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Found 23 results

  1. Kinda like my ONI thread, I've decided to make a thread like that but for DS Hamlet! I'll be working on assembling the assets I found...and posting them here! Roc Roc is ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE!! I'm planning on making a Wilson to Roc size just give me some time. ^^;
  2. Version 2.1.a


    Based off of Dragon Wolf Leo's Extended Sample Character Kodi for all (DLC) Stats: Health: 150 Hunger: 125 Sanity: 130 Damage reduced by 5% Speed is 5% higher. All parameters except the character’s speed can be adjusted when creating the world. The character has a custom voice. Character features: *Fur. Kodi grows fur that can be trimmed and used in crafting his special items. Clipping wool restores 10 sanity. Kodi has 3 states: 1. In which Kodi is with normal hair and does not have any buffs or negative effects. 2. Kodi has grown a little wool, the resistance to cold increases and the resistance to high temperatures decreases, begins to overheat faster and takes damage if overheated above 60 degrees. 3. Kodi has grown his coat a lot, he overheats even faster, resistance to cold is stronger than the previous one, begins to take damage when the temperature reaches above 55 degrees. *Fear of the dark. In the evening and at night. Sanity decreases faster than other characters. *Vulnerability to moisture. The character gets wet faster than other characters, and also dries longer than other characters. * Transformation Kodi. - You can change the look at any time with the (Z) key. - In the mod’s settings, you can select another key. - Transformation quickly spends hunger. - Increases character speed to (1.40). - Damage increases to (2). - Changing the appearance takes the sanity (-25), hunger (-15). - Upon transition to a normal appearance, sanity is restored (+10). *Has special items. *Curse Kodi - Damage (65) - Strength (500) - Recovery of life upon impact (5) - Decrease in sanity per minute (-20) - Slows media to speed (0.8) - Summons Shadow Tentacle. - Can be created on the shadow manipulator. RECIPE = (Thulecite x3 ), ( Dark sword x1 ), ( Dark crystal x3 ). *Kitsune mask A kitsune mask is a special and difficult item available only to Kodi. The mask absorbs 10% of all incoming damage while wearing, slows down the depletion of hunger by 50%, when worn, the mask takes away 15 sanity, and also passively restores sanity during the day. When removed, it takes 5 life units. It has an active ability for disguise, when activated, it spends 10 sanity, and absorbs all incoming damage, even Charlie's attack in the dark, in exchange for the durability of the mask itself. RECIPE = ( Thulecite x5 ), ( Fox Wool x1 ), ( Dark crystal x3 ). *Golden sword - Damage (47) - Strength (150) RECIPE = ( Rope x1 ), ( Twigs x1 ), ( Gold Nugget x2 ). *Helmet - Strength (460) - Protection (80%) - Resistance to moisture (40%) RECIPE = ( Pig Skin x1 ), ( Rope x1 ), ( Gold Nugget x3 ). *White crystal - Used in creating other things. RECIPE = ( Marble x1 ), ( Purple Gem x1 ), ( Nightmare Fuel x2 ). *Dark crystal - Used in creating other things. RECIPE = ( White crystal x1 ), ( Fox Wool x1 ), ( Nightmare Fuel x10 ). Mod on ( Steam )
  3. Grass wall hedge skin? I came up with this idea when I was building my little Mermfolk City and I think it would be really useful for all sorts of victorian/hamlet style bases. They could add 3 skins (similar to what they're doing with wood fences) and every skin would be just another hedge (block, cone and layered)
  4. Version 1.6


