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Terra B Welch    6916

Another couple screenies I took during Starving Floor.

We made it to the final wave, and of course we get Toadstool, and with freaking 105k hp.


But we got him in the end and got the big victory!


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Terra B Welch    6916

Some screenies I took testing a mod pack/collection I threw together.

Road through oasis strikes again!


Also yes I have a walking cane before first winter, and no it wasn't from that one fallen survivor. One major mod in this pack is Teleportato/Worldjump (If you noticed the divining rod on my hotbar), worldjumping is heavilly encouraged to get set up in this pack. Let's just say not being prepared will more then likely result in horrible death.

And now for some teleportato related pics.

Metal potato was really close to dfly here. (This was my 3rd world I do believe, so 2 worldjumps in.)


And here is a pic I took shortly before my 3rd worldjump, I have the mod set to retain all unlocked crafting recipes, however the mod is set to only retain the first 8 items in my inventory, hence the inventory setup here, I wanted those 8 items specifically.(Yes I was willing to sacrifice the tam o shanter for the pith hat, pith hat in the mod gives +10% speed, more speed means faster world exploration)


I am merely buying myself time...

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engiSonic    626
11 hours ago, luis3991 said:

this is a plague ! 

If only you were playing Hamlet instead of DST. That'd be worth...

14 slots krampus sack, plus 15 slots hotbar, plus another on your mouse is 30 slots..

all 30 slots have full stacks, so that's 30*40 = 1200 stingers.

Each stinger would sell for 3 oincs, so you'd make a profit of...

3,600 Oincs. And yet, because you're playing DST, they're utterly useless.

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