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  1. That's a really nice theory, thanks for sharing! Now I wonder, what do the devs think about it? "After all these years, they finally found it out." or "Oh look, how interesting, we never thought of that!"?
  2. It is scientifically proven that Wolfgang has the strongest set of skins. I personally like Wilson's and Wendy's skins, they have the cooles, most creative and uniqe ones. Plus Winona's victorian skin, the blacksmith, which is my absolute favourite character skin.
  3. Was there any statement about this, why and since when these skins don't drop? I haven't heard about any official announcement regarding this, but I'm fairly sure these skins don't drop any more (the marketable ones, that is).
  4. No. :C Please, no :C Based on JoeW's post I think it's very likely that there won't be any more horror creatures like the hounds and the pengulls on the lunar island. I could imagine that we'd get some kind of mutated worms, but with a different style.
  5. I had the same bug (got 4 of a single type of fountain), here's my cave's log file (Cluster_X/Caves/server_log.txt, is that right?) server_log.txt
  6. I have a world retrofitted, but I got the blue one only. Four of that one tho
  7. Forgotten Knowledge is part of the Return of Them update series, you need to enter the returnofthem beta to get access to the new stuff.
  8. When travelling through the archives, the security pulses sometimes choose a way that crosses the abbys. In this case they can get stuck, floating forewer towards their goal. Might be happening only off-screen, I'm not sure. Similarily, Abigail's AI isn't smart enough to go around corners when following Wendy, instead she tries to go to her in a straight line. I don't think this happens in the caves and regular ruins.
  9. I had a regular earthquake in the archives, to it can happen sometimes.
  10. I noticed that the Moon's enlightenment doesn't cover the whole moon island anymore, but at some of its edges you have the regular sanity. Is that intentional or a bug? If that's intended, does that mean that the Moon loses some of its strenght?
  11. You did a great job, your post summarises the lore, both what certain and what is just possible/theory. I'm glad you did write it down, it's easier to search in it, to quote it and to make a quick overview. Thank you for your time and effort you put into this post!
  12. This sounds really cool, can't wait to try them out. Maxwell's face on the main screen is truly Amazing. Pro tip guys: disable your "50 save slots" mod before starting a world. Speaking from experience... Oh, and @Clifford W., could you please put your pictures in spoilers? I'd appreciate it.
  13. Wow, this sounds so great! This has been asked for a while, I'm glad it's making its way into the game. Hopefully it'll work fine. Btw, congrats on your new profile picture!
  14. I looked back this thread from last year: Thanks to Thalkas, who pointed out the part from the announcement: "We also have some new skins that have been added to the Hallowed Nights collection and we will also be increasing the drop rarity for skins during Hallowed Nights." (see here: ) So I guess that means we did have better drop rates. Fun fact:
  15. In the last years there was a chance to get hallowed night skins from the trading inn, even for common items (tho less likely ofc), and I think this was true last year as well, unlike @Zeklo said .I might confuse all these years, since this will be my fifth Hallowed Night now, but I'm 99% sure last year's event was the same as the previous ones, regarding the trade inn, because I got two elegant drops last year from trading. Also, during Hallowed Nights (and Winter's Feast) there's a higher chance to get better skins from your traded ones, so actually I'd advise trading during these events. At least this was the case in the last years consistently, and I don't see why Klei would change that this year. Even if there are no special skins and higher chances in the trade inn, you don't lose anything by waiting for the event, you won't get worse chances/drops If you don't mind waiting of course. No, you can only trade in marketable skins and get only such back. The trade inn originates from way before weavable skins were introduced, it was the fastest and easiest way to get rid of tons of unwanted skins.