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  1. wigfridge willow and something to do with hounds idk what the staff thing is tho
  2. https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/d/16WUuf54u5cBQXmVH6R2QHMmb-uvjqEsx_aKtN2tDMiE/mobilebasic
  3. someone play as woodie and someone play as walter why does water wanna know abouthe werebeaver does he have some relitive with that curse or something or maybe... the line “he might know something” is just
  4. when they leave the game and rejoin for free light
  5. ok thanks to they person who reacted to my post earlier i totally forgot winter and summer is what i got, and yes they are literally just the default wicker skins
  6. not gonna lie you should make this an actual joke thread
  7. love how wes and wolfgang also seem mad at willow
  8. i made seasonal skins for wickerbottom butim not its late right now ill try and remember tomorrow to post them when i get up
  9. my favorite way to die is to get to 1 HP and find a rose flower and then pick it
  10. i have no idea if the guys respoding to the willow burning wormwood are also jokes
  11. maxwell memes extreme challenge : hit “thanks” on the recent post sunet skye made