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  1. In their current state, the vines in the ruins serve as more of an annoyance rather than an obstacle, as they regrow the instant you leave the ruins. If you get unlucky and have a particularly long path to the other side of them, you'll likely end up trapping yourself. A regrowth period of 20 days would make more sense, as nothing else but Giant Grubs also respawn instantly (which I've mentioned in another topic). The vines used to stay chopped, but for some reason, they're regrowing again, and I have to question why.
  2. I love the open-world that Don't Starve began as. It was a blank book in which I could write my own story. Each player could build, wander and discover in their own way. My worlds were my creation. After the introduction of RoG, the race to prepare for different seasons began to be a more dominant factor. Now, in the best and most creative iteration, Hamlet, we can link our worlds. But when I discovered that 60 days is the absolute limit for Hamlet, I went to the world gen to delay the Aporkalypse. But I can't do it! Now, instead of having fun, I have to find the calendar and adjust it. That requires many forced intermediate steps. Why would you take a lovely and literate open world and hamstring the players to pre-written chapters? Please don't let this game become like all the others. I've got better things to do than have a game dictate a grinding schedule.
  3. Kinda like my ONI thread, I've decided to make a thread like that but for DS Hamlet! I'll be working on assembling the assets I found...and posting them here! Roc Roc is ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE!! I'm planning on making a Wilson to Roc size just give me some time. ^^;
  4. Hello, I was playing on Don't starve hamlet (merged world) on my PC, and I prepared a telelocator focus on the ruins a room away from the aporcalypse calendar. When I arrived there using the telelocator staff, there was no light, even when I had my miner hat on (as you can see) or a light but the mobs were able to hit me. I tried to quit the game and try again, but the same problem is still happening How can I do ? I really need to go there to prevent the aporcalypse Edit : I tried again without the mods on and the problem is still happening
  5. Abigail in Hamlet

    I was surprised there was nothing to it. Maybe I'm the only one who doesn't like that ^^''. But Abigail is a ghost, so why does she keep triggering the traps in the ruins? One of the reasons why I don't like to play Wendy in Hamlet ... I understand that creatures trigger traps but a ghost? ._. Together with her Movement super annoying.
  6. I was playing Walani. I merged my SW/RoG world (the one I was currently in) with a Hamlet World (I was Wilba, if that matters.) The save did not have Hamlet enabled previously. When I loaded into the Hamlet World, none of Walani's lines worked for Hamlet items and announcements. HOWEVER, When I saved, quitted, and reloaded, Walani's strings were fixed. Im posting this so Klei knows that this bug exists.
  7. Hello, can anyone send me old, pre-censorship speech_warbucks.lua file ? The one from beta or EA, with quotes about East India company etc. I'm making a mod that restores Warbucks and I want to make it an option to "uncensore" his quotes. Thanks in advance. EDIT: Thanks to ThemInspectors, here it is.
  8. Hamlet is unfinished!

    Good! now that i got your attention- SO, Hamlet. The reason why i'm saying its unfinished is probably not going to be the way you think. no, its not because the seasons are lacking, i still believe one day we'll get a sweet new update when the time is right. But this is not what i mean no. its the music, in a very specific season/event. Aporkalypse. Now why am i bringing this up? Hamlet has been out for a good few months, yeah well. The kind soul jammin Jelly, the person who has put all of the hamlet themes uploaded on youtube has recently found a track, a track that has been in since the last big update that also added some of the other jungle tracks. Here's the track: Disclaimer: i messed up so most of the information about this track i wanted to talk about is in the spoiler, by mistake. whoops. Fixed. nevermind its NOT fixed, apparently it keeps on making it into one big spoiler yet, i clearly end it at the end of the link for the track.
  9. slanty shanty

    I'm curious if anybody else makes purchasing the Slanty Shanty at the beginning of the game a priority? (or am I the only one?) I like having a spot to dump everything without building multiple chests (which the pogs will rummage around in.) I also like the sanity boost. Since I usually play Wickerbottom, I can't utilize sleep to renew and regenerate. Anybody else like buying the house? why or why not?
  10. Category: Crash Platform: Steam, Windows Mods: Yes: Version: Most recent as of this post created date Issue: Crash when encounter Masked Pig Description: It doesn't always happen when I encounter the Masked Pig, just sometimes. When I hover the mouse or attack the pig, the game crash. I use these same mods when play Shipwrecked but never got a crash. I attached the log so you can take a look. log.txt
  11. So it's an old bug that Wee MacTusk ("little_walrus") can't drop his meat due to an error in his code syntax. Before Hamlet, it was most likely harmless. However, Hamlet introduced new GetPotentialLoot() function into lootdropper component and when it tries to get potential loot of Wee MacTusk, it crashes the game. In reality this means that if you're playing as Wheeler and try to use her Navigadget near Wee MacTusk, game will crash since Navigadget scans for potential loot of nearby targets. The fix is super simple, in walrus.lua you should replace ['meat'] = 1.0, with {'meat', 1.00}, This will also make him drop his meat as originally intended.
  12. Hamlet (Consoles)

