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  1. So just like my ONI thread, And my Hamlet beta thread, I'm doing the same thing yet again! Feel free to join me in my misery, it'll be fun. WARNING!!! LOTS OF GIFS AHEAD!! PROCEED WITH CAUTION IF YOU HAVE A POTATO FOR A COMPUTER!!! Ancient Herald ...Huh. Oh my those are large. But I kinda don't wanna resize them because it'll probably cause the computer I'm using to crash. ...apparently I can't edit my post. Okay, I found a decent workaround. Click the spoiler, go down to Tsundere, and click the picture there. Since it's not a GIF it should load relatively quickly, and you can click the arrows to view the resized GIFS.
  2. So I was browsing through the Hamlet files recently, and I found some very interesting things. There is LOADS of stuff that they haven't added yet! Not only is there a ton of stuff for Hamlet, but THERE IS A BUNCH OF NEW SHIPWRECKED STRUCTURES TOO (Hence the title)!!! I have a load of pictures below, for those who want to see them... But what I am really wondering is: will they DEFINITELY add all of this? because it would be a HUUUUUGE mistake not to. I don't want all this content to end up like the Tesla Tree did, just sitting in the files and never appearing in the game. Here are the new Hamlet mobs I found... Here are the new Hamlet structures/items I found... I'm going to put a bunch more images up in about an hour, including the new SW stuff (HINT: It has to do with building MUCH more effective sea bases). So keep watch! EDIT: I just uploaded all of the Shipwrecked stuff for y'all to see. I also included a new kind of Mant. PLEEEEASE ADD ALL OF THIS KLEI!!!! (THIS SHIPWRECKED STUFF JUST LOOKS SO COOL...)
  3. Similar to the security contract, but can be used on farmers and/or miners. These pigs will follow the player and assist in chopping trees and harvesting grass/twigs/crops. (They woukd begin picking any nearby plants only when the player does so and run over to drop those items into your inventory) True to form, they would panic at the first sign of danger. I think this would make a great addition. Anyone else?
  4. Nightmare fuel requires going insane, fighting nightmares with a jarring kiting pattern {thereby using weapon durability and risking damage}, and reaching the second island. There is NO reason that such a valuable item shouldn't be 10 oincs. Especially as pigs would likely have limited access to the nightmare fuel. Except those that don't use insanity tactics despising that those who do can earn so much money, and those who use insanity tactics but don't want a large portion of people to profit by the method. And the berry bushes need no nerfing. Why? Berries are important foodstuffs and pigs are inherently stupid. Monetary worth of anything is entirely subjective to the desire for it. Berries are certainly desired by pigs. ** The iron hulk shouldn't be nerfed either. It is virtually the only source of iron, which is pretty important for going in the ruins and mass collection of hedge clippings. Considering the massive power of the pieces it makes sense for large chunks of iron to come out of it. Instead of nerfing the coins that can be earned, have items added to the shops that require more money spending - like nettles, royal jelly, gunpowder, seafood recipes, gem weapons, etc. Adding is better than subtracting.
  5. Bit annoyed when trailer show content not in game. Not like cinematic trailer bits can't be made into game element; feeding shown in DST trailer actually exist as mechanic in game (don't have cool animation for it tho). So, here is teaser trailer, some suggestion for what should be in game based on it: * Trip vine. Vines you trip on, can drop item (kind of like sneeze mechanic, but may be farther distance drop) and stun for moment, having player to wake up. Can give jungle extra danger can see at 0:04 * Pig pick up treasure. Some pig only take food or oinc, but not relics, even tho shown in trailer. May be certain pig types take specific special items on ground? Can see at 0:10 * Mayor pig out of house. Only seen once in closed beta this happen, not seen since. Mayor pig always inside. May be have some times when shop-keep type pig actually get out of house? Can see at 0:11 * Hamlet decid tree biome. Doesn't exist in game, just some decid tree in town. Trailer seem to show decid biome before town and tea tree in town, but in game other way round. Minor thing, but still special decid tree biome is nice to have. Can see at 0:11 as well. And decor bush in same biome and not just town at 0:12 and 0:15 * Red jungle bush and new trees. Jungle has no bushes at all and these odd jungle trees not exist in game, just palmy ones. Can see at 0:06 and 0:13
  6. When mining an unimportant pillar, and getting all the rocks and things falling from the ceiling, I heard the "magic doorbell" sound. I don't usually hear that when mining unimportant pillars... I tested it on others, and didn't hear that sound. Does it mean something special with an unimportant pillar?
  7. The pig and pigglets general store insist on not selling a cloth, i have spent more than 50 oincs, i have to spawn a cloth by cheatcode. Why not use pseudo-random chance algorithm on this. Whats the point of making the player to buy 10s of axes and razors and machetes etc. ?
