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  1. Are batilisks a reference to mutalisks?
  2. Nerf is when something too good is weaken. But it doesn't become bad. But if you are talking not about your preferences, but you think this would make the game better, you must think about all players. Maybe, for players like you it seems OP. But there are beginners who might be struggling to survive during winter. And this change would probably kill them. The balance is different for different levels of skill. For people with 400+ hrs in this game meatballs might seem crazy OP, but for players with 40 hours this can be the main source of food, y'know.
  3. You just want to force players to play with nerfed meatballs, do you? This mod is an option, and that's why you don't like it?
  4. I think you can't because the caves are created during worldgen.
  5. New skins

    I need this feature
  6. How does this lureplant-flingomatic thing work? I assume, the lureplant has the highest priority of smoldering during summer?
  7. How could you do that
  8. How to herd volt goats

    The point is the gots won't reproduce in the pen, right?
  9. It was obvious they'd nerf it, sooner or later. Well gl collecting 31 more elegants now
  10. Misery Toadstool because I still can't solo it
  11. pls dont fix i dont want to sell my wolfgang skins
  12. SosiskaKi's sample: Total: 1994 Common: 1222/1944 = 63% Classy: 456/1944 = 23% Spiffy: 138/1944 = 7% Dist.: 98/1944 = 5% Elegant: 30/1944= 1.5% I personally got 0 elegants out of my ~200 skins :c
  13. Is DST dead?

    We don't see the devs releasing updates every 2 days = The game is dead.