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  1. Version v0.24


    Allows you to spawn any item you want. Press (T) to open spawn menu Side notes: - Might not contain all items (placable items aren't possible yet) - If you are missing an item, lets me know!
  2. Version v7.0DLC


    ¡Buen día a todos! El Juego Base está traducido al 100%. Este mod también incluye la traducción del DLC - Reign of Giants que está traducido al 100%. Si aún no adquieres el DLC, no te preocupes, esta traducción también es compatible con el juego base, el cual ya está traducido al 100%. Incluso te recomiendo que, aunque no tengas el DLC, instales esta versión más reciente pues corrige algunos errores de versiones previas. Para instalar la traducción, sigue pasos que se indican más abajo. ___________________________________________________________ Después de varias semanas de arduo trabajo, aquí está la traducción completa de Don't Starve. Incluye la traducción de todas las actualizaciones del juego, incluso el nuevo DLC - Reign of Giants. También puedes encontrarla en el Workshop de Steam, sólo da click aquí o copia y pega el siguiente enlace: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=177818326 He intentado utilizar en todas las líneas un Español "Neutro" para que puedan utilizarlo tanto Latinoamericanos como Europeos Hispanohablantes. Cualquier irregularidad en la traducción, siéntanse libres de hacérmelo saber. ____________________________________________________________ ¿Cómo instalo la traducción? 1. Descarga el Archivo adjunto llamado «Traducción al Español v7.0DLC». 2. Extrae la carpeta llamada «spanishv7.0DLC» del archivo .rar. 3. Copia la carpeta que se extrajo del archivo .rar dentro de la carpeta mods que se encuentra donde instalaste el juego. En el caso de Don't Starve adquirido a través de Steam, la carpeta mods se encuentra en la siguiente dirección: C:Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\dont_starve\mods 4. Abre el Juego y da clic en el botón Mods desde el menú principal. 5. Busca el mod en la lista titulado: «Traducción al Epañol» y dale un clic para activarlo. 6. Presiona «Apply», el juego se congelará unos segundos y después regresará al menú principal del juego. ¡Listo, tu juego ya debe estar traducido!
  3. Version 1.5


    These are official sample mods developed by Klei. They are very small and barebones, in order to get you started with modding. These are meant to serve as a starting point only and are not complete mods on their own! Sample Prefab This mod demonstrates adding a new object to the world which can also be put in the player's inventory. For testing purposes, one is added to the player's pockets every time the game starts. Sample Character Use this as a starting place for your own characters! Contains template artwork for character animations, saveslot portraits, and more! Note: This will require TEX tools in order to create .tex files from the provided .png images. Also note that the template for the bigportrait is in it's own zip file for download size reasons, but both samplecharacter.zip and samplecharacter_bigportrait.zip together make the Sample Character mod and templates. Sample Mod A demonstration of very basic mod setup, including attaching a custom components and setting tuning variables.
  4. Version v1.0


    This is a collection of 'mystery kids' for Don't Starve. The download features all four characters made for this collection. Dipper Pines (Gravity Falls) Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls) Coraline Jones (Coraline) Norman Babcock (Paranorman)
  5. Version A Moderately Friendly (N


    Esta traducción al español aun no esta completada y puede tener algunos errores ademas de algunos textos aun en ingles pero es mejor a jugarlo aun en ingles full, sigo trabajando en ella y en breve estará disponible, dentro del .rar viene las instrucciones, si encuentran errores no duden en comentar, saludos...
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Save this html file to your desktop and open it in a browser. It will automatically generate a calendar of Don't Starves moon cycles going out to day 200. Input whatever day you want moon cycles calculated out to. Notes: I don't actually care if you put the file on your desktop or not, just put it somewhere that you can find it and open it. Pigs will turn into werepigs on a full moon. Werepigs are very bad piggies and will likely attack you and kill you for no reason. This is also when woody becomes the doom incarnate of all vegetation. The latest day I tested successfully was day 50,000. It was a very long calendar and the scroll-bar thingy was very small. If you intend to not starve for longer then 50k days then you may need a longer calender. Internet Explorer may block content from the lunar calendar. It's blocking Javascript which is the programming language used to generate the calendar. I promise it won't hack your computer and install pop-up advertisements for "Over 100 horney chicks in your area can't wait to chat with you right now!" This script won't hack anything at all actually. It's not a hack, it just makes a calendar. Just go ahead and hit "run script" or open it in Firefox instead. While transformed into a werebeaver, you should refrain from eating the berry bushes you planted earlier that day. Bad Werebeaver! bad. bad. bad. You go back to the firepit and starve back into Woody right now! Leave comments if there's some functionality you would like added to this calendar. Making it was kinda fun. Don't Starve.
  7. Version 1.2


