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Pictures from today's game: 

Very own web tile, without any danger or risk.20190504203516_1.thumb.jpg.2ae4f0415eaf87a4c5e56e53335cd921.jpg

Aaand... proof that you can still get the Bottomless Firepit skin! (If you were there at the beta but haven't played since then...)


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Here's some screenies I took from a friend's private modded server, the mods in question are all small cosmetic mods(like turfs, extra statues, extra walls, etc.) It's currently still a work in progress as said friend wishes to eventually replace the entire world, But this is the current base at oasis anywho.


Friend makes alot better bases then I'd ever wish to do XD


EDIT: @Canis Heres another SCP joke, we call our Pigs and Bunnymen "Class-D Personnel"


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1 minute ago, Viktor234 said:

The petrified trees fit pretty nice with the Sand Storm (only dust and ruins left).



Then, somewhere not far away, you stumble onto Slave Knight Gael. He huddles over the body of a Pygmy Lord and rasps...

"What, still here? Hand it over. That thing. Your Dark Soul. For my lady's painting..."

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7 hours ago, minespatch said:


Craftible tombstones mod, debugged a hundred roses(kitties love them), and I rest with Ashley and mischievous catcoon.

Is something wrong with the rose? It has a greening outline.

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Threw together another collection of mods, been trying to find the perfect world for my sorta megabase idea, I am using a mod that sets up the world to be kinda archipelago-ish (Requiring wormholes to travel between islands)

Stumbled across 2 wormholes next to eachother.


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