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  1. I understand your point and you're right from the point of view of an expereienced player. But for those who have much less experience in the game (or none at all) it does make a difference. Back as I was still learning the basics of this game, I mostly used Wilson, because I simply couldn't use the others well enough to live long. Almost all of my interesting memories from those times are with him, including my first whole survived year. Some variety could have been better in my opinion, even tho I liked Wilson quite a lot. Yes, we already have a sewing kit which isn't hard to craft (if you're experienced enough to get enough spare silk and tooth...), but why is it a problem that we got an alternative one? I agree, the tape could be better, but it wasn't made to be better. It is meant to be a cheap, very easy to craft and less useful variant for everyone who could need its help to get past early-game or the learning phase of DST. It's quite similar to the grass suit, the garland or the pretty parasol. We don't use them because there are much better alternatives for us that we can get with the same effort. So do these items need a buff? Make garland great again? Or just scrap them from the game? Not at all. Not everything in the game must be super useful for everyone. Furthermore, we received so many late-game content in the last year, almost everything from ANR is unaccessible for beginners... they also deserve to get something new to the game. Besides the events of course, those are just temporary. And lastly, I trust Klei that they know what are they doing. They don't always share their exact goals and plans, they didn't say that Winona will very interesting or useful, in fact they didn't say anything about her. And I also don't think the devs thought that every pro will use the tapes instead of the sewing kit It just seems that they had different intentions with Winona than what the fanbase expected. Also, sorry for the long text, I just try to explain my point to the topic and to keep it short but still understandable.
  2. Winona & GENIUS FIX

    The staff you mean is the lazy explorer. The lazy deserter is a structure with which you can teleport to another player channeling another lazy deserter. The suggestions you made look quite ok, but idk, I still don't really like them... but that's most likely just because I'm still quite pleased with Winona's current perks.
  3. I agree so much with this! In my opinion alone this makes her interesting to play. I just partly agree with this. Armor repairing would be nice, but also quite op too because it would make thulecite renewable without having to go to the ruins at all. She's a perfect choice for new players, and why should new players always pick Wilson? Why not? This isn't Overwatch where every character skill is important and a 6-healers team is unviable. And they are not so similar, Wilson excels in winter, Winona excels at building. It makes a significant difference for newcomers, and she definitely looks designed more for them as for the experts. Not accidental that she was added when DST was released on a new platform (XBox, if I'm right?). Overall, I think (or hope) that Winona will have some role later. Charlie is still on the Throne and she is the one closest to her (and Maxwell). As the story continues, she could (/should) be in the center of the happenings. Why would Klei give us a new character right in the middle of DST (not with a DLC or something), especially a character who is the ruler's sister, if they have no long-term plans with her?
  4. Speaking of worldgen which got a hiccups, this is my favourite so long: After I mined it, the pig king concealed the sinkhole from most angles. Perfect location for a base to hide from others
  5. Is the forge coming back this year?

    They are not noobs! They have an alternative account with lvl 85!
  6. Winona & GENIUS FIX

    So she shouldn't be able to use the dark sword, life giving amulet, star callers, ice staff, lazy deserter (it is magic too), lazy explorer? And for that she could repair tools, weapons and armor... in my opinion this is a minor advantage compared to the proposed cons. I think these suggestions wouldn't change much on Winona's current state: good for beginners and early game, but only occasionally useful late game, where a good team has practically everything in masses. And why would one care to (wait for Winona to) repair a log suit if they can just make a new one? The only exceptions were maybe thulecite crowns and suits, but repairing these without any thulecite would be extremely overpowered. This would make thulecite practically renewable without having to kill Dragonfly or even going to the ruins. So I think that this way she would be either still less useful or very op, depending on what she could repair.
  7. steam is either very leaky nowadays, or there are some huge bugs... Btw, I'm pretty sure if we wait till 31. February, we'll have some surprice xD
  8. This has happened to me as well more times.
  9. Are you playing online with your friends? Because you can get gifts only on online worlds. The drops reset Thursdays, before the Klei dev stream, so somewhere now. If you start playing you should get your first weekly drops in one or two hours. If none of these could help and you still don't get drops, you could look around in the bug section of the forums, maybe you find some helpful information there (there are more bugs about not getting gifts), or you could post your problem straigth there, the devs will be able to help. Good luck!
  10. Those who wish it don't have to wait that much, eh? Btw, I checked it and by me it shows Q1/Q2: Maybe the devs changed it fast, so that this info doesn't get leaked (more)? Anyway, nice find! Edit: I just noticed that we both added Hamlet to our whishlist on the same day... what an odd coincidence... but then I realised that most likely we both added it as soon as it appeared on steam
  11. I assume you double checked which items and how many of them do you need, right? Also, you were both near the ancient chest?
  12. Type c_regenerate() in console and you won't have any unneeded stuff on the floor or too many beefalos anymore... I saw this mod earlier, and even tho I never used it before, it looks to solve the problem you have: Edit: just in case anyone without enough knowledge reads this post: don't type do that command from my first line.
  13. Whaat???? I can't believe my eyes... Could you please pass a bit of that luck here as well?
  14. Whoops, I missed the "both long and short term boosts" part in the OP, my bad. Thanks for pointing that out! This would make getting back more gears (especially from newbies) a bit complicated, but it looks quite fair and balanced.
  15. Hm, maybe I wasn't clear enough, sorry for that. With "damn good stats" I meant the 60 health, 75 hunger and 50 sanity, not the max stats. My point was that someone could craft a ton of electrical doodads (assuming that this is what WX needs to refund gears), eat one, then eat the gear they just got. Then eat another doodad and the next gear they dispended. This could go on as long as WX has doodads, and at the end he would have the same max stats as before because they ate all the gears they gave back. If there is no drawback upon the dispention of gears (other than consuming an electrical doodad), this mechanic would make the doodad an extremely effective healing/sanity restoring item for WX, because getting gold and rocks is quite easy. He could tank the Deerclops without armor or going insane...