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  1. Weremoose needs to have a way to heal himself in combat, don't you agree?
  2. Survive a full year as Werebeaver.
  3. Are you telling me there are more Woodie mains than Wolfgang, WX, and Webber mains?
  4. I think people underestimate Woodie a lot. Let me give you some examples from the problems with Woodie in the OP. 1. Woodie's total chopping speed is 4x compared to the other characters. Maxwell would need 3 clones in order to match him AND he'd have to chop himself too. To surpass Woodie, Maxwell would need all 4 chopper clones and he himself would have to dig up the stumps in the meantime. That's 8 nightmare fuel (which isn't much in the late game, but it limits his abilities in the early game), while Woodie can do it anytime for free. 2. The werebeaver form should only be used for chopping. If all you do as a werebeaver is chop trees in a controlled environment, you're not really putting yourself at risk. 3. Yes it can. Refer to my previous point. Unless you decided it's a good idea to do some log farming while fighting off a horde of spiders, you're not risking. 4. Refer to the 1st point. That being said, I do think Woodie needs a rework since the beaver gameplay is simply not fun and I do agree with you on most of your points regarding what needs to be changed. P.S. klei pls don't remove the pine cone sanity gain. Ignore the filthy wormwoods, Woodie had that perk first.
  5. Even if so, as I said, Woodie chops twice as fast as a normal character. Lucy + Woodie is still faster than a normal character with a glass axe.
  6. [Game Update] - 341693

    Then how are we supposed to bring the unique statues that can only be crafted at the lunar altar back to the mainland?
  7. It’s not better. It has the same chopping effectiveness, however, Woodie also has 2x chopping speed. But yes, you have a point.
  8. Planter never even was a role. And he never was a better “planter” than any other character, sanity from pine cones is his only bonus. You don’t really pick a character based on that. Wormwood’s sanity boost didn’t hurt Woodie nowhere near as much as glass axes did.
  9. What's up with all the posts saying Wormwood ruined Woodie? I don't see any changes at all.
  10. I honestly don't know if it's legit lore or he was just joking.
  11. Be happy it's not a Webber.