    Automate gathering resources! --- --- G10MM-3R is a drone version of Glommer. Design inspired by Drones from Slime Rancher. It can: - Pick up various inventory items (uncooked food and resources), - Pick resources like Grass, Saplings, Berries, etc. - Harvest Bee Boxes/Farms/Meat Racks (when configured), - Hack resources like Tall Grass/Vine Bushes (when configured). It will store all its items inside a modified Glommer Statue (dubbed "G10MM-3R Base"). It doesn't need any fuel - it will work until broken. You can find its blueprint by mining the Glommer's Statue (or by defeating bosses in Shipwrecked/Hamlet). It's craftable on the very top of the "Science" Tab. --- G10MM-3R on Steam: This is a port of my DST mod. You can find it here:
  5. I am making custom character mod for singleplayer Don't Starve and I made it so my character uses Warbucks' sounds. The problem is that his voice is very, very quiet. Is there anything I can do to make these sound play louder?
  6. I am using this guide to make my own character and I would like to use existing Warbucks' sounds, but I do not know where is the localization of his sounds or how make them play. Could you help me? I tried to replace "wilson" with "warbucks" but no luck.
  7. Basically the title. There are many speech files and I am confused which I should use for custom character mod? Also where can I find Hamlet speech file(s)?
  8. Version 0.0.0


    Esse mod ativa a tradução em Português do Don't Starve embutida nos arquivos do jogo. Todas as DLCs traduzidas. NOTA: Essa tradução não foi feita por mim. Ela esteve nos arquivos do jogo faz um tempo, e entao decidi ativá-la.
  9. So, people have mostly managed to put together the don't starve story, starting with the Ancients, then William carter, Don't Starve, Adventure mode, Cyclum, Don't Starve Together, then the events, but there's been something that has always confused me: Hamlet and Shipwrecked. There are no pointers I have seen that give me any real leads, and the only thing I can think of is that it is an alternate universe where Wilson went out to sea and going aiborn rather than going on adventure mode? That's my only real guess as to where they could fit. So if you have any better theories for where they come in to play in the story, please tell!
  10. Version 3.0


    The hapless wizzard Rincewind and The Luggage from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series (The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic). Rincewind is a runner not a fighter. Luckily The Luggage is violent enough for both. The storyline of Rincewind ending up in Don't Starve continues from the Science of the Discworld books I, II and III. Rincewind's Stats: Health: 200 Hunger: 150 Sanity: 100 Features: The Luggage and the all important hat that says Wizzard on it (that's how you know he's a wizard see?). Warnings and Notes: This mod makes some things quite easy... but other things quite difficult. Might conflict with mods that alter the behaviour of inventory, bees, or containers The Luggage is not just a reskin of Chester - Chester still exists It is possible for Luggage and Chester to coexist... somehow. -------------------------------------------------------------------- To install: Unzip archive Copy directory "rnw" to your mods folder Enjoy! -------------------------------------------------------------------- Created by hrekin and Catten
  11. Version 2.7


    Based off of Dragon Wolf Leo's Extended Sample Character Kodi for all (DLC)Stats: Health: 150 Hunger: 130 Sanity: 130 Damage increased by 10% Speed is 5% higher. The character has a custom voice. Creates a magic sword, deals 65 damage, slows the character when the sword is in the hands. Restores health at a rate of 5 units per hit, and lowers the sanity of -20 per minute. Kodi don't like night, at night the sanity decreases 10% faster. Has a passive health regeneration of 1 unit in 30 seconds. The transformation of the character is added, you can activate by pressing the button (G). When the character is in shadow form, he has increased speed, increased damage, increased food consumption. Transformation takes away (-15) sanity and (-15) hunger, but when you return to normal, it adds (+5) sanity. Good you game Modification in (Steam) Special thanks to (Scrumch) for helping me troubleshoot issues.
  12. Version 1.7


