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  1. What ihave been doing with my life all this time? Awesome, works perfect.. BUT.. Its possible to pause or freeze the game while in this mode? That would be really nice.. So you can take aall the time you need to plan your base
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Background story: Years has passed since Wilson met the Giants, in some point he learned the secrets of these ferocious creatures. Now, for who knows what purpose, he finally achieve a machine that can call any of these Giants at any time, and as many as he wants. Indeed, he knows that there is a bigger enemy out there, hiding in the shadow of the night. Description: Simple, but needed for those who "LOTS" it's not enough.. The Giant Spawner is a machine that allow you to spawn, or in other words, "create" a giant. Because such furious creature needs a "body" to be born and a soul. Recipe: To craft the Giant Spawner you need a prestihatitator and some fancy stuff: 1 Deerclops eye, from the Deerclops 3 Down Feather, from the Goose/Moose 1 Scales, from the Dragonfly 1 Thick Fur, from the Bearger Giants recipes: Like i said, if you want to create them, you need to give them a body, of flesh and bones, and a soul.. So you will need some Pigskin, a little of meat, nightmare "souls", and something special: To create a Giant you need: 3 Pigskin 3 Meats 5 Nightmare Fuel And: For a Deerclops: 5 Ice For a Bearger: 5 Beefalo Wool For a Drangofly: 10 Ashes For a Goose/Moose: 5 of any kind of Feather Advice: Build in the middle of your base ^_^ Bugs, working on them, but a little busy with college: Game crash if: You don't use all the 4 ingridients. You don't use the quantity listed. You cange the recipies. Things to do: Don't Starve base, and SW version. Better textures. Final words: This is my very first mod. Please let me know what do you think of the idea, i just finished and release it.. As you can se, mi art is awfull, i just use a Deerclops image for the structure ^^ If any of you love drawing or animation and want to collaborate, is free to do it. Please show some love with a like and/or a +Rep ^^
  3. Im learning, little by little ^_^ reading other peoples mods, posts about how to mod, to learn how this modding thing works.. Im little busy with my college right now.. The mod work in ROG, i think you try to say that doesnt work in DST... There is a steam version i think, but not a forum one.
  4. Im playing RoG, fresh new game with no other mods.. That happens when i turn on the Custom Badges (before or after the start of a new game, same result..) The thermometer and Naughtiness meter do not move.. Any idea?
  5. Im sorry, i am not a modder, i just change the version of the mod and make it usable in SW.. But i think the host of the server should have this mod in order to work for you.. Im not sure, im not a DST player BTW, you can change the text to chinese if you want.. Open the mod folder, open "Modmain.lua" and change the 11-16 lines (can do it with notepad, or notepad++) change the text after = of "Hunger", "Health", "Sanity", "Will spoil very soon", "Will spoil in", "Day" for your chinese translate.. Example:
  6. Nothing new, just the compatibility, and the api version changed.. The mod is in steam workshop already, but i didnt find it here on the forums so i decided to upload it.. I think there is nothing new to add, the mod will be compatible with every new version and dlc they launch. Just needed to be updated.
  7. Version 2.0.0


    New version of the previous Display Food Values mod, now compatible with Shipwreked. Enjoy ^_^