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  1. When were the Gorge Garb distinguished skins added? I only just noticed them today with this update.
  2. I would want it back as the autumn theme, but since that won't happen having it as a sailing theme would be good.
  3. I hope the new music isn't put on the lunar island...
  4. That kind of mod is my speciality! I'll do it when I am able to.
  5. Wormwood takes over (The Constant, 1921 colourised)
  6. I spent ages building a boat, so I set off and then.... WHY.
  7. Instead of the seaworthy animation playing after activating it, the HUD just disappears until you go to the other world.
  8. This is OBVIOUSLY what the new characters look like.
  9. Noo! Warbucks was my second favourite Don't Starve character! I hope he gets reworked and added back in.
  10. I don't know if I can post this here but what have I done my mods have gone too far
  11. Version 3.2


    Make Wilson scream forever!
  12. The rainforest trees that have grown on poison turf have their names displayed as MISSING NAME.
  13. Version 1.2


    I'm so sorry. This mod gives Wilson and the meat effigy a Sanic T-shirt.
  14. If you store items on the basic bookshelf you are required to spend 1 oinc to take it off.
  15. The ottoman chair is invisible when placed down and cannot be destroyed, but it can still be collided with.