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Found 6 results

  1. I am always scared of volcano, this is my first try. Here is the demo design. My original write-up of this topic was not good enough, so I edit it now to add more elaboration. Demo in motion in spoiler Since steam turbine and volcano combination along with stone hatch are straight forward, the main problem I'm trying to solve is auto-sweeper / robo-miner / shipping loader's overheaing problem. Conventional cooling is to use a background wall plus a liquid/gas medium and coolant piping to cool those machinery. Here is an experiment in spoiler, simulating magma and outside world The machinery in volcano room will have the same temperature of metal walls, but receiving nearly 0 influence from thin gas in volcano room, which is nearly equivalent to perfect insulation, as seen in gif above. More detail in spoiler (mistake: 80 mcg in the picture is not low enough) As @mathmanican pointed out, this is happening because of calculation rounding. So is it exploity? In my opinion, it's not. Since the temperature increase is so small, as small as 0.0000001 C/s for estimation, if calculation counts it, the temperature will rise 1 degree every 1000 cycles, this is really trivial. That's why I think it's not really exploity exploit, it's close to fair calculation.
  2. Back last summer, @Neotuck posted a mid game exploit of a metal volcano without using any space based materials. It was done in sandbox, but obviously had survival possibilities. I was moving toward late game, and gave it a try. It works mostly as predicted, and is buildable without too much trouble. However, a few points for anyone using this technique. And thanks, Neotuck. 1. One of Neo's goals and successes was using only one aquatuner to control the heat. This application was an iron volcano, Neo's was a gold volcano. Once set up and running, one aquatuner wasn't quite enough for this one, the temperature was slowly running away. 2. When the second aquatuner was added, it overcooled the water, and broke pipes in the second in line aquatuner. The solution was to bump up Neo's initial temperature settings for the thermo sensor next to the volcano to 72F from 68F, and to use another thermo pipe sensor to route water around the second aquatuner if the temp dropped below 75F. After the changes, it's been stable for 100 cycles or so. Materials are gold amalgam and gold/iron for metal plates, pumps, sweeper, loader, shipping rails, vent, automation, and wire inside the volcano enclosure. Igneous insulated tiles and diamond tempshift plates round out the build, so nothing special required. It is a power hog with the two aquatuners. First thermal is during an eruption, second is shortly before an
  3. I dug out this thing from hell. According to Onical it's better than 98% of the same type, with an average output of 0,42 kg/s. My plan was to use it to try making liquid steel, however, it's very close to an oil reservoir. Do you think it might be possible to setup a small boiler using the volcano as a heat source, or is the output insufficient? Has anyone tried something like this before?
  4. Hi, I'm new in the game and it's my second attempt to tame a metal volcano. I'm using LifeGrow's design with some bad and exagerated adaptations this time (in my first attempt the cooling wasnt enough and I doomed my colony with heat). I am following almost everything of the design again, biggest difference being the extended cooling room only. For some reason, the auto-sweeper inside the water tank isnt working. It was supposed to send the items to the inferior storage room, right? I also goofed around in sandbox and still didn't figure out what is wrong yet. I am playing the preview build. Any ideas?
  5. Hello guys this is my first time writing a new topic in ONI forum in fact this is the first time i ever write in any game forum so please forgive my awkward writing Volcanoes produce crazy amount of heat and if we want to harvest the heat energy the obvious answer is using steam turbine. That's what i did and here's my setup: The main idea is trapping the heat from the volcano using ceramic insulation tile and vacuum everything inside. Then the heat is going to be transferred to water which ultimately turn into steam. So i'm going to explain few important notes in this setup. 1. I'm using diamond window tile as the conductor since it has better thermal conductivity than metal tiles and also way cheaper with only costs 100kg of diamond each. I make a fork shape at the bottom so that the heat will be transferred quicker to the conductor. And the "magma room" is enclosed with conductor in case i want to add new "turbine room" and i can draw new conductor line easily. 2. the heat transferred to turbine room is controlled using thermium automatic door which connected to the thermo sensor. the door is set to open when thermo sensor detects temperature of above 230C. 3. 4 out 5 turbine intakes are closed to decrease the heat consumed (those tiles at the bottom of turbine) thus maximizing electricity harvested from the the volcano. 4. i built automatic door under the final intake to prevent hydrogen to be stuck there, which will be explained later. i'm using gold amalgam for these doors. 5. And yes i'm using gas conflict exploit for this setup. if you didn't know basically if you put expansive gas at the top of turbine it will trick the turbine to think that the pressure above is way less than under and enable the turbine to run constantly provided there is enough heat. some people report that this exploit may delete some of the steam from turbine output but i have another turbine with the same exploit to cool my aquatuners and after 100 cycles or so the steam inside is more or less the same. i don't know maybe it's been fixed 6. there is vacuum space between wire bridges to prevent escaping heat. 7. the automation wires inside the setup are built from thermium if it's gonna exposed to extreme heat, i.e inside conductor line, and from steel elsewhere. maybe it's not necessary but the last thing i want is my setup to fail just because of broken things... 8. i made a main entrance right at the bottom of magma room which also surrounded by vacuum to clean the magma when it's already cooled down and can't heat the steam anymore. then just wait for the volcano to erupt again. this way i can clean the magma room periodically with minimum heat loss and keeping the magma room vacuum. 9. fun little fact, currently my entire colony using electricity generated from steam turbine and solar panel which means UNLIMITED POWEEEERRRR. here are some pictures with different overlays: And now let's see how i built this setup in my survival world: 1. First i build everything according to the picture with the main entrance open (stairs at the bottom of magma room) and holes on each side connecting magma room to turbine rooms. inner wire bridges and 2 window tiles on top of thermium doors aren't constructed yet and i set all doors to open. then vacuum everything using gas pumps. i don't know if the door need to be opened to achieve complete vacuum but i'd rather play safe, maybe somebody can explain it. 2. then i deconstruct all the pumps, clean debris, and construct the rest of setup. i did it all while the volcano is still covered. after everything is set, except main entrance is still open, then i wait for the volcano to be idle and dig it out and quickly close main entrance. 3. the purpose of putting automated door under turbine is so that i can close it and prevent hydrogen to be stuck right at the turbine intake. it has to be steam there or else the turbine won't work. 4. i close the doors under the turbines and start filling each turbine room with 150kg of H and ~1 ton of water. then set thermo sensor setting correctly and wait for the magma to heat the water. 5. after water turned into steam and all of hydrogen went to the top part of turbine room open the automated doors and ta-da there's only steam under the turbine 6. now let physics does it work and start harvesting "free" electricity. 7. interesting notes: i set automation on my turbines to prevent overproduction, duh, and the OR gate is there if i want to deplete magma's heat and start cleaning "cold" magma or if i want to take a fully operational turbine pic Lastly i hope this topic is useful to you and also i apologize for my bad grammar. Cheers.
  6. Mod Volcano Biome

    Version 4.2.7


    Full description here: Can you save a friend from the volcano? yes? but where are the cage keys? Can you find the Slipstor in the jungle? Can you find a shark pond? Can you buy some itens from octopusking? Can you beat the Twister inside the volcano? Can you get some fish from a mermfisher without he see you? What this mod do? - add three biomes to don`t starve together: - The jungle - The Tidal Mash - The volcano - Add 4 bosses for the game - add a objective to the game: save a friend locked in a cage inside the volcano. The bosses have the keys. good luck