 'bout this on Twitch just recognize himself if he's reading this topic, it would be amazing if he can answer and light us 'bout this "Trade inn" further more. Thanks a lot !
  15. So, I don't know how to create a dedicated server. even after looking up how to and following the steps on here. I don't know much about computers. and I get confused very easily. I need someone to explain it in the simplest terms as possibly can for me. Do it for a dummy, yeah?
  16. Hey! I am working on an Abigail mod, and I want Abigail's Flower to be removed from Wendy's inventory (and have that be enabled or disabled in the config menu), but I'm having trouble achieving this. I will include the zip! All the code for Wendy is in the modmain.lua. Here's the relevant part from the file (the recipe part definitely works, it's the actual inventory item that refuses to leave):
  17. Hey, I'm looking for a group of people to help me play DST i'm fairly new to the game I know most of the basics. You can host or I can host either one. We can share specs to see who should run. add me
  18. At the request of @minespatch I'm here to post a counter argument I made to a negative review on DST. I hope this will spark some discussion and not start a flame war... ------------------------------------------ Original Review: Overall I like the idea of surviving with the items you find and it sure is not easy to start from nothing and build your own base which can be pretty fun I do admit, but for 38 hours of gameplay I saw also: 1. Zero teamplay. 2. Zero communication (almost nobody answers your greeting or just questions about something in the game). 3. Everybody is just survivng for themselves. 4. More people are always better than going alone, thats not the case here (atleast what I saw). 5. 2 bans without even having connected to the server (can you imagine?!) 6. People using a cheat to unlock all the items in the game (where is the fun in that?)... If I wanted to play alone, I would have played the singleplayer part. For now I don't have much expectations to meet nice people willing to start from skratch or just people that can write lol, so I would advise you to play this game with your friends, not with random people. Anyways I will keep playing this game and I hope I would have reasons to give it a positive review, because it is worth giving a second chance. And I want to add one more thing: the game to me feels unbalanced as almost everything can ruin your base and you have to start all over, not to mention how many creatures can kill you, but killing them is a difficult challenge if you haven't got any items. And one more thing: boringly repetitive, I just can't play this more than an hour or so. Trying to stay alive as much as you can, can't really motivate me to achieve that goal. It would have been better atleast if there were other goals and tasks you could accomplish. ------------------------------------------ My Reply: Time for some counter arguments! 1. Most of the time you won't be fighting mobs together unless you're fighting a Giant or hound wave, and if you want someone by your side at all times, hire a gimp. 2. a.) Play on social or cooperative servers, most of the time someone's either fighting a mob or a giant, and stopping to chat would end up getting them killed, or they're in the ruins or the swamp. AND YOU DO NOT LOOK AT THE CHAT WHILE IN THE SWAMP OR THE RUINS!! YOU WILL DIE!! b.) Wait for a more calmer time season like during winter or during dusk or night, since those are the times that people are most likely to be able to chat with you...unless they're fighting Mactusk, which in that case it's understandable why they can't chat. c.) Also, most of the time, if you just /wave to people as you're passing by, they'll more often than not reciprocate the action, at least acknowledging you. d.) And if you join a server, and immediately ask "Where's base?" get what's coming to you. Survive a few days before asking, that way people know that you're not just some griefer or a leech, and are able to hold up on your own. 3. Don't expect people to hold your hand throughout the game, they have to survive just as much as you do. 4. So, from what I'm able to decipher, most people play together, but they...don't play together? What? You just made a contradicting sentence that anyway I look at it makes absolutely no sense. 5. Some people don't know how to put a password on their server or make it private, it's more of a them problem than a you problem. 