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  1. This is a very random thread where I'm going to post pictures of food that I ate, feel free to post pictures of your own. I'll start off with a picture I took a yesterday evening.
  2. As of the Outbreak Upgrade, there are a number of problems caused by the new agriculture system with regards to the balancing of food, effectively establishing a "mealwood meta", in which players are pressured to and rewarded for growing mealwood, and only mealwood, for the entire game. This is undesirable in a game like ONI, because it means that an entire aspect of the game - agriculture and food - requires almost no player choice or any sort of "management". Let's look at why this is, and how it can be fixed. Reasons for the Mealwood Meta: (un)reliance on water: In ONI, water is a valuable and useful resource. While the amount of it is unlimited, The rate at which it enters the world is. Technically, a colony can increase its net gain of water through the steam purification of PW from NatGas gens, but this is a very expensive, extremely late-game method of supplementing one's supply of water. Currently, Mealwood is the only food source that requires no water to grow, barring Dusk Caps. Because of the value of water, it is a beneficial economic decision for the player to always take mealwood and mushrooms over wheat or berries. Food quality expectations are irrelevant: Because of the way stress is handled in ONI, virtually all stress change in ordinary gameplay occurs because of decor expectations. Like food, stress management has become a binary decision: "Do I have enough decor to satisfy stress levels? If not, build more". Because of this, food expectations mean almost nothing in terms of affecting duplicant stress. This means that there is no practical reason to move from meal lice to another form of food with higher quality (Dusk Caps for example). Resource requirements for other foods are too high: Simply put, there is no reason a player would want to grow sleet wheat when mealwood exists. Wheat and berries require an obscene amount of water to grow for their outputs. Wheat especially has a rather illogical requirement; it needs liquid water irrigation despite also requiring a sub-zero growing environment. Fertilization requirements for non-mealwood plants are also oddly specific and differ greatly from one another. Mushrooms require slime (creates a rather interesting management decision - how are you going to handle disease if you choose to grow mushrooms?) and peppers require phosphorite (this gives a use for the mineral, which is good). The problem is that only wheat requires "fertilizer" as fertilizer, and because wheat is a poor economic choice to grow, this makes fertilizer nearly useless. For a material so seemingly important to agriculture, it really has no uses in ONI. Proposed Solutions: Replace the water requirement of Sleet Wheat with a polluted water requirement, and increase the yield from 25 to 50. As a counterbalance, tighten the temperature range necessary for growth. This change would make Sleet Wheat a viable endgame option for both low and high quality food, but requiring advanced temperature infrastructure to make sure the plants are properly growing. By replacing the water requirement with PW, we make it possible to chill the water to an ideal temperature for irrigation without freezing it (as PW has a lower freezing temperature). It will also give players another option for reducing the quantity of PW in their world without spamming fertilizer makers. Berries should have their water requirements halved, with a counterbalance of required fertilization (using basic fertilizer). This will increase the utility of fertilizer and increase the ability to feed larger populations using irrigated berries (since the g/s of water needed is less) Increase the severity of stress gain from eating low-quality food, and have this effect scale with expectation (for example, a dupe with 0 quality expectation eating meal lice will gain significantly more stress than one eating a frost bun). To counterbalance this, foods that meet or exceed expectation will significantly impact stress change as well, also scaling with quality (finally, stuffed berries might be useful!). The main drawback of growing mealwood, as of OU, is that it takes up a lot of space (~4 plants to feed one dupe) and has a low food quality. Only the quality really matters, though, as any player can just expand their farm after obtaining wheezeworts (to cool surrounding biomes into growth range). What do you think of my proposed solutions?
  3. I'm imagining a 1x1 wall mounted mini fridge with a watt per kilogram electric ratio of 1.2. And a max capacity of 50kg. Maybe even 40, for the novelty. So, 50kg, 60 watts, 1x1... place it anywhere (like a gas pump). Placement would include....near the medbed or locations where I need a small local cooling effect ( as has been seen with the latest iteration of fridges - don't know if that's a bug or a feature ).
  4. The power and stress threshold changes have made managing the base much simpler than it was before, and I think making food could benefit from a similar system. Often I have my dupes constantly creating food just because I'm worried about it dipping too low without me realizing. It would be nice if there were a system to have dupes start cooking/producing food when it goes below a certain threshold. I think it would be best to measure the threshold in cycles worth of food instead of calories as well. Saves some unnecessary math. As an example, have it set so they will begin producing mush bars when the colony is below 3 cycles worth of food and have them stop when there is enough to last 5 cycles. If anyone has reasons why this should not be added, feel free to correct me.
