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  1. HEY! YES, YOU! Do you have a bizarre urge to ship characters from your favourite video game into cute (or positively horrifying) couples? Well, then this is the thread for you. Make fanfictions! Draw art! Argue about waifus! And most importantly, try not to get this topic deleted because you said that the baby beefalo has a small ! Note: Some stupid shipping thread is not to be taken seriously in any way, shape, or form. You have been warned.
  2. Another art thread

    After exploring the forums, learning the basics, and getting a mental image of Wes and Wigfrid getting kinky seared into my mind (thanks a bunch Minespach) I've decided to settle down and create my own art thread. I'm expecting it to get like, 5 followers. And yes, I know it's so original, and has never been done before. Answers to questions nobody's asked yet, and never will thanks to this handy and convenient answer section : How frequently will you post? I dunno. Probably barely ever. I might get into the habit of posting. That's a big MIGHT What will you post? Mostly Don't Starve / Don't Starve Together custom Brickheadz, but also some other fanart. Mostly other fanart now that I think about it. But what the "I know for a fact kids go on this forum so I'm not gonna swear" are Brickheadz? But what is fanart? Here, have a Winona for your troubles: Just ignore the corner where the background is falling off, that didn't show when I took the photo
  3. Heya, I've been looking at the big variety of artwork these forums have, and I noticed a surprising lack of 3D artwork... So, Imma gonna go on a journey to bring the Don't Starve characters to the world of the third dimension! The goal? To learn and understand the concept of 3D modeling, rigging, texturing, and exporting, and to upload these to the Garry's Mod and the Source Film Maker workshop (There's a very slight chance that I'll put them for VRChat too). The tools: -Blender (Modeling) -Krita (Making the reference) -(Will probably use an image editing software for the textures, like or GIMP) -Patience (Lots of it) Let's begin! I'm gonna start with the very survivor you meet for the very first time... Wilson! So, in order to make a character, you're first gonna need a general reference where you can base yourself with and follow along, a front, and a side reference are pretty much enough to be good. Since each time the Klei artists draw Wilson in a different kind one from the other, I used Krita to come up with a general idea of a front and a side view of him. And now, after getting these in place, I'm ready to start modeling Wilson! First, I started with a plane to which I extruded and followed around to make the shape of Wilson's head. This picture shows how point-pulling is gonna be a very general thing when it comes to making 3D models, and getting to imagine how his head shape would get to make sense, the official figurines help a lot!
  4. I was initially under the impression that whenever the characters referred to the shadows as 'Them', they meant a shadow force unseen to the Player Characters and the players themselves. However, I also came up with the theory that 'Them' could just refer to us, the player-base and the team of developers who work on Don't Starve and DST. We, as players, have an immense amount of control over what we do in the world that the characters inhabit, and we can also introduce new characters and mods whenever we please. We see the characters and we can decide what happens to them in a world that we craft and generate for them. Whenever a game of Don't Starve is started, we can decide how we want the world to be shaped. We can make it easier for the characters to survive in a playground that we had a part in creating in, and we can also make it impossibly hard for them to survive. I'd argue that there are parts of the player-base that are amused when the characters are killed off in a manner that they would like to see them die in. When I saw the EXP Bar that is filled whenever the world is changed or when the player character dies, I'd argue that it is a reflection of how we would like to play with something new. We treat the characters as nothing more than playthings and when one character has lived long enough, we decide to introduce a new character because the old character has started to bore us. We desire a new plaything and we would like to see how a new character would react to the world around them. Webber is still a character I can't explain, though. I also find it strange that Maxwell is one of the few characters to sometimes break the fourth wall through their dialogue. The devs also decide what new challenges and monsters the characters can get introduced into the world. They also decided when the characters could enter the caves, when they visit the Ruins, and when the new seasons were introduced, when they brought about new challenges associated with them. You could say that they're somewhat akin to Gods in the world that they have created, seeing as how they can introduce new mobs whenever they see fit. Players can also do this, though through the use of modding. In DST, one of the games' associated puzzles was the Cyclum puzzles. In it, a panel is shown where Wolfgang, Wes, and Wendy are shown walking out of the recently created portal. Perhaps this could be referring to how there are many players who play Don't Starve, and that there are multiple versions of the Constant, referring to save files and characters that we decide to play with in the save file in the original game? I'd also argue that as players, we are beings not yet known to the characters, and we can always keep an eye on them, but they can never see or refer to us directly. We also decide if a character is allowed to co-exist with multiple version of themselves without the fabric of the reality that the devs have created tearing itself apart like a cheap dishrag. Were there other threads that might have theorized the same thing? I wasn't able to find any. I'd love to read your thoughts to this. It was something I came up with when I was bored.
