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  1. Got an idea on what I can do. One question. Can the stuff that we use be used in other places? I have an idea I can do with a pumpkin, want to ask my bosses if they want it outside(if not I might just keep it at my home)
  2. Maybe. Could be. But I don't that character will be added.
  3. If I am not mistaken Maxwell doesn't remember everything. There is a quote if I am not mistaken that says he doesn't remember what the Ancient text says/forgot how to read it.
  4. So far I like the character. Skins look great.
  5. Lol, didn't notice. Used to the reskins I forgot how default looked like.
  6. How many items did you have? I think at about 3000 items it hides some if not most of the stuff(but you still have them).(They are working to fix that) Try making spools of duplicate items you have. Be careful so you don't take the wrong ones. Also check your steam profile, might show up there.