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Found 6 results

  1. Oh, hi. Look, I made this: You know, when life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade. Except in this case the lemons are 1.1 kg/s of Magma and the lemonade a source of power. So after many different setups (and attempts) at taming a Volcano, and with the help of Brothgar youtube videos, I came up with this. The difference between this design and the one on his video is the "heat battery", or buffer really, and a correct amount of phosphorus so you don't overpressure the Volcano. So, let's get the main question out of the way first: "What in the bloody hell am I looking at and why did you write something in yellow on a white background?!" Also get ready for some broken english. Well, let's start with the red Volcano Chamber: Now about the Heat Buffer (this takes a lot of materials) The twin steam turbines are capable of handling the heat generated by the Volcano, the Wheezewort squad make sure the temperature doesn't reach critical levels, but if something goes terrible wrong, a temperature sensor will them shut down if the temperature is above 95ºC. Oh I also have this dumb thing that will probably never activate: it just detects if the battery temperatue is under 125ºC , once active the door will open, dropping the debris that SHOULD be close to the 125ºC into a pool of petroleum below. But now with the phosphorus liquid I might have to do something else with it, like adding a mini pump or something. idk
  2. I haven't played for a while. So this is just a demo, not real game. I will probably return after the complete build release. Anyway, here is the demo, gif first as usually. My main input here is to eliminate the need of robo-miner, by letting magma turn into igneous rock debris instead of tiles. How? Magma turns into tiles only when THE LIQUID has more liquid on top of it. If there is only 1 layer of liquid, it will turn into igneous rock debris instead. ---------------------------------- That's basically it. You can continue reading if you wanna know the detail of my demo setup. Setup 1. the mechanical door in the middle to control heat transfer. 2. on the left of the door, volcano side, igneous rock tile layer has low temperature which will convert future magma to debris instantly. Don't dig them up. 3. on the right of the door, thermometers side, the petroleum temperature is maintained at 450 C. So every drop of incoming crude oil will turn instantly. When this petroleum's temperature goes below 450, door closes to get more heat, above 450, door opens. When temperature below 420C, crude oil incoming is shut off in order to maintain the purity of the buffer. These numbers can be adjusted anyhow you like, but it has to be well above crude oil's boiling point. 4. automation, controlled by 2 thermometer, apparently. 5. because petroleum liquid is always floating above crude oil, the right wall of petroleum room is lower than left wall, so that petroleum can fall to be gathered. 6. atmosphere is vacuum, obviously. A little More Info Everything inside is accessible. For the debris igneous rocks, maybe you can setup a auto-sweeper to take them to turbine room. To deal with overheating problem, you can use a super thin layer of whatever gas to keep it cool all time. For more detail, check out the spoiler there is nothing rigid here, a lot of room for customization and creativity.
  3. In shipwrecked its incredibly easy to have your entire base destroyed with seasons happening while you are in different merged so if you jump from hamlet to shipwrecked the volcano could be about to blow with no warning. It would be really neat if the rainometer help visually predict the volcano eruption. Maybe it only predicts when its in the last danger run level in a little meteor symbol on the meter. It would both make it useful and help combat the extreme damage that the season can do. Other expansion have ways to combat there bad season, flingos in summer and reset the aporkalype to keep you base safe. In SW any base is suject to totaly destruction since the snackrifce is relog buggy and the warning do not always work.
  4. I never really did understand the point of researching a geyser. I know that researching it does give the active dormant cycles. However eh. If you know about what you'd get on average and play the game casually. You play to not rely on geysers for everything. They are there as a tiny little supplement to support a few extra dupes or feed your rockets or whatever the case. More information should be hidden from the start. Hey there's a geyser. Yup. That's all you should really know. Research it to get the output g/s etc. Cut the research down to half and you have to research it twice or 3 times to get all the information. I have never had a dupe research a geyser in 1 cycle anyways. If he's going to take 2-3 cycles to get it done. Break it down into chunks. After completed the geyser has the little wind vain and 2 options. The dupe takes the information back to the science center for further analysis. Takes him a few cycles to run the number and you get the full layout. How much output during eruption. How much in active period how much in a cycle, eruption/non erupting. How much over the course of it's life cycle. Option 2. Keep researching the geyser another day-2 what the numbers are. Better hope volcano isn't about to erupt.
  5. I am always scared of volcano, this is my first try. Here is the demo design. My original write-up of this topic was not good enough, so I edit it now to add more elaboration. Demo in motion in spoiler Since steam turbine and volcano combination along with stone hatch are straight forward, the main problem I'm trying to solve is auto-sweeper / robo-miner / shipping loader's overheaing problem. Conventional cooling is to use a background wall plus a liquid/gas medium and coolant piping to cool those machinery. Here is an experiment in spoiler, simulating magma and outside world The machinery in volcano room will have the same temperature of metal walls, but receiving nearly 0 influence from thin gas in volcano room, which is nearly equivalent to perfect insulation, as seen in gif above. More detail in spoiler (mistake: 80 mcg in the picture is not low enough) As @mathmanican pointed out, this is happening because of calculation rounding. So is it exploity? In my opinion, it's not. Since the temperature increase is so small, as small as 0.0000001 C/s for estimation, if calculation counts it, the temperature will rise 1 degree every 1000 cycles, this is really trivial. That's why I think it's not really exploity exploit, it's close to fair calculation.
  6. Mod Volcano Biome

    Version 4.2.7


    Full description here: Can you save a friend from the volcano? yes? but where are the cage keys? Can you find the Slipstor in the jungle? Can you find a shark pond? Can you buy some itens from octopusking? Can you beat the Twister inside the volcano? Can you get some fish from a mermfisher without he see you? What this mod do? - add three biomes to don`t starve together: - The jungle - The Tidal Mash - The volcano - Add 4 bosses for the game - add a objective to the game: save a friend locked in a cage inside the volcano. The bosses have the keys. good luck