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  1. Added a new joke skin for every Smashup character Steam workshop page For a set of joke skins, the shadow Wilson skin actually turned out to just be pretty cool. It replaces the pickaxe with an axe for his animations. But throwing a tiny version of Woodie at your opponents is pretty great too
  2. Analog control values for controller joysticks only return a value for the two sets of controller controls that handle player movement and inventory navigation. CONTROL_MOVE_UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT and CONTROL_INVENTORY_UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT If any other controller controls were rebound to one of the sticks, the input won't track the analog value for that control, despite being assigned to a stick. It might be the case that this isn't a bug, but it seems like it could cause issues with analog controls... Also, it would be reaaaallly nice if this was fixed, because then I can finally get multiple controllers compatible with local play for Smashup!
  3. Normally for editing a prefab like an axe, you'd do it like kipper said. But for axe damage specifically, you would probably edit the tuning values that dictate how much damage an axe does. GLOBAL.TUNING.AXE_DAMAGE = 34*.8 And alter that value to be whatever you want.
  4. Ok, I've been digging into this for a while and going back and fourth with a few other modders and from what it looks like, I don't think there's a way to directly get the device Id of the controller that a controlhandler event comes from. BUT, I found out that I can remap the controls of one controller while leaving the other one alone, and that is how I will be able to differentiate which controller is pressing which button. By remapping all of p2's controls onto a separate set of buttons that do functionally the same thing. The only problem is... Remapping controls is really weird. I've been going over optionsscreen.lua and from what we've found, control remapping is done by doing "TheInputProxy:StartMappingControls()" and then the engine physically listens to the player's button presses to determine which key to remap to. I was told by some people smarter than me that the only thing left to do at this point is ask a dev. which feels a bit pretentious to do but hey, if a dev happens to see this and knows an answer I would greatly appreciate it. So my question is; is there any way to remap controls with code? Not just adding controlhandlers, but remapping them because otherwise both controllers would activate the listeners. I'm hoping to do this without needing physical keypresses because it would suck if users had to manually press every key in order to rebind.
  5. I'm back on my mad science because trying to play local multiplayer smashup on a keyboard is awful. So I've got two USB controllers plugged in and I can do "TheInput:EnableAllControllers()" to get it accepting inputs from both controllers. TheInput:GetInputDevices() will show that it recognizes two separate controllers as well. So the question is; is it possible to differentiate between the inputs of both controllers somehow? TheInputProxy:GetLastActiveControllerIndex() always returns 2 no matter which controller I've most recently pressed buttons on, unfortunately. I've been looking through some of the input files but nothing immediately jumps out at me, apart from Input:OnControlMapped(deviceId, controlId, inputId, hasChanged) taking deviceId as an input, but I'm not sure what I'd do with that...
  6. Were the image sizes altered? I had to cut the height of the image in half and then it compiled for me. Inventory items are 64x64 speed_potion.xmlspeed_potion.tex
  7. Just stopping by to say: the smash mod is INSANE

    Well done!

    Best wishes for the new year! :wilson_flower:

  8. Version 1.1.0


    This is a template fighter for the Smashup mod for Don't Starve Together! Smashup mod can be found here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2701285237 Download and follow the guide in MODDING_GUIDE_README.lua Follow along with video tutorials: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0je6QsFGE5DhpTPLc-w7wIWysRgfAyEL
  9. Version 1.1.5


    FULL RELEASE! Posting standalone version for non-steam users. (I guess? Is there even a non-steam version of DST?) DST ONLY! (Not compatible with singleplayer version) Youtube trailer link: https://youtu.be/5WS0x8xm1mo Unlock the secrets of the third dimension with stacking, climbing, and jumping Stack Buildings Upwards! Placing a structure inside of another one will stack it on top Use the new Wooden Mallet tool to manually adjust height No more building placement restrictions! New Building Block Recipes! 8 new crafting recipes in the Structures tab Cheap to craft in large quantities, but very flimsy Drops itself when destroyed for easy relocation Deconstructable with any tool (or fist) Jump with the spacebar! Press space while moving to jump (Changeable in mod config settings) Jump over walls, gaps, or on top of buildings Gravity now affects players (and monsters) Watch out for fall damage! New ways to traverse the Y axis! Build ladders to climb up and down Make stairways with Stepstools and Slabs that lift you up as you walk over them Watch out, other creatures can climb these too! NEW: Build Bouncepads to jump even higher! -Now Controller Compatible! -Also compatible with my First Person mod for a truly nauseating experience https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1367276577 Other gameplay changes: Removed the invisible walls preventing players from walking into the ocean. Don't fall in! (toggleable in mod settings) Falling into water very close to land will now only apply a small amount of wetness instead of drowning you. Increased the range for building placement, as well as a few other actions Walls can only be repaired with their base material instead of adding walls (so you can stack them) Standing under building blocks counts as shelter from rain and heat Fall damage can be reduced by landing in water or on hay walls Flying creatures can move vertically however they please Holding an umbrella/parasol while jumping will now slow your fall! The weregoose can fly. Have fun with that Language settings! 在设置中更改语言! Note: This mod disables lag compensation regardless of your game settings.
  10. Oh, I guess an update fixed the issue? I see debugkeys.lua was recently changed and it just works now. Thanks klei <3
  11. Did you happen to move any of the sprite locations within spriter? The spriter file only shows a preview, but it isn't what actually shows up in game. All of the changes need to be made in the image files themselves, and trying to move them in spriter won't change the actual sprite in-game
  12. I use the good ol' GLOBAL.CHEATS_ENABLED = true GLOBAL.require( 'debugkeys' ) In all of my mods for testing and just comment out the CHEATS_ENABLED line before uploading. As soon as waterlogged hit, all of my mods on the workshop broke simultaneously because I guess GLOBAL.require( 'debugkeys' ) doesn't agree with it so well anymore. would've been nice if that change was in the beta. Is there an alternative method we're supposed to be using now? I know I've been using that line since the old singleplayer DS modding days, so maybe there's a new method of activating debugkeys that I'm not aware of
  13. C_Thun pretty much beat me to what I was thinking, but I can also go over how to make it only useable by your character. Assuming this is an equippable item (otherwise I'm not sure why it would be restricted) You can have the game check who is equipping the item, and if it's not the character you want, drop the item. You can add this function into your item's file, or add the contents of the function to an already existing OnEquip function. Just replace "kaji" with your character's name local function OnEquip(inst, owner) if owner.prefab ~= "kaji" and owner.components.inventory ~= nil then owner.components.inventory:DropItem(inst) end end Haven't tested this at all but it's similar to a character function I've used before, so I think it should work
  14. Do you mean it should only be "crafted" by your character? Or only be "picked up" by your character? Making a specific item only craftable by your character is relatively easy. The other is a bit tricky.