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  1. Hi, Here's A Tutorial of how to install this mouse cursors: Well the first thing to do is: Download the cursors. Open your Control Panel Go to Mouse Properties Go to Pointers Select Diagram and choose None Double Click on Normal Selection This Window will show up. Now go to the cursors folder And select Normal This will happen We have to do it with all And then save as you want And There you go You can enable cursor shadow if you want Apply & Save. Remember this: You have to have the cursors in a permanent folder (or wherever you want) because if you move it or delete it this will stop working.
  2. SW or Ham?

    Personally, I'm more of a SW person, just because it's more polished (I'm looking at you floating roc), and doesn't make my game crash on opening. I also prefer the explorative and slightly fantastical gameplay, where you'll go on grand adventures across the seven seas to slay some beast. It's not that Hamlet doesn't have this, I just prefer the ocean-spanning quests to spelunking. Also, in Hamlet you can't climb a active volcano infested with dragon monsters.
  3. He was standing in the middle of the ocean with a bamboo boat and a torch in his hand because it was night. I saved and quit the game. When I try to get into this world, this message appears and after pressing the exit, the game closes.
  4. I've crashed probably 20+ times before day 80 on my recently created save (my first time playing SW). I've remade the save a few times at the start, uninstalling mods completely, and it's still crashing constantly. Has anyone found any temp fixes? So far the bugs that have been persistent besides the few random crashes have been: -SGsnake.lua file error when encountering snakes from chopping trees/vines -Insta crash (lua error) when turning on a boat lantern -Not able to customize new worlds. You're able to switch the settings when creating a world but they don't register when you're ingame -Boat repair kit not existing in the crafting menu (TEMP fix!! You can still spawn them in console) -Just random crashes when sailing (game just instantly closes, no "lua error" screen) Has anyone found any way to get around some of the bugs? perhaps messing with the files and such.. I've tried uninstalling the hamlet DLC and it didn't seem to fix anything. !!PLEASE NOTE!! that all of these bugs have indeed been listed on the Bug Tracker forum, but what I'm asking in this thread is workarounds for them.
  5. Hi there! This is my first finished work (and the cutest, maybe :D) Walani from Shipwrecked, in her classic skin. But i really want to make some experiments with character's style ( Walani and other). What i spent: a lot polymer clay and 2-3 sleepless nights ...and what i get, you can see in the pictures And of course i'll wait your questions and opinions, guys!
  6. If i build the skyworthy and travel to shipwrecked i spawn at the Seaworthy but i do not spawn at a Skyworthy when traveling to hamlet. I wanted to play like ohhh no i am trapped here (ROG), escape by building a boat = seaworthy. got shippwrecked in shippwrecked. realise that the fog is trapping me and try then to build the skyworthy. So why spawning a seaworthy in shippwr. but not skyw. in hamlet when teleporting ? i would like to turn it of in world settings or have to find a new wreck in shippwrecked to build a new seaworthy for return. Btw is it canon that you can switch worlds? and if yes how does it work. Is it rly a magic teleporter or are you building a real boat/ballon and are traveling? It would be awesoem to build a real boat fill it with your stuff and then you are shipwrecked with random chances to find stuff you packed nearby and on other island in crates.
  7. Dear fellow survivors, dear game developpers, I would like to address an issue regarding consistency problems related to traveling between worlds. The first issue has already been adressed in another post and is minor -compared to the other one- in my opinion. This is that the seaworthy only allows to travel between rog and sw while the skyworthy allows to basically go everywhere, which is weird because for instance when you go from hamlet to an existing rog world where there already is a seaworthy there - but not a skyworthy - then you will spawn near the seaworthy. The second issue is the consistency of the traveling mechanism regarding former worlds. I wanted to connect my RoG-SW which I had for a long while (2 years I'd say) and turns out that I can. Somewhat. I started a hamlet world and when I finally was able to craft the skyworthy, which I did, I could connect the hamlet world to my existing RoG-SW world (provided my character in the other world was in RoG and not SW for some reason). The problem is, there is no coming back. In previously generated world, there are no deflated balloons to hammer to get the silly can, and there is no coming back since (see my first point) the seaworth does not allow to go to hamlet. So basically you're trapped in RoG-SW. Since my base is in RoG, I had this idea that maybe if I jumpworld in SW, the world generation would generate the deflated balloon, but I tried and it doesnt. It seems that since this world is already connected to RoG, it only generates a seaworthy. And when I tried to seek for the deflated balloon using the console command, the prefab does not even appear in the autocomplete bar on the right, which could mean the game does not even know it exists in this save. However, if you start in Hamlet then travel to SW, there will be both a seaworthy to travel to RoG and also a deflated balloon, which means it is definitely possible and intended to travel between the 3 different DLCs. I would really like the developpers to clarify what they intend with this traveling mechanism, and to fix the inconsistencies that are related to it. The fact that this is possible to connect all 3 dlcs is definitely awesome, yet it would be pointless if it does not actually work with former worlds, since a lot of players (me included) have bases / megabases which they wont rebuild from scratch in order to have access to hamlet content. Feel free to share your thoughts on the matter.
  8. Infinite Tools

