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Found 539 results

  1. Seems to be that whenever I'm on the floor and move my mouse I'm listed as out of bounds. If I'm jumping and move my mouse then i'm not affected, but if I'm on the ground and turn my character I get listed as OOB.
  2. Not in a level, but any time I turn my mouse or move around I get listed as "out of bounds" and teleported back to outside the last course I did. Have tried rejoining map and it did not get fixed.
  3. In crouched down under this area and then stood up and I cant get out. I even tried croching again
  4. если на на последней карте много прыгать возле этого места то ты можешь либо застрять либо перепрыгнуть стенку хотя теоретически ее там невозможно перепрыгнуть
  5. i cant do this

  6. I cannot find the last trial star! Even though I have completed the mini trial and the all courses trial. Is this a bug or am I missing another trial? It says that their are 2 trials but I have only completed one, which is false.
  7. берёшь клей или что то другое и это стаит на воздухе и не проваливается :) рад был помочь я пошол искать баги :)
  8. берёшь собаку идёш к кальцу кидаешь при этом потпрыфгиваешь м вот!
  9. out of bounds

    this map ive faced so many "out of bounds" death that make zero sense and im not able to get a checkpoint by jumping or walking. its fusterating and needs to either have the boundry line redrawn or trash the map!
  10. it seems when i jump towards this rope and the one after it, it isn't grabbing it to let me swing
  11. i can see my hat. realistic but useless. it didnt show after the stage i completed and now i can see the inside
  12. i just started a level in the basement and it happened... I played a level just before without issue.
  13. Lets say you are jumping from jump A to jump B. Lets say jump A is 10 feet from jump B. Lets say jump A (aka platform A) is 5 feet long. Now, on one attempt you can jump from A to B at 2 feet into platform A. Another time you can jump from at A at 4 feet into platfrom A. Then another at 3, 5, and 1. Now, this is where the problem lies, if all 5 different jumps at 5 different lengths worked the first time, 7 times out of ten it won't work the second, third, fourth, fifth time, etc... Even if you do everything the same. I am sure two or three times out of the seven are due to human error, however, I am inclinced to believe that some of it is the game. Let's say that my math is right and only 40% is the games fault. That does not seem that bad, but let's say that is out of 100 attempts, that would mean 40 of those "attempts" are unsuccessful because of your game mechanics. To me, this becomes especially frustrating when you are far into the course, making great time, then fail because of a jump that you did 100 times earlier perfectly and for some reason this time caused you to restart. I could see a lot of users leaving this game because of this problem. Thanks for reading :)
  14. Start glitch

    Ich häng fast jedes 2. mal am spawn fest
  15. Я застрял. Чтобы его сделать надо присесть и прыгунть одновреммено. Теперь не могу выйти исправте!!
  16. It seems that every other time I die on this level I cannot move at all after I respawn, this can sometimes be fixed by restarting the level completely, but even that doesn't work half the time and the only way to fix it is to leave the level and enter it once more just to have it happen to me again.
  17. gamje broken

    i keep dying when i should be winning. i am definitely making the jumps.
  18. In the mastery class section I keep getting stuck for no reason after hitting retry. All I did was hit retry and every time I hit retry I have to hit it several times in order for it to start working
  19. tried to jump on the blue boxes, got stuck between boxes and shelf. Yes i tried crouching and jumping
  20. I've tried to pick it up with leftclick. I've left and re-entered the trial. Not sure if it's just me.
  21. por los limites intentando sacar la ultima tarjeta del mundo normal, encontre un bug en la esquina de la vayas de madera junto con la reja cubierta con la lona azul
  22. jumping against slide while moving up it can get you lodged inside it and forced to think about your life decisions that led up to this point before you are (sometimes) ejected at mach 5