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  1. Man, I loved that game. Formed kind of a pair with Undertale due to the time that I first played both. LISA to bring all of the horribleness and pointlessness of life and how natural and easy it is for absolutely everything to go wrong to the forefront. Undertale immediately after to say that that's ok and there are little good and pure experiences to balance that out. I mean, I did the genocide route eventually of course, but it was nice while it lasted. Cleansing experience, altogether.
  2. Low and slow internet access for the time being, possibly through the rest of the month, but I'm alive. Just won't be very active anywhere till some shenanigans are handled.

    Happy Christmahanukwanzika in advance!

    1. minespatch


      Good luck bud.

  3. Fishing just feels lackluster for the same reason that some other things in the game do. There are a few mechanics/items that are so strong that they crowd out all the rest. You could simplify Fishing to put it on par with other food options, but...then it wouldn't be interesting. You could add a few seconds of thought/effort to the overturned mechanics or try to rebalance the game's various items to create a situation where new content can be both interesting and useful, but...well, then people would be screaming bloody murder. Tis how those sorts of suggestions tend to go after a few posts when they're presented seriously. Feels like Klei really backed itself into a corner with the 'add things on top and change as little as possible' route.
  4. The number sequence to which I awoke this morning minus one digit.
  5. i dont know why i do these things if somehow this wasn't enough to punch your screen, the full image is over here
  6. this is discord's fault @Canis gave me the idea i'm not responsible for anything or responsible in general ok bye
  7. ...I don't even have to do anything to this. Thanks Jesse.
  8. In A Hat In Time, there's a particular mission that tells you to go around taking pictures with bosses using the in-game camera. [You feel like you're going to have a bad time.]
  9. Yea, I scoured the Lunar area and grabbed them all. There just weren't many bushes available in that world.
  10. Wait, you're not supposed to pick children up by the head? Huh. I've been doing it wrong this whole time.