  5. Hello Im create Bone Torch mod and i have problem , when i build my torch it does not have a flame. What is wrong with files? DST Bone Torch.rar
  6. I am working on a mod for a character, but I need help. I need to have the character lose sanity around ponds, but I do not know all the coding to do it. I know parts of what it would need, but I do not know the exact coding to have them lose sanity around a certain object. If anyone knows the coding needed on how to do this, I would really appreciate it! Thank you so much!
  7. I think that the current animations and textures are getting stale, so I believe that it is of Klei's best interests to implement five hundred and two new variants for them so that we, the loyal fans of the game, may experience further enjoyment with the game. Please vote in the poll and like this post so that Klei will make this suggestion official.
  8. You know how we had the year of the Gobbler? Wouldn't it be cool to have a year of the varg event since 2018 is the year of the dog? Up the Hound attacks lol, or something else that would be cool. What would you guys want to see?
  9. So I'm working on some new characters, as always, coding isn't my strong point.I'm trying to make some characters, simple, except for a perk that keeps ALL mobs from aggroing onto them.Would anyone have some solutions?And if anyone knows where I can look up common codes so I know what I can use I'd be most appreciated!
  10. I've been messing with commands abit and just wanted to know if its possible I've seen videos with people having aton of characters doing taunts and stuff in sync and wasent sure if it was done with commands or not and I kinda like building displays and diorama's with commands so it'd be neat if I could get some NPCs to do stuff in them I've tried looking around but haven't found anything except for revive commands which I already know also sorry if this is in the wrong branch I was not sure where to ask this also sorry for typos or anything I'm typing on my sucky tablet
  11. Hello there, forums. Mani's the name. I got some nice art of this game and I'm just gonna ingloriously dump em all to this thread, cheers!
  12. Hello everyone, I made this thread so you can share easy and efficient ways to survive and get through things, so if you have any, post them here!
  13. Hello dear forum people! We just started a new server and my friend was the host and after couple of days of playing suddenly one day I just got unable to join the server however I was totally fine joining other ones. Notice we including my friend the one who was hosting the server did not change anything regarding game setting and server options and we tried to clean up our mod files by pressing that button in the mod menu and also i tried to download all the server mods he was using manually through steam workshop and as far as I know he does not have any mods installed manually. Here is the error I was keep getting and the log file. many thanks, UPRiSER. client_log.txt
  14. Going to be hosting a Festive Dedicated server themed around Winter Feast tonight, looking for some decent starvers to keep us company in this Jolly occasion. You can find Dedicated Servers Info (Name and Password) on our Discord in #server_info. Discord: Steam Group:
  15. Weenies Together Steam Group

    Come join Weenies Together! Small Discord and Steam Group that hosts dedicated servers to play on or to find players to play with! Discord: Steam Group:
  16. If any mod sees this or someone who knows about this tell me! Is there going to be a Loyal emote, skin for if we play on Christmas/Holiday? I would like to know because if there is I would need to play tomorrow and if not then i won't play tomorrow.