    If you like this mod, please like and favorite it. It will help others find this mod as well. Thank you. Tired of taking forever picking your grass, reeds, spiky bushes and saplings by hand? No worries, cut them down fast today with your trusty machete! Works with all machetes. Should work with Shipwrecked and Hamlet compatibility enabled.Here's the link to the Steam Workshop page. Change Logs Version 1.7 changelog Added new config option for whether or not grass, twigs, and reeds will go directly into your inventory after hacking. The default option is No. Prepped for DST port. Version 1.6 Changelog Attempted bug fix for tall grass not growing again after shearing. Version 1.5.9 Changelog Fixed bug that happened when attempting to transplant grass that would become tall grass. (Hamlet Compatibility) Version 1.5.8 Changelog Fixed bug that happened when transplanting grass. Hack Grass, Saplings, Reeds and Spiky Bushes. When hacking, the resources dropped will now be added directly to your inventory if they are cut grass, twigs or cut reeds. Minor animation bug fixes. This mod is recommended to be used with these Fast Equipment Revamped [BETA] ActionQueue Reborn
  13. Version 1.41


    If you like this mod, please like and favorite it. It will help others find this mod as well. Thank you. I wanted to have an easier time using my Awesome Machete! mod, so I decided to update the Fast Equipment mod to work with it.This mod is mostly updated for Hamlet now. Perhaps I'll add more user configuration settings later on as well. Change Logs Version 1.41 changelog Added hover description for the Halberd on Axe category. Prepped for DST port. Version 1.4 changelog Added config option to choose the Halberd to be under the Axe or Weapon category. Wagstaff exclusive gear has been added to the Light/Helmets category. Version 1.3.2 changelog Added Chinese Localization to mod configuration options. Credits to 途安. Version 1.3.1 changelog Added a list of canes to be supported for the Walking Cane section. All non-modded canes should be included in the binding now. Updated the default hotkey binds. Changed Walking Cane names to Canes in the configuration settings. Version 1.3 changelog Shears are now added under the Machete category. Halberds are now added under the Axe category, but it will only show if you do not have a dedicated axe as well. Still figuring out how to have the Halberd show up in the Weapons category if it is not being used for the Axe category. Any other Weapons, Armors and Helmets are added into their respective categories. Hambats will always be the Hotkey'd weapon as long as they are in your inventory. This is because Hambats don't have number of uses durability and as such is usually the preferred weapon when fresh. This may become a configurable option later on. The boat interface should now be working properly. I wasn't aware there were Nautical options in Hamlet, so I had missed that. This is a minor Hamlet update for the original mod; machetes will now be in the equip bar for Hamlet and RoG - Hamlet compatible worlds.All credit and rights for the original mod source code go to IceGrog. They are the one who created the majority of the mod; I've only slightly updated it for Hamlet. If they wish for this to be taken down, then I will gladly do so.Maybe later when I have time, I will add shears and other Hamlet related equipment as well. Still new to DS modding, so it will probably be much later and after I have more Hamlet gameplay experience myself. If someone else wants to improve this mod with those additions, feel free to do so. Just make sure to credit IceGrog and I in the mod.This is also on the Steam Workshop page.
  14. Version 0.9.1


    Pause while crafting or placing items. (based on Relaxed Crafting by noobler and Crafting Pause by hmaarrfk) Updated for Hamlet worlds by N7 Commander John. All original work goes to Mace and others. Original mod can be found here. Was previously crashing on world load due to properties on the UI being different for Hamlet DLC worlds. Should be working now. If Mace wishes for me to take down this mod and upload my patch himself on his mod, then I will happily do so. Until then, this mod is here for others to use. This can also be found on the Steam Workshop. Check out these mods as well! Awesome Machete! Extra Hacking Fast Equipment Revamped [BETA] ActionQueue Reborn crafting_paws_hamlet_0.9.7z
  15. Version 2.2.3


    Hi, Steam (Original Creator): And here is the Hamlet Version: Thank you pdr for the help!!! ^^ Codes by C.J.B. Items and bug fix by GaRAnTuLA. DST version by Skull. DS version by Soo. Hamlet Update by Chris. Icon fix by pdr. Allows you to spawn any item you want. Press (T) to open spawn menu. Left Click to spawn 1 item. Right Click to spawn 10 items. Toggle Button and spawn num are Configurable This is a work in progress, of course... I'm new to modding so if You want to help me understand more and maybe even fix something about this I'll highly appreciate it.
  16. Version 1.3.1


