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  1. QOL idea: upgrade the scarecrow UI like a wardrobe
  2. setting the stage sounds like SUCH a maxwell thing
  3. cool, but will you add a /carol for Wanda (or is my game just broken)
  4. wortox can canonically just leave anytime he wants so lets try and guess what world(game) hes in when hes not in the constant ill start
  5. my headcannon of winona being gay has been ruined now thanks
  6. this gif is perfect for one of those explaining memes
  7. minespatch hasnt posted on this yet, this concerns me due to his love for the innkeeper.
  8. quick! someone make wilson hold a gun pointing at willow.
  9. that teirlist will just be anyone who has a rosalina pfp i bet
  10. this is the best thing mike has ever created, they will never be able to top this, ever.