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Found 671 results

  1. I don't know, are there supposed to be 5 stars for the playground trials? I can only find 4 of the trials in playground.
  2. This idea came from a comment on a youtube video and it was pretty cool. The idea of a gramophone (like maxwell's one in the end of adventure mode of DS, or with another design) was to make the gameplay a little bit different because some songs of the soundtrack are awesome (as summer jobs) and would be cool to be able to play it anytime in the game just using a gramophone. Also this idea could be used in many ways as: Sanity boost: hearing a song gives a good sanity aura depending on the song. Or give a really bad insanity aura if that maxwell's famous gramophone song is playing. Attracting animals or other beings: this could draw their attention and attract them. Or other ideas people might have. This one could be a helpful tool or just another detail for the base. I'm not that good having ideas of crafting and attributes, so i made this as a ignition spark, but it's with you guys to evolve this idea. What do you think?
  3. trash potato cup devs i potato cup looked right at the rope and potato cup missed the potato cupping rope potato cup you
  4. I am not standing on the "obstical" , I am standing on the area next to it, which can be confusing as if there is no obstical visible, then I should be in the lava.
  5. When I pick up the dog and enter a level, everytime I throw the god and it lands it burns up, even on a platfrom, making it impossible to complete
  6. Stand on lava

    Standing on lava near the chrismas tree
  7. I just started the pogo trial in the house and can't get one hop in because it keeps telling me I whent out of bounds
  8. due to changes in the level design, the star is now unreachable by nomal means
  9. the player can easily pop off of surf slopes with noticible instances of this happening include the basement and the parkour island featured map
  10. qw dq qd w qwd qwsd qwe qwe
  11. In all course marathon (And all other sue levels), Sue moves in such an awkward way and speeds up so little in comparison that she's annoying to keep up with when going fast at all. This wasn't an issue with old chase/Grade due to the object being mid-air, where you are 99% of the game
  12. I dont know how to reproduce but it occurs after about 30mins-1hour of playtime Restarting to your checkpoint or restarting has a random chance of freezing your character in place If you are able to move the animations are frozen, the character seems to T-pose, have his chest very visible at the bottom of the screen, or have his legs stuck in front of him
  13. After a few deaths, I can look around but I can't move or jump away from the checkpoint. A restart usually fixes this but sometimes it happens after restart and I have to restart again to be able to move once more.
  14. Can't Move

    Spawned in, couldn't move. I have to restart the entire level because of this.
  15. Can't Move

    I spawned in and could not move as a tutorial tip showed on my screen for the part I died in (where I wasn't). I tried reloading and both problems remained.
  16. You can get stuck behind the door here. You jump on the folded up lunch table, then behind here.
  17. Warly and Winona both share an unfortunate fate. In late game worlds, they are both destined to be “swap characters” where one builds catapults and is dropped, and the other spices up a bunch of powder cakes and is dropped. While they have small gameplay elements that can make them fun to stay as, such as fast crafting with one and unique dishes with the other, they both need something to make them a more viable option to stay and play on indefinitely. While I don’t have suggestions for Winona, Warly has a very clear identity as a butcher which can play into his gameplay quite nicely. The idea is simple: Warly, as a butcher, has surgical precision in his work, and would never waste parts. Upon killing mobs, Warly has an increased chance of getting certain drops, and can get multiple drops. For example, upon killing a spider, you have a 50/25/25% chance of getting either monster meat/gland/silk. Warly, however, would be guaranteed a monster meat, and have a 30/30% chance of getting a silk/gland. This can also apply to any mobs that have a variable chance at dropping different things such as pigs. A guaranteed meat with a 30% chance of a skin to drop along with it up from 25%. This would be wonderful especially for mobs such as volt goats. He can just have an additional 5-10% chance of dropping a horn. One other potential idea would be for mobs that don’t have variable drops would be having a chance to drop an extra resource such as a koalefant with 9 meat instead of 8. That seems way less important than the chance at better drops though.
  18. Unsure of the steps, simply occurs during gameplay, unless quick menu switching is a cause.
  19. Everytime I reset or respawn I get stuck. Send help.
  20. The jump from the first door to the 2nd is impossible to cross, the gap between thme is just slightly too large making the golden pin unreachable.
  21. Unable to pick up the comic on this stage regardless of what I try to do

  23. петроглиф не могу его найти