  5. Updated 19/05/2017, valid for the latest build. TL;DR: Liceloaf at the beginning, mass produce Frost bun then Pepper Bread later. Calories. The fuel that makes your Duplicants work. Measured in kilo calories (kcal), each Duplicant stores 4000 kcal, burns 1000 kcal per Cycle and eats when his Fullness falls to 50% You can check this in Vitals tab. This resource aims to provide a list of where and how you can get some, the most accurate it can be at the time of an update. Consumables The Agricultural Update introduced a lot of new foods items, Quality expectations and the Consumables tab. Each food item has a set quality, presented both as a word and a number, ranging from Grisly (-3) to Great (+2). As the duplicants level up, their food expectation grows, similar to decor. Eating food of lower quality then expected rises stress. Consumable tab allows you to set permissions as to who can eat what food and prohibit certain consummations entirely. Even allows to define default permission set for new duplicants. Beginning The game will provide you 20 000 kcal in Field rations (Grisly (-3), enjoy the tasty chalk) at start. This means you have at least 6 cycles of food for your whole starting crew to find more. Hunting Meat is the name of the game and there... is not much of it. Currently only a Hatch will drop 2 units upon a death. One unit weights 1 kg and is worth 1000 kcal with Terrible (-2) quality. Can be turned to BBQ in cooking station. Unused assets suggest a reproducing Pacu fish and automatic fishing station. Gathering You can live of the land... ehm asteroid and it is a good boost at the beginning, but plants in natural soil grow much slower than their planted counterparts and are easily affected by the temperature of surrounding biomes. Wild growing plants can't be provided with fertilizer or irrigation. If a seed is left on a natural tile, it will plant itself after several cycles. Muckroot A single harvest plant you can find in your starting biome or as a buried object. It produces a single fruit worth of 1 000 kcal - Grisly (-3). Since Thermal Update a Hatch no longer drops Muckroot from eating Abyssalite. Farming Bring out the straw hat and a banjo, it's time to set up fields. Or pots to be precise. Farming pots should be one of your first research and are constructed from either Dirt or Clay. Farther down you can research Farming and Hydroponic tile, that serve as a floor and can provide the plant with fertilizer and irrigation. Careful about the temperature of the material, too hot and in can be while before it cools down and can stifle surrounding plants in between. ╔═════════════════╦═══════╦════════════╦════════════╗ ║ Building ║ Plant ║ Fertilizer ║ Irrigation ║ ╠═════════════════╬═══════╬════════════╬════════════╣ ║ Planter Box ║ X ║ ║ ║ ╠═════════════════╬═══════╬════════════╬════════════╣ ║ Farm Tile ║ X ║ X ║ ║ ╠═════════════════╬═══════╬════════════╬════════════╣ ║ Hydroponic Farm ║ X ║ X ║ X ║ ╚═════════════════╩═══════╩════════════╩════════════╝ Speaking of heat, different plants thrive in different temperatures and going out of their comfort zone will stifle them. Their growth is stopped but otherwise they are fine. Going too much farther will outright kill them, revert to a seed and sometimes get your Duplicants into an infinite cycle where they will put a new seed in for it to be dropped out immediately and ask for new seed. If troubled by heat, you should thing about setting your farm in an insulated area and perhaps even a cooling system. Or heating in case of a Pincha Peppernut. Agricultural Update also introduced an autoharvest of plants so you don't have to constantly check your farm. Seeds to start your farm are found either as buried objects in soil, by digging up the whole plant in nature or by getting better yields. Seeds do remember the amount of remaining harvests, so cheesing by digging up a plant with 1 harvest left is pointless. Farming mechanics and terms: Growth progress: Ranges 0 to 100%, indicates how old the plant is. Upon reaching 100 with last harvest, the plant dies. Harvest rating: