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  1. No, I'd rather development time go towards something else. Besides, the achievements from the Forge and Gorge were a blast to complete for the extra curio chests, so maybe save them for any future events if they plan on bringing them back.
  2. Maybe they could borrow the character animations from the sandstorm, to mimic a kid with his arms out in the dark!
  3. I'd like it if Webber fully embraced his spider side with his refresh, losing sanity in the day (inspired by how spiders cower in sunlight), losing no sanity at night/dusk, being able to sleep in spider dens, something to do with spider queens, more silk crafts like: A small silky egg sack/pod that acts like a portable chest that can be placed and picked up, but doesn't preserve food indefinitely like the bundling wrap, and you can only carry one at a time? Specialized craftable spider turf to slow anything that walks on it (except other players, for anti-griefing reasons), possibly as a hound defense? A silky web trap that catches any bugs/flying creatures that fly into it, could be used as a mosquito net, or for trapping batilisks for a little bit. (Maybe save this one for in case they add any new hostile bug types.) Idea inspired by @minespatch, a spider sense-like passive that displays a HUD animation at the direction of nearby hostile mobs, like pigs, hounds, bosses, etc. (For those times where you can't tell where Deerclops is coming from, for example.) I wanted to suggest night vision, but I believe that would be a little game breaking, maybe if it was like a torch radius around him that could allow him to preform actions in the dark at the cost of massive sanity drain? Dunno. This might be a little different, but what if his craftable spider dens were slightly reworked to spawn those baby spiders from the Forge? They could be improved and strengthened through days + feeding them, and would have more combat utility than regular befriended spiders. Perhaps they could be taught to spit in similar fashion to the spitters, or fight like more aggressive spider warriors that bite multiple times, and perhaps they could even inflict poison? These spiders could be permanently loyal to Webber players until they die, or starve, and wouldn't attack other players or drain their sanity. * (This is my favorite idea) (and maybe these baby spiders could have different designs, like how pipspooks have different tufts of hair?)
  4. I'm pretty sure nothing is stopping them from doing multiple scenes from all the vignettes eventually, we're just choosing the ones that appeal to us the most. Sure, the Vignette that won last time didn't include Winona, but it was techically from Winona's short in some capacity. The first "First of Kin" vignette already includes Winona with Charlie, so I don't see anything wrong with it. (plus we already see so much of Winona as it is in promotional material and stuff)
  5. Mid game at the moment, but I found this one I liked.
  6. It's definitely gotta be this shot for me, I absolutely love the background colors and mountain aesthetic!
  7. Well, we've still got one more DLC character entering the fray one of these months, according to the 2019(?) roadmap. Who knows if there'll be more after that. (It will probably be another monster/constant born creature, judging by the current pattern of Wortox, Wormwood, and Wurt.)
  8. Now those are some phresh lookin' spools right there!
  9. It'd probably be fine if they made her horn have durability, like how Willow's lighter has durability in DST, but not in DS. Wheeler could work really well as the designated ranged character with a few tweaks, (unless we get a new Monster DLC with ranged attacks! ) like maybe making it so Wheeler can't dodge if she's wearing armor, making players decide if they want to go for a ranged/dodgy supportive play style or the usual armor/kite methods.
  10. The Crystalline Honeydome's background is actually really clean, I may finally change my Cornucopia background! It looks so tasty, too.
  11. Now this, this is the best April Fools update any game has ever received IMO, the fact that you even changed the title screen? Absolutely glorious stuff! Love ya big time, Klei! Very pog.
  12. I really like these changes, they make sense! Seems more fitting for the sisters to co-operate rather than having one carry the other. Thanks, Klei!
  13. Yeah, I'm a little saddened by the fact, it was fun having Abigail kill rabbits for easy morsels or butterflies for wing fillers. It may have been in the sake of balance, but Wickerbottom exists.
  14. I thought the "tire screeching" noise was just Abigail's voice, with Wendy being voiced by a flute and all. Great investigation though!
  15. I feel like maybe they should've focused on "Riled Up" Abigail not killing Glommer/Chester/Maxwell's Shadows, everything else was fair game in my eye.