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  1. I don't really understand why some people aren't liking Walter. I guess I can see that he's not bringing new special mechanics to the game, but he still sounds like a fun character. He's ranged, he has some interesting survival perks, and he has a doggo, which sounds really useful for early-game exploring. Also, Klei has been too kind to us and made yet another free character, so this just feels like a gift. I can't wait to play this character.
  2. while reading through the thread, I saw some discussion about boy scouts, so I'll explain a little about them(I'm an Eagle Scout), so that everyone might get a better idea of what they think Walter will do in-game. Yes, boy scouts(when working towards specific badges) are trained to survive in a situation where you start out with pretty much nothing, even though that would defeat the purpose of the motto: be prepared. But that training teaches them to make tools, fire, shelter, food, etc. So it wouldn't really make sense if Walter refused to make/use tools. It sounds tedious to never allow him to do so. In fact, maybe Walter will start off with a pocket knife. It could act as stuff like a compass, a low-tier fighting weapon, maybe even a pickaxe, stuff like that. I was taught by one of my Scout Masters to always keep certain small tools in my pocket during backpacking trips, in case I got separated from my backpack in an emergency. On the topic of the merit badge discussion, I think it could be interesting. Badges wouldn't just be some sort of achievement hunt, but the badges could also give Walter buffs because a badge would prove that he became experienced in whatever activities it took to get that badge. For example, Walter would have to catch a certain number of fish to get his fishing badge, and once he gets that badge, then the maximum amount of time for a fish to be caught would be decreased.
  3. On to 600 then. I'm pretty suspicious that you guys have been counting so long with no messups, but I'm not going to look over the posts to see, so we can just continue counting. But remember, if there is a single messup, we need to start over. No editing your posts, either. 502
  4. Hey guys! It's been quite a while since I posted here, but I've still been watching from the shadows regularly. Anyways, the point of this thread is to discuss what we think/want Walter's to do in the game. So it looks like Walter's default skin is in a boy scout uniform, so I'm sure he will evolve a lot around survival stuff(unless he's more of a bratty boy who pays no attention to lessons during scouts). Like maybe his fire/torch light radius will be a little bigger, he regains more stats from sleeping in tents and bed rolls, stuff like that. His main perk is most certainly that slingshot in his back pocket. What I'm hoping to see with the slingshot is that Walter will be able to make special ammo for it. Like normal pellets made from rock, explosive pellets made from rock and gunpowder, fire pellets from rock and a red gem, ice pellets from rocks and a blue gem, and sharp pellets from rocks and stingers. As Walter unlocks new crafting stations and recipes, I would want to see him invent new and more unique pellets as he grows more accustomed to the wilderness, like pellets made from purple gems and moon and ruins materials. I definitely don't want the slingshot to do wimpy damage like the darts and boomerang. I want normal pellet ammo to kill a pig in like 4 hits. Anyways, if Walter comes with perks similar to what I talked about above, I think it will already make for a pretty interesting character (I'd still want a little more to him than what I just talked about, though). As for his downsides, I have no ideas for that. He looks pretty young, so maybe he will be more vulnerable to the elements and will get hot and cold faster than the other survivors. What do you guys think? What do you want to see Walter be able to do?
  5. Hopefully the Celestial Tribute will be updated to offer something exclusive. Maybe this is the first item in the updates that will finally lead up to Them?