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  1. Good idea. And I'm still waiting for a boss for the lunar island. It would feel much more complete with a boss.
  2. Count to 200 without interruption

  3. Whirlpools

    I'd like it, but only if whirlpools are caused by Antlion, which would make Antlion more of a threat. But if they're a thing year-round, I think it would make sailing annoying. Also, what if you're all alone on a raft, stuck in a whirlpool, with no friends and no more wood to make more sails? Would you be stuck there for all eternity, or would the whirlpool slowly destroy the raft? Either way sounds pretty annoying. Which is why the only way I think it could work at all is if it was caused by Antlion. Because it would then be the player's fault that he's stuck on a stupid spinny water thing.
  4. I like this idea. And this Atlantis island could have various states throughout the seasons of the year. It could be frozen over and inaccessible during winter, then during autumn and spring it could be accessible with large rivers through it for easy navigation with rafts, and it could be completely uncovered during Summer. Throughout the year, there could be different resources and creatures depending on the current state of the island.
  5. I still say that I'd like to see a brand new character in DST rather than a character stripped from another game. Wheeler just sounds too boring to me, anyways.
  6. Don't you no that their our know rules?
  7. Happy Singles Awareness Day!

    1. GetRektKids




      At least I have DST to comfort me.....

    2. minespatch


      At least I have my father.:wilson_ecstatic:

  8. Count to 200 without interruption

    this page minus one
  9. I chose Klaus because I think because of the way he acts during the fight, it make the fight really intense. And the idea of a giant Krampus thing attacking you with his elemental no-eyed deer and stomach-mouth really fits with the mood of DST. Also, I chose him because fighting him is unique, and you're not just kiting a boss that takes 2 days to kill. I'm getting really sick of kiting boring tanky bosses.
  10. Count to 200 without interruption

    19 I completely forgot this exists...
  11. I'd be fine with Walani, but only if a lot more is added to the sea, to where it's actually worth exploring.
  12. Found this really cool game in development a while ago and they just came out with this cool new trailer.

    This this game look cool to you guys?

    1. minespatch


      The borg-like structures hurt my eyes but I enjoy the robot-like people acting like everyday civilians.

    2. reverentsatyr


      What do you mean, borg-like structures? Are you talking about the city towers and the end of the vid, or all the buildings at the beginning?

    3. minespatch


      The cities full of panels and wiring.

  13. Well, the name starts with a W, so it all checks out.
  14. Something New - Elevation

    If elevation/mountains were added, I bet Klei would add an option to turn it off.