    Slurper Herd Slurpers now respawn, like with Beefallos you need to have at least one Slurper alive to get more Slurpers. Modicon by Raccoon Superhero Slurper Pelt is now burnable and can be used as fuel.
  8. Version 2.0


    Wilton, one of the hidden characters, is now playable, with his own special powers! . Wilton, one of the hidden characters, is now playable, with his own special powers! Download below, or download either of 2 mirrors: Mirror 1: This version of the mod includes HUNGER, unlike the normal version. Mirror 2: WIP version for my own testing. Don't complain if this one doesn't work correctly. Discuss here: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/...wers-Update%29 ************************************************** Has a whopping 35 (thirty-five) maximum health. Tip: Avoid combat unless heavily armored. ************************************************** Has a whopping 35 (thirty-five) maximum sanity. Tip: Be sure to keep your sanity from dropping too low. ************************************************** Does not starve, and cannot eat anything but flowers. Tip: Don't eat anything else, it's as easy as that. ************************************************** Respawns at a random skeleton on the map when he dies. Tip: You never know how many lives you may have, so be careful. ************************************************** Can dig up bones and occasionally skeletons from gravemounds. Tip: Be careful digging graves, your sanity will drop quickly. ************************************************** Has a cool boomerang. Tip: Be sure to catch it, or you'll likely kill yourself! ************************************************** Does not do well in the cold. Tip: Stay close to home. ************************************************** Spawns with an eyebone and his good friend Chester. Tip: Store your spoils in Chester! ************************************************** Changes in the works currently: None! Known Bugs: None! VERSION CHANGELOG1.6All bugs fixed! (That I am aware of.)Amulets/touchstones/effigies all work properly now, with any character!Wes no longer speaks because of the mod being active.There will no longer be duplicate eyebones and bone-a-rangs.1.5Wilton gets his boomerang and eyebone back when he respawns!Wilton can eat flowers to regain health, but they lower his sanity some.Wilton now has 35 health instead of 20. Same for sanity.Rain makes you go insane a little quicker than usual.1.4Wilton spawns with a special boomerang! It is currently bugged but usable.Wilton doesn't eat anymore. A spiffy respawn sound effect.Some compatibility issues fixed! For "Dem Bones", and theoretically other mods.A WIP character portrait.A special version of Wilton that actually eats and so forth can be found under 'mirrors'.1.3Dig up bones and skeletons from graves, and never worry about ghosts!Removed the hunger meter, since you don't go hungry. Relocated the insanity meter to where the hunger meter was.1.2Other characters no longer get Wilton's reanimation perk!Maximum health and sanity are now tuned at 20 each.Respawn from skeletons spread throughout the map!Winter is very dangerous for Wilton!Wilton now uses the proper strings!1.1Hunger no longer goes down.Wilton now has very little health and sanity.Wilton will no longer starve.Wilton will spawn with a friend.
  9. Version v1.8


    TheDanaAddams Link, based visually on The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. Link comes equipped with a number of "Hero's" items. All of the Hero's items are unbreakable, and uncraftable. So don't lose 'em. Link is impervious to sanity loss, owing to his adventuring experience. He's seen things like you wouldn't believe. Link, as a seasoned adventurer, is stronger, faster, and tougher than average, with a strong stomach, but has a faster metabolism, and a smaller stomach, due to how consistently hard he pushes himself. Link is perhaps best at surviving through hunting and eating what he can kill. Keep an eye on that hunger gauge. http://forums.kleientertainment.com/...-Link-The-Hero Up-to-date Mediafire Link can always be found in the first post of the thread.
  10. Version .


