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  1. @Jason This is why the brush stops being usable, in case you hadn't found the time to track that down yet.
  2. In components/brushable.lua, the load function has a mistake: function Brushable:OnLoad(data) self.lastbrushcycle = data.lastbrushcycle or 0 -- See comments in beard; because beard growth is controlled by SG, we need to save whether we were brushable at save or not. self.brushable = data.brushable == nil and true or self:SetBrushable(data.brushable) end The trailing "or" causes it to assign the return value of SetBrushable to self.brushable if data.brushable is not nil. SetBrushable doesn't return anything, so this means that if data.brushable is not nil, then it becomes nil, and if it was nil, it becomes true. Note that this component's code is duplicated in the various DLCs, so it will have to be fixed in all of them.
  3. Combined Status

    @legends0356 It needs to be extracted from the zip, so that it goes: mods/CombinedStatus/modinfo.lua; if the modinfo isn't visible at a path like mods/somemodname/modinfo, then the game won't see it.
  4. Combined Status

    I don't maintain the server version so it's up to them to update it
  5. Normally when the Aporkalypse starts, the existing season and its progress is saved, to be resumed later when the Aporkalypse ends. However, seasonmanager_pork.lua doesn't include pre_aporkalypse_season and pre_aporkalypse_percent in its OnSave and OnLoad methods. The aporkalypse component does save/load the current season, but it doesn't pass it back to SeasonManager in EndAporkalypse() (and it also doesn't save the season percent).
  6. When moving around a meteor impact, such as the ones near the Iron Hulk (ancient robot things), they seem to slide over the ground slightly. This is fixed by setting their anim orientation to OnGround: inst.AnimState:SetOrientation(ANIM_ORIENTATION.OnGround) They might need some further adjustment after this (perhaps rotation or something).
  7. Geometric Placement

    @MP98 Let me know if you figure it out, although it may not be something I can solve. It's also possible it's affected by predictive mode (I play with prediction off, and they may have changed the code for it in a way that interferes).
  8. Regardless of the auto-sweeper's orientation, its decor box extends 5 cells to the right (from the center cell of the auto-sweeper), while extending the correct 3 cells in all other directions.
  9. @PeterA Sorry to cause problems with that, I've removed the code that was referring to the old optionsscreen so it should be much safer to remove now (obviously will still crash for anyone stuck on older versions of the mod, but nothing to be done about that).
  10. [DST] Gesture Wheel

    @TheHacker Gesture Wheel is DST-only (10 is the api version for DST). Single-player doesn't have any emotes, so it wouldn't make sense to have the wheel for them (and porting over the emotes themselves is a bit hard, definitely outside of what I want to do with this mod).
  11. Geometric Placement

    @invent1on should also be fixed by updating the game
  12. Combined Status

    @NinjaFairy It doesn't give me that warning on Steam. You're probably not installing it correctly; it should have an icon when you have it installed, with the folder structure like so: mods/CombinedStatus/modmain.lua
  13. Geometric Placement

    Download 2.1.8 instead
  14. Do you know where can I find the log of autocompiler? Thanks!

  15. Geometric Placement

    If you have Steam it's much easier to subscribe to it on the Workshop there and then just enable it in-game. Otherwise you need to find the game files, and the "mods" folder inside there. Then download this, extract the zip, and then put the GeometricPlacement folder in the mods folder, so that it goes mods/GeometricPlacement/modmain.lua (if you have an extra folder around it, it won't work).