Ranges 0.0 to 100.0, consolidation of plant affecting effects, determines a tier of harvest. It is additive over the whole Lifecycle Effect: There are 4 effects affecting a plant growth - air pressure, temperature, fertilization and irrigation. Having a Standard pressure and temperature allows for growth. Having some of it Ideal raises harvest rating. Fertilization and irrigation with correct substance always does. Harvest tier: Based on Harvest rating can be Standard (0-39.9), Good (40-79.9) or Excellent (80+). Higher tiers provide more food items and/or seeds. ╔═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╦═════════════╦═══════════════════════════════════╗ ║ ║ ║ Harvest ║ ╠════════════════════╦══════════╦═══════════════╦═════════════╦══════════════╦════════════════╦═══════════════════╬═════════════╬══════════╦═══════════╦════════════╣ ║ Plant ║ Harvests ║ Lifecycle (1) ║ Temperature ║ Ideal Temp. ║ Irrigation (2) ║ Fertilization (3) ║ kcal / unit ║ Standard ║ Good ║ Excelent ║ ╠════════════════════╬══════════╬═══════════════╬═════════════╬══════════════╬════════════════╬═══════════════════╬═════════════╬══════════╬═══════════╬════════════╣ ║ Mealwood ║ 3 ║ 5 / 2.5 ║ 10-30°C ║ 18-22 °C ║ 40 kg PW ║ 2 kg F ║ 100 ║ 8 ║ 16 ║ 16+2 seeds ║ ╠════════════════════╬══════════╬═══════════════╬═════════════╬══════════════╬════════════════╬═══════════════════╬═════════════╬══════════╬═══════════╬════════════╣ ║ Bristle Blossom ║ 5 ║ 10 / 2 ║ -23-23°C ║ -3-3 °C ║ 20 kg W ║ 4 kg F ║ 1600 ║ 1 ║ 1+seed(6) ║1+2 seeds(6)║ ╠════════════════════╬══════════╬═══════════════╬═════════════╬══════════════╬════════════════╬═══════════════════╬═════════════╬══════════╬═══════════╬════════════╣ ║ Sleet Wheet ║ 1 ║ 20 ║ -55-5 °C ║ -40 - -35 °C ║ 20 kg W ║ 4 kg F ║ (4) ║ 25 ║ 50 ║ 75 ║ ╠════════════════════╬══════════╬═══════════════╬═════════════╬══════════════╬════════════════╬═══════════════════╬═════════════╬══════════╬═══════════╬════════════╣ ║ Pincha Pepperplant ║ 3 ║ 25 / 20 ║ 35-85 °C ║ 55-60 °C ║ 35 kg PW ║ 1 kg P ║ (5) ║ 4 ║ 4+2 seeds ║ 8+2 seeds ║ ╚════════════════════╩══════════╩═══════════════╩═════════════╩══════════════╩════════════════╩═══════════════════╩═════════════╩══════════╩═══════════╩════════════╝ For all plants, Standard air pressure is 150+ grams and Ideal 750+ grams. (1) First number indicates number of cycles to the first harvest, second regrowth time to subsequent harvest (2) Irrigation per cycle, PW - Polluted Water, W - Water (3) Fertilization per cycle, F - Fertilizer, P - Phosphorus (4) Sleet Wheat produces only seeds. These can be made into a food in cooking station. (5) Nuts from PP are not edible alone, rather used as a spice in several recipes (6) BB provides seeds on last harvest only Mealwood A sturdy plant/animal that thrives in wide temperature range 10.0 °C - 30.0 °C. Produces Meal Lice, each providing 100 kcal and can be farther cooked. Worst case scenario 240 kcal/cycle and best 480 kcal/cycle, Grisly (-3) quality. It is a decent starting choice but rather than consuming it directly, I would advice further refining it in Microbe Musher. Requires 4.2 to 2.1 plants to feed a duplicant, depending on the harvest rating. Bristle Blossom After some patches the, pardon the pun, "Brittle Blossom" went from a rather finicky fruit plant, that lived only in temperature range 12.5 °C - 22.5 °C and ridiculous fertilizer needs to a staple of a farm with a temperature range -23 °C - 23 °C and fulfilling fruit. Produces Bristle Berries worth of 1 600 kcal, Poor (-1) quality. Harvest rating affects only seed, so it provides a stable 444.5 kcal/cycle. 2.3 plants will feed a single duplicant. Sleet Wheet A cold loving plant, that does not produces something edible directly, rather a lot of seeds that can be converted to food. In nature it grows in cold biomes, in a temperature range -55 °C - 5 °C. Provides a single harvest of 25/50/75 grain depending on your rating. Because the Grain is both edible and a Seed, it can be store in both compactors and food storage and it can rot. Be mindful where you keep it. Given the amount of seed available, it is, in my opinion, not necessary to plant them in better than basic planters, rather just substitute quality with quantity. It will grow and won't increase delivery jobs by fertilizing. In that scenario, and converting to Frost bun (3 grains per 1), you need 2.5 plants per duplicant. 