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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, wanted to drop a small suggestion: some players endeavor to make these huge grass tuft grass and sappling twig farms, clustered together in close quarters, which become an entire day chore of picking every couple of days (interrupted so often by hounds or other mishaps), because if you don't, they'll surely catch a disease, and this further becomes a huge annoyance in spring, where they grow so quickly. It'd be cool if you could consider adding a craftable scythe tool to help you cut through a bunch of grass tufts or sapplings with some circular or semi-circular AOE so the drops fall to the ground and you can just pick them up faster, or leave them there for later retrieval, allowing the character still to detect diseased plantations. I think such a tool would further encourage the player to make grass and sappling farms for quicker gathering and truly justify the second downside of it, which is disease, considered a garbage mechanic by many players. I like the mechanic, but it's a bit too awkward and underdeveloped because of the issue described above (not being able to counter it unless you pick your plants regularly) - a good chunk of them will surely die if you leave them be for a long period of time. And well, you need a LOT of grass in the entire time you play the game, a tool like this could relieve the monotony of picking endlessly. Surely with such an useful tool I wouldn't mind if it's frail or quite demanding on flint or gold or even marble or a tusk to make McTusk's drops more worthy past getting the Cane and Shanter and the occasional Brush, it'd also make it for a late/mid game tool. Thank you.
  2. I was wondering if it would be possible to get the compost to get a menu that allows you to select to auto compost food if it gets to a certain stale percentage (either that or add this to fridges), as well as the ability to auto compost seeds to a certain number remaining.
  3. I was wondering why sage hatches can't eat salt. I think this should be added as a potential food. Also a buff to sage hatches that when they eat actual food that their excretions from that food would be 3 to 5 times as much as normal, maybe even slightly higher, this could be based on the quality of the food along with how much they normally eat of an actual food.
  4. Can a tool filter be added to the disinfect tool to be able to mass disable/enable disinfect like the harvest tool.
  5. I was wondering if it would be possible to get a slight change to the critter incubator so that when it is automated and receiving a red signal that dupes will not bring eggs when set to continuous.
  6. Flo's Tweaks Mod [DS, RoG, SW]

    Version 2.3.0


    This mod is simply a collection of minor gameplay/console tweaks that i use. Currently six tweaks are enabled, and i actively update the mod as i add others . All tweaks are togglable in the customisation menu. Compatible with Vanilla DS, RoG, and SW, and available on steam here #1: Machetes for faster picking/harvesting Adds machetes to vanilla/RoG games, crafted exactly the same as SW. if you pick something (like grass, reeds, berries, etc) you can slice it with the machete instead, dramatically decreasing the amount of time it takes. machetes in SW games also have this functionality added, however they otherwise behave exactly as normal. The animation for slicing is pretty rudimentary at the moment, and im planning to beautify it. Config: the amount of durability lost when slicing #2: Colder Snow Chester snow chester now chills enemies that attack him, slowly freezing them! this makes him tougher to kill, so you're less likely to need to get your hands on another 9 blue gems if something (probably giant related) goes wrong Config: The amount that chester freezes his attackers with each hit #3: Renewable fireflies Fireflies are now renewable! fireflies will munch on rotten meat left near them, and have a baby if it fills them up (no, this isn't at all how it works in nature). it's as easy as that! Config: The fertility of fireflies, i.e. how quickly they eat + how likely they are to reproduce after eating #4: Use spacebar on traps pressing the action button (spacebar) near sprung tooth traps now resets them! This tweak is made SIGNIFICANTLY more useful if you set "set trap collection" to deprioritise or disable (see tweak #4) - this makes the use and resetting of large fields of tooth traps much more streamlined, so you dont have to worry about RMB-ing every single trap #5: Spacebar avoids flowers (etc) Several items (currently normal/evil flowers, set traps, and lit lanterns. comment/pm me if you want others! theyre easy to add) now have the behaviour changed when you press space near them. instead of just picking them up as normal, they will either be picked up if there is nothing else the player can interact with around, or just be ignored entirely. this behaviour an be over-ridden at will by holding the CTRL key when pressing space Config: Each individual item can be set to be collected as usual by a spacebar press (Default), collected only if there is nothing else around (Deprioritise), or ignored entirely (Disable). these all default to deprioritise. #6: More console commands adds a bunch of console commands for if you want to cheat. theres nothing balanced about these, theyre just there for if you want to ruin the game for yourself. I know i sure sometimes do! documentation for added commands under the cut, or type c_flohelp() into the console I'm not great at art so none of these tweaks have visual components, but with that in mind, if you have a tweak or additional command you would like to see implemented comment below! i tried to keep things fairly balanced <3
  7. Version 2.2.3


    Hi, Steam (Original Creator): And here is the Hamlet Version: Thank you pdr for the help!!! ^^ Codes by C.J.B. Items and bug fix by GaRAnTuLA. DST version by Skull. DS version by Soo. Hamlet Update by Chris. Icon fix by pdr. Allows you to spawn any item you want. Press (T) to open spawn menu. Left Click to spawn 1 item. Right Click to spawn 10 items. Toggle Button and spawn num are Configurable This is a work in progress, of course... I'm new to modding so if You want to help me understand more and maybe even fix something about this I'll highly appreciate it.
  8. Version 1.11


    I guess there's a lot of peoples that they loves Witcher musics so i decided to create this mod. (This mod will adds some of the The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt soundtrack to the mainmenu) I don't know but, Maybe i will add more witcher musics of another series on my updates. But i know i will add more Witcher 3 soundtrack to the Worlds and Games not only main menu. Okey, here it is the mod playlist: Main menu: The trial, The song of the sword-dancer, Silver for monster, After the storm, Ladies of the woods, Geralt of rivia If you find any issues or you have suggestions let me know that to make this mod better.
  9. Mini Furniture

    Version 1.0.0


    Original mod Created by Shen Yi Lets You Move Your Stuff just right click on the structures to convert them into items & pick them up. Comparing mine to the original by Shen Yi Shen Yi replaced a lot of default items. And even removed some features of them (Collision physics for example) My version, however, doesn't replace any Items. Implements Propper Collision physics. Fixes the Missing Features. And is completely compatible with DS, ROG and SW. This is my first Published mod, Hope you like it.
  10. Talkative Object

    Version 0.2


    This mod allows you to know all the essential information about objects all around you. For example : number of cycle left to fertilise again a grass, time before the torch run out or when a pigman will stop to following you and many other things. Works with all versions of DS This mod is able to evolve with your suggestion so feel free to ask and don't hesitate to report any bug
  11. Version 1.0.0


    This mod, if enabled on both a server a client, gives that client remote Lua execution privileges if they press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A. On a keyboard, the directions can be given with either WASD or the arrow keys. This mod also has controller support, accepting directions from both the analog stick and the d-pad. It is not necessary to have each client install this mod. Instead, as long as the mod is installed on the server, clients without the mod will just not have remote Lua execution privileges on the server (unless they are in fact a regular admin). This is meant as a testing aid, with the primary aim of easing testing in offline dedicated servers. Regular users should see no utility in this mod. Setting the mod option "Up up down left... what?" to "no" will give remote Lua execution privileges without requiring the input of the special secret cheat code. But that's no fun.