  17. The DST Skins Checklist has been designed to help you more easily keep track of your DST skins collection. This can be done by manually checking off items or by directly syncing the checklist with your inventory on Steam. The layout is fairly rustic, but it lets you view, filter, and search the skins you own, have duplicates of, or are missing in the game. All save data is stored locally on your computer (in your browser's Local Storage). The checklist is a single HTML file (images are all embedded) and can be used online or from your desktop: Checklist: HTML File: For best compatibility, open the file using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox; some features may not function properly in other browsers. Updates: 01/11/18: Version 1.88 - Updated name of Magnificent Fuelweaver Ornament and image for Wes's The Roseate skin (as changed in DST 01/08/18 Patch) 12/24/17: Version 1.87 - Corrected the Winter's Feast 2017 Event end date (to 01/08/18) 12/19/17: Version 1.86 - New skins (from DST 12/18/17 Patch) added 11/28/17: Version 1.85 - Updated the Forge and Hallowed Nights event end dates (as extended in DST 11/28/17 Announcement) 11/09/17: Version 1.84 - New skins (from DST 11/09/17 Patch) added 10/30/17: Version 1.83 - New skins (from DST 10/30/17 Patch) added 10/26/17: Version 1.82 - Fixed incorrect image for Wendy's The Challenger skin 10/26/17: Version 1.81 - New skins (from DST 10/23/17 Patch) added 09/13/17: Version 1.80 - New skins (from DST 09/13/17 Patch), skin tags, and collapsible headings added 05/18/17: Version 1.77 - New rarity modifier and skins (from DST 05/18/17 Patch) added 04/28/17: Version 1.76 - Updated name of Ancient Explorer to The Ancient Explorer (as renamed in DST 04/28/17 Patch) 04/27/17: Version 1.75 - Updated skin names (as renamed in DST 04/27/17 Patch) 04/25/17: Version 1.74 - New skins (from DST 04/25/17 Patch) added 04/24/17: Version 1.73 - New skins (from DST 04/24/17 Patch) added 04/22/17: Version 1.72 - New skins (from DST 04/21/17 Patch) added 04/18/17: Version 1.71 - Updated rarities of skins (as changed in DST 04/18/17 Patch) 04/10/17: Version 1.70 - New skins (from DST 04/10/17 Patch), new release filter, and duplicates total tally added 02/14/17: Version 1.62 - New skins (from DST 02/14/17 Patch) added 02/08/17: Version 1.61 - Corrected the Year of the Gobbler 2017 Event end date (to 02/13/17) 01/19/17: Version 1.60 - New skins (from DST 01/19/17 Patch) added, reward progress bar added, and save import method changed 12/21/16: Version 1.54 - Corrected the Winter's Feast 2016 Event end date (to 01/05/17) 12/19/16: Version 1.53 - New skins (from DST 12/19/16 Patch) added 12/15/16: Version 1.52 - Corrected the Winter's Feast 2016 Event start date (to 12/15/16) 12/09/16: Version 1.51 - New skins (from DST 12/08/16 Patch) added 11/25/16: Version 1.50 - New rarities/skins (from DST 11/24/16 Patch) and skin set detection added 11/14/16: Version 1.43 - Updated name of Beeyonet to Bumble Spear (as renamed in DST 11/14/16 Patch) 11/08/16: Version 1.42 - New skin (from DST 11/08/16 Patch) added and Steam Inventory syncing method improved 10/21/16: Version 1.41 - Corrected the Hallowed Nights 2016 Event end date (to 11/08/16) and event detection prompt added 10/19/16: Version 1.40 - New skins (from DST 10/18/16 Patch), dynamic tallying, skin search, and version checker added 09/18/16: Version 1.32 - Fixed syncing issue for WX-78 Elegant skins 09/17/16: Version 1.31 - Fixed syncing issue for Nightdress (known as Nightgown in some countries/regions) 09/03/16: Version 1.30 - New skins (from DST 09/01/16 Patch) and duplicates detection/sorting added 07/25/16: Version 1.20 - Steam Inventory syncing via JSON text added 07/23/16: Version 1.11 - Skin colors now use Steam item tags as an identifier (instead of description text) 07/11/16: Version 1.10 - New skins (from DST 07/07/16 Patch) and save import/deletion added Original First Post:
  18. Trading Don't Starve Together (gift) for regular dont starve (shipwrecked) i have an extra gift i will trade on Steam add me on Zachdebest
  19. SERVER LOCATION: New York City, NY Hi there I'd like to invite anyone out there who has experience with persistent worlds and enjoys a variety of mods such as: -Magic Bottle Lanterns -Archery -Easy Domesticate (only for collar) -MyHome (main mod) -SetHome (travel system) -Make -Craftable Monster Lairs -Campfire Rez -and MORE! The server stays up and runs beautifully! This server is mainly for people who want to push their base building techniques to higher levels and expand their farming ideas to new horizons!! Here's the server name and how to type it to search in DST. \ Ronin's Realm /
