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    84 the double meaning of life
  2. Character Skin Progress Bugged

    @Redakted If I'm not mistaken, the devs said it around the start of the character refreshes that you won't need to have both the weavable and marketable version of the same skin for a complete (100%) character set. As you can seeyou have all the GoH, Surivor, Triumphant and Rosate Woodie skin, we could say that you have 11/12 actually. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that's why you have 95% Woodie.
  3. and yet Hot Lava, Oxygen Not Included, Mark of The Ninja, Invisible Inc, Shank all have achievements. But DST doesn't The thing is, unlike the other games, DS/T's base idea is that you are dropped into a foreign world with no information on what comes at you and you should survive with what you find however you can. Klei's intention was to let the player explore the world/game and experience themselves, surviving and thriving on their own way. ONI, Hot Lava, Invisible Inc. (and probably the others too, but I haven't played those) have a clear, given goal and you get the info about your environment, the equipment, techniques etc. DS/T, however, does not have a goal that you can reach (beside of surviving infinitely, and Adventure mode) and the devs found that achievements would pretty much backfire in long-term. Here's the article they wrote back while DS was still not yet released. It describes pretty well why Klei didn't add any achievements to the game.
  4. The desert goggles also give sanity, the same amount as a top hat (and a fashion goggles) if I'm not mistaken.
  5. Count to 200 without interruption

    76, I agree with Kuba and hope too that we'll succeed. Don't dare to reset, MisterL
  6. The devs ususally don't rush ending an event, especially if there's nothing else to replace it. Since they didn't announce any end time here, I suppose it is (un)officially extended by a week (or two (or three)... Anyways, a little more time to race our carrats won't hurt, eh?
  7. Count to 200 without interruption

    74, 37% or our way to 200
  8. Overall I think the sandstorm mechanic is fine; all it actually needs is better chances to get the blueprint. If the player could obtain it reliably with like 2 days of fishing, that would be balanced imo. It took me around 8-9 days to get it in my solo world (which was back when it was added, so things might have been tweaked since then) I like this idea, it's really cool. Tho, are you really seeking logic in DS/T? Yes, this, please, Klei. Here I am! I use it most of the time when I don't need any armor or protection from the weather. Imo having to craft first the fashion, then the desert goggles is fine, just the chances of getting their blueprints should be adjusted.
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    69, the first day in late summer where smoldering don't appear.
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    67 x 1 yep, another prime number...
  11. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Tbh, Willow mains are probably all cool people, because the Willow griefers are usually those who don't even know the game well, let alone main her. This reminded me of this very true comment: Which, actually, inspired me to make this meme (to go back on topic) : Wormwood mains:
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    61 good job guys, keep on going!
  13. Actually, the last few chat logs are saved in the backup folder. So if you're looking for one specific file you could still find it if you played a few times since then.