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8 hours ago, MrKoopa said:

Couldn't use any of the boat stuff because RoT is quite new and the mod needs to be updated. I hope I can sail somewhere without changing character in the future. 

He added this in for the RoT mobs, and all the other PP versions are getting frame reworks so he can better develop them, once those are finished, the other PP versions are going to be updated, including boat stuff and SW mobs being able to swim.

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Okay listen klei, no matter how many dingy spiffy backpack skins you send me, NONE SHALL REPLACE MY GLOMMER BUDDY BACKPACK. REEEE!


Seriously I've been getting quite a few of these backpack skins lately.

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6 hours ago, Terra M Welch said:

You know what I hate? When floating buzzards steal my hard earned monster meat.

Big birb, big stomach... it wants to not starve too, I guess. 

Which reminds me of a bit similar case I had not long ago:


They wanted to not starve together too. I had to kill like 6 of them...

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On 5/27/2019 at 8:28 AM, Terra M Welch said:


Oh and as a joke, we name our crow(bird in right cage) Ron.


I plan to get a canary for the left cage and name it Becky.

Becky lemme smash

no ron


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3 hours ago, GetNerfedOn said:


dry season is my favorite season I swear.

I appeased the altar, and the next day an eruption struck without warning.

That's probably because the altar forgets your appeasements after leaving the volcano.

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