  20. Don't Play Together



    Steam Workshop Version: Disables the 'Play!' button Video:
  21. [DST] Minesweeper

    Version v5


    Steam Workshop Version: Yes, this actually works. How To Play Press F2 to start playing Minesweeper. Press Esc to close Minesweeper. Click tiles to reveal them. Right-click tiles to flag them. You can chord tiles by simultaneously left-clicking and right-clicking. To restart Minesweeper, click on the smiling face or press F2. Right-click the smiling face for more options. You can choose between three difficulties (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert) or create your own custom board. You can also view your top 3 highscores for each difficulty. Cool Features (wow) - First clicks are always safe and will give an opening - Unfinished games will be saved and can be continued later - Boards will have their 3BV calculated for scoring purposes - (WIP) Boards will never need guesswork to solve
  22. Toggle Click to Walk

    Version 0.2.1


    Grants the player the ability to toggle between enable / disable click to walk functionality in-game. Disabling the click to move will ONLY affect clicks “on the ground” - e.g. when you’re not targeting any entities. You can still click to perform any actions such as mining, picking, attacking, examining, etc. Options: Click to Walk Tells whether click to walk will be working or not by default when joining a game "Yes" or "No" Toggle Key Toggles the functionality in-game. You can chose to disable the ability to toggle if you like. K L ; [ ] or "Disabled" — This mod was inspired by The Forge event when a lot of people seemed interested in this functionality. Although the event is over, it looks like some players don’t like this at all, even on regular DS/DST. Hope this mod can help improving your gameplay experience. As always all feedback is appreciated, enjoy! — Toggle Click to Walk is compatible with Don't Starve / Reign of Giants / Shipwrecked / Don't Starve Together. Related links: GitHub Repository Steam Workshop: Don't Starve Don't Starve Together The Forge request thread
  23. Once the forge event ended you'd think they'll just remove all the unused stuff until the next event. However, that is not the case. I guess Klei removed most of the code for all the forge stuff because now they don't work. It's impossible to pick up the forge items (Blowdarts, healingstaff, rock armor etc) Moving on the the enemies, their code also got removed. They all do their idol animations and if you push them they start to slide like ice. It's also impossible to kill them, I've tried everything to lightning, blowing them up and tentacles. There were also objects for the arena timer, however these are impossible to spawn. I thought these were interesting and I'd make a thread about it. What are your opinions about this? Tell me below.
  24. Now that the forge has ended I still had a few questions about the lore of the Forge. And some parts could be found in the trailer for the forge, First off we know that the Ancient Fuelweaver was defeated The Fuelweaver drops a rose on death which probably has something to do with Charlie. And that the ancient gateway is unstable after the fight with the Ancient Fuelweaver. And finally, in the end, Charlie closes the portal. Wickerbottom activates the gateway and the portal opens. Anyway, Wigfrid jumps into the portal and that's when the forge event starts. We don't know how long the Forge world existed but it's clear the link between the DS world and the Forge world was created After Charlie took the throne. I also thought that Punga's dialogue might give us some hints. He goes on about on that we serve a force. A force that sees themselves as "Untouchable" and "Unknowable" So Punga thinks that we're here to attack their Realm when we really just came to the forge by curiosity. We also know that Punga is aware they're many other realms. A lot of people look over the dialogue but looking at it can give us some hints. Punga's people might've been banished to the forge realm after serving for someone or something else. What do you think about this? I'd like to hear your opinions and theories down below.