6. Vanilla dedicated servers. No mods, no console commands, just pure, concentrated, unfiltered Don't Starve. Not recommended for innocent eyes. Also, it's not technically cheating, since only an admin can do it, all other players cannot "cheat" or spawn in any items. Also, making a science machine isn't too hard. If you're unable to make a science machine within the first day, just blue ball the world, and start over again. Because something's gone horribly wrong with the worldgen. Making a spear costs 1 flint, a rope (Which is 3 grass), and 2 twigs. Which are in abundance due to the very nature of DST. And a log suit isn't hard to acquire either. Most mobs can be killed with simple kiting, don't try to tank a giant like a treeguard without any armor. Just go onto the wiki, or even look for strategies before writing off this game because it doesn't hold your hand like you've become accustomed to. This by no means Dark Souls levels of hard, so don't whine about a game which boasts about being unforgiving on the very store page you bought it from being hard. Protip: Hounds won't attack you unless you're past day 6, if you hear the hounds, go to beefalo or pigs, they will protect you. Deerclops will always arrive on Night 30 on a default world, use that to your advantage. If you don't wanna fight it, make 5 signs away from your base, and have a berry bush hat on stand-by. Hide under the hat, and wait for Deerclops to arrive and smash the 5 signs. Once smashed, Deerclops will become pacified, and will despawn. But be warned, she will respawn again near the end of Winter, so just repeat what I said earlier and you'll be fine. There's so much more in this game than what you give it credit for, there's a LOT you can do in this game, you just refuse to look for it because it's not immediately in your face and shoved down your gullet like in most modern triple A games. Hope that helped with debunking some of the gobbledygook here! ------------------------------------------ So! Why don't we all share our opinions of DST in a civilized manner and use constructive and valid arguments and counter arguments like the proper philosophers that we all are, in the great debate that which is called Life.
  19. I feel that Wes should be a joke boss for a little just for ****s and giggles. Why You might ask, well in the portal in the video What lies Beyond you can see a face, that face looks kinda like wes... I just want this to be in the game for like a week, but make him a hard boss, and when you kill him he drops nothing! It's just a way for Klei to have fun and troll without disturbing story...
  20. DST PvP Revamp

    Version 1.3.1


    Steam Workshop Version: Various configurable PvP features and fixes. Thanks to the guys below for testing, ideas, and help: - Hobgoblino - Electroely - Michi - SplOrange - Sketched_Philo - Maslak - Dorozco - Douglas - Catburger If you've discovered a bug, then report it to the comments below. If you find a feature or configuration confusing, then ask me in the comments below. Features: - Slowdown on hit - Whenever a player is hit by another player, they are slowed down by an initial 50% which gradually wears off in 10 seconds. Additionally, the hammer and boomerang have a small chance to stun players. 'Slowdown speed mult' can be configured to 0%, 10%, 25%, 33%, 50%, 67%, 75%, or 100%. The default option is 50% and the option to turn off this feature is 100%. - PvP damage multiplier - Damage dealt by players against other players is increased from 50% to 100%. 'PvP damage mult' can be configured to 0%, 10%, 25%, 33%, 50%, 67%, 75%, 100%, 125%, 150%, 200%, or 300%. The default option is 100% and the option to turn off this feature is 50%. - Combatlogging punishment - Disconnecting during combat with another player will punished. Players who combatlog will be killed right as they disconnect from the server. The 'Anti-combatlogging' configuration is Enabled by default. - Scoring system - Kills made by each player will be counted and saved. Kills include deaths by melee weapons, ranged weapons, followers, traps, and indirect environmental causes. The 'Scoring system' configuration is Enabled by default. Players can check their own killcount with the '!mykills' chat command. The killcount of another player can be checked with the '!kills <name>' chat command. The three players with the highest killcount can be checked with the '!top' chat command. - Unique scores for each world - Killcounts are saved in '.../mods/workshop-960992208/Scoreboard (<ID>).lua' and each world will have their own file with their unique ID. This means that if a world is regenerated or deleted, then the previous scores will not be carried over. This also means that each of the five world slots will save scores in different files. If this feature is turned off, then the world will use 'Scoreboard.lua' which can be used by other worlds. This means that scores will carry over when the world is regenerated and to any of the five world slots. The 'Unique scoreboards' configuration is Enabled by default. - Random spawn positions - Survival and Endless mode will spawn players in random locations, just like Wilderness mode. The 'Random spawn positions' configuration is Disabled by default. - Newspawn PvP protection - Players below 2 Days cannot attack or be attacked by other players. Individual player age is used, not the world age. 