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Found 65 results

  1. Sponsored by Hydra Facilities - "Hail Hydra" Duplicant Penitentiary - The prison of your dreams I'm so sorry for the quality How it Works Perhaps someone with more time can elaborate in detail. From what I have observed, duplicants reset their breath meter with a minimum amount of oxygen. The amount they recover is more than they consume. Pretty simple. The only post I could find that mentions anything like it is this one. It seems like it would be common knowledge by now, but I could be wrong. I am not sure if this works without the oxyfern, but I am willing to bet so. The oxyfern's only purpose is to be a companion plant for our dupe. Fix in post (this post) First, I'd like to say is the sh****est free online video editor. Obviously there are things wrong with how I tested this. On top of that, I could think of a million ways to improve airflow. The suffocation notification system I was trying to set up did not work for me, but another more efficient idea would be to just use a water trap. I might revisit that idea unless someone like @Samson.ONI wants to take over instead. I forgot to put in that you get 4.67kg of Water per Dupe*Cycle. That number is not accurate, it should be more. I'm pretty sure if I put this on youtube, I will get copyright strikes. I had a lot of fun making this, please enjoy. Banhi was a struggling prison warden trying to make it through life...she will be missed. The prisoner...not so much. Duplicant Penitentiary.sav
  2. I just lost a colony due to starvation while my dupes let food rot. I'd like to know which settings will prevent this. The situation was with 8 dupes, 8.5kcal of food, and the "Food Shortage" alert. In order to wait until my first harvest, I slaughtered 3 hatches, made bbq, and also made 3 omelettes. I now had 24kcal of food left. I also queued up some harvest of buried muckroot. Some days later, 1 bbq goes rotten. I look in the ration box, and I see 3.6kg of omelettes at 1%. The dupes never ate them, they prioritized digging up and eating muckroot, which doesn't go bad. Food allowances were set to everyone can eat everything since this was day 22. Am I really supposed to micromanage food so that dupes will eat the food that's about to spoil? (How does one even do that?) Do I count out how many calories of omelettes I have, then disallow everything but omelettes to that many dupes, to force them to eat it? I've had spoiled food due to odd food permissions in the past, but only when I have too much food, never too little.
  3. There are useful sources for the resources needed for the various food types in the game, but nothing relating to the labor costs of them. So I made my own spreadsheet trying to roughly estimate how much each food source costs in dupe labor to feed your colony. This is only looking at foods that are made exclusively with crops. Also not including pickled meal, since it doesn't change the Kcal of the meal lice, just gives it a longer shelf life. Firstly, for those who don't know it takes 10 seconds for a skill 0 dupe to harvest a plant and 45 seconds for a skill 0 dupe to cook a meal. Extra time has been added to each of these to try and account for travel times for the jobs. Second, while each increase in agriculture and cooking skill gives a work speed increase of 5%, which means at skill 20 it takes them half the time to finish the job, the information here assumes that all jobs are done with skill 0 dupes. That said, it is worth noting that no dupe will ever be able to cook on a grill or oven without at least +2 cooking skill and over time everything will get more efficient as your dupes gain athletics skill. Plants that require fertilization will have a dupe come by every 3 cycles to deliver 3 cycles worth of fertilization to the plant. It only takes the dupe a couple seconds to pick up and drop off the fertilization, but usually there's some travel time involved and dupes will pick up enough to fertilize several plants at once so it's estimated to have an average time of 7 seconds per fertilization. We will also be assuming that any plant that requires irrigation will be inside a hydroponics farm, so it doesn't have to be fertilized twice. The longer it takes between harvests, the less labor dupes need to spend on harvesting the plants and moving the crop to and from storage or the kitchen. The total labor time is the sum of the time it takes to harvest the plant, fertilize the plants, and cook the plants, calculated in seconds / 1000 Kcals. Spreadsheet with data: The clear winner right away is raw bristle berry. That's because it's the only item here that requires no fertilization. Once it's in hydroponics, the only thing dupes need to do is harvest it. Lettuce also does surprisingly well, considering on the surface it looks like it would be a very demanding crop. However waterweed actually consumes very little water and bleach stone for its Kcal, the only real downsides being a short shelf life and taking up a lot of storage space. Berry sludge is the only cooked food that actually beats out a raw food for labor costs, which is mushrooms (also the most expensive raw food to grow in labor costs). Otherwise cooking food always costs more labor than not cooking, though it also almost always costs less resources to use cooked food instead of raw food and always gives better morale.