    Hello fellow Don't Starve friends, I always found it sad, that so many things from Don't Starve are not available in Shipwrecked and now Hamlet. So I made this little mod to bring some things from the Vanilla Game, RoG and SW to Hamlet. How does it work? Just install the mod and start a new Hamlet World. This is the first version of the first mod I ever made. So please be aware that it will not be flawless. Also I'm actually quite bad at the game and die fast, so you guys will be my testers for what happens after day 15... I'm hoping for helpful feedback. And sorry for the English, I'm not a native speaker. Have fun... and don't starve.
  17. Version 1.0.0


    Beds for your Hamlet house. This beds function like the tent but with unlimited uses. Can be found under the chairs tab. DS and Hamlet are needed.
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Do you enjoy it like me to come home after a day of work, and light the firepit in the livingroom befor you grab a book and sit in an armchair? No? ...well... have some stoves then, I guess... This 5 stoves function like firepits. You will find them under the lamps tab in your hamlet house. DS, SW and Hamlet is needed. New Stoves for
  19. DO NOTE: for this entire theory I am ASSUMING that Wagstaff is one of the upcoming characters to DS, as this seems likely with the information we have been given. This might however, prove to be incorrect. This is a just a quick theory I thought up that explains like... 3 things, but should be a good base for other theory's. We know from the little description included that Wagstaff, or whoever that is, "mysterious inventor who finds himself exactly where he wanted to be". I hear the Constant is a amazing holiday location. Alright, here's what I make of this. Wagstaff discovered something to do with the Constant. This must be a pretty interesting thing, because he wanted to get it. Bad. So much so, that he abandoned his life and fortune to find it. Through some work of science, magic, or divine interference, he finds himself in the DS multiverse-y thing that's connected through the ancient portal. But not in the constant. So, he travels through all the worlds, being mistaken as a gatekeeper by each one, until he finally finds the constant. Not much, but something.
  20. Mants. They're territorial, really annoying sometimes, and have a few funny bugs. Did I mention that..... THEY'RE ANTHROPOMORPHIC BUGS. Sadly however, nothing to do with bug people has ever appeared in the lore, so this has absolutely nothing to do with anything and is definitely not some possible connection with the ancients nobody seems to have considered yet.
  21. Hey! Here is my first upload featuring some new Don't Starve Hamlet content! As you can see, I'm still getting the hang of the new biomes and mechanics but so far I have not ran into any major problems. I want to thank Klei again for allowing me to experience the game in Closed Beta and I look forward to playing this more in December, once everything is ready. Hope you guys enjoy and as always, thank you for watching!
  22. I made a lot of drawing's based off Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together and I found this art forum not long ago so I wanted to post all my drawing until now here and if I make more I will update this post
  23. When the Forge first came out, I watched a Volx stream in the middle of a library where everybody was wondering where the wifi went. Then when I first noticed the pigs in the crowd I spazzed out in the chat with a very large and incomplete lore theory. This was met with much "shut up, that theory is just plain stupid". Then I got around to buying SW and noticed the pigs in that to, and then finished the theory. STUPID THEORY TIME In vanilla DS, ROG and all forms of DST, the three games confirmed to be canon, there is some variation on the pigmans or merms, the inhabitants of the constant. However, all the non-confirmed canon games (SW and Hamlet) also share this element, but with a small twist. Thousands of people per day screaming "ADD SW TO DST". Now, anybody in there right minds would just tell them that SW isn't canon, and if they could please stop bugging them, it's pretty annoying. But Klei hasn't done that, despite the utter confusion (and annoying posts) surrounding SW. Same for Hamlet. What I'm saying is that SW and Hamlet are just some other worlds in the portal, like the ones that Punga refers to in his monologue. This could (maybe) mean one of two things: 1: Klei are incredibly cruel, and just want to torture us. or 2: Hamlet and SW are canon, they're just withholding the information. Do please not this is just a stupid theory, so if it turns out to be incorrect please don't murder me in cold blood, I have a family.