1 leftover grain to replant included. Pincha Pepperplant Pincha Pepperplant (aka PP) is a hanging, nut producing plant, that serve as a spice rather than food. It is used in various quantities in the best foods currently available. In nature, it is found in purple biomes and with it's long lifecycle it can be worth it to check, how long till next harvest, before digging it up. This is also a reason, why I recommend bot fertilization and irrigation, to maximize your yield. It has to be planted downwards (rotate planter by O) and it's the only plant fertilized by Phosphorus. One plant can produce 0.2 nut/cycle on Standard and Good harvest or 0.4 nut/cycle on Excellent. Note: If you don't want to harvest plants manually, a grown up plant will drop the fruit and restart it's cycle itself after a time. It seems to vary during it's lifespan but worst case is 2 cycles before entering "old" stage and another 2 cycles to drop the fruit. This significantly rises the plant/Duplicant ratio. Fertilized plants continue to consume fertilizer and water in the old or stifled stage. Cooking It's a barbie time! Run microbes or lice through a press, flip them on a grill and serve with a cold Bristle Blossom juice. Ah to live the life of a Duplicant. Microbe Musher Your basic tool for making food out of nothing. Or rather lots of something, water to be precise. Currently has 2 recipes: Mush bar - 1000 kcal made out of 75 kg of Dirt and Water each, carries a risk of Diarrhea, Grisly (-3) Liceloaf - 1000 kcal made out of 5 Meal lice (500 kcal) and 50 kg of Water, Terrible (-2) With the addition of Geysers and fixes to water loss, cooking is a viable choice. Mush bar is a good fallback option should you take your time with farming or faced a catastrophe. Liceloaf effectively doubles a yield of a single Mealwood plant and increases the food quallity by 1. With enough water I encourage you to use this recipe. If any Lice is still moving, just hit it over the edge of the table or something. Oh? You were not provided with a mess table? Well use your imagination, you are sitting on something, right? Cooking Station An advanced station with many recipes, this is where you produce food for you increasingly demanding duplicants. ╔═══════════════╦══════╦═══════════════╦═════════════════════════╦═════════════════════════════╗ ║ Food ║ Kcal ║ Quality ║ Ingredients ║ Special ║ ╠═══════════════╬══════╬═══════════════╬═════════════════════════╬═════════════════════════════╣ ║ Pickled Meal ║ 100 ║ Grisly (-3) ║ 3x Meal Lice (300) ║ Rots very slowly ║ ╠═══════════════╬══════╬═══════════════╬═════════════════════════╬═════════════════════════════╣ ║ Mush Fry ║ 1000 ║ Terrible (-2) ║ 2x Mush Bar (2000) ║ Removes a risk of Diarrhea ║ ╠═══════════════╬══════╬═══════════════╬═════════════════════════╬═════════════════════════════╣ ║ Frost Bun ║ 1000 ║ Poor (-1) ║ 3x Sleet Wheet Grain ║ ║ ╠═══════════════╬══════╬═══════════════╬═════════════════════════╬═════════════════════════════╣ ║ Gristle Berry ║ 1000 ║ Standard (0) ║ 1x Bristle Berry (1600) ║ ║ ╠═══════════════╬══════╬═══════════════╬═════════════════════════╬═════════════════════════════╣ ║ Pepper Bread ║ 1000 ║ Good (+1) ║ 5x Sleet Wheet Grain ║ ║ ║ ║ ║ ║ 1x Pincha Peppernut ║ ║ ╠═══════════════╬══════╬═══════════════╬═════════════════════════╬═════════════════════════════╣ ║ BBQ ║ 1000 ║ Good(+1) ║ 1x Meat (1000) ║ Soul Food ║ ║ ║ ║ ║ 1x Pincha Peppernut ║ (-2 Athletics, -15% stress) ║ ╠═══════════════╬══════╬═══════════════╬═════════════════════════╬═════════════════════════════╣ ║ Stuffed Berry ║ 1000 ║ Great (+2) ║ 2x Bristle Berry (3200) ║ ║ ║ ║ ║ ║ 2x Pincha Peppernut ║ ║ ╚═══════════════╩══════╩═══════════════╩═════════════════════════╩═════════════════════════════╝ Of these, Frost bun can quickly become your go