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  1. Weremoose needs to have a way to heal himself in combat, don't you agree?
  2. Even if so, as I said, Woodie chops twice as fast as a normal character. Lucy + Woodie is still faster than a normal character with a glass axe.
  3. Then how are we supposed to bring the unique statues that can only be crafted at the lunar altar back to the mainland?
  4. It’s not better. It has the same chopping effectiveness, however, Woodie also has 2x chopping speed. But yes, you have a point.
  5. Planter never even was a role. And he never was a better “planter” than any other character, sanity from pine cones is his only bonus. You don’t really pick a character based on that. Wormwood’s sanity boost didn’t hurt Woodie nowhere near as much as glass axes did.
  6. What's up with all the posts saying Wormwood ruined Woodie? I don't see any changes at all.
  7. I honestly don't know if it's legit lore or he was just joking.
  8. That day 28 Houndius at spawn was so worth it.
  9. Snowfallen Woodie because there isn't one. Gladiator Wortox.