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  1. How did that happen? I've never experienced that. In fact, I had a few winters when Deerclops' roar started on the last night, but spring came before her and so she spawned right as next winter kicked in.
  2. I'm not much into streams, what are "Twitch Partner exclusive" drops?
  3. When checking the players of a server, all characters are unknown, marked with ?, as if they were still choosing. I randomly checked like 10 servers with many players, all of the characters were unknown, so it can't be just coincidence.
  4. I'm pretty sure it's what AruobaroBeefalo said, namely that they are time limited to get, but once you have it, it remains yours. That was the case with all the previous time limited skins. The only skins that did disappear after the event were the ones that all players had access to, for free and immediately, during that event (like the original halloween costumes, or gingerbread chest during winter's feast, for example).
  5. I totally agree with that. Even if it wouldn't have much damage reduction, like 33% or 50%.
  6. No, lureplants are always active except during winter. But even if they were only in one season, players could collect stuff there and it would clean those every year.
  7. I'd vote for a "Proper moderation or new, extensive anti-griefing measurements would require too much time and resources, so they rather invest that energy into new content." option.
  8. I suppose this is a "now", not a "not", right?
  9. Afaik there's no such function in the game yet, it would be really cool tho! Till then, maybe someone could mod it?
  10. I couldn't be as active lately as I would have preferred, so I almost certainly missed some news, but what does this part refer to? Did Klei implement something that makes it harder to achieve something (in this case planting a family of crops) if the client has no mods? I'm a bit confused.
  11. No, Klei's opinion on achievements didn't change, DST and ONI are two completely different games. The devs aren't against achievements, but against achivements in DST. It's a game where you should explore and learn stuff for yourself with no hand-holding, unlike ONI, where you get a lot of info and guidance through the UI. See Klei's article and the video posted above. DST has achievements on the consoles only because they were forced to add them, otherways they couldn't have released the game there.
  12. JoeW posted this back on with the announcement of Wendy's refresh: I really hope this means we will get some puzzles with the RoT updates, sometime. (the post: )
  13. I think it's normal, from the update announcement: Which I guess means that these are already heirloom, but remain in the drop table until the end of Hallowed Nights.