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Found 58 results

  1. Hi! Just posted a thread for you to share the crazy things you've come up with after merged crafting and civilization became a thing. I'm a pretty basic player, and i have yet lots to see, so i got nothing to share. Side note, any way to retrofit hamlet compatibility?
  2. With Hamlet's development I can't help but notice some SW disconnect in some aspects on how SW stands as a dlc in single player atm. - SW doesn't even have a Suggestions and Feedback section, ergo why I'm posting here... Sorry guys - Pls add green, yellow, orange gems and Thulecite to the Trawl Net loot in deep waters as you added rare gems and Thulecite in Smashing Pots in Hamlet. This would make some rare materials renewable in an exclusive way for the single player experience outside of via teleportato or cheese manually deleting the caves. All this considering you cannot reset caves in RoG atm. - Slot Machine could also include rare gems and thulecite loot. Again a cool and unique way of renewing rare loot. Specially after the infamous nerf which makes the Slot Machine unfun and kinda useless. - There is a disconnection between the SW items you can buy in Hamlet (coconuts, bamboo, etc) vs the non existent exclusive SW items that you can sell in Hamlet. Pls allow us to sell doydoy feathers, shark gills, obsidian and other SW items - Oddities loot doesn't have a single boss exclusive to SW.. Only RoG bosses... Feelsignoredman T_T - there aren't any SW exclusive hats sold in the Hat shop. Seeing a pattern here.. - There is no monetary conversion in place between Hamlet with oincs and SW with doubloons. All need to translate to gold first which is a huge devalue for both dobloons and oincs in a SW economy. - pls add a Naval Store with cannons, boat lamps, and other relevant items.
  3. I'll just make these short little points that I observed 1. Ingame art for both Wagstaff and Wheeler are pretty bad and unfitting, especially compared to their big portraits (which are very fitting and amazing), however, Wagstaff with his goggles is great! 2. Wheeler isn't good. Hamlet already puts a ton of pressure on inventory with multiple new tools and items, and Wheeler can barely do well in base-game with her inventory. 3. Wheeler's airhorn isn't good. It is effectively useless with how it does very little damage and deletes the used item. 4. Not really a suggestion, but I used the compass and my game went down to 1fps for about 30 seconds, not sure why. 5. Wheeler's dodge is really only good for moving a little faster. Not for actually dodging. The same can be accomplished by... walking.
  4. So just like my ONI thread, And my Hamlet beta thread, I'm doing the same thing yet again! Feel free to join me in my misery, it'll be fun. WARNING!!! LOTS OF GIFS AHEAD!! PROCEED WITH CAUTION IF YOU HAVE A POTATO FOR A COMPUTER!!! Ancient Herald ...Huh. Oh my those are large. But I kinda don't wanna resize them because it'll probably cause the computer I'm using to crash. ...apparently I can't edit my post. Okay, I found a decent workaround. Click the spoiler, go down to Tsundere, and click the picture there. Since it's not a GIF it should load relatively quickly, and you can click the arrows to view the resized GIFS.
  5. Is that possible to change main menu of don't starve to old ones (For example RoG)? I don't like don't starve hamlet music and the background (don't like game too, kek) but I have all of DLC. Is that possible change menu without removing or refusing any DLC? Because It's nostalgic and make me remember the old good updates :') Also the songs and purple wallpaper was perfect!
  6. Thought freezing was placeholder, but looks like not. I can see why Klei wouldn't make this feature because it is hard to implement with so many assets to set it for. But may be they can somehow do it procedurally? In don't starve together you get moonrock from werepig and hounds with moonstone, so something like that, but with pugalisk wand turning mobs into stone that you can mine would make the item really useful and desirable. If it moves, it loots rock And it could do same when petrifying player, but less OP, so don't freeze player forever (would be bad if you kill it, then stuck petrified), but should deal a lot of damage when it attack you while you are petrified. And of course, pugalisk would be immune to petrification.
