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  1. As much as I'm excited for all the new content, I'm sad we're getting lame Wormwood instead of awesome Wagstaff.
  2. What they could potentially do to make Winona always viable and not just a spawn-in-build catapults-never-to-be-seen-again type of character is make generators only re-fuelable (is that even a word?) by a Winona.
  3. I personally never had complaints with her hunger, but now the drawback just doesn’t seem to exist. Perhaps they should lower the window to 20 seconds?
  4. I never said "nerf" her, I said give her books more taste because right now they're quite bland and uninteresting.
  5. I'd want to see a Wendy rebalance, right now she's sort of useless and people generally pick her exclusively for the appearance. Maxwell could maybe use one as well. I really like what they did to him in the Gorge; having to drop the book in order to summon minions. I'd love to see a more elaborated version of this in base game, making him a strong area-control character. Wickerbottom deserves a rework as well, imo. Her books are sort of bland and you don't use half of them very often: Birds of the World - situational, mainly for late-game Krampus farming and/or feathers; underused Applied Horticulture - not useful at all if your primary food source is a pig/bunnyman/spider farm The End is Nigh! - never used for anything other that charging a WX, unusable in solo
  6. Hey everyone, I took a break from DST in December, so I haven't been following the news. Now I think I'll be getting back into the game; I really liked the Winona rework. But something I did not quite understand - how exactly do GEMerators differ from regular generators? Obviously, generators use nitre as fuel instead of gems and they run out of fuel quicker (?). But are those all the differences?
  7. It was late at night and I was doing my daily German practice
  8. Base organising in the Forge is one step higher than 10 minute runs.
  9. For me it works the other way around, I hate losing to a silly foe much more than accepting defeat at the hands of a serious opponent. But the design and animations of the rhinos are pretty cool indeed.
  10. Coincidence?
  11. I... I don't get any of these... what's the joke?
  12. It was on a pub and we even had that guy who picks Willow when we have 3 DPSers and never talks and (seemingly) doesn't understand any language (we tried English, Spanish, German, and Russian). We were pressing F so hard our keyboards heated up like a Chernobyl reactor. It's been like 10 minutes since that phase when the Boarrior summons four banners and random mobs. We could already see his dying animation in our minds. We already had our fingers on the 'take screenshot' binds. That's what a 3-day beta means. So much pain... so much pain... P.S. That screenshot is the moment when the game froze and seconds later it crashed.
  13. There are 5 skins for each character set of the Gladiator collection but only 4 (either legs or feet items are not present) skins for every set of the Magmatic collection. So statistically there’s a better chance of getting last year’s skins than this year’s (if a gladiator skin has the same chance of dropping as a magmatic skin of the corresponding rarity).