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  1. Changes to existing content: 1. Boar's tusk weapon shop should sell gunpowder. Maybe 20 oincs? 2. There should be a limit to the amount of bats and beetles in a world. They make a lot of lag. 3. Compost wrap should only heal plants. Rubbing poop on a pig will not fix it. 4. Mant hills need more loot. Maybe throw in some unique drops from warrior Mants, like tentacle spikes with the mandibles. 5. Elder mandrakes should always be in their full moon state when playing as Wormwood. 6. Thunder nests with a live thunder bird attached to it should be able to create iron ore during humid season. 7. Ro-bin needs to grow into a new form like shadow/ice Chester.
  2. So just like my ONI thread, And my Hamlet beta thread, I'm doing the same thing yet again! Feel free to join me in my misery, it'll be fun. WARNING!!! LOTS OF GIFS AHEAD!! PROCEED WITH CAUTION IF YOU HAVE A POTATO FOR A COMPUTER!!! Ancient Herald ...Huh. Oh my those are large. But I kinda don't wanna resize them because it'll probably cause the computer I'm using to crash. ...apparently I can't edit my post. Okay, I found a decent workaround. Click the spoiler, go down to Tsundere, and click the picture there. Since it's not a GIF it should load relatively quickly, and you can click the arrows to view the resized GIFS.
  3. Since the start of a new world we need various resources, some are critical to our survival, like logs, grasses, twigs, flint and stone. When we gradually improve our qualities of living, we got other resources like pigskins, gold nuggets, nightmare souls--which are also important and we could farm them to get a better life. However Klei always doesn't want to see one kind of resource stacking in countless chests (The bee sting in RoG was an example that sucks) not do they want to see the end of those(Earthquake made nitre renewable). So was the invention of Pig King, the Yaarctopus in SW, the Night Light, and other trading centers. However, in Hamlet I believe certain resources were useless if you don't make the world compatible. I could farm countless pig skins after bats attacks. I could get countless halberd and torches by hiring guards self-fighting. There are tons of poops, Hippopotamoose antlers and Platapine Quills. Vines are pretty useless after making a pith hat. The updated idea of End's Well basically turned purple gems garbage. I have certain ideas to fix the issues: 1, Pig Hunters could accept Hippopotamoose antlers and Platapine Quills. 2, The pig guards only drop items with 15% durability. 3, The Pugalisk's Skull only drops once, But the Pugalisk's Wand drops 20% durability each use and could be fueled again with purple gem! ( So Cool ! ! ! ) What do you guys think? Leave your comment below if you like my ideas!
  4. So we've gotten a few insights on the near future of Don't Starve. Both for Together, Hamlet and a little bit vanilla. And a lot of it has been about the Characters, not all, but a lot of it. So we're getting revamps for a lot of DST characters, 1 new character for vanilla, 1 new unknown character for Hamlet, Wormwood for Hamlet, and several new characters for DST. Plus a little lore about some of the characters as the devs claimed. We havent gotten that many new characters in a long time, Klei must've been VERY inspired on wanting to see new character playstyles. Shipwrecked brought a lot of new elements so 4 characters made sense, Reign of Giants added 2 characters that were surprisingly not that much about the new mechanics in RoG, and Hamlet as of now going to have 3 characters. But now they want several new for DST, and overhauling some of the existing. This brought a little worry for me, that some characters will fill the same niche, making them less unique. But with Wormwood as we saw, he has quite a different playstyle. Which is good. But at the other side of the flipcoin, Wilba sort of has a similar niche as Woodie. They're clashing for the same spot in some ways. So I hope that the sudden surge in Klei wanting to throw all the characters around will pay off. Anyone else surprised to see Klei be this interested in Characters?
