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  1. Creeps in the Deeps

    Need to chill down in the summer? Wanna do some snorkeling? Fancy some fresh fish for dinner? 
    The mod “Creeps in the Deeps” introduces another level to the current world of DS: the Underwater! With new craftables, items and life down in the ocean, there will plenty to explore for the brave souls. Players will have to gear up and venture down into the deeps to discover the treasures hidden below. But beware... you might run out of breath on the way down!
    In order to access the deeps, you will have to look for the custom underwater entrance found somewhere in the map. Once mined, the fissure will stay open indefinitely giving you the ability to access the deeps anytime! 

    This mod is compatible with DS and RoG only. We're actively working to make this mod compatible with SW and then potentially port it to DST once the content has been completed ! 
    IMPORTANT: It is highly suggested to play this mod with Mem Spike Fix (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=964299886) enabled to decrease lag issues !!! 

    We're always happy to have someone new working with us but at the moment this is the team:
    Coding: @Mobbstar, @chromiumboy, @Lampofulmine (founder)
    Art: @mrpoke20xx, @spiderdian, @Dudedude. @QuickShot010
    Strings: @ImDaMisterL, @Chris1488(and testing)
    Testers: @Mr.P, @Michi01, @AnonymousKoala
    Special thanks to the amazing number of collaborators that helped the development of this mod: AmaLee, Veenchesta, KidneyBeanBoy, MilleniumCount, Hast, Keeper, Electroely, Przemolsz, Jules, osmRhodey, Minespatch

    FIND US...
    Don’t forget to visit the discord channel at: https://discord.gg/6252ZYX
    and the mod collaboration in the Klei forums at: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/forum/144-mod-collaboration-creeps-in-the-deeps/
    You can also find the Steam group here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/creepsinthedeeps
    You can also download the Steam Version here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1087939370



  2. BUG?

    Please Help Me!!



  3. Star Butterfly (DST)

    This is indeed for Dont starve together, but it is just a simple port over, so nothing new but now compatible for DST
    As you all know i am picky when it comes to making a mod, so generally they are good quality and with star butterfly this is no exception I plan to make star as best as i can that includes art wise soon i will make a custom build and animation assets towards this mod but for now just the basics
    health: 200
    hunger: 115
    sanity: 90
    The todo list
    Add - mewberty form
    Add - Star's Wand
    Add - Spellbook
    Create - Custom animation and build assets