  4. So title pretty much sums it up, open for debate, but I have been playing around with hatches, and find the green dudes pretty underwhelming. Supposedly, every hatch has its place, and green ones are supposed to be the source of food/eggs. Wiki even states they're a reliable source of eggs and meat, but ingame, their reproductive cycle is exactly the same as the much more useful Stone or Smooth hatches, the former eat a crapton of overly abundant rock, and the later yield effortless refining of metal, while also contributing eggs and sometimes meat to the mix. So are the green fellas just a failed mutation in the evolutive process? Everything they eat is better used elsewhere, and they don't give eggs often enough to justify the effort of ranching them.
  5. IMPORTANT: The code should work in both DS and DST, but it was primarily written for DST, so I will leave a disclaimer here saying it might not be 100% the same code that is needed for DS. Please tell me of any problems you run into with these code snippets. How To Use The Examples Below IMPORTANT: The code snippets in the sections below all alter either a character or a food. Look for the parenthesis in the titles for the code snippets to see which type of entity each code snippet is for, and then consult the application methods in this section to apply them to the entities you want (or in some other way, if you know what you're doing). Applying Changes Specific To Your Own Food Item Mod Put the code snippet in the prefab Lua code for your food, at the bottom of the fn function, after adding the edible component to it. Applying Changes To A Specific Food Entity Put this code in your modmain.lua, and put the code snippet you want where the comment says to put it: -- Replace FOOD_PREFAB_NAME with the name of the food prefab you want to change. AddPrefabPostInit("FOOD_PREFAB_NAME", function(inst) -- Put the code snippet here. end) Applying THE SAME Values To Several Food Entities Put this code in your modmain.lua, and put the code snippet you want where the comment says to put it, and fill in the list of affected food prefabs: local affected_foods = { "monstermeat", "corn" } for i, v in ipairs(affected_foods) do AddPrefabPostInit(v, function(inst) -- Put the code snippet here. end) end Applying DIFFERENT Values To Several Food Entities Put this code in your modmain.lua, and change the values in the food_stat_dict. NOTE that this approach needs none of the code snippets below. Just change the values in food_stat_dict. -- food_stat_dict is a dictionary with food prefab names as keys and stat-dictionaries as values. -- The stat-dictionaries have stat-names as keys and the effect on each stat as values. -- If you want a stat not to be affected, you can just omit it from the stat-dictionary. local food_stat_dict = { twigs = { sanity = 10 }, monsterlasagna = { health = 25, sanity = -10, hunger = -10 }, fishsticks = { health = 20, sanity = 20, hunger = 20 }, } for food_prefab, food_stats in pairs(food_stat_dict) do AddPrefabPostInit(food_prefab, function(inst) inst.components.edible.healthvalue = food_stats["health"] or 0 inst.components.edible.hungervalue = food_stats["hunger"] or 0 inst.components.edible.sanityvalue = food_stats["sanity"] or 0 end) end Applying Changes Specific To Your Own Character Mod Put the code snippet in the prefab Lua code for your character, at the bottom of the master_postinit function. Applying Changes To One Particular Character That Is Not Your Own Character Mod Put the code snippet in the prefab Lua code for your character, at the bottom of the master_postinit function. -- Replace CHARACTER_PREFAB_NAME with the name of the character prefab you want to change. AddPrefabPostInit("CHARACTER_PREFAB_NAME", function(inst) -- Put the code snippet here. end) Applying Changes To Several Characters Put the code snippet in the prefab Lua code for your character, at the bottom of the master_postinit function. local affected_characters = { "wilson", "webber" } for i, v in ipairs(affected_characters) do AddPrefabPostInit(v, function(inst) -- Put the code snippet here. end) end Applying Changes To All Characters Put this code in your modmain.lua, and put the code snippet you want where the comment says to put it: AddPlayerPostInit(function(inst) -- Put the code snippet here. end) Making Certain Foods Inedible (CHARACTER) You can extend the Eater:CanEat function of the eater component on your character (or entity), and return false early if it has a certain tag or foodtype, or if it is a specific food. Making All Foods With A Tag Or Specific Foodtype Inedible To make all foods with a certain tag or food type inedible for a character, use this code snippet. You can replace "mushroom" with the tag you want to make inedible or remove the tag check, just like you can replace "VEGGIES" with whatever foodtype you want to exclude or remove the foodtype check. You can add as many of both kinds of checks as you'd like. Now, not all food items have an appropriate tag or foodtype to single them out. In the example above, not all mushroom items have the "mushroom" tag, so if you want to make your character unable to eat more foods incl. all the mushrooms, you can always make a list of inedible food items and keep them from being eaten using similar code. Making Specific Foods Inedible Removing ONLY Negative Stat Effects From Certain Foods (CHARACTER) There are a few ways to go