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1 minute ago, Terra M Welch said:

@Canis How ironic your post is SCP related.

As today in DST Shenanigans, Willow discovers SCP-012, and tries to complete it!


Sadly she failed horribly, and SCP-012 forever remains incomplete. RIP Willow.

Hey, I thought I had a monopoly on SCP mods, no fair!

please give me this 012 mod

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I have this strange affinity towards screenshots of bosses and creatures in mid-attack:




This cracked me up, too. 


I like mods like these which have so many little details well-thought out. Admittedly, most of Rosa's quotes are flat and boring, sometimes a bit curious, but they are in keeping with her original personality, and the few moments where she breaks the mold are pretty hilarious XD

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One eye has the dark circle around it, but the other one doesn't. Neat.

Also the new Hamlet décor has got me trippin'. I mean just look at this. The wall in particular gives me feelings I don't know how to process.


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