    OPcane Chops AND Mines and Digs and lights your way at night (now, that's OP)! Makes the Walking Cane a multi-tool. You worked for it. Now enjoy it! OPcane Increases walking speed. Hits like a spear! Chester keeps up! - more options planned.. Install: Double-click downloaded ZIP file and DRAG enclosed directory into your dontstarve/mods directory. Start game and enable mod on the mods screen. Discuss >>
  11. Version 1.0


    This tutorial shows you how to spawn a creature at the player's position! Instructions on using the tutorial: 1. Download and extract the mod to your mods folder. 2. Open and follow the instructions in 'readme_tutorial_2.txt'. Happy modding!
  12. Version V 0.1


    Now you can craft you own Gramaphone under Structure tab. Ingredients:Gold Nugget-3 , Gears-5 and one Beefalo horn. You will need Alchemy engine to craft it. Let your feedback in the comments.
  13. Version 1.0


    This tutorial will show you how to make your character run through the world! Instructions on using the tutorial: 1. Download and extract the mod to your mods folder. 2. Open and follow the instructions in 'readme_tutorial_4.txt'. Happy modding!
  14. Version v1


    This is the character - based on myself - that I created while writing my modding tutorial. It's not especially fancy, and the art isn't the most spectacular I've ever done. It was something of an exercise in sticking more closely to the Don't Starve style, but because I was doing it rather quickly... I feel the quality suffered. I don't expect this to get much use, but I might as well upload it. =) http://www.mediafire.com/download/is0mwxne60ohibx/Dana.zip
  15. Version 1.1


    Wolfgang Classic is for those that like the old Wolfgang. Note: The game will need to be restarted after running once with this mod enabled. (Wolfgang's skins are funny that way.
  16. Version 1.0


    This tutorial shows you how to have your creature spawn throughout the world! Instructions on using the tutorial: 1. Download and extract the mod to your mods folder. 2. Open and follow the instructions in 'readme_tutorial_8.txt'. Happy modding!
  17. Version -xx


    Use the Skeleton Rod to find skeletons, graves and dog bones! Nightmare updated Update, fixed recipe and moved to 'survival' tab. v1.4 Graves tracking, Gravestone tracking/mining and Chester EyeBone tracking added. Pro Tip: Dig the graves before you mine those Headstones! v1.3 Now also track Hound Bones! Mine-able Skeletons! Now you can mine dem bones! Description: This mod actually adds more playable content to the game! You gather supplies to make the Skeleton Rod (survival recipe tab). Then, you can go searching for skeletons. The Skeleton Rod works like the divining rod and makes a 'ping' noise that gets louder and redder the closer you get to a skeleton. THEN, take your pick and dig them bones. For MORE fun, start your worlds with max 'boons'! v1.1 added animation states Possible loot: * ash * wetgoop * beardhair * redgem * bluegem * walrus_tusk * goldnugget * krampus_sack (VERY small chance) * poop * walrushat (small chance) * spoiled_food ..maybe a chance of spawning a ghost? Set your skeleton creation ('boons') to lots so more show up on your map. To install this mod: put this file in a new folder under "..mods" called "Dem Bones", then open the "modsettings.lua" file in the mods folder and add the following: ModManager:AddMod("Dem Bones") When you run the game you should see a screen pop up that lists this mod as being loaded. Discuss >>
  18. Version v1.2


