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Can you save a friend from the volcano?

yes? but where are the cage keys?

Can you find the Slipstor in the jungle?

Can you find a shark pond?

Can you buy some itens from octopusking?

Can you beat the Twister inside the volcano?

Can you get some fish from a mermfisher without he see you?

What this mod do?

- add three biomes to don`t starve together:

- The jungle

- The Tidal Mash

- The volcano

- Add 4 bosses for the game

- add a objective to the game: save a friend locked in a cage inside the volcano. 
The bosses have the keys.

good luck

What's New in Version 4.2.7   See changelog



Everything was changed, until the worldgen. More info in the steam page

3.1 Add the sea, beach and the gorge biomes and a lot of things

Add new biomes, crafts and more


Fixed a lot of bugs, removed beaver king, added the octopusking


- fixed wildbore texture


Fixed a bug on seee a beaver

Fixed a bug on pick bamboo

Fixed a bug on create obsidian tools

Fixed a bug on rock obsidian

Changed animations from beaver king and beaver houses

fixed bug on create obsidian tools

fixed bug on venom gland name

- Now the game will not crash with caves



Fixed a bug in cookpot.

Fixed a bug to unlock the woodlegs cage.

Add recipe to build wildbore house and beaver house.

Changed igredients to make coffe, now you need put coffe seeds and 1 honey on cookpot

Add a new loot to the tigershark, the dumbrella.

reduced the number of mermfisher houses on tidal mash biome

reduced the number of wildbore houses on jungle biome

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@Joachim Your team have the credits on steam page, and i removed the beavers because i don't want conflit. But i put the beaver in the first version because your team did a good work. The mult-world mod was abandoned, that was the motivation to put the beaver king in the my mod, but now you come back, good to see you active again.

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