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  1. Someone forgot the cursor on the roof on the picture...
  2. Wow, at first glance I thought Bernie would fight only shadows. But now that you mention, "most hostile creatures" means quite a lot of the monsters I guess... In this case I'm really interested in the answer as well. About Willow's other perks, they sound cool and definitely better then before, but I don't think it would make her much better.
  3. Jesus Christ, can someone summarize for me in a few sentences what the last 20 comments are about?
  4. In my opinion DST is hard (in fact, very hard) while you're learning the game. Once you know how to deal with each danger, it is not difficult anymore. I don't see how could Klei change the game to make it difficult enough, but not annoying at the same time. Most of the difficulties for experienced players in late game come either from mistakes, or from unexpected events, neither of which happens often. Adding unpredictable events could make the game more survival (technically, hound waves are these too, tho they are still quite regular and expectable). But these could get very annoying for those who play not (only) for the survival aspect.
  5. On Set Pieces

    Is it? I haven't seen it in ages. I think both season traps were removed, were they not?
  6. On Set Pieces

    This might be the case today(?) but I distinctly remember them existing in past versions of DST. The absolute paranoia, agony, and finally morbid acceptance witnessed in the game chat when someone opens that odd ice box in the desert is a truly sight to behold. Yes, they were in DST earlier, but were removed a year or two ago (?), I think because it was considered unfair against other players? Anyways, I once was on a public server, settled down at pk with a sympathic player on day 4 when winter suddenly started. We just spent all our rocks on the alchemy and a firepit, we had no warm clothing (logically), so it was a really harsh time to survive. We did it in the end somehow, but most of the players died and/or left. I enjoyed it a lot tho I can understand why some people don't like it. I also have a summer trap in my solo world. An old memory from the past...
  7. While I also would like to see some of the items more useful, there are some which are quite situational, and it's good so. The bat bat for example, that you mentioned, is my favourite addition to my nightmare fuel farming. I also see the piggyback quite often on public servers, I guess people like this as an early and easy "mini-krampussack". #makegrassarmorgreatagain! (Seriously, these early-game items should remain how they are now: a cheap alternative for when you cannot make better stuff.) Also, as a Wendy main I'm all for a mourning star.
  8. That may be wrong. Seriously tho, I wouldn't be surprised if it got delayed, but I really hope it won't. About the content, I don't expect anything, I'll wait and see what Klei has for us.
  9. Oh, I do enjoy balloons... [evil laugher] ... to explode them. (I am filled with an irrational urge to do so) Anyways, I like the idea of a sculpturer character, could be a nice addition to the game.
  10. The lava trap is the best.
  11. I think it's because making a separate steam DLC for each possible skin you can buy would make DST's steam store page very long and chaotic. Also, this way you can have "all DLCs" without actually having to buy some skins multiple times.
  12. I don't think it should be a real problem. There is a quite clear warning before the character gets actually unraveled (btw, "unweavable" has a different meaning: that a skin cannot be woven from spools). And if someone has access to your computer and your steam games... well, don't let others access your DST unless you trust them.
  13. New item coming soon

    No, this is an unimplemented feature. The old portal was the Jury-rigged Portal (check the Cyclum puzzle!)
  14. Just like Hell-met and Sinister_Fang said, the Forge (and Gorge) stats and perks are quite different from the base game. Just imagine 6 regular Wigfrids in the Forge... infinite armor, they could just tank through the whole game without needing any healer So most likely Wortox's abilities will be different as well.
  15. Anyone has the text from Wortox' short? I would like to read it, since english isn't my native and there were many parts or words that I didn't understand even after listening to it multiple times. Great video btw, I really like how it rhymes