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  1. Hey, I think only like 3 of you guys will read this, but I wanted to declare a little farewell.

    I've been inactive for a long time because I have played DST in a long time and I've been involved in other online communities.

    I do still look at the updates that the devs post and keep up with the new stuff, and I might post on this website once in a while in the future, but I will likely stay mostly inactive. I hope to get back to playing DST in the future, but I just wanted to say by to you guys cuz I still remember some of you.

    So, farewell. Thanks for the experiences ya'll gave me. May our paths cross again some day.

    1. minespatch


      Goodbye man.

    2. GetNerfedOn


      Glad to hear from you at least one last time :) interactions with you have beeĀ  grand, specially when you singlehandedly stood against the Italian Mafia XD

      Good fortune wend you on your way, friend.

  2. On to 600 then. I'm pretty suspicious that you guys have been counting so long with no messups, but I'm not going to look over the posts to see, so we can just continue counting. But remember, if there is a single messup, we need to start over. No editing your posts, either. 502
  3. Hopefully the Celestial Tribute will be updated to offer something exclusive. Maybe this is the first item in the updates that will finally lead up to Them?
  4. ... I literally changed the title just yesterday... well, might as well just keep going until someone stops us. 304
  5. dang, that was fast. Thanks for the mention. You guys would have already made it to 300 by the time I remembered to check this thread. Going to 300! 219