about this. Lets start with the least specific one, since it is the easiest to implement. There is a special function in the eater component called DoFoodEffects, which checks whether to apply any negative effect on sanity or health (so not negative hunger effects) from eating certain food items. If we take a cooked green mushroom cap as an example, it adds health but removes some sanity. We can make that negative sanity not be added at all, while still keeping the positive health effect. To be clear, this code removes all negative sanity and health effects from the foods in the "protected_foods" list, while still allowing any positive sanity and health effects that the food applies. Changing Food Values (CHARACTER) I only recently thought of this "new" solution to this problem. In the past, I have said that you can only "change" food values for your character by manually applying the altered effects AFTER the original food values have been applied by the game. This was because the "oneat" event is called on the character AFTER the original effects have already been added, and I did not see a way to affect this before that happened. But I completely missed this "new" way of changing the food values BEFORE the original food values are applied, so sorry to those people I have given more difficult solutions in the past. Again, we alter a function on the entity, but his time it's the Eat function on the eater component. We intercept the eater as they are eating the food, see if we have a set of special stats we would like this food to have for our character, and if we do, we change the food to have these stats, then eat it, and then revert the food stats back to normal immediately afterwards. Note that the values you enter REPLACE the value given by the food, so they are not an ADDITION. The values you enter, are the values your character will be given from eating that food. Changing Food Values Based On Foodtype (CHARACTER) In the code-snippet below, you will find an example which removes the positive sanity- and health-effects of all foods with the foodtype "VEGGIES", while still allowing negative effects of the foods to be applied. Again, we alter the Eat function on the eater component. We intercept the eater as they are eating the food, see if we have a set of special stats we would like this food to have for our character, and if we do, we change the food to have these stats, then eat it, and then revert the food stats back to normal immediately afterwards. Note that the values you enter REPLACE the value given by the food, so they are not an ADDITION. The values you enter, are the values your character will be given from eating that food. Changing Food Values (FOOD) Changing the stats given by a particular food to all entities eating it is pretty straight-forward. You can set the values to whatever you want. NOTE that if you use this code-snippet to change several foods by using the Applying THE SAME Values To Several Food Entities approach at the top of this post, all the foods in your list will get the same values, which is usually not what you want. See the Applying DIFFERENT Values To Several Food Entities approach above for how to set different food values for many foods at once. I hope this helps some people
  6. There seems to be a 'default' prioritization where dupes will eat the worst food first and leave morale-boosting food sitting in the larder indefinitely. I would prefer if I was able to tell my dupes to consume the 'good' food in the colony and keep the 'un-tasty' food for emergencies. Also, when dupes eat from 'left to right,' they can consume the ingredients to make the good food even if the finished product is available (unless you forbid everything except the final product). And when there's an increase in kcals from preparing food (like turning meat into barbeque) this eating style decreases total calories available to the colony. I think things would run smoother if dupes would prefer to eat 'the good' stuff first, while still being able to consume 'back-up rations' if it's unavailable. In my current colony, I've planted just enough mealwood to sustain everyone if there's nothing else available. It's an 'emergency supply' of low-cost low-quality food to keep people alive. My colony has 30 Mcal available of real food, but it's still in 'starvation mode' because my dupes insist on eating every last bit of meal lice and nothing else! They're even going to bed hungry, but I think the commutes might also be a factor in that. They might be going to the bathroom first and not having enough time to eat. For now I think I'm just going to have to forbid some dupes from eating any meal lice so that they will actually eat my 30 Mcal stockpile of real food. But if that ever runs out, my dependable old mealwood will be unavailable.
  7. So I'm at a point where I am no longer reliant on Mealwood and disassembled my Microbe Musher. I have an Electric Grill and will later have a Gas Range for food preparations, yet the colony-wide notice is suggesting that I don't have a food source: It looks like the notice is essentially "colony lacks a Microbe Musher", which isn't especially helpful. My recommendation is to change the requirements for this notice from looking for Microbe Musher specifically to looking for any actual food source, which includes farm plots even with no machines to turn the ingredients into prepared meals.
