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  1. This event looks cool, can't wait to try it! Can you edit the OP then, to avoid confusion?
  2. This has been the case since the beginning of DS actually, and not a problem with the skins, but the general feature. Characters only have three sprites, front, back and side, but there aren't separate ones for left and right. This is the most visible with Wendy (even without a skin): her flower is looking toward the player, no matter if she's facing left or right. But you can notice that every character does the same, if you equip a tool, they'll hold it with the hand that is further from the player: Therefore, Klei can't fix it by just editing one sprite, instead they have to add a fourth one to every character and skin, and maybe even modify the animations too. This was reported a while back and a dev (I think PeterA?) said something like "yeah we know this looks a bit strange at first and we keep it in mind, but it would take a lot of time to fix it, so we just leave it for now". If someone can find that post that would be nice. Anyways, I'm all for this change, it would be cool if skins and characters actually had different right and left facing sprites, but I doubt it would happen any time soon.
  3. Did the devs change lureplants' hitbox recently? The method to push Fuelweaver with a lureplant into the spikes at the entrance and get him stuck doesn't work anymore.
  4. Maybe I did. I honestly don't remember, it was like 2-3 years ago in real life.
  5. I agree with the others, if the game glitches and that makes stuff impossible, then it's definitely not cheating to fix that. My ancient guardian once glitched out in the ocean when it rammed on antlion's boulders, and died there, so the chest and the key became unreachable. Using console commands to make the game easier and rollback to fix (otherwise avoidable) mistakes feels kinda cheating to me, so I don't do it. But I don't really mind what others do on their world, it's "your world, your rules" after all.
  6. I played on a RoG+SW+Hamlet modded DST world half a year or a year ago, where the Shipwrecked world actually had an island quite similar to OP's concept. Snowmen, extra strong mctusks and different snow(ified)-mobs, plus the player started freezing there, despite it being autumn. I even have two screenshots:
  7. If you have a few friends to play with, then definitely, especially if you have voice chat as well. In my experience it's the best with 6 or more people. You can also play in an online lobby with randoms, but people tend to leave if they don't get impostor and communication is somewhat limited, so that can be a bit frustrating experience. I had fun games too, tho.
  8. Earlygame, you can get a lot of gold from the pig king by trading trinkets. You can find those in graves or tumbleweeds. The disadvantage is that there are a lot of different trinkets, so they themselves take up a lot of space.
  9. I believe that a reason why it's like that is that normally it takes quite long to learn the game and get to the point where you have a base that you don't want to lose, and by that time you already died and reset several worlds, so the button is familiar for you and you don't click it thinking it revives you. Just my two cents. However, I agree that the icon for reviving with a meat effigy should be more noticeable. But I think the reset button is fine, maybe it should say regenerate instead, but other than that it's fine. Btw, I also don't think having back-ups is cheating, more so since (in worst case) even mods can corrupt your save files, or if your computer or drivers breaks down.
  10. Why do they emit light, is it normal? I thought they were just items without any abilities. I think I once did the event during a night and I don't remember seeing them without a light, but I could be wrong there. Nice find, thanks for the tip!
  11. Totally agreed, fashion goggles is my #1, but the crowns are amazing too, because they're not just cool but have very good abilities. I usually use it still because it looks cool, since a thermal is more than enough for winter, why would I use any other hat? Btw, about the thule crown and Wigfrid's helm, I think they look a lot better than their skins.
  12. You sound to be pretty sure, was it confirmed anywhere?
  13. I'm not a speedrunner, but would setting the seasons to short or shorter be feasible?
  14. There is a "sealed portal" in the archives, I guess you mean that? If so, then I checked that, nothing changed when I started the moonstorm event, finished the siphonator or after defeating the champion, at least I couldn't find anything new. Something could be there tho, maybe yet to come, because the survivors comment on it stuff like "why doesn't it work? it should", so if there is (or will be) an update, I think it's very likely to be part of it. I hope that there is / will be a puzzle, maybe just delayed for the console update? JoeW suggested heavyly on a new puzzle on the discord, so I really hope he didn't just troll us :P. Let's give it some time, I'm positive we'll find something.