  5. So I've been thinking... the Royal Gallery only has 3 items currently. And there are more than 3 things to trade for the Keys. So, I came up with the perfect item to be sold in the Gallery. It's called the Industrial Pitchfork. It works just like a normal Pitchfork, except it can dig up Deep and Gas Rainforest Turf. That way, we could transplant Nettles to a better location. Plus it is just the best turf in terms of cosmetic use.
  6. Wormwood could gain sanity in the rain ( like at least until 50% wet) becayse he is a tree so makes sense. Trees like water. He also could gain 1 sanity for talking to the trees or plants ( like with the botom to examine). When he was the flowers around is head he could be able to shave and gain petals ( to make the petals crown) or something or some flower that could heal him! He also could make the process of planting and blooming when he bloom! He could also have some especial item ( like a especial tent, like a greenhouse ) that we could regain health!
  7. If you read the title, you know what this is about. So I recently got into stone carving and after a few days of practice, and getting some pretty good results a lightbulb appeared in my head: "Hey, I like Sculpting and Don't Starve, I'll sculpt something from it!" And so after a while of searching, I found the perfect things to sculpt, The Lost Pig Relics. They're relatively simple, but kinda complex, and they're actually made of simple rocks shown by wickerbottom saying that they're large sedimentary rocks, and so I'm gonna start doing that in my spare time. Tell me what ya think and I'll be posting regular updates on the sculpts.
  8. Okay this seems slightly funny, Worker pigs which are spawned from destroying structures killed by you have no naughtiness penalty. (I gained 1 from killing a glow fly inorder test if Naughtiness meter was broke) Since you can continuously Spawn Worker pigs by killing them before they repair the structure. this mean you can just can kill them nonstop for Meat and Pigskins (Pigs give skins very less now) I've killed all these in one day so my chances of spawning Krampus in such a manner is not possible. Also Krampus has no World Gen Options in Hamlet, it needs to be put in cause I want my Krampus Sack. UPDATE EDIT* it seems that if you save the game and reload, Any pigs killed will spawn right away from their structures irregardless to the actual time they should take to respawn from their home. it this intended?
  9. G10MM-3R [RoG/SW/HAM]

    Version 1.6


    Automate gathering resources! --- --- G10MM-3R is a drone version of Glommer. Design inspired by Drones from Slime Rancher. It can: - Pick up various inventory items (uncooked food and resources), - Pick resources like Grass, Saplings, Berries, etc. - Harvest Bee Boxes/Farms/Meat Racks (when configured), - Hack resources like Tall Grass/Vine Bushes (when configured). It will store all its items inside a modified Glommer Statue (dubbed "G10MM-3R Base"). It doesn't need any fuel - it will work until broken. You can find its blueprint by mining the Glommer's Statue (or by defeating bosses in Shipwrecked/Hamlet). It's craftable on the very top of the "Science" Tab. --- G10MM-3R on Steam: This is a port of my DST mod. You can find it here:
  10. You can only plan nettles in rainforest, but rainforests are infested by veins that drop from the ceiling to provide ropes and hit players(fine), Great Leafy Stalk that does nothing but block player and vision (fine), veins that half drop from ceiling to drop vision (fine), and way too many green plants on the ground that the player can *in no way interact with* (not cool!). There green plants however, have huge radii that prevent anything to be planted nearby. Since you can only grow nettles predictably close to water, this severely restricts where you can plant them. Possible solutions: 1. Get rid of the green plants from the game or just make them purely visual; 2. Make them removable by burning or digging; 3. Make nettles grow throughout the humid season even without rains. Currently their target moisture and current moisture *BOTH* grows during a rain, but once the rain stops, their current moisture *IMMEDIATELY* resets to 0, rather than slowly decay to 0. This broken behavior forces players to rely on sprinkler. 4. Just fix your game, Klei.
  11. What is your all-time favorite thing about Hamlet -- like, if you have to choose just one. Me: Pig Ruins! Especially the ones that lead to other places. And the colorful, strange things you can find only in the ruins... Anybody else?