    Version 1.3


    Hi, Original Creator: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=717953407&searchtext= Compatible with Everything
  9. I know this is the Hamlet thread, but I was playing the Early Access game in a Shipwrecked world. Trying to turn on the boat lantern or the boat torch does nothing, it doesn't light up. Not much else to talk about it.
  10. Today's patch fixed many things, including the crash that would happen if you bring the key to the city to other worlds than hamlet. After the patch I was really happy to see that you can now bring the key to the city to RoG or SW. Only to be disappointed that the city planning crafting doesn't work. I really wish that in the future that the city planning tab is compatible with RoG and SW. If it did, end game for don't starve would be one of the best in video game industry imo. City planning being a portable station really feel like a wasted opportunity to me. (For those unaware, you can either hold the key or be near it for it to work) I am however aware of the technical reasons on why it was chosen to be this way: - The shop and building interior system doesn't work and is/or incompatible with how RoG and SW are handled. - The villagers and guards + bandit system currently isn't compatible with RoG and SW. If you read this Klei, I hope you will take this under consideration at least. Cheers.
  11. I’m just gonna throw in some bugs I’ve found in the Switch version, even after the latest patch. Some of these are self-explanatory. 1. All sounds in Winter are muffled, even the soundtrack. 2. Mining Glommer’s Statue sometimes does not drop the blueprint. I don’t know how rare this is. 3. Sunset music in Shipwrecked still loops. 4. While Overheating, the heat waves that usually surround the edges of the screen do not appear. 5. Some items can’t be extinguished by hand during the Summer, like - and correct me if I’m wrong - Chests, Tents, and Crock Pots. And Klei... for the love of god please fix the ungodly long loading screens? Please?? Thanks.
  12. I know devs told us we will have it in the game, but in this early access it will be already here? If yes i think i will test it as webber on ship, then transition :). " on one save at least"', if anyone know plz post it :). early ham hype!
  13. Shipwrecked en Español

