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  1. One of the more recent game updates changed the way the save slot list on the server creation screen is constructed, it now uses SaveGameIndex:GetNumSlots function to get the total number of slots to be created, instead of NUM_SAVE_SLOTS from constants.lua, like it used to. This results in problems when using mods increasing the total number of saveslots - even after the mod is disabled, the number returned by SaveGameIndex:GetNumSlots is still the same, beacause it returns the total number of slots present in saveindex, not the desired length of the list. The result is this: The simplest solution would be to revert it to the way it was back then, but I've seen some comments in constants.lua about NUM_SAVE_SLOTS only being supposed to be used for initializing SaveGameIndex, so I'd like some explanation from the devs on that, and maybe we could figure out a workaround together. This is the mod I'm using.
  2. Looks like you're right, it seems that the hard-coded function is only able to give me this part of the puzzle. Maybe the Steam user ID is the case here, maybe the country code; nonetheless, we need more people to help us solve that thing!
  3. Maybe I don't get some reference, but that doesn't make any sense to me. Those are all the clues I was able to get from that little guy. EDIT: Got ninja'd. By the way @alainmcd, notice how our versions differ.
  4. So there are a few so called "sailor clues" referred to in game's code, but those are hard coded in the .exe, not possibile to obtain through code-digging and only through collecting sea trinkets and giving them to this parrot. You know what that means? Puzzle, ladies and gentelmen, PUZZLE!
  5. In the item file, this line: inst.entity:AddNetwork()and those few: local trans = inst.entity:AddTransform()local anim = inst.entity:AddAnimState()local sound = inst.entity:AddSoundEmitter()MakeInventoryPhysics(inst) should be placed before if not TheWorld.ismastersim then return instend
  6. @rubikluke, Sorry for such a late reply, I didn't even notice that you replied once more. If the issue still exists, you should change the regeneration code to: local function checkregen(_, data) if ((inst.components.moisture:GetMoisture() > 0) or TheWorld.state.israining) then if not ( and then, 5) --1 point every 5 seconds end else endendinst:ListenForEvent("weathertick", checkregen, TheWorld)checkregen()For the moisture rate, use: inst.components.moisture:SetInherentWaterproofness(0.9) --gives your character additional rain protection just like waterproof clothes. 0 is no waterproofness, 1 is absolute. Umbrella has 0.9
  7. I would recommend to not use Kzisor's code there, simply because it makes it so that there's some percentage chance that the set piece will appear, say, 3 times, and otherwise it won't appear at all. Unless that's what you want to do, obviously. EDIT: Or, you could do something like this: AddSetPiece(LEVELTYPE.ALL, hive_vine_name, math.random(3), GetTaskList(), 100)This will generate one to three set pieces on the world. Also, answering your question about "example_layout" and "example_layout_name" - sure, you can rename those.
  8. Shouldn't the "SetPristine" line be before "if not TheWorld.ismastersim"?
  9. "SGwilson" -> "wilson" "SGwilson_client" -> "wilson_client"