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Found 15 results

  1. Version 0.1.0


    ONLY FOR GLITCHED SAVEGAMES WHERE DOGS ARE NOT SPAWNING CORRECTLY (Fixes dogs spawning every time you join and dogs not spawning at all) Instructions: Step 1 - Start your glitched game with this mod Step 2 - SAVE and QUIT Step 3 - disable this mod and load your game... all the dog information is now wiped and should resume spawning normal... you know it worked because now you can sleep! I created this mod because I was playing Shipwrecked and one day I could not sleep anymore because of some clandestine danger and 50 days later found out it was because hounds were not spawning. Please comment if you have any problems or if this worked for you.
  2. I know I already posted him in this thread: Draw Your Character into Don't Starve but I've drawn a lot of pictures with him I'd like to share, so I thought I'd post a new thread also, here's more info about him: Name: Wolfert Nickname: Moon Moon Motto: "I will eat your bones!" Sanity: 200 Health: 50 (it's his the worst defect - and this is why he's bleeding from the mouth all the time) Hunger: 150 Melee damage: 1.0x Perks: * Howling during the full moon calls hounds (hounds normally attack him and still visit, but when he howls at night during the full moon, he calls them. then they follow and help him for a while, sometimes they bring him bones!) * Can eat bones (I know, there are not a lot of bones in the worlds, but at least he can eat them they help him with restoring the health) * Can run on all four paws (at least he must have nothing in the hand if wants to run. he's faster then) and here's his aks blog: Ask Wolfert! you can ask him there about whatever you want there's also a bit more infos about him and I'll add more pictures with him here! there will be from this blog mainly btw. I know he's not so similar to hounds, but there's a litlle story why he looks like this way
  3. We need a Horror mod. Put all the scary stuff in one mod.Necromancy is easy.
  4. Taming the Beast

