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  1. I don't see why making massive boat bridges is "cheesy", it's a very intelligent use of resources overall which pays off for the massive amount of time needed to gather and manufacture said materials. However, what I can find a problem with is that boats do not require anchors to remain in place. Given time, a nerf to this is to implement waves at sea to move said boats such that anchors are required to fix them in place.
  2. Having mentioned set pieces I guess this old attempt of mine to gather info on them should provide further insight
  3. thanks to 'spatchy showing me that Eizouken smash spoof i decided to watch eizouken and boy, it's a treat. i'm even learning stuff about animation and art i've never thought i'd learn :D thanks a lot, @minespatch!

    1. SophPlays


      good for you 

    2. minespatch


      Please read the manga Genkaku Picasso. That manga needs a animated adaptation so baaaad.

  4. Thank you for the extremely detailed, speedy response
  5. but wetness, winter and summer rates affect the rate. Therefore, why i asked
  6. Here's a question that's niggled at the back of my mind for so long already: Assuming these conditions: - it rains twice (with each instances of precipitation lasting for less than a day) in Autumn, - Winter spoilage slowdown is in effect - it rains at least 10 days/ worth of heavy rain in Spring - Summer spoilage speedup is in effect how long does a Powder cake left on the ground for Gobbler bait, from full freshness, last before it finally turns into rot?
  7. Funnily enough this is not a thing we should be making any sense of considering that: - his subjects are ready to eat each others' remains after a fight - Tallbirds immediately kill their newborns, while teens kill their parents
  8. Don't get me wrong, it's perfectly fine to make threads about adding DS chars to DST - but for so long as reasonable justification and not half-baked suggestions are given. Wheeler's already a fine character as is, with perks and kit complementary to both her and teams if she were added.
  9. But not apart from summer. In terms of time of occurrence, its fine. It just needs to be worked around such that it needs to be dealt with more easily as mentioned in OP
  10. Whirlpools

    That idea would take another shard to run. And more processing power on our PCs. Which would make DST rather laggy/hard to run on lower specs. Keep shipwrecked/hamlet/Gorge/Forge/Cherry Forest (by the way, this last one is a mod ) where they belong - out of base DST content where they do not clash thematically, aesthetically or functionally.
  11. That aside, Even if strong winds were not present, to instill a sense of realism a Sandstorm should kill torches pretty rapidly. Also, question, would it be fine if it faded after Antlion? Or extended to the dFly Desert?
  12. Rat Race Music

    This reminds me of the first race we held in Sanctuary. We dropped the rats, the awesome, frantic and mood-fitting music played.... And then night fell XD
  13. Ban Infinite Peril for making their reason to ban me pointlessly normal.
  14. I would suggest that Strong winds be implemented in the sandstorm, and have the sandstorm fade every now and then instead of being continuous.
  15. For some reason I want the default, nonweavable vignettes become weavable so I can pick trohgh them, escpecially the christmas ones... But that would be too redundant