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  1. shadows are shadows moon is light when we are graced with its power we are enlightened ...and those areas are usually suitably filled with light sources.
  2. It took me this long to realize that Enlightenment is also a pun.
  3. That alone would add some nice variety combat. Could even have stats tied to weapons for blocking more damage/losing less durability; eye shield is an obvious choice, but the Thulecite Club also has the mass for it, kind of like how the big sword was usable as a shield in the Forge. The problem with any sort of buff/additions to ranged combat is that most mobs aren't able to do much about it... But it's long been my opinion that that should be changed, so I'd love to see it. There are a lot of fun options when you distance and mobility to the mix.
  4. Some niches where they're nice to have, but...generally more of a risk to themselves than anything else. Won't do combat better than other followers, except on water; solely because you can have one to help with Cookie Cutters while also having a miner waterwalk to smash the salt pillars for driveby-gathering.
  5. Looks like it's saving the images in JPG format; PNG should be selectable there as an option. Keeps things crispier!
  6. The Brush tool has a smoothing setting that's actually pretty good for smooth lines; it can just be somewhat laggy at higher settings. If you want to get really smooth, Pen tool exists, but...I find it tends to be more effort than it's worth unless you're making crispy UI elements. When I did more pure mouse art, making a bunch of sloppy lines around where I wanted and then erasing parts of them until I just had what I wanted worked well for in-game DS style. Layers are your friend in general. Lets you try as many things as you want without messing up the parts of an image that you like. Also allows for some nice shortcuts; you can color one area really quickly and sloppily if another color or the lineart layer will be hiding the mess at the end. ...just don't get overly caught up in organizing and naming them, or too attached to just one type of content being in one layer. They're tools, not requirements; they're there to serve whatever purpose you need at the time
  7. j-jam it into the moonbase and the player gets yeeted by a giant potato in meteor form case closed
  8. Eating a Switcherdoodle would be a neat way to handle the skill swap. Feels natural.
  9. I came up with a metric frickton of ideas for a full update a while back, but the quick cut-down version of where my thoughts went... More machines. They're cool. They're the flashy thing that draws people in. Keep other players able to use her machines. People don't like being locked out of things that they already have; example, Wolfgang speed. Make Winona a better choice for using/building said machines. She needs a reason not just to be picked, but to be stuck with. My ending idea was to add an Engineering Bench station where any character can craft most of the new Engineering additions in its tab (except Winona's exclusives), while Winona would always have a higher tier of this same tab available as her character tab; so right out of the gate, she's better at working with the whole thing, and can get started right away. Add an exclusive Wrench, which allows her to tune up mechanisms for better effects, or customize their settings, like what targets a spotlight aims at, or fine-tuning the speed of a boat sail fan upgrade... With that same tune-up wearing off after a few days of no Winona being in the server, or if a building isn't powered for a while. Quick-crafting synergizes great with building a bunch of mechanisms and generators (and wires, goodness I'd love a basic power network), so a version of that would be cool to keep... I would just honestly drop her current downside. It feels overly punishing, even if it technically isn't that impactful. It can be replaced. My personal idea was to expand on her relationship with Charlie and pull some shadow shenanigans while also encouraging her to deal with it, but downsides feel like a whole other discussion. TL;DR, Make her someone that players want to play as, rather than a quick builder that goes away the moment she's done. Let her make the player's life a bit more convenient.