to food, thanks to a large number of grain available. Gristle berry lovers kcal of BB but upgrades the quality by 1, therefore you need 3.6 plant/duplicant. Pepper bread is a first recipe needing PP - you need between 2.5 to 5 plants of PP per duplicant, depending on your harvest rating. BBQ is available in small numbers only, because no meat source. Stuffed Berry is, in my opinion, not a viable food right now, thanks to it's huge resource need - 7.2 BB plants and 5 PP plants per duplicant in the best case scenario. Storage, Spoilage and Surroundings Following is included how it is in current situation but it is prone to change because of bugs, exploits and balancing. Food Storage Can't leave the food lying around, Dupe, that just invites germs. And not those juicy ones your mama puts into Mushbars. Food tab provides two storage solutions for your food supply Ration box - basic accessory taking 2x2 space with a capacity of 150 kg. A storage locker for edibles. Fridge - requires unlocking by research. Capacity 100 kg, takes 1x2 space a requires 120W energy. Keeps food inside refrigerated when powered. Can still store food when not powered. Note: Preferred methods of storage used to be build in Vacuum and access diagonally. That is no longer possible in the Agricultural update. Food Spoiling I told you not to leave the food around. Under normal circumstances, an edible item will rot after 8 cycles. That will turn it into a rotted item, the conversion ration is 1:1 in kg. After another cycle Rot will turn into a Polluted dirt 1:1. But the real number is slightly lower, because the polluted dirt will immediately start emitting polluted oxygen and lose mass. Rotting process can be stopped by: Refrigeration - food kept under 4 °C is considered to be refrigerated Sterility - keeping food in sterile atmosphere (hydrogen, CO2, chlorine) Either of these stops the spoiling rate of food. Spoiling is accelerated by surrounding item in polluted atmosphere (polluted oxygen). Note: If lacking other means of producing fertilizer, Meal lice is an effective item to rot, because you are losing only 100 kcal per kg. Food Surroundings Various food related items have an impact on decor so this is included here for the sake of completion. ╔═══════════════════╦═══════╦════════╗ ║ Item ║ Decor ║ Radius ║ ╠═══════════════════╬═══════╬════════╣ ║ Ration Box ║ +5 ║ 1 ║ ╠═══════════════════╬═══════╬════════╣ ║ Refrigerator ║ +10 ║ 2 ║ ╠═══════════════════╬═══════╬════════╣ ║ Microbe Musher ║ -15 ║ 3 ║ ╠═══════════════════╬═══════╬════════╣ ║ Planter Box ║ -10 ║ 2 ║ ╠═══════════════════╬═══════╬════════╣ ║ Hydroponic Farm ║ -5 ║ 1 ║ ╠═══════════════════╬═══════╬════════╣ ║ Mealwood plant ║ -10 ║ 2 ║ ╠═══════════════════╬═══════╬════════╣ ║ B. Blossom plant ║ +15 ║ 2 ║ ╠═══════════════════╬═══════╬════════╣ ║ Sleet Wheat plant ║ +15 ║ 2 ║ ╠═══════════════════╬═══════╬════════╣ ║ P. Pepperplant ║ +15 ║ 2 ║ ╠═══════════════════╬═══════╬════════╣ ║ Hatch ║ +10 ║ 1 ║ ╚═══════════════════╩═══════╩════════╝ Fertilizer production Coming Soon TM. Found some errors? Have questions? Let me know.
  6. 2 eggs , 1butter , 1vegetable
  7. Version 4.1


    Adds Many additional crock pot recipes. Batilisk wings are made cookable (they count as 1/2 monster meat) Seeds made cookable Cold meat dish included to cool Wigfrid during the summer Candied Bacon included to help Wigfrid with sanity - compatible with Display Food Values and Smarter Crock Pot mods - compatible with Beefalo Milk and Cheese mod (can used cooked Milk in any recipe that requires milk) Please leave feedback if you have any comments, errors, or suggestions Known issues Items don't appear properly in Warly's portable crock pot (will be fixed next update) Some recipes accidentally disabled in Shipwrecked (will be fixed next update) Expect New Changes Soon =-=-=-=- A version compatible with DST is on steam You can download it here - even without a steam account
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Allows you to cook Warly's special meals with any character. Seriously, there is no reason to lock them.
