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  1. The Obligatory Forum Upgrade Thread

    I just saw we now can see again which posts are the popular ones! Actually, I like this orange background even better than the frames earlier.
  2. about this game

    Oh yes, I forgot to mention that.
  3. about this game

    There are a lot of servers of the game, so even if you don't have friends who play DST, you can just hop on a ranodm world and make new ones. I met many players on the Klei officials and some other dedicated servers, some of them I still play with every now and then. And if you turn out not to like random worlds but want to make a long term play with reliable people, you can search/ask in the Klei forums and you could find/make some friends or a group for regular cooperation.
  4. I didn't even know the 3 ice + monster meat receipe for a very long time, I simply never thought of it. When I learned this reciepe, I didn't need it any more. I used it sometimes, 'cause why not? but I don't rely on it. Except maybe on some public servers where I cannot assure that I find the fridge full again...
  5. It can happen, I also had more times in the last months that I had to wait sometimes even 2 hours to get the first skin drop. For the rest, I have no idea, maybe there is some trouble with your Klei account?
  6. Is DST dead?

    And Island Adventures.
  7. Is DST dead?

    What's worse that getting killed by starvation? Getting killed by food... Btw, staying at topic, let's say that Klei decides not to work on and release updates for DS/T anymore (besides bugfixes maybe). But even then, DST wouldn't be dead, as we had a great community that would definitely keep it living, right? The forums were still up and new ideas, worlds, groups and artworks were made.
  8. Is DST dead?

    True, all the devs died by starvation.
  9. The Obligatory Forum Upgrade Thread

    So it seems now Klei can do smaller changes without having to shut down the forums?
  10. The Obligatory Forum Upgrade Thread

    One other thing I noticed: the link to the DST bugtracker from the DST subforum doesn't work. Coming from the bugtracker subforum and choosing DST seems to be fine. To whom should I report it?
  11. The Obligatory Forum Upgrade Thread

    I fully agree on that. It was much easier to see which posts were more popular, especially in huge topics like the metheus was with hundreds of pages. What is the reason that it got removed? On another note, @JoeW, will there still be admin-given titles in the forums (or I'm not sure who give those)?
  12. The Obligatory Forum Upgrade Thread

    I agree with ThemInspectors, I aslo liked the old design better. This new is somehow... disturbing. But as ImDaMisterL said, I guess I'll get used to it. We'll see. Edit: omg. I just got the notification (btw, that bell sign is so small!) that ImDaMisterL "reacted" to my post. I also just realised that we now don't just "like" posts but can chose form emotions. Which is good, because we can show our feelings more precisely. But that word "reacted", omg. I also reacted to that, got a heart attack. I didn't know if the fact that ImDaMisterL "reacted" means something good or that I just got banned from the forums...
  13. Crop circle

    It couldn't have been, because as we finished, all the wood was lying around normally, covering the whole area. Bearger had no chance to do anything with it after.
  14. Crop circle

    He chopped down all the trees. After that I killed him, so after that he couldn't cause this trouble.
  15. Crop circle

    Just a single cone. I used plural because there are two cirlces (the one at the top corner is just a half, actually). Also I counted, there should have been around 450 logs, as not all of the 120 trees were level 3, just almost. But I gathered only around 300, so the ones form the circles were actually missing, not merged into stacks.