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  1. Next up: the rubbish TL! Credits to @Just-guy for the idea :))
  2. in five days, ponk says, the eggpire will attack foolish. now this is an even that is hyping me similarly to how i literally stayed till morning to watch Technoblade destroy Lmanburg
  3. Foolish is going to enter the lore now. The egg griefed the summer home... and Foolish is showing lots of bravado when he told the egg it f$#%ed up when he dragged him into the war, and not even flinching when Ponk whaled on him. and now he's taunting the egg to grief his innermost sanctum. here we go
  4. Dry season has begun and thankfully the plants are waaaaay healthier compared to last year! I await flowering season with great excitement (We could probably fruit enough for an entire dragonpie this time!!)
  5. i'm going to make a tierlist for this, thank you. i will credit you fully fret not
  6. Padre nuestro, que estás en el cielo. Santificado sea tu nombre. Venga tu reino. Hágase tu voluntad en la tierra como en el cielo. Danos hoy nuestro pan de cada día. Perdona nuestras ofensas, como también nosotros perdonamos a los que nos ofenden. No nos dejes caer en tentación y líbranos del mal. Amén.
  7. To people helping new people survive: Don't just spoonfeed them and do everything for them. Setting up base for them gathering food for them, kiting for them and soloing bosses for them, while a kind gesture, teaches them little in the long run. Instead, try to get them involved. Actively teach them something instead of giving it to them and they'll learn how to do it for next time. As the saying goes, "Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime."
  8. obligatory "I have a feeling this thread's going to be locked" post



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      My baby joltik in 3d.:wilson_goodjob:57bb786b8ed01_20160921p5-Joltikconventionbadge.png.90e15bc4e497b2a83cd4ca042a147e90.png59f2dc5058f72_mewthemewskeledorkpokemontrainer.png.a5a3dc47eade2c57eb7efe77737e5ec0.png923189652_joltik2020.thumb.png.2d8a915de9b5770021b0192aad01fb70.png

  10. this, a thousand times, yes. Tierlists don't mean jack when you have not the skill to fully use a character in DST to their strengths and weaknesses, despite the difference in advantages and disadvantages. on another note, i can't say i actively dislike a character in DS
  11. in this particular poll, i decided to exclude that option entirely and fully restrict the choices to a close-ended query; the "undecided/meh" option is to not vote in the poll entirely.