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  1. Inside of, build.bin is still named 'esctemplate' internally. From what I see in modmain, it should be 'sheep'. It hasn't been updated in quite some time, but this topic might help.
  2. spiderclops.gif

  chat is a magical place.
    shenanigans courtesy of Axe over on the UM Discord

  3. Also works on Abigail.
  4. Count to 200 without interruption

  5. I meant that in response to the 'why not name it the same as the other halloween skins' question. Answer being that they all have different names.
  6. I wish that there were a good answer to this, but...
  7. First thing Abyssal makes me think of is Hutch and Depths Worms. I wonder if it'll be a Halloween skin.
  8. Since the caves rain a lot in Winter (which is what regrows natural mushrooms), mushroom forest farming will be a really good option. Sanity, healing, Ratatouille for hunger; Wurt's pretty much covered.
  9. And then there's Maxwell. that thing is an absolute UNIT
  10. Basically, vegetarians don't eat meat, while Vegans don't eat meat or things that come from meat. Eggs are probably the biggest item there. Milk varies a bit more.
  11. Started thinking about this a little while ago... I'm wondering how they'll behave in caves following the update and the (presumed) ability to create villages of Merms and swamp turf wherever. Like...will they come out in the endless darkness of the caves? Will they still cram several of their kind into single houses, enabling condensed murder zones that could permanently overtake the Ruins with a bit more ease than current methods? Actually looking forward to experimenting with this character.
  12. Been awaiting this for ages. Would be nice to be able to apply some of the more specialized functions (like force attack) to one button while also having them usable in the normal way.
  13. nb4 Wurt is a literal vege-tarian that can't even eat fruit