'Player age PvP requirement' can be configured to 1 Day, 2 Days, 3 Days, 4 Days, 5 Days, 6 Days, 7 Days, 8 Days, 9 Days, or 10 Days. The default option is 2 Days and the option to turn off this feature is 1 Day. - Player revival - 'Allow player revival' can be configured to Enabled, Disabled, or Heart only. The configuration is Enabled by default. This means players can revive normally by default. - No ghosts allowed - Players who become ghosts will be kicked and cannot come back to the server until the world is regenerated. The 'Kick ghost players' configuration is Disabled by default. This means that ghosts are allowed by default. - Panflute nerf - The panflute no longer puts players to sleep. Players are now only slowed down by the panflute. Additionally, the panflute only applies its effects mid-way through its playing animation. The animation also can no longer be cancelled by movement. The 'Panflute nerf' configuration is Enabled by default. - Sleepytime Stories nerf - Wickerbottom's Sleepytime Stories book no longer puts players to sleep. Players are now only slowed down by the book. Additionally, its reading animation also can no longer be cancelled by movement. The 'Sleepytime Stories nerf' configuration is Enabled by default. - Sleep Dart nerf - Players put to sleep via sleep darts will immediately wake up. The 'Sleep Dart nerf' configuration is Enabled by default. - Everyone can read books - All characters can now read Wickerbottom's books. The 'Everyone can read books' configuration is Enabled by default. - Increased Abigail PvP damage - Abigail now deals 100% to players instead of 25%. The 'Abigail player damage buff' configuration is Enabled by default. - Wall placement restriction - Walls of any kind can no longer be built around other players, portals, and wormholes. The 'Wall building nerf' configuration is Enabled by default. - Tentacle spawning restriction - Tentacles can no longer be spawned around portals and wormholes. The 'No tentacles at portal' configuration is Enabled by default. - Spider egg placement restriction - Spider eggs can no longer be placed around portals and wormholes. The 'No spider dens at portal' configuration is Enabled by default. - Players can trigger traps - Tooth traps and bee mines can now be used against other players. Traps ignore the last player to place or reset it. Additionally, tooth traps will knock a player's weapon off of their hand and will snare the player in place. Snared players cannot move until the tooth trap is reset or they take damage. Players cannot be snared by more than one tooth trap. The 'Traps trap players' configuration is Enabled by default. - Trap placement restriction - Tooth traps and bee mines can no longer be placed around portals and wormholes. The 'No traps at portal' configuration is Enabled by default. - Convincing bush hats - Players hidden in bush hats will appear as a very convincing berry bush in the map and in-game. Players hiding in bush hats can be revealed by picking, burning, or digging. The 'Bush hat buff' configuration is Enabled by default. - Melee knocks off ranged weapons - Ranged weapons in the hand slot will be dropped when the player is attacked using a melee weapon. Ranged weapons include boomerangs, all kinds of blowdarts, red/blue/purple staffs, and weather pains. The 'Melee disarms ranged' configuration is Enabled by default. - Forced forcefeeding - Moving and sleeping players can now be forcefed. The 'Forcefeeding buff' configuration is Enabled by default. - Players drop long pig - Allows cannibalism. 'Long pig reward' can be configured to Enabled, Disabled, or PvP only. The configuration is Enabled by default. - Hunger and sanity damage - Players take stat damage when hit by other players. 'Hunger and sanity damage' can be configured to Enabled, Disabled, Hunger only, or Sanity only. The configuration is Disabled by default. - Crock pot cooks instantly - The crock pot now cooks any recipe instantly, no waiting time. The 'Instant crock pot' configuration is Enabled by default. - Hammer return percent - The amount of materials hammering a structure will return can be changed. The 'Hammer return percent' configuration is 50% by default. - Player hit dialogue - Some weird feature that SplOrange added. Don't enable this, he's weird. The 'Attacked response' configuration is Disabled by default.