  12. Hello all I hope you're enjoying Hamlet as much as I am! After spending some time in a Hamlet world, I think I'm ready to post my thoughts on some possible alterations that could improve the experience (for me as least). I also welcome people to add their own suggestions and/or comment on the contents of this post. 1: My first major death occurred because the ghosts spawned in the Ancient Pig Ruins by the Aporkalypse repeatedly set off pressure plate in every room I entered, causing me to be brutally murdered by dart traps whilst looking for the calendar I know the Aporkalypse is meant to be dangerous, but floating non-corporeal being setting off pressure plates seems a bit unrealistic to me. 2: Currently the Ancient Herald does not drop anything, but at the end of his death animation his cloak falls to the floor. It would be interesting if his cloak was added as an item for defeating him. 3: Thunderhats do not feel as though they are too worthwhile making. One could use it to take Iron Ore from the Thundernests without the Thunderbirds damaging them with thunder. Unfortunately since the hat can only take 10 lightning strikes, and each Thunderbird is liable to shock you up to 3 times, they do not last very long. It is far easier and beneficial to make a Snakeskin Hat for lightning protection. Also, since Iron Ore can be mined infinitely from Iron Hulks, one need not go near the nests. 4: Bug B'Gone is an interesting item, but I feel as though the radius of the gas cloud it produces could be a big larger. While the Gas Mask allows you to stand in the cloud without being hurt, from my experience the Rabid Beetles are still sometimes able to damage me whilst I am standing in the gas. I've found that it's much easier to wear a protective helmet and run around the gas cloud instead as that usually results in me taking a lot less damage. 5: I feel as though the Dark Sword and Cutlass Supreme should not both be worth 50 oincs, as the Cutlass Supreme is obviously superior (same damage but with no sanity drain and 50% extra durability). 6: It would be nice if you could create a water reservoir that fills up when it rains (or perhaps if you give it ice), so that you can connect it to a sprinkler without relying on the position of water on the map. Mostly I like the idea of having a sprinkler on my lawn in the Pig City The idea was mostly inspired by the Quacken Drill in Shipwrecked allowing you to create your own source of Tar. 7: The visual effect of the fog seems a bit extreme. I think it would be much more reasonable if it was similar to the ash clouds caused by the volcanic eruptions in Shipwrecked. 8: Swashy Hats! The streets of my town are littered with Swashy Hats haha. The thieves are quite common, and the hat is a guaranteed drop, so you end up with a lot of them. Plus, because Hamlet relies on swapping out hats a lot (Pith Hat, Gas Mask, Cowl, Cork Candle Hat, etc), I find myself not using them up. 9: I think it would be more logical to make the Weevole Mantle a Science Machine tier item, instead of Alchemy Engine. The ingredients to craft it can be scavenged from mobs fighting each other early on, and coupled with the fact that it offer the same protection as a Grass Suit, it seems that player may not want to make it once they were able to make an Alchemy Engine. 10: It would be a cool tribute to The Legend of Zelda if having a Compass in your inventory had some kind of effect whilst in the Ancient Pig Ruins. Like showing certain treasures on the map for example, or perhaps revealing rooms that have an exit. That's all for now. Thanks to anyone that read my suggestions!
  13. DO NOTE: for this entire theory I am ASSUMING that Wagstaff is one of the upcoming characters to DS, as this seems likely with the information we have been given. This might however, prove to be incorrect. This is a just a quick theory I thought up that explains like... 3 things, but should be a good base for other theory's. We know from the little description included that Wagstaff, or whoever that is, "mysterious inventor who finds himself exactly where he wanted to be". I hear the Constant is a amazing holiday location. Alright, here's what I make of this. Wagstaff discovered something to do with the Constant. This must be a pretty interesting thing, because he wanted to get it. Bad. So much so, that he abandoned his life and fortune to find it. Through some work of science, magic, or divine interference, he finds himself in the DS multiverse-y thing that's connected through the ancient portal. But not in the constant. So, he travels through all the worlds, being mistaken as a gatekeeper by each one, until he finally finds the constant. Not much, but something.