  8. Hello, I have a mod which creates additional food items, however if I try to add spices to them using Warly's station, I end up with spiced wet goop. I have looked at spicedfoods.lua and I cant see any reason for this, but admittedly my Lua knowledge is limited. I had thought maybe adding GenerateSpicedFoods(require("mod_foods")) -- Insert modded_foods into food spicer local function ModDSTSpicer(inst) GenerateSpicedFoods(require("mod_foods")) end AddPrefabPostInit("spicedfoods", ModDSTSpicer) However, this didn't result in any change, either because it doesn't matter, or perhaps is coded wrong. I am at a bit of a loss. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you.
  9. Klei should add the Steamed Ham Sandwich to Don't Starve Together, the meme is too great. Reasons: 1. It needs foliage as one of the recipes to make it, right now foliage in the game doesn't have that much uses, you can make a potted ferns and eat them, i feel like adding them to recipes would make them more useful. 2. Asparagus is already in the game from the new Warly update and that originates from Hamlet. 3. Two Hamlet food items made it to Don't Starve Together as well, the Vegetable Stinger and the Asparagus soup, so why not add a third Hamlet food item? 4. The recipe is all vanilla items, no fancy Hamlet items required to make it.(recipe at the bottom) 5. It is a great hunger and health item, only healing 40hp and filling 37.5 hunger and 15 sanity. 6. Ferns are not easily renewable until late game, the only way to get more is via the Forest stalker and tumbleweeds. So it balances the recipe out even more. 7. It's based off of the Steamed Hams Simpsons meme, just like the potato cup trinket was a meme and so Klei decided to add it in the game as a trinket. In Dst we LOVE our memes, it makes the game even more fun that way. Thats it with my reasons which is quite a few, I also made a poll in general discussion about this topic so make sure to vote there for even higher chance, it's going strong so far! So at the bottom is pictures from the Don't Starve Hamlet Wiki of the Food stats and recipe requirements, the info may be inaccurate since the wiki can be changed. "they're obviously grilled" -Maxwell
  10. Forest starts while having similar amounts of food don`t have the same variety as old staring biome starts. Mainly they lack the bristle berry. Berries are used in 3 food recipies and often are your natural next step in food quality. Those recipies are also important for shinebug breeding, especially the sun bug that is more important now that it`s egg is an ingredient for medicine. On Arboria for example you will get just 1 recipie when you build an electric grill (pickled mealwood). Another could be fried mush, omellete and bbq. But you aren`t getting either gristle berries nor dusk caps and not even pacus so the grill is largely pointless at leas before sleet wheat. IMO bristle berries should be either introduced to the forest biome (it has shinebugs already) or have buried seeds. Alternatively introduce a new mushroom plant for the forest that grows slower than dusk caps and maybe uses polluted dirt as fertilizer (might even produce extra food poisoning on harvesting).
  11. The cheese is loot dropped by any mini-boss (Spider Queen) or above when the fight were "cheesed". The game monitors and detects how the boss were defeated, and when cheesed, will satire the player with a drop of cheese curd. You can then refine these cheese curds (maybe 10 of them; like Hail in DS SW) to get one Cheese that can be used as a crockpot recipe as a diary product. However, as Cheese, it can easily turn bad thus 90% of the crockpot recipes will turn out to be Wet Goop when Cheese is used as an ultimate punishment and satire to the cheesers.
  12. I think food preservation as it is is pretty dull. There's several different ways but it will completely negate food spoilage by just having one of them, making it really easy to stockpile food forever. Lets rethink food spoilage a bit Currently there's Sterile atmosphere and Refridgerated. Having one of these will reduce it by 100%. Usually every person who knows what they're doing will make a little pit of CO2 and put the ration boxes in there, now you have perfect food preservation. It outshines actually using a fridge or using thermoregulators to chill an area down. I think sterile atmosphere and refridgerated should each respectively reduce food spoilage by 50%, having both of them will grant completely stopped food spoilage, making that in order to truly refrigerate something you need to both cool and have a sterile gas pit. This does that larger fridgeration places are actually a bigger commitment for larger colonies. I think germs should also slightly increase food spoilage. If a Slimelung, food poisoning or zombiespore is on a piece of food, it will add 10% staleness a cycle, as they are bacteria afterall. So even if you have perfect preservation it may still spoil if it gets germs on it, but most bacteria dies in refrigerated temps anyways. Now lets talk about one of the preservated foods: Pickled Meal. Pickled Meal at the moment is rather pointless as it still spoils, it just takes longer to do so. It should never spoil, just like berry sludge, but it should also have a new bonus that it takes less space, as in, it weighs less and therefore fits more in Rationboxes/Fridges. This gives it an unique niche so you can store a lot in case you ever get into an emergency. Berry Sludge is also a preservated food but I believe it is fine as is. Thats all I had to say, it would make storing food a little harder while preservated foods like sludge and pickled meal stand out a little more until you get better refridgeration
  13. We all love our memes even in DST, but there's a sandwich only in Don't Starve single player. A sandwich so memey that why not add it to DST so everybody can have fun with it.