  9. Food Alternatives to Rabbit?

    this is what i have at the moment ? any ideas of improvments or suggestions?
  10. No More Food Rot

    If anyone's interested, I've updated the 'Winter update' food files so there's no rot. I also have instructions on how to get them into your Chrome install.
  11. Hey there, I am a huge fan of Don't Starve, really like the direction it is headed. I was noticing something though - my main method of restoring sanity aside from dapper hats is eating well-cooked foods. Once you get a recipe that works well for you - in my case monster meatballs - there is little reason to change. I was reading that this is one of the major ideas behind the winter update - forcing players to adapt to new situations - and in that vein I had a suggestion."AW, meatballs AGAIN!?" My suggestion is implementing a system of diminishing returns for food sanity if you don't eat a variety of foods - essentially making your character get sick of that particular food until eventually you get no sanity from eating it, maybe even eventually taking a sanity HIT as you force down another steaming pile meatballs, or kebabs, or WHATEVER. It may make the early parts of the game too difficult - I remember spending DAYS munching roasted berries before I really got the hang of the game - but hey that's what Don't Starve is all about am I right?
  12. I've been playing the Beta for a while now and this Winter update is the change I've been most excited for (bring on the difficulty!). I played through to my first winter and found it actually kind of dull, though. Don't get me wrong, preparing for winter was stressful and fun. It made the quite easy "early game" more challenging knowing I didn't just have to survive, I had to prepare, hoard, and plant. Then living through the first 7 or so days of winter and testing my preparations was fun too. But then... It became obvious I had hoarded/planted enough resources to sustain myself at a steady state through the winter. I could replace morsels by boomeranging birds and bunnies, get some berries every few days for filler, and chop enough wood nearby to stoke the fire. These "chores", however, only took about 1/4 of a day cycle. After that, I ended up just surfing the internet, with the game and volume on in the background so I could listen for hounds/eyeclops. This is no way to play a video game! Basically, winter adds much-needed difficulty to the game, but that difficulty is loaded onto summer days, with the actual experience of winter just being mostly tedium. I love the idea of cyclical seasons, but I don't think precisely one half summer and one half winter is appropriate. Even if you can choose long/short seasons when setting up a sandbox game, you're still getting half of your days as extremely long and full of activity (fun!) and half of your days sitting by a fire in the dark (tedious). It would be nice to have fall/spring, where day length is between summer and winter and freezing is a hazard only during dusk or night. Anyway, just my two cents. This game has already returned a great time/$ ratio for me, especially for a beta. I can't wait to see what you guys think of next!
  13. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 72968 Issue title Tallbirds won't stop chasing Steps to reproduce Stole the tallbird egg Ran away while tallbird chased me Night came Had to kill the tallbird Tallbird killed me Describe your issue I stole the tallbird egg and the tallbird started to chase me. It didn't stop chasing me and I had to try to kill it because the night came but it killed me I do think this is a bug because the tallbird didn't stop chasing me when I stole it's egg.
  14. Hey whats up guys. My name is AFROMATIC, I just got into Don't Starve a couple weeks ago and have been hooked since. I decided to start a Let's Play Series and I thought I would share it with the Community. Im new to the forums so let me know what ya think and I hope to talk to so you guys. PeaceEP #1 http-~~-//
  15. I've been toying with the idea of giving a feedback after finally finding enough time to play the game again this weekend. So, before the winter update hits us hard, I want to share some thoughts. The game definitely evolved since December, when I started playing, and most of it is in the 'fun' direction, yet is also way too easy to manage, and below I explain why. Keep in mind it's my personal opinion and feedback, not truth I wish to force onto everyone.1. Insanity is way too easy to manage. You can eat some monster meat in the morning, slaughter a few beardlings and then calmly chomp some homemade meals and you're golden. This gives way too much control to the player and such control eliminates the threat element from the insanity. 2. Eating raw meat and fish shouldn't count towards insanity and eating crock pot dishes shouldn't remedy insanity. Sushi is raw fish. Tartar is raw meat. But that's not the only reason. The food counting towards sanity/insanity is the main reason behind point 1. It gives us total control over insanity. Why should this be the case? And why can I go insane and recover as many times during the day as I want to? Woudln't it be harder and harder to crawl from iinsanity back to sanity every time we slip into madness?3. To give some constructive feedback to 1 and 2: the insanity 'recovery items' should be removed (at least to some degree) and the insanity should drop at all times, both at night and during the day (recovery during the day sounds odd to me. You're still trapped and you still have another night to look forward to. If anything that woudl make us go more insane with worry.) Yes, there should be wasy to recover sanity, but not such drastically easy ones like munching a few chicken nuggets MADE OUT OF HONEY AND MONSTER MEAT might I add. Gradual approach of a looming threat is much more stressing than a controlled period of insanity.4. Insanity monsters. I'm very lukewarm about them. On the one hand they're very cool but on the other they're just a cheap death. I'd much prefer them to show up and start following you at sanity 20-30, stick even closer when insanity is approaching and attack when it's at 0 so that I know 0 means monster attack.5. Love the hands that steal fire. Love them.6. Honey is still the ultimate remedy that fixes everything. All 3 meters can be managed with enough honey and a handful of vegetables or monster meat.Tl;dr: Insanity is way too easy to manage in that it's entirely up to the player when he or she gets insane and when to recover from it. Food causing insanity and being a remedy for insanity is bananas and also gives way too much power to the player. It's way too easy to farm beardlings for nightmare fuel by just going insane in the morning and recovering from it by lunchtime or before afternoon tea and scones.So that's my feedback there. Quite eager to hear what the rest of you think about it all.
