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  1. Mrklli probably refers to people who host a world, and make it public despite wanting to play with friends only. There are (non-Klei hosted) servers where you get banned the moment you join, before you could even pick a character. Some people forget (or don't even know?) to set a password or make their words friends-only.
  2. Make sure that your game is updated and there are no mods that could cause this problem. If it still persist, you could post your logs and world files, so the devs could take a look at it.
  3. If placed on the ground, pumpkin lanterns give light and protect the characters from Charlie. But if your inventory is full and let you fall the pumpkin on the ground, it appears lighting, but you still get the sanity drain and Charlie attacks you. This way you can actually see how Charlie attacks your character, pretty funny. Edit: added screenshot.
  4. Great drawing! Is it a Fran Bow reference?
  5. I really love these unique link names, they're so funny I hope Klei won't run out of them.
  6. This event looks cool, can't wait to try it! Can you edit the OP then, to avoid confusion?
  7. Why do they emit light, is it normal? I thought they were just items without any abilities. I think I once did the event during a night and I don't remember seeing them without a light, but I could be wrong there. Nice find, thanks for the tip!
  8. The update is on the live version. Just update your game on steam (there's a delay on consoles, more on that here: )
  9. Maybe you need to look at it in a flat angle? Somehow like in this optical illusion:
  10. Third phase of the champion, laser attack. If you telepoof right as it's casting the attack, the lasers will hit you where you telepoof, even if that's a screen further away.
  11. Hosted world, first time playing the Eye of the Storm beta I made the three altars. After that, lunacy replaced sanity on the mainland 24/7 and brightmares appeared everywhere and each night was full moon. However, since exiting the game and relogging these changes don't apply anymore, lunacy is in effect only during the night, but the moon cycle returned to normal (with dark nights, new moons etc) and brightmares don't spawn either, not even in the moon storm. I assume this isn't intended? server_log.txt client_log.txt
  12. So how is the moonstorm event supposed to happen? Should lunacy take effect on the mainland 24/7, or just in the storm area? Also should there be full moons only during nights? Because in my world it's still regular nights, even after this update.
  13. I thought it was deliberately cut, like HeatAndRun suggests.