  14. I was thinking that maybe there should be a morale bonus for having a variety of foods to eat. I know I get a bit grumpy when I don't have some options on what I eat and, as it is now, there is no real reason not to mass-produce one type of food and call it good. If you have the duplicants try to eat different foods each day and give a morale bonus. For instance, if they eat two different foods in two days, they get a +1 morale. If they eat different types of foods each day for 4 days, they get +2, and if they eat different foods for 7 days, they hit the cap at +3. At that point, they would keep going until they run out of new food and will start again. The morale wouldn't reset at that point because it procs on the day it would be given. So, if you have a +3 morale from food, you would keep it until the dupe can't eat 7 different foods at which case it would drop to the morale bonus that it qualifies for. Let me know what you think.
  15. Custom Farming

    Version 1.2.0


    Grow vegetables and fruits without a farm! How to do it? Create a hoe; Till the ground; Fertilize the soil; Plant a seed! It is possible to grow vanilla plants too! Cook new vegetables in a crockpot. New recipes: Bread (4 wheat); Fruit muffin (fruit, egg, wheat, honey) Tomato soup (2 tomato, veggies, no meat); Onion soup (2 onion, veggies, no meat); Meat soup (2 garlic, 1 additional veggie, 1 meat); Fish soup (2 potato, 2 fish); Pumpkin soup (pumpkin, 1 honey, wheat, no meat) Fruit pie (2 wheat, fruits, no meat) Vegetable pie (2 wheat, veggies, no meat) Meat pie (2 wheat, meat) Fish pie (2 wheat, fish) Sweet turnip (2 turnip, 2 honey, no meat) How to get new seeds? It's pretty simple — new vegetables can be grown from usual seeds. Also you can get specific seeds using a birdcage. Don't like the new farming system? Disable the hoe recipe and grow new vegs on usual farms. Steam links: Together, Single
  16. Darh's Mods Pack

    Version 1.3


    This is my tweaked mods pack. credits for their authors. no mod is mine, just balance them, fix, add content.... This pack includes: Default's item pack [<domyślny>] Additional Equipment (fixed, compatible with servers with caves) [Silentine] icepack can be open at the same time as the backpack include bunnyback and houndback from Additional Equipment DS [Silentine] Aditional Item Package (Need Many more ores) [smith3 -- MagVI] include Golden Minecart [smith3 -- MagVI] The Maxwell's Revenge (Many functions disabled but you can edit this for enable) [Don] include Light Spear [Inspector Dave](reworked) fixed year of PigKing incompatibility Steampunk [star -- Hast] Asparagus and Chocolate and Coffee[Keidence -- yuli] [Hast -- Kuloslav][Mert the Türk] Deluxe Cooking Pot [Astro -- Jankiwen] Domestication Fixed [Darcrov] Many more ores(include many mods) Moar Metals [RoG] [DST] [Cr3ePMan -- Globalastick] Tungsten Mod [ outseeker (au) -- Marqson-- Mr. Gentleman --Zarklord] Shadow Tools [FelixTheJudge -- Neu7ral] Expanded Shadow Armory [FelixTheJudge] Lunar Tools [FelixTheJudge] Marble Combat [FelixTheJudge] Felix's Explosive Bomb Pack [FelixTheJudge] Special Saddles [Ryuu -- pinkmollies] 77_Downvest [The77sim3] Mace [Mico] Spiked Mace [Mico] Blood bag [Pirate Joe -- Delicius] Booty Pack [^-,...,-^] (can be open as chest or equiped as backpack) Eelight DST [Globalastick] Lovely Chest (Fireproof) [RiverSwim] Madman's Fighting Pack [star -- Madman666] More armor [noerK -- VaneshKi] More Gold Tools(DST) [JustJasper] Moving Box [Jelly -- Peanut Butter] Notebook [KaiserKatze] Monster Hambat [kasra9400] Battle Horn [Tykvesh] Dining Table [宵征] DST Gesture wheel [rezecib] DST Minimap HUD [squeek] DST Always on status [rezecib -- &nbsp;Kiopho] Extra Equip Slots Increase Storage [Luis95R] koalefant beefstification [imperialistic dog] Simple economy [AppleMomo] Super Wall (Need Many more ores, and icludes New Walls - Reeds, Hedge, Mud, Living and Bone) [DYC] [JustJasper] Your Skeleton Respawn [Беккит]
  17. Version 4.1


    Adds Many additional crock pot recipes. Batilisk wings are made cookable (they count as 1/2 monster meat) Seeds made cookable Cold meat dish included to cool Wigfrid during the summer Candied Bacon included to help Wigfrid with sanity - compatible with Display Food Values and Smarter Crock Pot mods - compatible with Beefalo Milk and Cheese mod (can used cooked Milk in any recipe that requires milk) Please leave feedback if you have any comments, errors, or suggestions Known issues Items don't appear properly in Warly's portable crock pot (will be fixed next update) Some recipes accidentally disabled in Shipwrecked (will be fixed next update) Expect New Changes Soon =-=-=-=- A version compatible with DST is on steam You can download it here - even without a steam account
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Allows you to cook Warly's special meals with any character. Seriously, there is no reason to lock them.