    Version 1.0.3


    ¡¡Nuevo!!: Como respuesta a uno de mis comentarios en los foros oficiales de Klei se han incluido las líneas faltantes que no estaban en el archivo base. Estaré traduciendo las líneas faltantes dentro de poco. ¿Qué incluye este mod? Menús de Shipwrecked completamente traducidos al Español. Traduccion completa de Don't Starve y Don't Starve Reign of Giants corregida y actualizada basada en el trabajo de Nohemí. Los siguientes personajes tienen sus líneas completas de SW en español: Wilson, Willow, WX-78, Woodie, Woodlegs, Warly (germanware), Wigfrid (nuevo) Wilson Willow WX-78 Warly (gracias a germanware) Woodie Woodlegs Wigfrid Traducciones parciales: Wickerbottom Personajes mudos que puedes jugar, puesto que los menús están traducidos totalmente. Wes Wilbur (SW) También puedes descargarlo en Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=692498839 Quiero agradecer a Nohemí por su trabajo de RoG y Vanilla que he tomado de base en esta traducción y que he modificado y corregido aquí. Su sentido del humor me ha inspirado notablemente (Cabras de Alta Tensión: lol). También agradecer a germanware por sus líneas de Warly. Sígueme en: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDDA7LiTTnTHJ3PLxumvRSw Nueva serie con Woodlegs Twitter : https://twitter.com/FreyaMaluk Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/freyamaluk Email: freya.maluk@gmail.com Instalacion: Descarga 7zip para poder descomprimirlo. - Descarga el archivo. - Extrae el mod en la siguiente dirección: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\mods - Abre el juego y entra al menú "Mods" en el menú principal. - Busca el mod y actívalo manualmente. - Clickea aplicar y ¡listo! Si alguien desea unirse a este esfuerzo, le estaría agradecida. Además de las líneas de diálogo restantes, hay algunas cosas que aún faltan desde la parte logística (el ícono, por ejemplo) Nota de traducción con respecto al tono: He decidido darle un tinte distintivo al personaje de Woodlegs. Su jerga tiene una mezcla de acentos costeros y peninsulares. También he prescindido de incluir terminología que no corresponde a su sociolecto y a su provenencia. Estoy abierta a sugerencias para mejorar la traducción en este punto, pero considere primero que ha sido una decisión basada en el contexto geográfico del juego y del propio origen de Woodlegs. Estaré muy atenta a sus comentarios y sugerencias.
  14. So i was messing around in Hamlet and decided to merge a hamlet world with a normal world, and after that i saw the option to build a seaworthy, even though i dont own shipwrecked. So i build it, and it gave me the option to create a SW world. and it worked. I dont think this is intended so im letting you know.
  15. I really love a lot of the pirate aesthetics that Shipwrecked has, and especially the Yaarctopus' bartering empire built upon sea-food. However, in most of my games I end up finding the Yaarctopus quite a bit later than I think it would be feasible to find the Pig King or Pig Queen of the RoG/Hamlet worlds respectively. For the Pig Royalty, you tend to have a general sense of where they will decide to place themselves on world start, but finding the Pirate King (no relation) often takes a considerable deal more time and effort. As the location of the Yaarctopus is only limited to any single Coral Reef biome, and these can be placed in any part of the Ocean, finding the right one can be a bit of a lottery. That's why I propose a new item: the Pirate's Compass. This would be crafted with a Spyglass, a Pirate Hat, and a Compass, requiring a Science Machine to protoype. The item would function more like the Compass from Don't Starve Together, requiring you to equip it in the hand slot and having a durability of 2.5 days; but instead of the arrow pointing North, the graphic would instead have the arrow pointing in the direction of the Yaarctopus. (I just realized while writing that this is kind of like the compass that belongs to Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates film series. Maybe it could even be called the Sparrow's Compass for one those pop-culture references that Klei loves to do?) This way you'd be able to locate the Yaarctopus with a considerable amount of early resource investment, but by finding him and trading the right Crockpot meals, you could eventually get back almost all of the items/resources used, aside from the Papyrus. Anyway, I just wanted to float that idea out there and see what people think. Like I said before I absolutely love the Yaarctopus and his whole pirate shtick, and I'd really like to be able to make a beeline to him and put a Sea-Base next to him every game. Even if this suggestion isn't the exact right item for it, I think there's definitely room to explore here.
  16. Seaworthy Questions

    Wondering if I use the Seaworthy from SW to RoG or the other way around, will it cause the seasonal bosses or hounds to spawn right as you enter like the caves do? I'm also wondering if you pre-craft something like a obsidian pit can you take it to RoG? Thanks!
  17. i tried if i could plant seaweed stalks in it and it wasnt possible so i figured i should suggest it, sounds pretty reasonably too, no?
  18. When playing in shipwrecked on switch, the dusk/dawn music repeatedly plays after playing the first time. I can interrupt it with other music to stop it for a bit. Relogging, starting new save, turning switch off, anything like that doesn't work. Not sure if it happens in RoG. Additional unrelated bug: The water meter doesn't display a number when paused on inventory.
  19. Version 1.5.2


    PORTUGUÊS: Olá, eu sou o Won & Only e esse é um mod para tradução em Português do Brasil do Don't Starve. Por enquanto, apenas Wilson, Wolfgang, Wickerbottom, Wigfrid e Walani tiveram suas falas completamente traduzidas. O mod será atualizado aos poucos. O mod esteve inativo desde o dia 17, e continuará assim até o dia 30, pois estive muito ocupado recentemente. Desculpa pessoal. ENGLISH: Hello, I'm Won & Only and I am uploading a Brazilian Portuguese translation mod for Don't Starve. For now, only Wilson, Wolfgang, Wickerbottom, Wigfrid and Walani had their quotes completely translated. The mod will be updated gradually.
  20. Marsh Fern Spawner