    I was just wondering if there's any info at all about a Hamlet release for consoles? I play PS4 and remember both RoG & SW taking about a year after the PC release to come out. I've Googled it plenty of times and tried to find any info about a Hamlet release and have mostly come up short. I assume it'll be released for consoles, as the others were. I'm obviously not positive though. Does anybody actually know, or have any info on Hamlet for PS4/XBone?
  13. Lag

    Would like to talk here about optimizing the game in general, the Don't starve together recently won its ship upgrade and considering the weight of the two servers to load, the map etc.. The Don't starve alone is poorly optimized even with this option which in my opinion was half, since Hamlet does not have there many bioms etc... Would like an optimization.
  14. Sewing Kits were very easy to craft when there were hounds. Why not make Platapine quills more useful in Hamlet. They could be used to make the Sewing Kit. Right now, in Hamlet, we can only get sewing kits from Bandit Camps. Hounds teeth were a dime a dozen in original DS. I've got a load of gear I can't repair! Maybe at least make them available at the oddities store.
  15. So I just noticed my Don't Starve Hamlet game is still in early access. I don't recall being forced to leave other betas I participated in manually in settings. Maybe I don't remember correctly but I thought that after full release my game left beta automatically in Shipwrecked. So as I said I know I can leave beta manually in settings but what about my saved worlds? Do I need to made a copy of them first or will they just stay untouched?
  16. Hi, I don't know if this is correct sub forum or if this imperfection is still in game, but I would like you to know it... Deed of home ownership shouldn't be clickable inside of houses, because it is not working... I mean it doesn't get map position. So, it think that Slanty Shanty is far away... So I suggest to add safe check, in case of using it in houses.
  17. So, you know when you reach the edge of the map, the ocean basically falls into... another ocean? It got me thinking, and about an hour later, I came up with this. Thoughts?
  18. Klei should add the Steamed Ham Sandwich to Don't Starve Together, the meme is too great. Reasons: 1. It needs foliage as one of the recipes to make it, right now foliage in the game doesn't have that much uses, you can make a potted ferns and eat them, i feel like adding them to recipes would make them more useful. 2. Asparagus is already in the game from the new Warly update and that originates from Hamlet. 3. Two Hamlet food items made it to Don't Starve Together as well, the Vegetable Stinger and the Asparagus soup, so why not add a third Hamlet food item? 4. The recipe is all vanilla items, no fancy Hamlet items required to make it.(recipe at the bottom) 5. It is a great hunger and health item, only healing 40hp and filling 37.5 hunger and 15 sanity. 6. Ferns are not easily renewable until late game, the only way to get more is via the Forest stalker and tumbleweeds. So it balances the recipe out even more. 7. It's based off of the Steamed Hams Simpsons meme, just like the potato cup trinket was a meme and so Klei decided to add it in the game as a trinket. In Dst we LOVE our memes, it makes the game even more fun that way. Thats it with my reasons which is quite a few, I also made a poll in general discussion about this topic so make sure to vote there for even higher chance, it's going strong so far! So at the bottom is pictures from the Don't Starve Hamlet Wiki of the Food stats and recipe requirements, the info may be inaccurate since the wiki can be changed. "they're obviously grilled" -Maxwell
  19. Making jungle fern that everybody hates spawn in regular rain forest biome as well but it spawn half turf distance between one another every time. Not happen in jungle rainforest tho, they can spawn very close to each other. Don't understand why, help!
  20. Posted some time ago but no replies Anyone know how to? And what id does soundtrack have or how to find out about it?
  21. I tried multiple thing. First it actually work the way I did it, but now it is not working I opened copy of atlas-0.tex for some thing texture, then get png with TEXTool. Then I change what I want, only the color of texture really and recompile, replacing the copy of atlar-0.tex file. But when I put in zip folder in my mod, with or not with anim and build files it not work correctly; with this original files the texture has white borders around each part even though I edited one whole image, but without them it is invisible. Help!
  22. Hi, I can put Custom Items on Shelves and take them back, but Shelf doesn't display their textures... My guess is it doesn't take atlas from mod, but I don't know how to solve this or from where to begin... Any ideas?
  23. Hamlet OST

    Add Hamlet OST to the Soundtrack The one form the steam store
  24. We all love our memes even in DST, but there's a sandwich only in Don't Starve single player. A sandwich so memey that why not add it to DST so everybody can have fun with it.