  14. Am I the only one that feels weird about wormwood's font and color when they talk? It just doesn't feel right with every character having the same font, even Webber, WX, Wilbur, and Wes.
  15. I was killed by Terrorbeak when i was in BFB s mouth , I got ressurected by the live water flower and ended up in some part of the ocean with dark in it and couldnt see anything. I had to use console command to spawn miner hat but even with it on , the light is not there and I cant see anything. It seems that there are some creatures which attacks me and I also cant be killed by dark. I am just standing there without seeing anything. Is there a way to get out of there?
  16. On console I enter this : GetPlayer():ListenForEvent("seasonChange", function(it, data) print("CHANGED") end, GetWorld()) then GetSeasonManager():StartHumid() but nothing is printed. I'm using a mod character. Is this a bug or expected ? Thanks.
  17. Has anyone noticed that the Day/Dusk Transition Music is different for each season in Hamlet? I would really like to see this feature implemented into RoG and SW someday...
  18. With Warbucks in the dust and no hot air balloon it seems like there isn't a good way to craft the pith hat with Wormwood. The only way it seems to get it in game is to buy the cloth needed or buy the hat itself, as I think you can only craft cloth in Shipwrecked. Is this intentional?
  19. As of tomorrow, Hamlet will be getting its latest big feature update. And I while I do like the fact that the 2 Hamlet characters are going to become more usable, I still can't help looking to the future of Hamlet. What would you all like to see in the coming months, both before and after it leaves Early Access? I, personally, would like to see Klei change the way they update the game. Rather than releasing larger updates with long spaces in between, I think that there should be frequent smaller updates that just add neat new features. Maybe some new Ruins features. Maybe an update that (finally) introduces the Snapdragon. Maybe an update that adds another island to the world. Of course an update that gives the Herald a drop. The way I see it, Hamlet has progressed so little since the start of Early Access that it is actually a bit disappointing. Anyway, as I was saying, what would you all like to see in the future of Hamlet? Feel free to give your opinions!
  20. Hi all, I'm converting my mod from DST, trying to make it compatible with Hamlet and RoG. There are some things that make me confused, please help me understand : 1. I'm using the extended sample character for DS. I have different shapes for head with and without hat. When I enter the game, both shapes are showed, I have to add code to hide and show "HEAD_HAT" when equip and unequip hat. As in DST code for hats, they hide and show symbol "HEAD" and "HEAD_HAT", but in DS code, they are "HEAD" and "HEAD_HAIR". What is the difference ? Is there anyway to make the sample template works without adding code to handle hide/show "HEAD_HAT" ? 2. After adding the code for handling hats, for Hamlet it works fine. However for RoG, after I call GetPlayer().AnimState:Hide("HEAD"), the head is still showed in the back view like this, even for official character Wilson. For my character, it causes the back view not showing properly, as the shape for HEAD is still showing. 3. This is a hard question, maybe I have to solve on my own, but still ask anyway. I have a mob (prefab), that is made follower of the player, having ranged attack with fake weapon like the Cave Spider spitter. In Hamlet, still works fine. But in RoG, after it kills a target e.g. a hound, it doesn't retarget anymore. I tried adding keeptargetfn to validate the target is not dead, but doesn't work either. I tried to force call OnUpdate on component combat, and it works, so seems like the component has stopped updating. Can anyone explain ? By the way this is my mod : , I just bought all 3 DLCs few days ago and am really excited to convert my mod to DS, but those things are causing headache to me I'm really appreciated if anyone could help. Thanks a lot !
