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Fix Dogs (aka reset hounds in glitched games) + Fixes No Sleeping Glitch 0.1.0

About This File

ONLY FOR GLITCHED SAVEGAMES WHERE DOGS ARE NOT SPAWNING CORRECTLY (Fixes dogs spawning every time you join and dogs not spawning at all)


Step 1 - Start your glitched game with this mod

Step 2 - SAVE and QUIT

Step 3 - disable this mod and load your game... all the dog information is now wiped and should resume spawning normal... you know it worked because now you can sleep!

I created this mod because I was playing Shipwrecked and one day I could not sleep anymore because of some clandestine danger and 50 days later found out it was because hounds were not spawning.

Please comment if you have any problems or if this worked for you.

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Thank you so much!  I've gotten this bug twice before and have had to start over.  Very happy to have a fix for it now!  It worked perfect on my latest bugged save.

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On 9/15/2016 at 4:17 PM, PsychoND said:

How can I use this mod on steam?

Extract the zip file in the mods folder, then when you go to mods it will show up and you can enable it. It is the same exact way you install all the other mods on this website. The only difference is once you play the game with the mod you need to immediately save and quit and then disable the mod in the mod menu. It only needs to be run once because what it does is wipe the save data of your hounds.

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