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  1. The one change I would make would be to move the insta-death (or rust/whatever it may be) threshold to max wetness just to make it more straightforward for less experienced players. That, or give his wetness meter special markers for effect thresholds. Maybe do that anyway. He could have a special, more mechanical-looking meter that starts to look rusty/broken as he gets more wet.
  2. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Yall getting cray. We're supposed to be a wholesome family here.
  3. Single player style revival and the ability to manually turn off auto-healing (or if it just stopped at 5%) would make it more worth wearing to me. At present, I just keep one in inventory as an emergency Touch Stone. ...would certainly be a welcome change for cave life. I end up with far more life giving amulets than other healing items.
  4. 2019 nightmare fuel thread

    Horror is a matter of perspective. I'm a fan of the uncomfortable kind, and that which slowly eats away at your soul. recall your sins
  5. 2019 nightmare fuel thread

    Some old advertising schemes had the freakiest expressions.
  6. Warly is strong now; the trade-off is that the chef requires quality ingredients. He can live on the go, but he performs better when he isn't scrounging the field for his food. Farm for Vegetable Stingers or Potato Puree, or even Salsa, if you're looking for good food-based Sanity. Otherwise, familiarize yourself with the lesser options. Spiralled Tubers don't require as much preparation, and give 15 Sanity. Pumpkin Cookies last a good while, so you can prepare them ahead of time, and they give 15 Sanity. Most crockpot dishes give 5 Sanity, so spam is still an option, if you really, really don't want to sleep or farm regularly. Healing isn't bad on him, either...it just takes a different route. There's a wider variety of healing food than people realize. I rarely see anyone else making Butter Muffins early on public servers, much less the pretty expansive later game options. Warly gets an easy to make backpack that lowers the spoilage rate of things considerably; take advantage of that. Shove it full of ingredients or pre-made dishes for the road. Having a different playstyle doesn't make him bad. It just means that he's good in different areas from the rest of the cast, like Wormwood. I think it's refreshing.
  7. Yea, like I'd said, it would have to come with changing up mobs to match the players' new capabilities. Lowering bird population would be neat, but I would also buff Krampus. Trying harder to actually steal things and escape with them would be what I'd focus on. Maybe a periodic ability to throw Charcoal at people that explodes into dusty smoke on impact, causing the players to cough, effectively working as an AoE stun to give Krampus a chance to run away. You would have to either dodge, or work as a group from different directions.
  8. 2019 nightmare fuel thread

    I've recalled the location of my treasure trove.
  9. Deflect blow darts?

    ...oh, now that you mention it, yea. Had the dart fly sideways across the screen while maintaining its orientation as Mac turns mid-shot, too.
  10. I knew there was some old cartoon character based on jungles that looked almost exactly like him. Couldn't quite place it, kept thinking it was a combination of Tarzan characters.
  11. Odd Remarks

    You can make Eevee evolve into a ghost type if you use a shovel and some determination.