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  1. 23*32 (Did Klei really remove the superscript button? It was so useful. )
  2. Me seeing this poll... Anyways, the second and third questions have the "I voted "No strong feelings."" option, but the first one has no "No strong feelings.". You might want to add that? Also, just for the sake of correctness: the game is published, not made by Tencent, the devs are Shengqu Games. But I suppose that doesn't matter much regarding this poll.
  3. I just went on twitch and searched for the game, like you did and I also found the categories. However, if you leave out the apostrophe and search for just "dont starve" (which many people do, because it's more convenient and usually leads to the same results), twitch doesn't show the DS category, only DST. Might be just a bug at twitch's side, but still, this will lead to a lot of viewers not finding DS streams.
  4. Definitely, I used that while cheesing him with bees. Roughly a screen away from it (which is 2 poofs with the lazy explorer, so that a player could just see you on the one side and the king on the other side of their screen) is enough in my experience.
  5. Wow, nice run, good job! I suppose you could telepoof or row outside from the Crab King's casting radius, but not too far to abort the fight, so that you don't have to use any more patches once the Sea Weeds start attacking it? Btw, I hope Klei will change their attack sounds. I'm a bit annoyed that they used that of the Shootius, hopefully it's just a placeholder?
  6. So many great numbers, yet so few references or jokes... not even 42 got one... Oh well, 44 then. Did you know there was a band called +44? Me neither.
  7. I'd vote for a "depending on my mood" option. Nowadays I'm listening to other music more often, but earlier I always had the game's music and I still do it usually. You really should try them out No exaggeration, DST's OST was one of the main reasons I stuck with this game. The music is so fitting and atmospheric, the componists did a great job. And there are different songs not only for each season, but different activities and all bosses too, many of which are awesome. Winter's and summer's working theme, winter's and spring's EFS (epic fight song, aka. boss music), caves' and ruins' music, Bee Queen's and Klaus' themes are my favourites. And then there some great music mods as well, the dusk and night music mod is almost a must, but there are others that change the ost, you could take a look at the workshop.
  8. You can type /rescue in chat to get teleported back on land. Now, I haven't used this in ages, but it should still work.
  9. 8 marbles just to kill Deerclops once? Pfft, so expensive, all you need is a tusk and some twigs and gold and you can kill it as many times as you want! On a serious note, I agree with the people here that it's pretty balanced, since in general it's easier and quicker to use the usual meele weapons.
  10. Hey @HobbyLev, just in case you missed it, I'd like to bring your attention to this post
  11. Imagine how long the setting page for a new world would become. It'd be more complicated to get an overview than in a general software's terms and conditions document... Well guess whan, you can do that on the PC version as well Maybe to let Klei work on actual content instead of things that can mostly already be achieved with self-made challenges or mods. If you think butterfly wings make the game too easy, don't eat them. I'm not against more settings options in general, they are indeed welcome, but the level of customizability youÍ're asking for is just extreme and would be a huge work from Klei with far-less-huge impact on the game. Because then there should be a settings option/scaling not only for the butterfly wings, but also for pumpkins, and eggs, and dragonfruits, and petals, and then crockpot food too, and then the tent's (and other sleeping items') hunger and sanity values too, oh, and if you can change a character's health, you should be able to change their sanity and hunger too, but why not their strengh too, and why not their sanity modifiers or their hunger drain or building speed or their unique crafting tabs or ... All right, back to the topic of scaling bosses. This is my opinion as well. I'm not really against it... but imo the game really doesn't need to get easier. Being able to kill bosses only takes time to learn the game, and everyone actually interested in DST will eventually get to the point where they'll be able to do that. Just play the game and slowly but surely you'll get to that level. Claiming that bosses make some content unavailable for beginners is just ridiculous. Are players supposed to get everything on their first go? In a game with a hard learning curve by design that was built around exploration and learning by trial and error?
  12. It's not as easy as that, unfortunately. The problem with being offline is that Klei can't check on their servers if you actually have a character or skin. If players had access to them offline, they could find a way to get and use them for free, so Klei had to implement security measurements to prevent that. But since DST's code is basically public, it'd be hard to prevent people altering or exploiting this security. So at the end Klei would lose the funds they need for DST's developement, because people would just play offline instead of paying for the skins and characters. Also, characters should remain unravelable imo. First, one could get a character multiple times (by getting it with a bundle, for example), and one would want rather 900 extra spools than a second but useless copy. Second, if one has the character but doesn't like it, it's good to be able to break it down so that one can get another character faster. It's not that they don't care, but it would be difficult/resource demanding to make it happen while it wouldn't benefit that much alltogether. The devs are working on a lot of things already. And I'm pretty sure once they'll get to it if there'll be enough demand for it and it would become possible for reasonable effort.
  13. Tested this and worked on a caveless server, thanks! I suppose it should work on a server with caves enabled too, right? I'll edit my first post.