  7. Boat and Hamlet turf

    Shipwrecked boats instantly break on hamlet the land when there is hamlet turf such as beard rug or dense turf along the coast like. The boat breaks when the player drives it into the coast with these turfs on it. The player is then walking on water and the boat is broken as if hammered. soon the player is snapped back to walking on the shore but the boat broken and items in the water.
  8. A few tips I've amassed on my limited experience in hamlet with everyone's favorite scallywag. -pick exotic flowers when low on sanity, as they are renewable in the jungle -Try to rush palace city, as it also contains the Tam O Shanter -use spyglass to clear out the map Anything else you guys might wanna add? I thought about starting in SW and rushing skyworthy to bring lucky hats and coffee over to hamlet
  9. Do you get completely new 5 saves? Or saves not active without DLC in some way?
  10. Does anyone else think that all the islands except the first one lack some content and look the same? The start island has irons hulk's, mant hills and all the biomes while other islands don't have as much. You probably won't return to pugalisk island after you kill him. They're also smaller than the first island making it the best island to base on. I think there should be more content on these islands. Maybe even move the mant hills to pig queen island to make it less mundane(it makes sense that they stole the crown if their on the same island) Idk just a thought
  11. Seriously. Could you please add the Guardian Horn to the Oddities Shop? Make it expensive, of course (300 Oincs, maybe?) but just add it. I don't want to have to go through the Teleportato just to make another Houndius.
  12. Hi! Just as title says. I'd like to have the following track: Back into the game for personal preference, but i can barely turn a computer on much less make a mod. Thanks! Also, am i the only one who still has the music not playing bug?
  13. G10MM-3R [RoG/SW/HAM]

    Version 1.6


    Automate gathering resources! --- --- G10MM-3R is a drone version of Glommer. Design inspired by Drones from Slime Rancher. It can: - Pick up various inventory items (uncooked food and resources), - Pick resources like Grass, Saplings, Berries, etc. - Harvest Bee Boxes/Farms/Meat Racks (when configured), - Hack resources like Tall Grass/Vine Bushes (when configured). It will store all its items inside a modified Glommer Statue (dubbed "G10MM-3R Base"). It doesn't need any fuel - it will work until broken. You can find its blueprint by mining the Glommer's Statue (or by defeating bosses in Shipwrecked/Hamlet). It's craftable on the very top of the "Science" Tab. --- G10MM-3R on Steam: This is a port of my DST mod. You can find it here:
  14. Looking for file that sets pig shop items and prices anyone know? I know trades are in economy.lua but can't find prices and stuff that is selling in shops in any file
  15. I'm kind of impatient for the hamlet season updates. I know we got a sniplet like a week ago, but as April closes in i can't help but worry hamlet may get abandoned without the necesary tweaking. I still count on klei though, because that doesn't seem like they're kind of thing.
  16. It's been while since we had a chance to see what others are working on in their worlds so here's a new base showcase thread. This could be megabases, efficiency bases, aesthetic bases, automated bases, landscaping or turf changes, or any other project you think is neat and want to share.
