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  1. Geometric Placement

    @invent1on should also be fixed by updating the game
  2. Combined Status

    @NinjaFairy It doesn't give me that warning on Steam. You're probably not installing it correctly; it should have an icon when you have it installed, with the folder structure like so: mods/CombinedStatus/modmain.lua
  3. Geometric Placement

    Download 2.1.8 instead
  4. Do you know where can I find the log of autocompiler? Thanks!

  5. Geometric Placement

    If you have Steam it's much easier to subscribe to it on the Workshop there and then just enable it in-game. Otherwise you need to find the game files, and the "mods" folder inside there. Then download this, extract the zip, and then put the GeometricPlacement folder in the mods folder, so that it goes mods/GeometricPlacement/modmain.lua (if you have an extra folder around it, it won't work).
  6. Combined Status

    No? I wrote both and use both.
  7. Geometric Placement

    @CrackZer a screenshot of the crash message might help
  8. On looking at birdcage.lua again to add Silentdarkness's request of a config option to disable birdcage bird starvation, I noticed that when a bird starves it actually removes the occupiable component and then adds it again later. This would actually break the patching of occupiable that both versions of this mod do, so I updated it to patch it again when the component is added back. And added the toggle for spoilage... I didn't have time to test it, though. And obviously it needs the modinfo config entry added to match the call at the top.
  9. Combined Status

    @sandman31 If you update the game, it should work. Alternatively, you can edit the mod's modmain and change this line: local DST = GLOBAL.TheSim:GetGameID() == "DST" to this: local DST = false --GLOBAL.TheSim:GetGameID() == "DST"
  10. Er, yeah, I forgot to remove some of the debug stuff. Here's it again without that:
  11. This should be a lot more future-proof: It also only requires a modmain, you can delete the scripts folder because the "feathers" component was kind of silly.
  12. The colorful coral tiles generally seem to be considered shallow water by most of the game, but technically aren't GROUND.OCEAN_SHALLOW. So seaweed spawns there naturally, but if you remove it with a trawl net you can't replant it there.
  13. Geometric Placement

    @LucazST15 O que o crash diz? Verifique se as pastas são "mods / GeometricPlacement / modmain.lua"
  14. Because succulent_picked is missing an entry in STRINGS.NAMES, when recipepopup looks for STRINGS.NAMES.SUCCULENT_PICKED, it finds nil. This results in the ingredient tile for it having no tooltip. If a STRINGS.NAMES entry were added, then this line could also be removed from prefabs/succulent_plant.lua: = STRINGS.NAMES.SUCCULENT_PLANT
  15. When a circuit overloads, the bridges are targeted first. However, CircuitManager assigns wire bridges to the circuit they cross over, rather than the circuit they are linked to. This means that wire bridges don't overload if there's no circuit under them, and overload at the wrong time. I've attached a save demonstrating this. It consists of a heavi-watt circuit and a normal circuit, each with more than 1 kW power drain. The wire bridge on the left should be part of the heavi-watt circuit, but overloads when the normal circuit is powered. If it's removed, the two wire bridges on the right do not overload, but a wire does instead. I believe this is due to the following part of CircuitManager.Rebuild: HashSet<UtilityNetworkLink>.Enumerator enumerator3 = this.bridges.GetEnumerator(); while (enumerator3.MoveNext()) { UtilityNetworkLink current3 = enumerator3.Current; int cell = Grid.PosToCell(current3.transform.position); ushort circuitID3 = this.GetCircuitID(cell); if (circuitID3 != 65535) { this.circuitInfo[(int)circuitID3].bridges.Add(current3); } } It uses the center cell of the wire bridge to determine which circuit it's attached to. Instead it could use UtilityNetworkLink.GetCells() to get the cells the bridge is actually linked to, and use one/both of those to determine the circuit. WireBridgeBug.sav