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  1. ...thinking back on how Webber is obtained in single player, I just now realize that this line could be considered somewhat of an easter egg.
  2. They do the default /dance, but there's actually a mod to make them mimic whatever dances you use. My favorite is the group tap dance. Mained Max for a while and I consider that mod essential to survival. Legit though, I've run experiments and a few sessions of this can lag a server if you're determined. Initially noticed because the most common situation that I do this in is feeding public servers; you can get like a stack and a half a day with good hive placements and constant rotation. There are a few ways to fix the problem, but the couple topics/reports I made on it didn't seem to spawn interest. On that note though, Wortox and Wendy also have great synergy. Follow along on one of Wendy's hunting trips, and you can grab a full stack of souls v e r y quickly.
  3. For the record, I've been playing since at least the Birds And The Bees And The Dogs That Want To Kill You update, apparently back in 2012, and I'm among those who would like a change in direction from the current. Not that I think it will happen; just clarifying that time played doesn't lead to a person thinking in one particular way exclusively. Nothing is perfect or absolute.
  4. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    ...that's...the building screen... please tell me this is an uploaded creation I would very much like to one day encounter a civilization that worships massive Wilson statues I immediately envision Warly legit just taking one of the salt person statues home and one of the survivors finds him sleeping with it in his tent and very slowly backs away
  5. This. Also your new pfp is adorable. I vaguely recall a dev in the initial update post involving it saying that it was because they didn't want the marble pieces and such on boats. Would make sense if you consider public servers; even if they can't sink, someone grabbing a marble piece, rowing out to the ends of the earth with it on safely on their boat and logging out, leaving the other players to wonder where it might be in the vast ocean, isn't...a desirable situation. Could be fixed by marking the pieces on the map after any player has picked them up at least once (functionally this is totally doable), but I don't remember that idea coming up in the post, so it might be something to suggest to a dev.
  6. I remember thinking years ago (before DST) that Minecraft would benefit from ripping off of Don't Starve and putting a recipe guide of some sort in-game, because it would ease the somewhat ridiculously steep learning curve of a new player who hasn't spent hours memorizing the wiki/keeping up with patch notes. ...then they did, and it turned out to be a great benefit to the game; the ratio of people that seem to know what they're doing in multiplayer went up drastically. Here we are years later, and I'm wishing that DST would rip off of Minecraft and add achievements that guide the player through the basics of the game, so content wouldn't have to cater so much to the assumption that the main playerbase is incapable of using a fork without offing themselves. God this is weird.
  7. Wurt

    not a bad way of going about it, i can do a lot but i can't focus, get enough of us together and we make one whole developer!
  8. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I can tell which parts this was made with and I'm not sure how to feel about that.
  9. Problem being that Klei has been moving away from this for a long time anyway, and we've kinda beaten the topic of them changing direction to death now. Even got a comment on one of these thread from JoeW saying that Uncompromising being included in various descriptors (and even the title screen) of DST was an oversight. It's unlikely that the game will go back to being challenging in any official capacity at this point. Modding the game seems to be the only answer we have to this problem. Sucks for console, but that's how things are. Like, really. I used to hate the 'if you don't like something about the game then just mod it' argument, but... It really seems like this won't change unless we do it ourselves.
  10. IIRC other than beta, the last full content update was released on both platforms at once, it was just hotfixes that took longer, eh? Possible that they have the update held back and waiting like that again. Would make sense.
  11. why did you join the klei forums?

    Can't recall what got me to make my first account, but... Initially started lurking due to trying to find information on the old multiplayer mod that was in the works by a community member with a dragon icon and some name involving a Y and a V that I just can't recall. This being back in the time that the response to any 'Can Don't Starve to be multiplayer ples?' thread, even on Steam, was a swift boot to the head and yeeting said thread into the abyss of lockedness. My, how times change.
  12. Wurt

    "Mumsy says my friends can't come out to play." Remembered this Billy quote and now it has an explanation and now I'm kinda sad. still cracking up internally over the greenhorn thing though he has scales on his portrait, implying green merm skin and horns hAH
  13. Well, there's also the option of further character stuff after the current roadmap is finished. Hope is never lost.
  14. Wurt

    Just realized... Greenhorn here is a pun. GDI Wigfrid and Wortox are terrific nomads. Could still use ranged representation, though. Seems unlikely we'll get that though given that the devs banned Warbucks from even being a sidefeature in forum user art stream posts. It's not somewhere they want to go back to.
  15. Would like that regardless; moon debris is part of their sprite.