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  1. Becky's Mixed Mods

    What version of DS are you using Base, Rog, SW?
  2. Pack In Inventory

    Can anyone update this for SW and DST please?
  3. Sort Inventory

    Can someone please update this to work with Ship Wrecked?
  4. No Flower Picking!

    Could you please update this so it is compatable with Shipwrecked and also maybe Don't Starve Together?
  5. Becky's Mixed Mods

    That's how I made it lol
  6. Hi guys, just letting you know that I have now updated Becky's Mixed Mods so it is compatible with ROG and I also have a SW compatible version.

    Enjoy :)

  7. Becky's Mixed Mods

    Finally got the DLC's to upgrade this, I hope it works smoothly for everyone
  8. Puppy princess Musha [DS+DST]

    I am playing with Musha in Don't Starve Base Game and I found a problem. I used Yamche to kill a Mandrake and after the Mandrake died, I could not pick it up. I quit the game and restarted it, and the Mandrake had dissappeared.
  9. Puppy princess Musha [DS+DST]

    - DS Mini Arong<= LINK - - Link is broken
  10. Becky's Mixed Mods

    Do you know how to edit LUA files? If you do then simply open up the modmain.lua and scroll down to --PickyPickyPicky and delete the section between(after) -PickyPickyPicky and(before) --Relaxed Crafting.
  11. Becky's Mixed Mods

    Sorry for the late reply, been busy. You probably already know how to install this by now, but I'll tell you, just incase you don't know. Once you have downloaded the file and used either 7zip or winzip to extract the folder, put the folder in the mods folder of don't starve. If you need more help let me know
  12. Hey guys. Just to let you know I have now got the archery mod working :)

  13. Becky's Mixed Mods

    Not sure hun as I have only played DS Base game. I have recently aquired DST, so I will test it out soon. By all means feel free to download and let me know if it works for you
  14. Becky's Mixed Mods

    Sorry for the late response hun. What version of DS do you have? You could try chanign the api version to number 5 in the modinfo.lua. If you don't know how to do that, I could send you the edited modinfo.lua Hope this helps you
  15. Advanced Farming

    Having a slight problem, I can't put hybrid banana in crockpot :/