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  1. description in game is unclear and wiki is outdated on all the diseases, it still tells me slimelung is going to kill me, now I don't know if there is even any point of building ANY doctors...
  2. What are the worst case consequence of each disease now? It really stinks that diseases were neutered why even have such a huge doctor tree and specific technology and recipes? Is there a mod to restore all these diseases?
  3. This is really depressing, is there any diseases that can actually kill you or can have such a negative effect that you die anyway?
  4. Are you playing on a draconian, ravenous, outbreak prone, frankly depressing world? (disease, morale, hunger, stress) as these are non-mod settings. As a side note what are the worst case scenario for each disease in the game now on release? Can any disease actually kill you now?
  5. it's like 1kW wire vs 40kW wire matches the design of the game. you get extra small fries or a supersize me. Yeah there is 2kW wire but it's confusing enough.
  6. Shared Cot?

    shame, cots, beds, mess tables are the only thing that needs to be built per dupe? too bad there is no "first come first serve shared bed assignment"
  7. Can duplicants with different schedules share cots? Mine are sleeping on the floor even though they have totally different sleep schedules and open beds... do you really need a bed for each duplicant otherwise you have to manually assign them the bed back and forth?
  8. Game was worth it before. Now it is double worth it.
  9. I meant wild plants though if we wanted to have more parks.
  10. Think of power transformers this way, ordinarily if you are producing 2kW for your base you would split it in the left half and right half, with a power transformer you can put them all in one place and use the power transformer to split the electric network. 1 kW Generator --- BASE USING 2 kW in two grid networks --- 1 kW Generator Base - transformer - 2kW Generator - transformer - Base Does that make sense? i don't even think about transformers regulating power but instead creating a connected yet separate power draw network.
  11. This is a feature, the force-field was only the 2nd defensive measure against your rocket attacks.
  12. Thank you, I ran out of threads and had to go to the local sewing store.
  13. So in a world without pips the wild plants that exist will all eventually cease to exist or never increase in number?
  14. Turn based, hardcore, end game, 24 hour cycle load. Problem solved.
  15. The real bug here is that the smart battery can make coal magically stop burning mid flame, you should have less coal, the game is giving you more coal with magic. I'm sorry, but the coal generator uses way to little coal. (and it's bugged)