  21. World: Vanilla Don't Starve with Hamlet enabled Character: Wormwood Mods: No mods enabled When planting seeds in the ground a seed is spawn at the center of the world. Noticed this upon searching for berry bushes. What a thought was 1 seed turns out to be nearly 20 in one pile. Planted a seed next to it to see, and sure enough right at that moment a seed spawned. First image shows me standing next to the spot, had just tested it out and picked up the seed. Second image i had planted a seed to demonstrate. As you can see, a seed has spawned. Third image is where I am on the map (the red circle) Not a gamebreaking bug but I thought it should be pointed out.
  22. Things get in way of farming: * Need to be placed in jungle biome * Need to be placed in jungle biome NEXT TO water for sprinkler * Need to have sprinkler surround them * Need to be wet * AFTER they are wet, need to wait for them to grow And on top of ALL of that, the jungle biome has the flowers that block anything to be planted in pretty large radius of them. This is very big problem. You either sit next to sprinkler, or you wait till humid time and... still wait for sprinkler? Humidity and rain often not enough for time to make them grow, so you have to baby sit them. And it's only few of them, because you can't get many anyway. They were nerfed already in health values, stuff needed to farm them seem excessive. Can we may be have them grow instantly when they are wet instead of having to wait? If you turn on sprinkler and go do something else, sprinkler will probably run out of fuel by time you remember to go for it or can get back to them and they will have shrunk again Also sprinkler radius doesn't show how far it shoots water, only how far from water you can place it, can we have another circle for the smaller radius it actually is useful for?
  23. I usually can find them easily in the rainforest biome, but during a new game, I spent 11 days running around all biomes looking for them. Are they rare now or did they disappear? (even tried listening to their sounds effects...) :/
  24. Q.O.L. Bugs

    I know there is an official bug tracker but I figured I would list some of the bugs I have been encountering as well as some bugs I have seen other people mention since the Q.O.L. update. I am doing this so I don't have to report each bug individually or have to randomly comment on another thread. My hopes is this will help Klei figure out how to best deal with the bugs and other people may feel free to contribute if I missed anything. Tumbleweeds disappear upon hitting the edge of the map Beefalo can travel to Shipwrecked and through wormholes which causes major issues (I wont include individual bugs that world hopping can cause because that will take forever). Beefalo will not allow player to mount it unless you feed it at least one piece of grass. Making a board as Warbucks can crash the game Some boss music seems to be missing/not working correctly Bundling Chester's eyebone will cause chester to stop following you. Some Shipwrecked clothes items along with the Machete are available to craft in R.O.G. Using the brush on a Beefalo doesn't give you any wool. Making a Hamlet world Large in the world options just generates a never ending loading screen. Peekos can spawn and climb down chopped down Tea Trees Some dark spots appear on the left hand side of the screen when the fog effect occurs during Humid Season. The loading music can sometimes continue into the actual start of the game (it goes away eventually but still annoying). Burning a cocooned tree will leave the webbing on the floor. It'll also have an invisible stump that prevents building of structures and prevents you from walking through it, but can't be dug up. Burchnuts bounce when planted. birds stop spawning after first Zound wave. Working music only plays the first time you craft an item and then never plays again unless you relog. Divining rod only sounds once and then remains quiet while still showing its effects without sound. Jumped to Shipwrecked at the end of lush season in Hamlet, ended up in dry season but without eruptions and Alter was dormant and was not open to sacrifices of any kind. As of last patch the crockpot crashes the game. Hopefully this is helpful, let me know if I missed anything.
  25. Version 2.1.5


    Hi, Steam (Original Creator): And here is the Hamlet Version: Codes by C.J.B. Items and bug fix by GaRAnTuLA. DST version by Skull. DS version by Soo. Hamlet Update by Chris. Allows you to spawn any item you want. Press (T) to open spawn menu. Left Click to spawn 1 item. Right Click to spawn 10 items. Toggle Button and spawn num are Configurable This is a work in progress, of course... I'm new to modding so if You want to help me understand more and maybe even fix something about this I'll highly appreciate it.