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  1. wicker cant sleep. also, her "sleep" animation and her spammed Yawn sound bother me to no end. my real main is a mod character. that must be bothersome to some
  2. [Minespatch] Apophenia Art

    My adjectives have run dry as to how much better i can describe these stellar works of art thanks a lot
  3. How do I move beefalo?

    Use the Beefalo Horn
  4. Ban Lammarr because i'm perfectly of good health!
  5. mood:


    (image taken from

    (excellent webcomic, read pls)

  6. Ban xenologist for dabbling in unrecognized pseudoscientific disciplines!
  7. my main is a mod character; merely playing her is "cheating the system"
  8. It is the year 20XX, and in the future everything is devastation, because everyone has for some reason been given the chance to be in charge of developing the game "Don't Starve." The Veterans and Elitists hover in the seiza position in their monasteries and make instant additions and changes to the game with their left hands, while typing extremely long and detailed suggestion threads in General Discussion with their right. The changes also happen ten or even five seconds apart because people immediately argue and bicker about said change, with the majority hastily yet victoriously applying the changes they envision. Everyone plays the characters that the Veterans endorse, because we all know that that one is the only truly viable one, and if you didn't the Veterans would lash out with nasty rhetoric and a lightning bolt to smite down such heresy. Nobody can stop the phenomenon any longer, as the Veterans and Elitists have achieved total perfection and superiority, their opinions having the most weight in the community. The noobs and casuls sit in abject poverty wondering how all this had come to pass and desperately pray for the devs to regain control.
  9. What games have you been playing?

    When i get a new keyboard I'll go back to playing the FPS games i used to play, namely: - all three S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games, and - the original Halo
  10. Ban Watermelen because the word accurately describes me especially in nighttime
  11. Ban H20 Citrullus Lanatus 420 because they're one to talk about pointing out nonsensical nicknames despite having a nonsensical nickname themself
  12. Dunno if this has been mentioned before, but You can stun Klaus' Gem Deer using the staff opposite of its element (e.g. stun Red Gem Deer with Ice Staff, Blue Gem Deer with Fire Staff).
  13. The Klei raid

    don't forget the meatballs
  14. Managed to sneak in a quick one before Finals proper began. Nothing to special, it's rather messed up (i mean, look at those wings!), not too much detail either, and its hurriedly done, not to mention the lack of an awesome background, but i really, really needed to vent like this before i went into Finals with pent up emotions. Doing the latter is unhealthy for you and your grades. Will probably add details later, as well as more pieces, God willing!
  15. held our final science class today, and the final exam was about biomes. 

    Normal people hastily began cramming hurriedly-searched google pages in desperation, and when the oral recitations and specifications began cropping up ppl bit the dust. (One person even claimed there was winter in a tropical biome. Despite having lived in one their entire life. Oh no.) 

    But as a Don't Starve/Minecraft veteran everything was cut out for me.

    See? Video games CAN teach you a lot of things you can use IRL! If played in moderation that is.

    1. reverentsatyr


      I finally stopped mixing up the order of the seasons thanks to DST. So, your just barely ending your school year? Mine already started again, I'm a quarter in.

    2. GetNerfedOn


      it's the end of the first half (semester) for me

      Good fortune wend you on the new school year!