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  1. But aren't merms way more powerful than pigs and spiders? Especially with the King buffing them.
  2. At most, I was hoping that Wurt would be able to craft murm huts. But a freakin merm KING sounds awesome, I love more content like that. Why are you excluding the craftables in your critique? The craftables don't sound like much help if your not Wurt all the time. It doesn't sound like a pick-up-and-put-down character like Winona.
  3. No Wurt? Bad update. Disappointing.
  4. Don't starve quiz

    Huh? several times before, I've been swarmed by at least 3 creatures in the cave, nowhere near the ruins.
  5. Progression system in dst

    I personally love almost all of these ideas. I'd welcome almost any form of new content.
  6. I'd like this, but I think the recipe should be a tad more expensive, if it is supposed to be better than a log suit.
  7. @Canis I just want to let you know that your new profile pic is disgusting and I would immediately ban you if I could.That is all. Have a nice day.

  8. I kinda doubt there's any plans for it, considering you have to go through an event and deconstruct it.
  9. Whenever I think of Them, I imagine that they're the biggest and most ancient nightmare creatures, who are the puppet masters of just about everything evil in the constant. I don't think they've shown their full power yet, and that they see the Constant and it's inhabitants as simple playthings. I'm still a little confused with their relation to the moon, though. I know they link together somehow. Whatever lore they have, I still desperately want Them to be a boss fight.
  10. Count to 200 without interruption

  11. So I got a new head for Wolfgang, so I went into my Wolfgang world, went to my wardrobe, and switched to the new head. It worked fine. But then I logged off, and when I logged back in, my character had the default Wolfgang head with his default clothes. I tried to change the skins both by selecting pre-made sets and by manually selecting skins. Nothing worked, and I'm still stuck as default Wolfgang. Plz help
  12. The Chronicles of Klei - Upheaval

    After the bloody car chase battle, reverentsatyr's surviving men came limping back to tell him that they dealt a heavy blow to the mafia but could not actually kill Canis, and they also told reverentsatyr of Rosalina's sudden violent involvement in the war.