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  1. hello, can you help me create new items, i have already done 2 mod folders, but both them crash the game when activated. the game stop answer to any comand from mouse and other, can you help me with this ? if you need i send you the mod folder(s)


  2. Normally with a controller, numbers show on badges when you open the inventory (right trigger). However, in scripts/widgets/statusdisplays:ShowStatusNumbers(), it doesn't check if the moisture badge is visible when setting the number to show. This is fine when first loading in if you're dry, but the moisture badge never clears the number text after it has been set, so if you get wet and dry off, it leaves a "1" in the text. Opening the controller inventory again shows this floating "1" even though the rest of the badge is hidden. This should be an easy fix-- the moisture badge already tracks whether it's active or not in, so you can just check that in statusdisplays:ShowStatusNumbers.
  3. Sorry, my bad, I forgot to test on a boat. Uploaded a fix for that (and several other bugs) just now.
  4. Unfortunately I think only the PC version supports mods.
  5. function Text:SetSize(sz) if LOC then sz = sz * LOC.GetTextScale() end self.inst.TextWidget:SetSize(sz) self.size = sz end function Text:SetSize(sz) return self.size end I assume the second entry was intended to get GetSize. It also seems a bit problematic that self.size stores the inflated size, so if one were to store sometextwidget.size and use it to set it later, it would cause compounding of the LOC.GetTextScale() multiplier.
  6. Just here to notify you of a bug with geometric placement, in hope you get an email noification here (while you dont get one on steam). The bug makes Action Queue Reborn dont work properly and maybe more:

    1. rezecib


      The memory leak affects action queue? I'm confused, I've been using them together without noticing a problem.

      Memory usage for geometric placement is more or less unavoidable, collision checking is expensive and the game does not optimize for this scenario of checking a grid of collisions. It sounds like GC is working as intended if it cleans up the memory.

    2. Serpens


      I made a dedicated server with no mods and I only had action queue reborn active -> planting pinecones in queue works fine.  But if I also enable geometric placement it was 100% reproducable, that at latest when the character starts planting the second line of plants, they are planted outside of the usual template. I hope you can reproduce it, you will notice when it happens and it happend everytime at my side, it simply wont plant on the template after few plants. This only happens if 'm client, not when I'm host.

      I reported this bug to the author of AQR and he told me he reported a memorey leak at your modpage and that my reported problem might be related.

  7. But Combined Status doesn't show the stats of items, maybe you're thinking of Display Food Values or the Crockpot Simulator?
  8. @Zeldicon What do you think could be updated in response to Warly and the food changes?
  9. In scripts/prefabs/veggies.lua, placers were added for each of the veggie seeds in the MakeVeggie function. However, they don't get added to the returned prefab table because only the first three return values are captured. This is also an obstacle for Geometric Placement compatibility, as the placer prefab is missing.
  10. @legends0356 It needs to be extracted from the zip, so that it goes: mods/CombinedStatus/modinfo.lua; if the modinfo isn't visible at a path like mods/somemodname/modinfo, then the game won't see it.
  11. I don't maintain the server version so it's up to them to update it
  12. Normally when the Aporkalypse starts, the existing season and its progress is saved, to be resumed later when the Aporkalypse ends. However, seasonmanager_pork.lua doesn't include pre_aporkalypse_season and pre_aporkalypse_percent in its OnSave and OnLoad methods. The aporkalypse component does save/load the current season, but it doesn't pass it back to SeasonManager in EndAporkalypse() (and it also doesn't save the season percent).
  13. When moving around a meteor impact, such as the ones near the Iron Hulk (ancient robot things), they seem to slide over the ground slightly. This is fixed by setting their anim orientation to OnGround: inst.AnimState:SetOrientation(ANIM_ORIENTATION.OnGround) They might need some further adjustment after this (perhaps rotation or something).
  14. @MP98 Let me know if you figure it out, although it may not be something I can solve. It's also possible it's affected by predictive mode (I play with prediction off, and they may have changed the code for it in a way that interferes).
  15. Regardless of the auto-sweeper's orientation, its decor box extends 5 cells to the right (from the center cell of the auto-sweeper), while extending the correct 3 cells in all other directions.