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  1. No, you still get the same good stuff as before, like blueprints and boss loot, mandrakes and such. I even feel that we get more/better drops, tho that might be just my luck from the last few times.
  2. Well, I don't say they are fair, but you can definitely avoid that fate if you're a bit more careful. You can approximately check whether it is nightmare phase or not (color of the ground and some stuff, sounds, nightmare fissures etc). If you are unsure, better go forward carefully, listening to the sounds of monkeys. There's a warning phase before they turn into their shadow form, during that you should leave them as soon as possible. And most importantly, never let them close to you. Those are truly some evil little bastards. Honestly, they are the worst animals Klei/Maxwell/They have ever created.
  3. I was thinking about mountains and valleys earlier and I think it could make a nice change to the core game, especially if the climate would change with the area (colder on mounains, more balanced near the ocean (tho there's ocean everywhere currently...), a bit darker in valleys...). Since it would be a very game changing mechanic, it would take some time to create and balance it well, but I think it would worth it. Maybe rather instead of (or next to) the damage, some of the player's equipment could break? From the higher you fall, the more stuff can possibly break. This would make players consider twice before jumping (or pushing their mate... hm... new trolling possibilities! ) This would be also an interesting idea.
  4. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Wait, is it possible to get only commons? So long I always go at least one classy (but usually not more).
  5. Two reasons why to play on the How to Survive servers: For those who don't know, walrus are set to more on this group's servers to give some extra challenge for winter. I like these worlds a lot
  6. It doesn't matter much what kind of healing you have, the point is to have enough, be it pierogie, honey ham, healing salve, jellybeans, jerky, or whatever else you have and like . I think having around 400hp of healing should do it.
  7. That really depends on how well can you kite him and his deers. The more the better. I usually use up 2 helms when I solo it (as Wendy usually ). I think that having 4-5 helms and around 10 pierogies per person should be enough. But the best way to find it out is to fight him and see how much you used up. I also recommend taking the panflute (or an ice staff) to deal with the krampii.
  8. Yes, it changed to the better, to be exact it changed back to what it was when it was introduced. Now you get 6 gifts and afaik one contains the good stuff (like always), one with two milk, one with baubles and other decorations (also a light if I'm not mistaken), the other 3 are the usual not good stuff (charcoal, gold, maybe amulet). So I highly recommend to kill him during Winter's Feast (and after the event too ). The only downside is that you don't get bundling wraps, but that's not that bad in my opinion.
  9. I'm getting tired of all these profile icons... they don't look bad, but I get a ton of them and nothing good skin. Honestly, if I got these baubles in my solo world instead, I would be much happier... :S
  10. I fought both of them and got both respective ornaments.
  11. Well, I guess it's a feature then. It's a shame tho.
  12. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    This is truly amazing. I haven't gotten to its end yet, but I love how the only characters that aren't marked to be the worst are only Wilson and Woodie. It's not bad, but tells a lot about those players' skills. My favourite is where someone said that Wickerbottom is the worst because no sleeping and spoiling is a huge disadvantage and "all" good she has is a science machine... Note tho that most most comments are two years old. Not as if much would have changed since then. The biggest change is if I'm not mistaken that we got Winona.
  13. I haven't tried bosses yet, but smaller mobs like spiders, worms and monkeys surely give winter's feast foods and decorations, so I guess the event isn't disabled in the caves.
  14. Today I slept under a totally decorated tree Winter's Feast Tree in the caves, however I didn't get any kind of gift, not even a "bad" one with charcoal. Everything was the same as normally, the tree was in complete darkness, it was night, the only difference is that it was in the caves. I tried it multiple times, even with different trees at different places, but had no success. On the surface however I got the gift just as expected. Is it intended that we cannot get gifts in the caves, or is it a bug? Am I the only who has this issue? If I remember correctly, we could get gifts in the caves last year, but it was long ago so I'm not entirely sure.
  15. I haven't seen clearing the trap like that, nice method!