  17. The tinker's tower for those of you who haven't seen it yet is a new shop in hamlet. This shop allows you to purchase blueprints, What kind? These blueprints are blueprints from Reign of giants and shipwrecked. There is 9 in total The 9 goes as follows Walking cane - 500 oincs Eyebrella - 300 oincs Scaled chest - 200 oincs Scaled armor - 200 oincs Weather pain - 100 oincs Dripple pipes - 100 oincs insulated pack - 100 oincs Hibearnation vest - 50 oincs Now, this is essentially an small form of merged crafting, a feature a lot of people would like to see added(And a lot of people who think it would be op to gain every recipe on the spot at an alchemy). In my opinion, This shop doesn't offer much, 8 out of the 9 items can just be crafted in ROG or SW so there not that great, which is why i'm making this thread today. The tinker's tower has really untapped potential that can be used here. More blueprints can possibly be added here, Mainly stuff you can place cause items can just be mass-crafted in another world and be imported into hamlet. With that being said, here are some structure blueprints i would like to be added into the tinker's tower (As well as prices for those structures) Bee box - 400 oincs Bunny hutch - 300 oincs Pig house - 300 oincs Sealab - 200 oincs Sea wall - 50 oincs Chiminea (and the sea verison) - 75 oincs Ice machine - 250 oincs Those are just few of the many items that could be added into this shop. Now lets go over why these items specifically. For the sea wall and chiminea, its for deco at the lakes. For bunny hutches and pig houses They don't fit anywhere in hamlet but i don't think that matters, They can be used for farms Mainly for gameplay. Bee boxes because there is no concrete way of getting honey, Mant hills are unrenewable, This also (Just like most other blueprints i listed here) promotes cross-world exploration, Need bees? go to ROG or SW. I put the ice machine there for the same reason i put the bee boxes there, there simply isn't a good way to get ice. Spam-buying ice from one of the shops is just too ineffective. Like i said these are just few of the items that could be added, Maybe we could get a snakeskin rug blueprint too? If you have any ideas for new blueprints, post about it! I would love to see it. After viewing comments, I'm gonna make a list of item blueprints for the tower people suggested, here is its; Obsidian firepit: 150 oincs
  18. Pig Oinc Casino

    When in Klei gonna make a Onic Casino to spend the surplus of onics for non renewable or other cool stuff. Or even a way to convert oincs to dabloons for more slot machine fun.
  19. You could still use weapons but take damage, with machete it could take 3 cuts to clear some and 1 shear cut. Cutting with both would not deal damage.
  20. Alright, If you haven't heard, Hamlet is a good DLC, and is quite fun, However, it has some *serious* optimization issues. However, after putting good while into my new Hamlet world, it's become obvious why this is the case. to put it simply, not one, not two, but 3 creatures have a tendency to Completely conquer the world. and for once, it isn't the player. the three creatures in question are the Rabid beetle, the Snaptooth flytraps, and the Spider Monkeys. The rabid beetle is the most obvious one. However, because they've already been changed to die after a day, they're not as bad as they were, though there will be an indirect nerf to there ability to murder everything coming up. Next is the Snaptooth. if you're unfamiliar, these plant beasts have 2 forms. there's the seedling and then the Flytrap. The seedling is mobile, extremely hostile, and will attempt to eat meat to "evolve". Each time it "evolves" it becomes a bit larger and stronger, and once it eats 3 pieces of meat, it becomes a Flytrap. The Flytraps are stronger, are immobile, and spawn seedlings around them. This is where the issue lies. The flytrap stalks are supposed to stop producing once there are enough of any kind of flytrap in an area. However, due to this being an extremely short range (3.75 tiles according to the wiki, but take that with a grain of salt) and the seedlings being extremely aggressive, it is super easy to lead packs of seedlings out of the flytrap's range, which causes them to spawn more seedlings, and with how aggressive they are, one of those will probably end up turning into another flytrap. so what I suggest for these ones -Flytooth's spawning of seedlings now counts both the local area (which is expanded), and the island it's in. so if there are, say, 50 Snaptooths on the starting island, then no more seedlings can be spawned by the flytraps. which means that even if there's one all alone on the other side of the jungle from the rest, it will be unable to spawn any seedlings. Note that Deep jungle spawns and Gas jungle spawns are separate, so killing them in one biome won't interfere with the other. -Flytraps that are killed will leave a root that allows them to respawn after 10 days (3 in lush season). this is to prevent Extinctions with there much thinner numbers. -Seedlings will return to the deep