    I just noticed you have the same name as me!
  5. Text to Jeff: " If you can kill it, you can cook it". Makes more effective food. Can't wear a hat.Text to Twigster : Spawns when the player hast more than 40 twigs -> random ( which means he spawns randomly)Text to Grassmonk : very rare in early days, drops Red Gem, does not attackText to golden chain: 20 Gold needed, can be given to the pig king for a random hat.Text to Tentacle Hat : take less damage from tentacles -> 3x Silk + 1x Tentacle SpotsHere you go. Actually I never saw it this way but why is a spider queen in the game and no other bigger versions of other monsters?By the way your right I saw the spider queen and just made the same thing with the hounds.I have to say that I do have enough ideas for other monsters but the potential that this game offers is gigantic. The only thing that really has to stay is the balancing and the difficulty. So why not make a mother of hounds AND new creatures ?
  6. I had a small idea, birds could land on beefalos and sit there, like birds sit on top of rhinos and eat bugs of off em. And you could throw a boomerang at the bird like normal and the beefalo just shrugs like it was nothing when the bird dies.
  7. so i dont know if this is a glitch or not has been implenmanted yet but i have fought some hell hounds in my fort to my surprise the tooth traps didnt go off . image of hounds going threw tooth traps with ease
  8. Hey just wondering if anyone would like to trade an extra Don't Starve key they have for my Dota 2s and items within my inventory. I think one of the TF 2 hats is rare I'm not sure. I'm really obsessed with watching videos of this game and have been in love with the look of it since I first saw it ! :3 I can't wait to pick this game up but unless I can trade for it I'll probably wait till my birthday which is fine but patience is not my strong suit. Anyway if you want to trade add me on steam or something and it'll make my christmas ! Steam ID Or if you just want to talk about games or play something on my playlist hit me up. The community here is full of nice people (Btw im just a lurker on the forums)
  9. I know there already are comments about the Hounds, but I just got fed up with the Hounds coming at the night and leaving me no time to look for the spear, logsuit or torch. I have died so many times because of them that I just don't feel like playing anymore. I guess no one else is bothered by this, or then they just can somehow deal with it, well, I can't I am I not gonna waste any more hours just to be easily killed by those Hounds. Guess the game is just too hard for me. Yah. I liked the game otherwise. Just to let the makers know another opinion x)
  10. There has been a lot of talk about adding a multiplayer or co-op mode. I’d like to give our official response to this suggestion, and clear up any confusion that people might have. As you can see from the game’s roadmap, our vision for the game does not include network play. We have promised our players an awesome single player experience, and we are devoting all of our time and resources towards fulfilling this promise. We are even committing to six months of continued support after launch, so that we can make the game even better. Don’t Starve was designed and implemented as a single-player game. At the code level, you have to do things a lot differently if you want to play over a network. If we were to implement multiplayer now, we would have to re-architect all of this code, which would have unavoidable spill-over effects for the single player experience. This would make it harder for us to fulfil the promises that we’ve made, and compromise the overall quality of the game. This is an amazing community, and we really value your feedback, as you can see from our constant updates and hotfixes. We have discussed and debated multiplayer A LOT within the studio. In the end, we have concluded that we can make a better game, and better support the community, if it remains single player. This is why we are not planning on adding multiplayer or co-op to Don’t Starve. Now let’s get on with making the best single player game we can make!
  11. Wouldn't it be useful to have some kind of pet whistle to call off your animals from an attack? Or rope a beefalo to bring it home? Leave your opinion below. I myself have lost many a small bird to were-pigs, tall birds and hounds.
  12. I was wondering if there could be a bee mask? Because sometimes when I try to harvest my honey, I get attacked by my bees. It would be cool to have a bee mask (in the hat slot of the inventory thingy) so you won't take damage from bees from your bee harvester? Or maybe some kind of spray that will make the bees tame so they won't sting you? The bee mask would be created like this: 15 pieces of silk, 5 twigs The spray would be created like this: 20 berries, 10 flowers, 5 pieces of honey You could spray it on the harvester so only those bees would be tamed. It wouldn't work on normal bee hives. Either one of those suggestions could work, but I'm worried about the OP-ness of the bee mask.
  13. I was on my 20th day when suddenly a red hound attacked me followed by multiple regular hounds. I managed to evade it but what was it? Does it drop special loot? are there plans for it in the future? answers to these questions are greatly appreciated. (I died at day 20 by an accidental beefalo misclick)
  14. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Crash] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Error During Initialization, Not Soundcard Steps to reproduce 1. Launch Steam 2.Launch Game Describe your issue After launching the game, I recieve and immediate crash with the error message "Error During Initialization". I have updated my video drivers, tried the sound bugfix (Uninstalling/Reinstalling Drivers). I have also run the DX and VC checks, both are up to date. The game was working well on the 27th when I had purchased it, but I tried running the game with my Turtlebeach PX-21 headset and this error started occuring. Since then I have tried running the game on my original setup (Sony Speaker System) but the error persists despite the change and driver checks. This game is terrific minus the few bugs and crashes from the beta, a swift response would be nice, can't wait to start playing again. I'll include my Logtxt and some specs, if any additional info is needed please let me know. Perhaps I simply reinstalled my drivers incorrectly.(But I had followed instructions to a T from posts found on this forum) Cheers! TxtLog : Starting up Don't Starve: 69781 Build Date: 2012-11-28_12-10-53 THREAD - started 'GAClient' (4228) HttpClient::ClientThread::Main() cGame::InitializeOnMainThread WindowManager::Initialize failed Shutting down Specs: AMD FX-4100 Quad-core Processor 3.60Ghz 8.00 Gig Kingston RAM 64-Bit Windows 7 Home Premium NVidia GTX 550 Ti Superclocked Service Pack 1
  15. I literally just started this game this morning and my only prior experience had been watching LP's from before this patch. I made it to day 4 and was mauled while researching stuff right at the transition of the morning. I had no idea what got me. Now I know. I'm on day 6 of my second run and hounds showed up again as Soon as it turned to day. Is this a bug? Or are they only supposed to spawn at the save transition of the morning? Also, let me state it's fairly difficult to start as a new player when something is guaranteed to come after you so early in the game, no matter how far you are from monsters. I don't even have armor or the spear yet. <_<