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  1. Pickle's First Person Mod

    Sorry about that, I messed up part of the upload. I just updated it, so hopefully it should work now. Give it a try and tell me if this update fixed it
  2. Pickle's First Person Mod

    Version 1.2


    See the world in true First-Person! Move the camera with the mouse and navigate inventory with the scroll wheel. -Switch back to normal camera view at any time from the pause menu, or with Ctrl-Q! Play Don't Starve the way it was never really meant to be played! Take a look at the mod trailer! ----------CONTROLS-------- While in first person, your cursor is replaced with a white selection reticle in front of you. -Hold [Q] to temporarily unlock the mouse and move it normally, for crafting and inventory management. -Use the scroll wheel to scroll though inventory slots, and the (E) and (R) keys to use/select inventory items. -[E] will "use" whatever item is in the highlighted inventory slot (eat-food, equip-tools, examine-anything else) -[R] will "select" the item in the highlighted inventory slot, holding it. ---with an item selected, you can then- click on a campfire to cook it, ---click on the ground to drop it, ---click on a chest to store it, ect. ---press R again to place that selected item back into the highlighted inventory slot. -With ranged weapons equipped, your white circle will switch to a red one, and the range increases the more you tilt your view upwards. -When taking damage, red directional indicators show which direction the damage came from. A new button "switch camera" button is added to the pause menu, which will switch your view between first-person and regular top-down view. Ctrl-Q will also switch between normal and first-person view. MOUSE SENSITIVITY (and other things) CAN BE CHANGED IN THE "CONFIGURE MOD" MENU (And many other options available from the actual menu, including FOV and camera height) -Compatible with Don't Starve, Reign of Giants, and Shipwrecked -"somewhat" compatible with controllers... I'm working on it (Quick-Guide): HOW TO COOK FOOD IN FIRST PERSON: -use the mouse wheel to scroll to the food in your inventory -press [R] to select it -click on a campfire to cook it (keep clicking if you want to cook multiple things) -press [R] again to place it back in your inventory --MOD RUNNING SLOW?-- For older laptops that might struggle with this mod enabled, try raising the "shading refresh rate" setting in the mod config settings menu. If it's still too slow, disabling "simulate darkness" will speed everything up, but make night look... weird, to say the least. --- UPDATE 1.1 - SKY UPDATE! --- *Added clouds (can be turned on/off in mod settings) *Added a sun and moon that appear during night/day *Sky and clouds darken when rain is about to fall *Moon gets noticeably moonier on full moons
  3. Hi! Just curious if Smashup Together is still a thing, I stumbled across some things you may find useful. There's a flag to disable gift-drops showing up in the game-mode, which would be useful for Smashup since there's no way to open them. - You can find it in gamemodes.lua under Lava Arena. (Forge)

    As for HUD, there should be some things about Forge HUD around the place if nothing else, perhaps that'll help.

    1. pickleplayer


      Yep, it sure is! development has been going great lately, I just haven't been showing many updates lately because there isn't a whole lot of interesting "new" stuff to show off, since much of it has been on the server and performance end of things. 

      I actually remember seeing something about that somewhere, and that might be a good idea! I also might just plop down an invisible science machine in the spectator/character select area so that players can just open their gifts between matches