jungle if they're lured out of it and no longer have a target -flytraps that root outside of the jungle will not produce seedlings in any scenario. Now finally, we have the Spider monkey. On further pondering, I think these guy's overpopulation issue is actually a bug. because according to the wiki (which again, not the most reliable to do Early access), they're supposed to have "heards" like beefalo, which should mean that there's a cap to how many there can be. Which leads me to believe that either A. the wiki is correct, and that the issue is that when they try to find a jungle tree to cocoon they wander too far from there heard, which cases them to form a new herd, and the cycle repeats itself until the entire deep jungle is webbed (I wish that was sarcasm). B. There's an issue with breeding similar to what Rock lobsters had. It's just not quite as noticeable due to their immense numbers being spread out due to them trying to web trees. or C. the wiki's wrong and they actually spawn from cocooned trees as opposed to using Herd mechanics. in this case, my assumption is that they're not properly recognizing the trees that spawned them as their home, and go out to cocoon new trees. Either way, there is something up with there spawning that's causing them to take over entire deep jungles. Assuming that it is a glitch, there are still two tweaks I suggest for them -cutting down the tree removes the webbing, you no longer have to dig up the stump aswell. (this is just a QoL suggestion) -now have a Slam attack similar to the bearger. this deals 60 damage and is specifically intended to counter the swarms of rabid beetles. So yeah, assuming the spider monkey overpopulation is a bug, the changes to them and the snapteeth should, atleast in theory, help with Hamlet's optimization issues. though I have no idea if they where the soul issue with it.
  21. Bought and used Hibearnation vest blueprint and moggles blueprint, didn't get recipes in crafting tab. I had crafted both in RoG world before. Odd that Hibearnation vest didn't appear in crafting menu for me, scaled chest did when I crafted in RoG world and so did Luxury Fan. Wasted 80 oincs. My world is quite old as well, made it like a month ago.
  22. Some discussion was about game when Hamlet got change for temperate work music, it overlay and menu background color. I still don't like any of this decisions. Old theme felt grand and unique, new one feels slapped on and tint for temperate season feel off, can make you think it actually humid season. Always thought of Hamlet as yellowy pale and was until early access had it changed to green completely unfit for it I will put pole up. Think there was topic before where overlay was discussed and more people like new one more no idea why. Here is comaprison May be new temperate work could be when you in town and old when you outside of town?
  23. Don't wanna sound like a party pooper, but when do you guys think the content will come?
  24. I was playing on my Hamlet/SW/RoG combined world the other day and I had a suggestion I'd like to put forth in regards to one of the items. Specifically the Thulecite Medallion, which is an item from Reign of Giants which tells the player which section of the ruins cycle they are currently in (ie calm, warning, active, etc.). One of the more annoying things with Hamlet is keeping up with the Aporkalypse, and while 60 days is more than enough time in between, it would still be handy if there was some sort of external indicator item that could be carried around and examined. I think the Thulecite Medallion would work perfect for this, and it'd give it some actual purpose in the game besides pointing out the obvious in the ruins.The balance would be that it can only be crafted in RoG, meaning it'd require world hopping to bring into a Hamlet world, making it relatively challenging to obtain, but actually useful once acquired. While it's more of a stretch it'd also be helpful if it could be used to indicate how soon the next eruption in SW is, although how this would be implemented I do not know.The different stages could be used as an indicator of days left.
  25. As we all know, Klei told us that each of the Hamlet seasons will be getting some new perks when they released the official roadmap. What would you all hope to see when the new update releases? I have some ideas below: Humid Season: -Science Says the Ground is Moist! (Deep Rainforest turf can be dug up during Humid Season, because the moisture makes the ground easier to move) -ACTUAL drops from Rabid Beetles (Something useful that we can use to make new items) -Fog Affects All (Mobs will have a smaller aggro range, because they can't see well in the fog) Lush Season: -ALL plants start to bloom (For example, blooming Saplings will give 2 twigs rather than 1, blooming Claw Palms will drop 6 Cork instead of 3) Aporkalypse: -The Herald will reset the Ruins when killed -The Aporkalypse can only be ended by killing the Herald -New Iron Hulk boss What do you think of these ideas? Of course, these are just a few, so leave some more in the comments below!