  19. Food Alternatives to Rabbit?

    this is what i have at the moment ? any ideas of improvments or suggestions?
  20. No More Food Rot

    If anyone's interested, I've updated the 'Winter update' food files so there's no rot. I also have instructions on how to get them into your Chrome install.
  21. Hey there, I am a huge fan of Don't Starve, really like the direction it is headed. I was noticing something though - my main method of restoring sanity aside from dapper hats is eating well-cooked foods. Once you get a recipe that works well for you - in my case monster meatballs - there is little reason to change. I was reading that this is one of the major ideas behind the winter update - forcing players to adapt to new situations - and in that vein I had a suggestion."AW, meatballs AGAIN!?" My suggestion is implementing a system of diminishing returns for food sanity if you don't eat a variety of foods - essentially making your character get sick of that particular food until eventually you get no sanity from eating it, maybe even eventually taking a sanity HIT as you force down another steaming pile meatballs, or kebabs, or WHATEVER. It may make the early parts of the game too difficult - I remember spending DAYS munching roasted berries before I really got the hang of the game - but hey that's what Don't Starve is all about am I right?
  22. I've been playing the Beta for a while now and this Winter update is the change I've been most excited for (bring on the difficulty!). I played through to my first winter and found it actually kind of dull, though. Don't get me wrong, preparing for winter was stressful and fun. It made the quite easy "early game" more challenging knowing I didn't just have to survive, I had to prepare, hoard, and plant. Then living through the first 7 or so days of winter and testing my preparations was fun too. But then... It became obvious I had hoarded/planted enough resources to sustain myself at a steady state through the winter. I could replace morsels by boomeranging birds and bunnies, get some berries every few days for filler, and chop enough wood nearby to stoke the fire. These "chores", however, only took about 1/4 of a day cycle. After that, I ended up just surfing the internet, with the game and volume on in the background so I could listen for hounds/eyeclops. This is no way to play a video game! Basically, winter adds much-needed difficulty to the game, but that difficulty is loaded onto summer days, with the actual experience of winter just being mostly tedium. I love the idea of cyclical seasons, but I don't think precisely one half summer and one half winter is appropriate. Even if you can choose long/short seasons when setting up a sandbox game, you're still getting half of your days as extremely long and full of activity (fun!) and half of your days sitting by a fire in the dark (tedious). It would be nice to have fall/spring, where day length is between summer and winter and freezing is a hazard only during dusk or night. Anyway, just my two cents. This game has already returned a great time/$ ratio for me, especially for a beta. I can't wait to see what you guys think of next!
  23. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 72968 Issue title Tallbirds won't stop chasing Steps to reproduce Stole the tallbird egg Ran away while tallbird chased me Night came Had to kill the tallbird Tallbird killed me Describe your issue I stole the tallbird egg and the tallbird started to chase me. It didn't stop chasing me and I had to try to kill it because the night came but it killed me I do think this is a bug because the tallbird didn't stop chasing me when I stole it's egg.
  24. Hey whats up guys. My name is AFROMATIC, I just got into Don't Starve a couple weeks ago and have been hooked since. I decided to start a Let's Play Series and I thought I would share it with the Community. Im new to the forums so let me know what ya think and I hope to talk to so you guys. PeaceEP #1 http-~~-//