  8. Hamlet Aporkalypse

    Please choose a category *Pick the option that fits the issue the most. Ideally use this in your thread title aswell* [Exploit] Platform * Pick your platform. For instance, standalone on Mac is also possible.* Steam Do you use mods? No Version Number Rev. 298833 573 Issue title The Aporkalypse calendar is stuck and can not be moved with the two buttons. Steps to reproduce None that I can find. Describe your issue So the event started a few days ago on my world, and I wanted to end it. So I went to the calendar to turn it off but neither of the buttons are working. As a side note, on the wiki is says that there's suppose to be permanent light and the street lamps in the pig villages are suppose to be permanently on? Neither of those are the case for me. It's always dark and requires me to have some sort of light source at all times.
  9. I went almost all through lush season without gas mask, because can't get another cloth, already used up the 100% guaranteed from wrecked baloon for pith hat. Bought a lot of item I could, STILL no cloth. Banker pig thinks it perfect time to give you 3 umbrella instead I played WX so speed was good in help for this and didn't realise the problem until now Aporkalipse is a thing: * No cloth = no gas mask * No gas mask = you probably die before get to calendar clock ruins * Can't get to calendar ruins = eternal aporkalypse If any time best to make cloth guaranteed in any way more than one time, now is time! Well done Klei
  10. SW or Ham?

    Personally, I'm more of a SW person, just because it's more polished (I'm looking at you floating roc), and doesn't make my game crash on opening. I also prefer the explorative and slightly fantastical gameplay, where you'll go on grand adventures across the seven seas to slay some beast. It's not that Hamlet doesn't have this, I just prefer the ocean-spanning quests to spelunking. Also, in Hamlet you can't climb a active volcano infested with dragon monsters.
  11. I’m not sure if this has happened to anyone else, but in my current save I found the Pugalisk Fountain. But there was one thing that was different; there were around 8 baby Beefalo sleeping around it (it was night when I saw this). So apparently I can farm beefalo in Hamlet now. If this is a bug, it seems awfully convenient.
  12. WX-78 no longer gets poisoned after eating Poison Dartfrog Legs or Tubers. This mod fixes it. https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1588540824
  13. Ahh, the Aporkalipse. I haven't played it yet (godamn winters feast merriment), but after watching that Volx stream I can say it seems a bit...... lackluster. Now, it's quite obviously a WIP, and is currently just a "bad thing" that you don't want to happen that's really just a high-octane game of duck duck Goose with bats and frogs and an excuse for me to kill pog's (THEY HAD IT COMING THE BASTARDS). So, what would you add to make it better? Honestly, I think it would be cool just to have meteors rain from the sky to give that "end of the world" vibe.
  14. Note: First, I'm not suggesting that this character be added to Hamlet or others, I do not want it added. I created it for fun, and to take care of Waphly He is yellow and brown, has 6 legs, 2 hooks and lived with his colleagues in the ruins, while wandering in the ruins, he was ordered to go out to the surface to harvest nectar. The expedition went wrong, he was put in captivity by the pigs, who captured him, and after having released him, he discovers that the ruins where he was born, are destroyed, he decides to make his own House. Health: 100 Hunger: 120 Health: 125 Starting point: Waphly starts with 4 Honeys and an Antcomb Home, Antcomb Home can generate Mants who will naturally be friends and will follow Waphly until their death, the Mants will all appear at the same time, there will be three. After the death of one of the Mants, a new one will appear 2 days later, if two die in less than one day, it will take 4 days, and if all three die in less than one day, it will take 8 days. The Antcomb Home also makes it possible to obtain Honey, the obtaining of Honey will occur in proportion to the number of Mants still alive. This means that when there is a live Mant, Antcomb Home will produce 2 honeys every other day, if there are two living Mants remaining, it will produce 4 honeys every 4 days, and if there are 3 Mants remaining, it will produce 8-9 honeys every 8 days. Positive Abilities: Waphly has a natural armor that absorbs 80% damage, so you can not make armor like the Tin Suit without being slowed down. His starting article (Antcomb Home), offers him 3 Mants who serve as a bodyguard, and allow to sacrifice himself in his place, which means that when a group or a mob attacks a Mant that belongs to Waphly and kills him they will think they have killed Waphly, and will lose interest in the other Mants and Waphly, leaving Waphly one or more chances. Can easily get Honey. Negative Abilities: Waphly has a low life, (which is offset by armor and bodyguards). Waphy is more sensitive to poison, it acts 2.5X better on him, which means that instead of losing 12 health in 1 minute, he will lose 30. The pigs will be neutral to him only for 1 minute, Waphy will not be able to buy the Slanty Shanty but can buy food and items, and all other things in the stores, 1 minute after spawning in the city, the guards who will see him (about 1-2 screens) will rush on him for to attack him, the pigs are not fooled at the Mants spawned by Waphly, and after their deaths, they will attack Waphly. Note: The Antcomb Home is very similar to the Slanty Shanty, except that it is yellow and covered with honey on both sides.