  4. Version 1.0.0


    This fellow with the ram horns and the smiley face tail is Kaji. As a core from Alkia, Kaji has a fear core instead of a heart, and black blood instead of red. With it he can distort his body in horrifying ways to scare off creatures. Here it is! so many people asked for it I finaly got around to doing it. The dst version of the Kaji mod. (THIS VERSION IS FOR DON'T STARVE TOGETHER ONLY) Check out the single player version if you want! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=516929231 Kaji is a character designed by my friend VenoShade! Check out https://charahub.com/character/871797/Kajira-Odysseus-Helix to see their info page. STATS AND ABILITIES: Health:150 Hunger:150 Sanity:175 (many stats are configurable in mod settings) Kaji's powers inflict the "SPOOKED" status on enemies. -tinted black for the duration of the status, and players will say "Yikes!" when applied. -forced to run in the opposite direction of Kaji until the status ends. -ends after 4 seconds. -It will also automatically end early for players (not mobs) if they take damage, or enter total darkness. (no Charlie killing!) Fear Core: one of the two ways to inflict "Spooked" equipped in the hand slot and used like a ranged weapon (that does no damage). -it "spooks" only the creature you use it on, costing 12 (default) sanity and gaining 5 hunger. -Can be used on other players ONLY if the server has pvp enabled. Using it on other players costs an additional 5 sanity. -has a 20 second cooldown before it can be used again -It can only be used against other players if the server has pvp enabled. -on death, it will remain in your inventory on after respawning. -(In the dst version, there is nothing preventing you from taking it out of your inventory. So DON'T LOSE IT. It is not craftable, and the only way to get another one is to die and respawn with a new one.) Panic Roar: A dormant "panic button" that activates automatically when health falls below 35 and inflicts "spook" to everything on screen -inflicts the "spooked" status to every creature on screen EXCEPT other players. (I didn't want it accidentally messing up cooperative boss fights) -Kaji gets full invincibillity for the duration of the roar animation (3.5 seconds), and becomes "un-targetable" for another 4.5 seconds after that. ("untargetable" means that he cannot be directly attacked by other players or monsters, but can still take damage from other sources like starving, freezing, explosions, fires, ect.) -Drops sanity by 35 when used. Once used, it will not be useable again until you return to good health. (above 110 health and above 75 sanity) Fear of water: -Kaji's sanity will quickly drop when near water or ponds. -His attack power decreases near water by up to 35% depending on how close you are. -Refuses to use fishing poles. Chubby and needs to eat more often: -gets hungry 15% faster -has a small amount of natural insulation
  5. Oh, I totally forgot to post this here! (just gonna copy/paste the video description down here) Smashup; a work-in-progress Don't Starve mod that changes the game's genre into a Super Smash Bros style fighting game! This teaser trailer shows a very unfinished version of the mod, so you can expect the final product to change a lot. (including more than two playable characters.) The song used in this trailer is a slightly edited version of Lone Digger by Caravan Palace. For those of you wondering how accurately this mod simulates the real Super Smash Bros, it's pretty close. The knockback formulas are identical to those in the game. It even includes many of the smaller features like Shield-stun, hitstun, shield push, teching, parrying, and others. I've thrown out the old Don't Starve combat system and am replacing it with my own system of hitboxes and hurtboxes! And this trailer is supposed to mostly show off the visuals. Very little balancing went into this build, since I’ll be focusing on that after most of the programming is done. Wilson probably won’t keep the shoryuken or the crazy 80 damage combo. Or maybe he will, who knows. I re-drew and animated the characters to more closely resemble how they look in the official Don't Starve trailers and portraits. (that being said, I may completely redraw Woodie's face because it came out weird) Anyone interested in seeing announcements and updates on the mod's progress can follow the "#ssb mod prototype" tag on tumblr, where I'll also be talking about current progress and plans for the mod.
  6. i need help with my mod nabaru

    or, IF you haven't closed spriter at all since you started, you might be able to just mash Ctrl-Z until it's all back to the way it started
  7. i need help with my mod nabaru

    It looks to me like the images in spriter file has been moved around. The hair image sizes look a bit off and the pivot points look much different that the ones I'm using. So your spriter preview isn't showing the correct version of what your character will look like in the actual game. You'll need to restore it to the way it was positioned before stuff was moved around. Just take a copy of the original esctemplate.scml and paste it into your exported folder and rename it nabaru.scml (delete the old one you have in there first.) Then it will take your images and place them in the proper order when you open it up and refresh it. It won't fix the sprites in-game, but it'll make spriter show the correct preview of what your character will look like in-game. You shouldn't need to redraw anything. (I'm still not sure what's going on with the hair edges but maybe this will fix something, I don't know)
  8. i need help with my mod nabaru

    Oh, I don't know. If you change the actual .tex and move it down too far, that might cause clipping. but I don't know. you can post it here if you want, I might take a look
  9. i need help with my mod nabaru

    No, I meant you're 'not' supposed to do that. Repositioning an image in spriter doesn't work. You have to do it in the image file.
  10. i need help with my mod nabaru

    hm. Did you change the size of the hair image or try to change the position of the hair in spriter by dragging it somewhere else? Because neither of those things will work. Trying to re-position an image in spriter doesn't actually change the hair's position in-game. All changes (like height or size adjustments) have to be done on the image itself.
  11. i need help with my mod nabaru

    Hm? What's wrong with the hair? It looks fine to me
  12. [Tutorial] Using Extended Sample Character Template

    You mean when you change something it's not actually changing the in-game appearance? hm. Has the autocompiler been acting funny since you changed it? like, when it's compiling, does it randomly spew out a jargon of text and close before you can read it? if so, it might be another texture error. if that does turn out to be the case, (it might not be), redoing the images that started causing the errors would likely fix it.
  13. [Tutorial] Using Extended Sample Character Template

    No problem! Have you considered drawing part of the hair in the pigtails slot? It may animate a bit funny, but maybe it'll give you more room to work with
  14. [Tutorial] Using Extended Sample Character Template

    were you trying to change the head positions in spriter by dragging the images to different spots? Because as far as I know, That doesn't actually change the in-game model. To change the position of something, you have to change it's position in the actual image file, because re-arranging the spriter model doesn't actually do anything
  15. Hm, I really have no idea. Maybe take a look at the talker component? did you try googling it? Does anyone else have any ideas?