    Version 1.0.0


    Ferns will spawn in marshes when it rains, like flowers. Required RoG (due to rain). Works in SW worlds too!
  21. When the Forge first came out, I watched a Volx stream in the middle of a library where everybody was wondering where the wifi went. Then when I first noticed the pigs in the crowd I spazzed out in the chat with a very large and incomplete lore theory. This was met with much "shut up, that theory is just plain stupid". Then I got around to buying SW and noticed the pigs in that to, and then finished the theory. STUPID THEORY TIME In vanilla DS, ROG and all forms of DST, the three games confirmed to be canon, there is some variation on the pigmans or merms, the inhabitants of the constant. However, all the non-confirmed canon games (SW and Hamlet) also share this element, but with a small twist. Thousands of people per day screaming "ADD SW TO DST". Now, anybody in there right minds would just tell them that SW isn't canon, and if they could please stop bugging them, it's pretty annoying. But Klei hasn't done that, despite the utter confusion (and annoying posts) surrounding SW. Same for Hamlet. What I'm saying is that SW and Hamlet are just some other worlds in the portal, like the ones that Punga refers to in his monologue. This could (maybe) mean one of two things: 1: Klei are incredibly cruel, and just want to torture us. or 2: Hamlet and SW are canon, they're just withholding the information. Do please not this is just a stupid theory, so if it turns out to be incorrect please don't murder me in cold blood, I have a family.
  22. Hey, I am trying to create a mod which adds a new world gen option to the game. It should be an option that allows the player to disable strong winds simular to the world gen option for disabling puddles. But since I am really new to moding I have a few questions: 1. I am sure there was work already done for new world gen options. Can someone provide me a link to that? 2. I was unable to find the strong winds in the game files. Maybe I searched for the wrong words?! idk. Does someone have an idea where it is located? Big thanks in advance
  23. Hello SURVIVORS ! I work fews hours on this project : Fresco of 5 scenes (Shipwrecked) with Wendy, Wilson, a bird, Warly and Wigfrid ! ►►► Let's see here : http://co2graphisme.fr/dst/entrez.html (for a better experience, open on Chrome (computer 16/9), images need to load) Kiss and fun
  24. Farsi language pack

    Version 1.01


    !.بالاخره بعد از مدت ها مود زبان فارسی برای بازی منتشر شد : این مود چیکار میتونه برات بکنه .با این مود شما میتونید کاملا فارسی در بازی تایپ کنید(این قابلیت در نسخه آنلاینه بازی کارایی دارد نه آفلاین و تک نفره) * .ترجمه کامل بازی به زبان فارسی(این قابلیت مود کامل نشده است اما به زودی بازی را کاملا ترجمه خواهیم کرد) * : چطوری مود را دانلود کنم وجود دارد Download this file در همین صفحه ای که هستید سمت راست یک کادر نارنجی رنگ باعبارت .روی آن کلیک کنید سپس فایلی که برای شما باز میشود را دانلود کنید : چطوری مود را نصب کنم : فایلی را که دانلود کرده اید را ابتدا از حالت فشرده خارج نمائید و بعد فایل خارج شده را کپی کرده سپس در این آدرس آن را قرار دهید "...\Steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\mods" .باشه don't_starve_together میتونه don't_starve البته فایل : توجه : برای تایپ فارسی ابتدا کلید F1 را یک بار فشار دهید تا جهت تایپ از چپ به راست به راست به چپ تغییر کند و برای تایپ انگلیسی همین کار را یک بار دیگر تکرار کنید .تا جهت به چپ به راست تغییر کند : چطوری مشکلات مود را گزارش دهم شما میتونید مشکلات،سوالات یا هر چیزی که نیاز به ارتباط با سازنده مود دارید .را از طریق همین صفحه انجام دهید : یا به آیدی تلگرام .گزارش دهید @sesolita _____________________________ .دوست خوبم که اگه کمکم نمیکرد نمیتونستم این مود را کامل کنم marecik16 و خیلی ممنون از امیدوارم ازش لذت ببرید
  25. Extractable Roe

    Version 1.0.0


    Open that Fish, and Extract that Roe! Notes: Use the Obsidian-Golden-Machete on Tropical-Fish to get 1 Roe & 1 Raw Fish. (The Same Method Used to Open Coconuts) No need to wait for Cormorants Anymore!