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  1. Wurt

    Just makes me wonder how he could've turned out with a design refresh and the ability to use a unique blunderbuss like Wheeler's pewmatic horn.
  2. I believe I recall seeing JoeW say that he wanted to bring back the unimplemented characters one day, so Waverly might still have a chance! (Potentially as a free character like Warly if all the DLCs are non-human!) I'd buy the heck out of Waverly/her skins, though! #MakeWaverlyHappen
  3. Own Fanart Thread

    Wow, these are incredible! It's artists like you that inspire me to work hard!
  4. Wurt

    I like to pronounce Wurt with a german pronunciation, like "Vertrude"
  5. Wurt

    Just a few goofy full body tests
  6. Wurt

    I think I went a little too crazy with my rendition. I went with the 50% goat 50% merm idea. (I might play around more with the idea, potentially an "Afflicted" skin, showing the in betweens of them becoming a merm?)
  7. Wurt

    I remember my friend (who's really into goats) suggested an "Uncorrupted" style of skin that shows Wurt before they were mermified. (assuming Wurt was a goat from the Gorge who was mermified.)
  8. Yeah, I could see this. With the way they set his character up, he does seem very suspicious to say the least!
  9. Wurt

    Plus monster characters aren't limited by human capabilities! I am super hyped! Maybe one of their skins will feature an unmermified Wurt, goat and all! (Assuming Wurt was a resident of the Gorge, and was murmified by the gnaw.)
  10. I'm gonna make an estimation and say we'll probably get news about Hallowed Night this tuesday/thursday, followed by it's release on the 24th(?) It's just a guess since we haven't received news yet and it's unlikely that they would announce news for Hallowed Nights and release it on the same day, but who knows.
  11. Me too. I wonder if our next batch of news will come Tuesday.
  12. These are great ideas! Well done!
  13. Kyle's Concepts & Artworks

    Hallowed Nights 2019 A semi finished doodle that I made for the unimplemented character Waverly, just for fun! I had a fun time thinking of some design refreshes for her, such as swirly cuffs and scraggly curved hair.
  14. Here was a semi-finished doodle I was doing for Waverly, just for fun. I know that the next new character probably isn't an unimplemented character, but maybe one day!
  15. Here's a quick Klaus Wortox I whipped up a little bit ago, not sure if this'd fit better with Hallowed Nights or Snowfallen, but it is a costume, so...