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  1. Man, I loved that game. Formed kind of a pair with Undertale due to the time that I first played both. LISA to bring all of the horribleness and pointlessness of life and how natural and easy it is for absolutely everything to go wrong to the forefront. Undertale immediately after to say that that's ok and there are little good and pure experiences to balance that out. I mean, I did the genocide route eventually of course, but it was nice while it lasted. Cleansing experience, altogether.
  2. Low and slow internet access for the time being, possibly through the rest of the month, but I'm alive. Just won't be very active anywhere till some shenanigans are handled.

    Happy Christmahanukwanzika in advance!

    1. minespatch


      Good luck bud.

  3. i dont know why i do these things if somehow this wasn't enough to punch your screen, the full image is over here
  4. this is discord's fault @Canis gave me the idea i'm not responsible for anything or responsible in general ok bye
  5. ...I don't even have to do anything to this. Thanks Jesse.
  6. Yea, I scoured the Lunar area and grabbed them all. There just weren't many bushes available in that world.
  7. Wait, you're not supposed to pick children up by the head? Huh. I've been doing it wrong this whole time.
  8. I recall there being an issue for certain people around the time when Steam did the Library update, where saves moved for some reason. Didn't happen to me personally but there were a few others with the issue. Might be related? Could be worth looking to see if your saves are in a weird spot. Gorge recipes are still present for me despite even jumping in and out of betas and manually moving my saves around a few times, so...unless they've been moved on your end or at some point you've done a full wipe/reinstall, I'm not sure what else it would be.
  9. Well, secondary reason for making the pigs from the game ignore collisions would be freeing up players from having to make a hole in their base in order to start the game. Clearly there was an intent by Klei to prevent cheesing the mode using buildings, given that you can't start the minigame if there are any buildings in a certain radius. Let the pigs ignore collisions, and then that building restriction can be gotten rid of. Can then decorate the area to your heart's content.
  10. legit let them ignore any collision that isn't a land border