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  1. I've seen people make the connection that we're going to pull this off using the Celestial Orb, considering that its prefab file is "moonrockseed".
  2. Now ongoing!: On Popular Lategame Foods On the Forgotten Knowledge Update, Postmortem Do visit the polls, vote freely and discuss! Enjoy!
  3. Next on my list of questions: how was the Forgotten Knowledge Update for you? Yay or nay? As always, do feel free to rate and discuss in the comments!
  4. Next on my list of questions: which of these food sources do you prefer in the late game? As always, feel free to vote and discuss in the comments!
  5. just a quick update to prevent this thread from falling into the abyss of archived threads: If you may have noticed in photos, Betsy (the dragonfruit plant which managed to flower) has been rather severely thin as of late, owing to my laziness in watering her :/ however, as the rainy season has begun, we've moved her slightly forward to a spot where she'll receive rainfall, and it's done the trick. Now her branches are all thick and healthy again the other dragonfruit at thriving as well. Will send photos once the internet returns
  6. I haven't seen this mentioned yet, so do correct me if it has been: - When playing alone, leaving a world when dead resets the regeneration timer to 172 seconds when you rejoin
  7. although i haven't made a poll here in so long, i was assigned to make an evaluation form for a webinar in the library science department and not only was it praised for being an extensive poll, it is now to be used as our organization's standard in evaluation forms

    that aside, i have no desire to make polls as of now as i've few to no questions left

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    2. GetNerfedOn


      correction, it was the Wigfrid rework, not the Aug QoL update


    3. minespatch


      The new thread was a success.:wilson_goodjob:

    4. Charlie Dark

      Charlie Dark

      Well... isn't that sweet?

  8. addendum due to how notably notorious Charlie Dark has become my mind associates the darkness with them instead of the Charlie. So now i nickne the darkness Charlie Dark
  9. Do abbreviations count? in that case: NME fuel - Nightmare Fuel TS - Touch Stone Isle of plenty - that one Jungle + tidal Marsh island in SW with tons of Berry bushes, spiders, monkeys, snakes and reeds Clops Bait - signs Best Friends - Rock Lobsters
  10. ban you because you ban so ban you because ban you ban so because
  11. Since those already mentioned are excellent streams but occur usually when i am asleep (or am supposed to be) I tend to watch @Misuto the most. His streams are pretty chill, display unorthodox yet interesting tactics, insights and speedruns, and above all I feel a certain comfort watching and conversing with sir streamer. Definitely will recommend! Special mention goes to Gabriel, who is def the one streamer I stayed late up to watch, whose megabase is now graced with the presence of my skeleton, and sadly cannot stream for the time being due to college commitments yor strimms will be missed greatly
  12. Ban A Random Furry because you're telling that to a person who exclusively prefers chocolate desserts.
  13. Ban A Random Furry because I can vividly recall just barely restraining myself from throwing myself off the second floor of our home when I heard that absolute banger.