  16. No one ever talks about yeti boss ;_;
  17. (i'm from poland. sorry for my english)Those are my suggestions to you, dev, because i noticed that starving is a kind of VERY RARE death. Right? I never starved to death and I think other too (or not so many times as it should be). So, this is my feedback. Bump this thread and write your own ideas!THREAT WILL BE OFTEN EDIT BY ME SO LOOK HERE DAILY ;D1. You shouldn't eat for all time the same dishes. For each the-same-dish you get some kind of penalty - i don't know exactly what it will be.2. Randomly you should start with Vegetarian (20% chance per world), carnivore (20% chance p.w.) or normal man/woman (rest of 100%). Vegetarian has own nutritional needs and must be played another way than for example carnivore.3. bird trap is overpowered! you should catch a bird with LOWER chance.4. Seeds are overpowered! they give too much hunger points/they spawn too often.5. Water. Water. Water! (giant topic ;P)6. you should get hungry faster when working. with this version of don't starve I don't see any diffrence between hard working and staying in camp.7. you should have poisoning effect. i mean that you can randomly after eating some types of food get sick. in that case your hunger is increasing rapidly for... about... 3 days.8. in my humble opinion whole system of hunger is little bit easily constructed. i mean hunger should rise quicker.
  18. I dont know if its all right to necro this...but i tought it was a great idea!especially the food bag, we could even be able to make icepacks to help keep food longer in the inventory, for those long roads ahead XD
  19. About Wolfgang

    So, my friend told me a few things about Wolfgang, and how powerful he is. He said: "Hey, I was playing Don't Starve yesterday and found out a secret, Wolfgang can eat really fast when you drag the food over to him, and he can kill spiders in 5 hits without a weapon"! So naturally I tried this out when I got home. For those of you who don't know, he does 1.5x normal damage which means 15 punching damage. So he does kill a spider in 5 hits. Also, I tried the click and drag food thing with petals, and it worked! I don't know if this works for every character, or just Wolfgang. Can someone test it for me? Thanks everyone!Note: Wolfgang kills frogs in 2 hits, spiders in 5, pigs in 10, tall birds in 16? and beefalo in about 25.
  20. Base Pictures!

    Would love to see what other peoples bases look like, I've spent a bit of time on mine and quite happy with it now. Extremly paranoid a damn flame hound is going to ruin it, but here it is! Day Time 1 Day Time 2 Night Time 1 Night Time 2
  21. New Food

    There have probably been a lot of people talking about this already, but I think there should be more ways to get food, from mobs that don't fight back. Because right now, the only way to get food without having something attack you is to trap bunnies, or kill a pig or Gobbler while its sleeping. I really think knew passive mobs should be added in, and do you guys have any tips on killing Gobblers?! Thanks! Let me know what you think!!
  22. I have a steam copy of don't starve and would like some thing kinda RPG.
  23. New Objects.

    I think it would be a good idea to add walls and light to the game. So you could make a base/house etc. Maybe some other method of transportation besides walking, like a railway or something. Also, they should add more passive animals, like chickens, or deer and stuff. More places to get meat and things. Thanks, tell me if you agree.