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  1. Spindlewick's Art

    "I've never been lucky." Too bad I don't recognise the other two.
  2. Wurt

    I believe the devs said that the DLC characters are canonical, but not part of the main storyline. Or was it just Wortox? But I think they were referring to all 4 of them. I personally would prefer human characters, I can identify with those much better than monster characters, like Webber or Wormwood. On the other hand, since they're not part of the main lore, I'm not really bothered by this.
  3. I don't really understand, if there were an AI change that would prevent us abusing mobs' stupid behaviour (I guess you're suggesting that, aren't you?), wouldn't most people complain about it anyways? The reason why others nitpick about it is that you misspelled "rework" (no need for an "m").
  4. Secret Character

    Anyways, on a more serious note, I do agree that the siluett in the OP doesn't quite the same as her... but well, she's still the closest to it. Also, not like someone couldn't change their hair a bit sometimes, eh?
  5. Do you have a food info mod enabled? I heard that causes food to appear on a given spot (0,0,0 I think?) every time you inspect it.
  6. Where is that from? I would bet it's from the DST subforum, not Hot Lava. Because DST does come with two copies (just like @MrKoopa said), but the latter doesn't (afaik). I see I'm not the first one figuring that out. Anyways, this picture is from February 2018. More than 1,5 years earlier. If I'm not mistaken, Hot Lava wasn't even in beta back then, not to mention EA or full release...
  7. You mean she stands still for some seconds instead of coming to aid you in the fight? If so then I had this quite a few times; I believe it's just a bug with her AI. I don't think it was changed recently. Unrelated, but when did you get your title? Is that new or was I just blind?
  8. The problem with "soon" is that time works differently on the constant... [Insert @minespatch's "Charlie - "soon"" meme here, which I cound't find atm] But yeah, I also really hope we get some news on Hallowed Nights today/tonight, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happened next week (or the week after...).
  9. Just imagine if you couldn't join your friends' caroling with Wigfrid's current just can't sing together without her!
  10. Count to 200 without interruption

    Oh, we're thirsty again... but at least we don't starve.
  11. Didn't you forget the Hamlet DLC? I would also argue that RoT is Sw in DST, there are fundamental gameplay differences, not to mention the mobst, items, seasons etc. Even boats are very different in the both games.
  12. In my opinion getting some lightbulbs or spores is not a big price for fueling a high-end base light that has a decent radius, especially since the recent buff that halved the spoiling rate. They're also a good source of spores for the blowcaps and you can put them on pigs to farm spores. It is guaranteed. Furthermore, it let's you multiply shroom skin, so you don't have to kill Toad multiple times or wait for Klaus rng. Okay, but seriously, the goal of the furnace isn't to provide light for your base, unlike the that of the glowcap's. They were designed for different purposes and comparing them here doesn't make much sense. TL;DR: I think Toadstool is fine as is, the fight is designed for experienced players who already "beat" the game and its drops are also for them: end-game stuff that aren't necessary and don't make the game much easier, but are nice QoL upgrades for your base/character.
  13. Well, that's how survival servers work... not much you can do against it on a public server if you're alone. Either go for endless or moderated servers if you want to continue playing on a world. Public survivals are just for casual chilling, learning new people and the game.