  21. i don't know if ther is a topic about this but i realy like the mod "the nightmare" but every time i die the nightvision geht turned off and i wanted to ask if someone has a soluten to it or if it get's worked on i found out that the nightvision stays on the skeleton if i die but only for a short while and just sometimes thank you all
  22. The following world was built by three individuals, WX, . Wickerbottom and a Wilson. We started this world back in November 2016! Feel free to ask any questions if you have any! I used Geometric placement once again in this world, in order to get symmetrical, tidy placements. Virtually all of the base is covered in flingos, however not all are used since if a area isn't loaded in things won't smoulder, however if we choice to head that way we can then easily turn on the flingos whilst we're there and do what we came to do. Unfortunately we have had a few fire innocents in the base, but it was a easy fix! Credit to Cran for: Toothtraps Chest Area Bearger Shrine Following One million suspicious dirt piles Moist Shrine Spankville Sign Josh Shrine Bee box area Trinket Storage Area Credit to Hot for: Moonstone Arena Fancy Paths all around the world Sanity recharge area Christmas event area Credit to me: All the other features were built by the Crazy old lady, Wickerbottom! Central base Grass and twig farm Gecko farm Spankville ( Spider bunny/pig wars ) Goat pen Lantern Shrine Random garden shrines Gnome village gardens Ludo Board Koala Restaurant and Diner Kitchens around the world
  23. Hi I have a problem with my DST game. Well, my game screen is totally blurry and in low definition and I don't know why, because I have already changed some resolution configurations of the game and still the same. Could someone help me with this, please?
  24. Alright, I've got a pretty big bug that I've been notified about for two of my mods, namely Weston the Wandering Cactus and Whimsy the Cheerful Sunflower. This bug basically makes it so that when a homeless bee or butterfly pollinates 6 flowers and despawns into another flower, SOMETIMES the game allows a Weston or Whimsy to spawn instead, most likely because they have the "flower" tag on them. I've been searching through the code, and I think I found the problem. It's the "pollinator" component. Specifically, the bit about spawning flowers: function Pollinator:CreateFlower() if self:HasCollectedEnough() then local parentFlower = GetRandomItem( local flower = SpawnPrefab(parentFlower.prefab) flower.planted = true flower.Transform:SetPosition(self.inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition()) = {} end end The problem is that I'm not sure how to go about fixing this. I was told I need to put the fix in each character's modmain.lua, but again, I don't even know where to start. Whimsy has her own tag that I've been using ("whimsy"), and I've used that to include or exclude her from several different codes before, and I think It could be applied here. I will fix Weston and give him his own tag when I figure out how to fix this. Any and all help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  25. So I've been hard at work on a mod of my own character, and I just finished all the sprites. I put everything together, made sure it looked good in Spriter, and then updated the mod and ran the game. Everything runs smoothly, until I select the mod character and press start. When I do that, the game freezes, stops responding and then has to close. I checked the game log, and at the bottom it just repeated "Could not find anim build rox " over and over. I then went into the anim folder in the mod, deleted the corresponding .zip file, and re-created it to see if that fixed it, but to no avail. What am I doing wrong, and how can I fix it? EDIT: I realized I should add that the log didn't display any errors. EDIT 2: Added the log in the hopes that it helps. EDIT 3: I think I know what I need to do, but I don't know how to do it. After doing some digging in the template's anim .zip files, I found files titled atlas-0 and atlas-1, along with .bin files titled anim and build. I opened the TEX files in TEXTools and saw that they had all the textures for the character. I think I'm supposed to make those with my textures, but I'm hesitant to compile a whole bunch in one file. Is that what I'm supposed to do? As for the .bin files, will those update automatically?