  15. So I have an interesting idea. RoG worlds had 2 options for the general SHAPE of the world. There was Land Branch, which determined whether or not the various areas were generated as a land branch off of a central mass. There was also Land Loop, which would make round "doughnut" worlds. I think that Hamlet worlds, in their current state, are a bit of a messy combination of Branch and Loop, a combination that makes multiple ugly holes in the main land mass. Not to mention the small isolated islands that are completely inaccessible due to Hamlet's world generation method. So I think Klei should add 2 more options: Land Density which, if turned to maximum, would make round, solid islands with no holes. Just one unbroken circle of land with minimal branches and holes. The other would be Land Overlap which, if turned to maximum, would make the islands be INSIDE each other. So Island 1 (the largest island) would be an outer ring, and the smaller islands would be smaller rings progressively until the middle, where the BFB island would reside. I think this would make Hamlet worlds much more interesting, plus it would add another level of customization. I'll edit this post some time tomorrow with some rough sketches of what these settings would look like in effect. Keep an eye out!
  16. For the love of God, Klei! ADD A CAP ON THE BLOODY BATS ALREADY!!!! I have died EIGHT TIMES NOW because of the RIDICULOUS NUMBER OF BLOODY BATS. WHEN WILL YOU ADD A LIMIT ON THE NUMBER???? Edit: Sorry, nevermind. Setting Bats to "more" ironically makes less.
  17. I have only ever seen one screenshot on the forum for designs inside of player houses, namely: I would really love to see more to get some ideas. I spent a bunch of time in a few of my games trying to come up with a good design until I just caved and went full console/creative mode to mess around with it and this is what I landed on (after far longer than I care to admit): Hope to see some others on here!
  18. As the title states, I have a slight problem. I am nearing the end of Humid Season, but NONE of the Nettles have bloomed yet. I have been told that they bloom during Humid Season, but the closest they’ve come to doing so is a kind of “half bloom” with tiny leaves. When I examine them, Maxwell says “must be all that water”, but I can’t harvest them. And I know they aren’t “not” blooming, because if they weren’t at all then Maxwell would simply say “useful” upon examination. Would someone tell me how to make Nettles bloom?
  19. Hamlet fits well for steam punk stuff with iron being used a lot. Example; may be pipes for extended distance of sprinkler, some valves to turn on/off multiple flingo and sprinkler? Some heater to dry off. Pig town can have some machine stuff you can use already for some thing?
  20. It look like armor, but also other item that have rain protection as well have lightning protection. Don't see point of it if it just as hat. If it's armor, then it is like upgraded football hat, which would be very good.
  21. I linked my Hamlet world to a nice RoG world. Died fairly while trying to collect a living log to get back to Hamlet via Skyworthy. Now every time I pick up my items at my death spot the game crashes. With or without mods. Tree guards roaming around, moles hanging out eating my stuff. I press space bar, pick up a few things and CRASH.
  22. Anyone know what file to edit to change soundtrack id, and what soundtrack id is in game for these two? I want change hamlet temperate work music back to this And hummid fight back to this
  23. Alright, So i let me just start this off by saying this was all one world, on the newest update, newest version. The pictures aren't in order either but ill explain how Roc is messed up to me. So he spawned on day 19 and i was like, alright, let's just get this over with. he swallowed me, i got two royal scepters, i was happy. that means i don't have to fight the horrible ant queen. So i almost died of hunger but i got out alive, then i went to the palace and on my way found those 2 regular ruins together. now let me tell you that hay season is the worst season in all of don't starve. dry season doesn't compare to this. i was insane all the way until i got the tam from the palace. then on my way home i found the first pig guard in the wall, went home, and found the second. Now, i went outside and roc spawned. AGAIN. and the jungle was far away so i just thought: "well ill go back into my house then" then he started to land. so i heard the landing destroy alot, so i went back outside to see if he was going to eat me, and i was out in the middle of the ocean. i used a speed command to get back onto land, and then while i set my speed back to the regular speed, it crashed the game. I don't have a log but im going to send one when my computer boots up don't starve again. it takes so much cpu and memory to boot don't starve. Please either nerf hay fever or give us some other options to combat it. The gas mask is too weak now, it makes you more insane than sneezing does. so its really a useless item other than to get into the poisonous jungle biomes. I know this sounds like a complaint and i feel bad having to, and i love you developers at klei and i hope you know we are trying to help you out.
  24. As the title states, I need a few tips dealing with the Ruins Ghosts during the Aporkalypse. I know that the only way to end the Aporkalypse is to find the Clock on the 5th island, but being Maxwell I am always too scared to go into the Ruins because of the sheer number of Ghosts. Every time I try and find the Clock, the Ghosts eat through my armour like... whatever it is that Ghosts eat. I come out with only half the HP I went in with. Could someone tell me a SAFE way to deal with all these Ghosts? P.S, I have already tried the Log Suit + Football Helmet + Dark Sword combo, and I still have trouble.