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  1. @ImDaMisterL I have given my permission to use all/any of my work to create new mods or to just update my existing ones. Many modders contacted me personally saying they would update this one but not a single one of them delivered. I guess there's just too much work in RPG HUD and no one would bother. I don't blame them, I myself had to stop updating/creating mods because of a lack of time and programming skills. Sometimes I think about doing it myself, but I know I won't be able to do it continually, so I refrain. I wouldn't want to update it, then it would break again and I would find myself caught in the same thing I escaped when I abandoned all my mods, many of which have been updated by others BTW. Just this one, nobody wants to touch it.
  2. This mod is out-dated and no loner maintained. Here's an up-to-date version of it (combined with another mod) done by rezecib.
  3. @ WilsonJr This mod is no longer supported by me. Your best chance is to run the latest build of the game, the build you're running is extremely old. But as I said, I no longer update this mod, but some folks have told me they are working on updating it, sokeep an eye out for their newer versions. Cheers
  4. Hey guys, I had news from a couple of people who are willing to update my mods and share them here and steam. I have no ETA though.
  5. Hey guys, I had news from a couple of people who are willing to update my mods and share them here and steam. I have no ETA though.
  6. There's no real way to follow the port's progress. But I'll share any updates on here as soon as I get any. Cheers !
  7. You don't need to do that. WinRAR, WinZip and the likes open RAR files no problem.
  8. @JezusDayz I don't really know how to upgrade the standalone version, I have the steam one. Look on the forums here, there's probably a guide somewhere.
  9. You need to update the game. Use your updater , it's in the game folder.
  10. Here, from that page I linked : Find the mod that you want to install, click on the "Download" button to download the mod files. Unzip the downloaded zipped file into your Don't Starve's mod folder - PC: C:\Program Files\dontstarve\mods - Mac: /Applications/Don't Starve/Don't - Linux /home/username/.local/share/Steam/SteamApps/common/dont_starve/mods Run your Don't Starve Standalone client and click on "Mods" on the main menu. Activate the mod you want to use by clicking on the checkbox to the left of the mod. Click on "OK" to apply the changes; play the game!
  11. @Gigadroid Hello friend. I'm pretty busy lately, but if I get the time, I'll give it a look. Could you share your modified mods ? It could help. Cheers!
  12. I won't be porting it to DST, but someone else is working on the port right now.
  13. You need to make sure your game is up to date, specifically the Shipwrecked compatibility update that came out right before SW beta.