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  1. What games have you been playing?

    Man, I loved that game. Formed kind of a pair with Undertale due to the time that I first played both. LISA to bring all of the horribleness and pointlessness of life and how natural and easy it is for absolutely everything to go wrong to the forefront. Undertale immediately after to say that that's ok and there are little good and pure experiences to balance that out. I mean, I did the genocide route eventually of course, but it was nice while it lasted. Cleansing experience, altogether.
  2. Low and slow internet access for the time being, possibly through the rest of the month, but I'm alive. Just won't be very active anywhere till some shenanigans are handled.

    Happy Christmahanukwanzika in advance!

    1. minespatch


      Good luck bud.

  3. Wooden Docks

    ...I mean, Boats are just Wood and the Lunar hopping path usually doesn't take many. You basically Lunar Bridging can't make it easier than it already is. Main points of Docks would still be appearance and the feeling of stability.
  4. ...I think if she had her speed-crafting perk all the time and had a completely different downside instead of the current one, that would be a good starting point. She needs more than that obviously, but I think that that would bring her back up to 'neutral'. Someone that people are ok with actually playing through the game as, even if she's still not the most interesting/entertaining pick for it. I take it that most of the people who are voting that she's fine as-is are moreso saying 'it isn't a big deal to me'. Not affected because they don't play her, for the most part. Because regardless of the vote, seeing Winona played on public servers (outside of quick pick-and-swap turret setup at boss areas) is a rarity. She definitely does have problems that make sticking with her unappealing, and those should be addressed.
  5. To the point that they could make it a skin for the Celestial Portal, yea.
  6. There appears to be a forward flow given that events can occur, but I think that the rules for which parts of Constant time connect to which parts of Real time are very loose; there doesn't necessarily need to be an exact rate of time passage, rather, the speed may ebb and flow. Like a Sine wave graphing pattern, if that helps for visualizing it. So long as the flow is forward, it works. It may also be a similar case to W40k and the Warp dimension; one plane has rules, one doesn't, but the two influence and change one-another. If the Constant is a world of 'nothing' originally, the periodic connections to the real world (Maxwell/survivors being brought in, Clockworks have been seen in the 'real' world implying the possibility of a Gateway) may be a cause for 'something' concepts like Matter and Time existing. With the connection being inconsistent, the nature of said concepts would be in a constant state of flux. As for the characters, there's a possibility of something entirely different. It's confirmed that Wendy is at an age where any passage of time would be noticeable at least assuming that one or two team members actually thought that announcement through...implying that people don't age in the Constant. At least, the people we've seen. Yet, Maxwell aged/changed with time over his stay on the Throne. So, aging and change with time can occur in the Constant among the Survivors...but normally doesn't. Which leads me to think that they all have a blueprint. We know that character death and rebirth is somewhat canon due to Maxwell's ending in Adventure Mode. Some characters (Wendy mostly IIRC) also imply that some forms of teleportation are also death and rebirth at a different location. Rebuilding something requires some form of design for it; a blueprint. It seems a lot like they're being 'restored to a previous state' each time they 'perma-die'. Likely with all of their memories, but in whatever body they started the current...phase of the world with. In any case, Maxwell's current blueprint was established after his fall from the Throne. So, it isn't necessarily set when a person enters the Constant, or there are ways of it changing.
  7. I mean...before the reworks in general, she was basically Wilson, so she's more interesting than that at least. The followup rebalance after her rework was helpful...but ultimately she's remained a build-and-swap character. I don't really like the idea of making the whole electrical system exclusive, but I get where people are coming from when they suggest it; and it's one of the few possibilities for handling her problem without a bunch of effort. I think her central problem is that her moment-to-moment gameplay isn't interesting. She can build machines and craft tape, sure, but that's a one time thing, the machines can be used by anyone, and the tape is a glorified sewing kit that can be built up once and forgotten just like the machines. When it comes to uniqueness in her constant gameplay, she can craft things a bit faster...and that's it. She needs more reason for players to stay as Winona. It could be specifically being the only character who can repair armor/tools using tape. It could be faster gathering due to experience working with her hands. Heck, more machines could help (and I really hope that she ends up reverse-engineering some machines left in the world by Wagstaff). Even better, ways to use the machines that only she can do, like manually targeting/changing machine behavior modes. There are quite a few possibilities, if there's willingness to make the time investment. Personally, since her trailer release, I think her personality is spot-on for what kind of person she is. Her gameplay just needs a face lift. If I'm being honest, I think that all of the characters could use a light passover to smooth out the messy edges/issues like this once the character updates are all complete...but Winona needs it the most.
  8. skin set release is going to contain a blue hoodie. This isn't optional. a pink recolor of webber's slippers would be good too
  9. Where is my lore?

    Mmm, this. With his hatred of birds, him having a moon-related curse, and birds showing up about as often in as the moon in update posters for a long time, as well as birds mysteriously having no nests and seemingly just living somewhere in the sky, and implied to be breaking the laws of the Constant by traveling between realms according to Maxwell...I was hoping Woodie's update would be the one to get the ball rolling on, like, explaining anything about that. Or at least giving them some slightly spooky attention. Still hoping, but...I think they've been relegated to a running joke. Like Woodie. .-.
  10. I'd have to say it's a tie between Bacon Goddess and The Eternal Legend.
  11. Fishing just feels lackluster for the same reason that some other things in the game do. There are a few mechanics/items that are so strong that they crowd out all the rest. You could simplify Fishing to put it on par with other food options, but...then it wouldn't be interesting. You could add a few seconds of thought/effort to the overturned mechanics or try to rebalance the game's various items to create a situation where new content can be both interesting and useful, but...well, then people would be screaming bloody murder. Tis how those sorts of suggestions tend to go after a few posts when they're presented seriously. Feels like Klei really backed itself into a corner with the 'add things on top and change as little as possible' route.
  12. Count to 200 without interruption

    The number sequence to which I awoke this morning minus one digit.
  13. Yea, despite not using it much I like that it was added. Before the portal, people would end up bugging staff for messy character resets on longer-term servers. Portal makes it more of a functional and hands-off experience.