  25. Most people who play DS/DST right now, will probably not have any idea why both of these games are a sad reflection of themselves for me, but there's no happy-go-lucky way to put this with concerns not being raised. I have always found it an issue that getting to a point where you can survive by sitting in a base while at the same time grinding for hours on end by harvesting, killing, storing, cooking in multiple crockpots, doing the same menial tasks over and over again etc. in order to achieve and maintain this status, was part of the games. They were there since the inception of Don't Starve, but for whatever reason became the supposed main goal of the game as a result of making a survival experience, despite the latter not necessitating to mean that the former will inevitably happen. Klei have tried in the past way more to add more things to the world to keep this from happening, but at the end of the day, you would get to a point where you are at this position. Now it seems as though they are trying to encourage it, rather than prevent it, and the game being more about the experience of the struggle, rather than standing near a campfire surrounded by hundreds of gold nuggets and gems, while beating every boss like it's your day job is way more prevalent. It's the most generic a game can get, this isn't good game design. I mean, what's with the humongous amounts of decorative stuff, optional bosses, gaps in wrapping content well into the overarching game and multiple exploits that never get addressed? The video I linked points out what I believe to have led to such demise into a social club experience rather than a survival-adventure-horror one; players who complain about something being too hard simply because they could not beat something after they had previously gotten used to being comfortable beating everything on the whim and praising and demanding positivity, seem to be doing so because apparently there's not enough of that here already. I may be a hypocrite here, in that I have probably done this myself at some point, and I now realise that it was my will at the time to simply gain a "professional" player status quicker rather than being guided and experiencing the game itself, which is what at first I had going for me, and what I am willing to believe got most people hooked into the game in the first place. Exploits don't make a game good, it destroys the experience, we all know it, but many of us are compelled by it, because for some reason, it is to some level ingrained into us that being an elite 1000 day mega-base player is somehow getting yourself immersed with a well-crafted gaming experience. Trust me, it is not. People argue "it's difficult to implement a system that works well for the game" and while that is indeed true... how is that a detriment for the developers to put more effort into work with the game's design? They develop the game, sell it to us, and we are supposed to expect the most basic and thought-less mechanics that could be in the game? Why? Klei are not inept. And $15+ dollars for rusty, buggy, unfinished fart doesn't seem like you're getting what you're paying for. My point is, the fan base seemed to demand a lot of content that went to the detriment of the games, while just mentioning here and there how something could have been better, and Klei gave in. Now they're relying on skins and more skins through a grind-fasted event which, while great to play for a while and is much more seamless and rounded up than the base DST experience and the whole lot of DS, I've noticed that, is ultimately there just for reaping in more cash from the game because they can and not much more. I don't know how well Klei are doing, nobody can, but trying to justify the slow but steady creep into what larger game companies have now indulged themselves into real fast through the idea that the company's not getting enough cash to support the game is sickeningly manipulative. Really, why should we continue to support the game, if at the end of the day you'll just end up with more farted out content and a bunch of skins than an actually improved experience to the game? Just so it can all be swallowed up, whoop whoop the hype train for whatever else is going to come out and be left unfinished and with half-baked and re-skinned content. I mean, The Forge is going away soon, and that's a moba experience, not a survival-adventure one as the game was and is still advertised as. And what we got from that was, well, basically another boss fight, just an exclusive one. Seriously, what is with the developers and the countless boss-fight introductions? It's just one boss fight after another, have you really ran out of good ideas for this whole thing, do you not want to put in the effort or could it be... both? You can call me negative as much as you want, but that's not going to put the games into a position where they are well-crafted experiences. I think it's at least good for one person to speak out about this rather than there being complete dead silence to keep the squeaking of he wheel of the blatantly obvious cranky ride that is Don't Starve franchise from squeaking too much. The way I see it, it's a perpetual cycle of supply-and-demand between Klei and the fandom, rather than well-designed experiences by the developers to be experienced and critically reviewed.