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  1. CJB

    Too Many Items

    Update to v0.24, it should all be fixed now - Added page numbers- Fixed visual bug- Improved performance- Items are now alfabetical- Added more items
  2. CJB

    Too Many Items

    Add this in the file: ForceEnableMod("CJBMods_TMI")
  3. CJB

    Too Many Items

    Yup, I noticed that as well. But I havent figured out yet why its there and what it actually is
  4. Well the only thing what I would like so see is a new section on the forums for Character mods.
  5. CJB

    Too Many Items

    I probably laughed way too hard on that one
  6. I am actually looking for Steam Badges, but a seal once in a while is also very nice
  7. CJB

    Too Many Items

    New Update!!! v0.20 - Improved UI - Minor Bug Fixes
  8. CJB

    CJBMods Cheats

    Not sure how its possible, but my guess is, you the zip file didn't unpack properly
  9. Well like I said in my earlier post, without using mods there are still a few ways to make modifications to the game. I think that post is a bit on the technical side, but if you show it too the devs they probably understand it.
  10. CJB

    Too Many Items

    v0.11 - Removed recipe dependencies - Removed item texts/values
  11. CJB

    Too Many Items

    Ow thank you! First I though I was losing my sanity, because I couldn't remember adding the screenshot