    The Sharp Claw Pokemon, Weavile, joins the Brawl! (Or Don't Starve) Weavile is balanced to be like how he is in the games, a glass cannon, he can deal a lot of damage and move very fast but can't take many hits at all. Being a dark pokemon, he suffers less sanity loss from monsters and the darkness and being ice type he is immune to cold but takes extra burning damage. Weavile has: 70 HP 75 Hunger 170 Sanity -Hits 3 times harder than average. -Moves twice as fast as Wilson. -Is immune to cold and freezing. -Loses less sanity to night and monsters. -Custom voice (filtered Wallace talk sfx). --- Known bugs: --- -Weavile can get kind of stuck trying to reach a point/put something down and go to and fro very fast, make him move somewhere else to fix this. --- Art courtesy of CatOfDoom http://catofdoom.deviantart.com/ Inspiration and dialouge by Xander3000 http://xander3000.deviantart.com/ --- I don't claim Weavile or Pokemon as my own, they belong to Nintendo/Gamefreak, this is just a non-profit fanwork.
  19. 1130 downloads

    Each winter on a random night... Krampusnacht. 6 stronger Krampus will invade your base and mess your stuff up! If you manage to kill them all before daybreak you will be rewarded with a Krampus Sack. If you don't, there are consequences.
  20. 201 downloads

    Dutch translation/language pack - Nederlandse vertaling The .zip should be extracted to /mods Het .zip-bestand moet worden uitgepakt in de mods map in de installatiemap van Don't Starve. Vragen of opmerkingen? Ga naar het topic. Last update: 31 jul 2015 (update voor Reign of Giants)
  21. Version 1.01


    Allows Quick Save and Quick Load in-game by pressing F5 (save) or F6 (load)
  22. Version 1.1


    Phillip from Space Funeral. Phillip has: 200 HP 210 Hunger (depletes slightly faster than normal) 80 Sanity -Hits slightly harder than average. -Loses sanity easily. -Custom sounds, lines and music. -Is slightly insulated. (20 inherent insulation PJs) Be sure to examine things, there might be some references to Space Funeral... But it is too late for you. If it's not too late for you then you can always throw in suggestions for unfilled dialogue lines. --- Known bugs: -Battle music doesn't stop on death and doesn't fade in/out. -Would be great to have his own map icon but I've never seen it done. -Maxwell intro speech not changed, I'm not sure how to do it for this version of Don't Starve, if anyone knows, by all means tell me and I'll change what he says at the start of the game. -If Phillips custom music plays when playing as other characters, please disable his mod for the time being. --- Extra info etc in readme file included, but it's too late for you!
  23. Version v1.5


    Custom character based on The Batter from Mortis Ghost's amazing FREE RPG Maker game, "OFF". The Batter has: 180 HP 100 Hunger 120 Sanity -Hits harder than average. -Comes with a bat to purify the world: - Has sanity gain when equipped. - Does slightly more damage than a spear. - Doesn't break. -Loses less sanity to darkness but more to impure adversaries. -Is slightly insulated. (30 inherent insulation) -Custom sound and battle music. -Every single line of dialogue customized (suggestions and improvements welcome from fans of OFF). Also yes the Batter doesn't have any normal talking sound effects, this is to mirror the game as he doesn't make any sound when he talks (other characters do). --- Known bugs: -Custom music doesn't stop on death and doesn't fade in/out. -The music will replace the original music if you play as The Batter then as another character without quitting the game, disable the mod or quit the game before playing as a different character to fix this for now. --- Bug/code/script fixes/ideas/improvements? Lemme know plz on Steam or DeviantArt or somewhere. The Batter thread: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/index.php?/topic/27982-character-the-batter-off/
  24. Version 1.0


    This tutorial shows you how to import a new creature from Spriter! Instructions on using the tutorial: 1. Download and extract the mod to your mods folder. 2. Open and follow the instructions in 'readme_tutorial_3.txt'. Happy modding!
  25. Version 1.2


    Ghosts and Graves 1.0 Ghosts have chance to spawn from dug up graves. Ghosts have chance to drop ectoplasm on death. Ectoplasm can be used to fuel lantern. Ghosts roam the world on new moon dusk and night, number of Ghosts depends on number of dug up graves. Spirit Torch - if you fuel one of them, all of them will be fueled over large area, can be fueled with ectoplasm or slurtle slime or light bulbs from cave flowers. Spirit Torch can be crafted using shadow manipulator and costs blue gem, 2x ectoplasm and 8 gold. Spirit Torch graphics by @Raccoon Superhero
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