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  1. How did you bring them to the surface in DST?
  2. question about elegants

    What Sinister_Fang said is that you can get these tradable event skins not only from chests, but also from regular drops during the event.

    It should be under the steam items, as it is a steam gift, not an in-game item.
  4. I can walk in the sea! So nice

    This is the first time I see this bug happening not between the oasis desert and killer bee biome.
  5. Which skins didn't you get? The twitch drops? If so, then good news is that the devs are working on a way to make them available at a later point in some way.
  6. On Sinkholes

    It means that there's an issue with the caves server, best to contact an admin of the world (if you know any), so they can restart that shard. Correct me if I'm wrong, but afaik sinkholes in this state show that the world does have caves, but it failed to connect somehow.
  7. I guess the steam group is the only reliable difference? I don't know if the other server can set your steam group as theirs, if that's not the case, you could highlight for players to join on steam. But ofc, I would prefer if there couldn't be such confusing servers.
  8. Here's the proof that (most likely) we'll have to start over: Tho I still hope that there will be a way to get (most of) the new content in old worlds, I also have one.
  9. I still don't understand, why would owning some steam items mean that they are the eldest? All those items can be easily bought on the market (or sold, so the eldest might doesn't have them anymore). Also, why is it worth discussing?... I don't see the point.
  10. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I'm not even sure which reaction fits better, the "sad" or the "haha" one.
  11. How do you cage koalefants in the ruins? (actually serious question) How do you cage treeguards? I wanted to do this earlier but they kept teleporting out of my pen when I left or reloaded the area.
  12. They do. Wolfgang's form affect ranged weapons, just like Wendy's and Wes' multipliers.
  13. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I bet it's their profile picture
  14. As you said, only time will tell, but I think we can make more or less good estimations. First, each charater's skins will be released/changed/etc in the month they get the ability refresh with the new backstory. So only Winona's skins would be upgraded in March, the others' in the next months. As I understand, each skin will have two variants: a regular and a heirloom variety, which would be different items on the market. Personally I expect the regular skins' prices to drop after their characters' refresh - why would anyone buy the exact same skin for a lot of money if they can buy if from Klei for a fixed (hopefully lower) price? However, the heirloom skins' prices might increase - they will be limited as they won't drop anymore and I'm sure there will be collectors who will want to have heirloom skins, not matter what they cost. Also since they'll have a higher unraveling value I'd expect many people to unravel them - so there would be always less and less of these skins. I could be very wrong here tho - but who knows? Well, we'll see it in a few months.