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  1. that teirlist will just be anyone who has a rosalina pfp i bet
  2. this is the best thing mike has ever created, they will never be able to top this, ever.
  3. thats a fake image, normally the endermen are holding guns, your friend likely just used console to spawn it in, because endermen dont spawn with their guns when being spawned in with console. also your in beta verson right? otherwise they won’t be able to spawn in.
  4. someone finally had the guts to do it to mike
  5. i know about a walani fan and im scared of what they are going to do to you. best of luck, you will need it.
  6. wigfrid dabbed around 7 times, disliked and reported.
  7. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1386797248&searchtext=menu i THINK this is the one i have downloaded, can’t tell you if it works though.
  8. there’s a mod that lets you change the main menu, but i haven’t used it in ages.
  9. i read the mod and im just going to say its a feature to fix overpopulation of tallbirds, now if only there was a way to fix beefalo overpopulation...
  10. maxwell memes are now canon and the moths are the self inserted joew as he is cleaning up the memes, but hey, thats JUST a theory, a MEME THEORY. thanks for reading.
  11. they added a toilet do dont starve together
  12. i was gonna hampered basket about how i saw this MONTHS ago i think but then i was like hampered basket