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  1. I got an update too, very mysterious.
  2. More experimental science, for the fun of it!
  3. Being a blank slate character is just kinda meh, no significant upsides, no downsides. Wilson technically isn't weak, it's just that other characters can do the things he can better/in different ways.
  4. For a WX rework I hope they remove the ability to eat gears, it's just another mechanic that doesn't really work in a multiplayer environment. You either ask permission to eat some gears in a chest or you forcefully eat them without a word and hinder everyone. That one idea of socketing gems (from another WX rework post) seemed like it could be really fun and offer unique benefits depending on which gem is socketed, and since gems are rather renewable via caves, I think the idea would suit multiplayer better. (Yeah, gears are technically renewable with tumbleweeds, with a 1% chance.) I do like the ability to eat spoiled foods and getting charged from lightning strikes, those work fine, but please give us a real downside. Being hurt by water is the best example of minor inconvenience, and even helps you if you're sparking at night. If they want to make the wetness downside significant, what about a rusting mechanic that temporarily caps your stats? Just my two cents on the piece. Happy Valentine's day ya'll.
  5. Movement penalty sounds like a really boring downside. Speed is a very crucial stat in Don't Starve, getting from Point A to B to collect C is pretty common (in my experiences), so having a movement speed hindrance would just feel sluggish and un-fun. It also hinders your ability in combat, because kiting is a vital/ideal fighting technique that relies on speed to dodge attacks. When Wilson's rework is due, I'd like for some more "weird science" to be included, (I say weird cuz' Wilson's idea of science is rather experimental...) and could include more items in a similar theme to the Meat Effigy (In the sense that you don't expect beard hair, meat and wood to grant you another chance at life)
  6. I think some more resource variations would be fun and would make for a nice change of pace, more variations to how the map generates/branches would be cool too. More little effects to give the world life (cosmetic wind that blows trees, grass, maybe some unpickable cosmetic grass strands in the ground?) would put a refreshing spin on the world's look and feel too, I think. The grass could be killed upon digging it's associated turf with a pitchfork. And on the topic of progression, I'd really like to see existing mobs progress, and what I mean is like, if pigs could expand/start projects, or even if they actually left their villages to explore, perhaps prepare for a war on merms, etc. Just in general, some new things that can drastically change the world over time would be really neat! Here's some shoddy examples I drew with a mouse (Perhaps the Merms could start building a farmers kingdom once a king is established?)
  7. Wortox's tail suggestion

    It's especially jarring when using the uncorrupted skin and if you don't equip the associated legs, Wortox just has a very strange, unfitting brown tail.
  8. Wendy Belongings Set

    It was pretty tricky to come up with skin ideas for already existing items, but here's what I could think up. Some sort of dying flower for the Pretty Parasol? This one would probably be a little tricky to get working, and it would probably work best as a tent skin, actually, since the player models disappear when interacting with tents/siesta lien-to. This one is a bit of a stretch, but perhaps an elegant mirror to trap insects with? Think of it as ensnaring their souls or something. (Inspired by her Guest of Honor portrait)
  9. Honestly I'd just like to see what they have planned without a set release date, I'm perfectly fine with delays. (But I understand that development takes time, so I'll be patient.) I also really miss the old update posters from A New Reign.
  10. More Lore

    Haha, too true! Perhaps being Canadian has different implications in the Constant, who knows if Woodie was a werebeaver beforehand, perhaps it's exclusively the constant's ancient moon that harbors Woodie's curse.
  11. More Lore

    I feel like the rest of the cast will have more serious animated shorts, knowing the tragedy of Abigail, I have a hard time believing we'll get another Woodie short with Wendy's animation. We know a few things about Woodie: - Worked at a Lumber camp at some point (Quote from Straw Roll) - He hates birds - Chopped down a blue spruce (Quote from Holiday Cheer, the question is, why specifically a blue spruce? Why remember a single tree? Perhaps it's the first tree he chopped with Lucy? I'unno.) - Is Canadian
  12. Here's an oddly matching combo, it's the Krampus costume with Webber's Magmatic. Chained Magma-legged Roomy Rose Breeder
  13. I'm still to this day impressed that not a single character has any benefit/major disadvantage involving rain or wetness. Like Wormwood for example, rain could have been a less dependable passive way to heal yourself with a character that already has so little options for healing, (manure only heals for 2 hp and no longer can be quickly used like in singleplayer.) And yes, I get it, plants can drown, even magical moon/vine amalgamations, I guess. I just thought It'd make for some neat little bonus to gameplay. Wurt, a member of a species that is supposedly made of fish(?), also doesn't benefit from rain, she has her wetness tool slip resistance, but she suffers the same as anyone else when too wet, freezing, sanity loss. I think it'd make sense if she were to gain sanity from the rain, at least, seeing as how she gets rather excited to play in the rain in her quotes. (Can aquatic lifeforms even be "too wet" to live? o_o) (?) - according to Kevin's answer from a while ago, not sure if it's still the case, they are fish people nonetheless though. Walani could certainly fill that void, not sure how, though, but it'd definitely make her a great spring character and more versatile if rain/wetness becomes a bigger threat in the future of Return of Them. I'd especially enjoy her addition even more with the inclusion of new islands for those who want to explore the new content quicker or simply for travelling if the ocean becomes as large as shipwrecked's (though for consoles I'd imagine they would shrink the ocean a tad bit and have the islands closer together.) Oops, sorry for the wall of text. TLDR: I'd enjoy Walani's inclusion just the same as any character's inclusion, a welcome addition.
  14. I think that being able to reskin items you spawn with without needing to craft it again would be amazing. I'd be great to spawn with Wigfrid's spear skins, or spawn with Ashley instead of Bernie for Willow. I saw this suggestion before, and loved the idea. Cliffs and overall height/extra layers could be huge and a great way to diversify the constant's forests, it could take shape as it's own mountainous biome, or as an update to the plains! (though Retrofitting would probably be hard without starting a new world.) I can totally see FuffledBeeQueen's suggestion getting in, as it's been getting tons of attention! By the sound of the roadmap, it seems like they'd like to incorporate suggestions from the fans (if I'm understanding it properly), which is really exciting to see!