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  1. Mid game at the moment, but I found this one I liked.
  2. Now those are some phresh lookin' spools right there!
  3. The Crystalline Honeydome's background is actually really clean, I may finally change my Cornucopia background! It looks so tasty, too.
  4. Now this, this is the best April Fools update any game has ever received IMO, the fact that you even changed the title screen? Absolutely glorious stuff! Love ya big time, Klei! Very pog.
  5. I really like these changes, they make sense! Seems more fitting for the sisters to co-operate rather than having one carry the other. Thanks, Klei!
  6. Yeah, I'm a little saddened by the fact, it was fun having Abigail kill rabbits for easy morsels or butterflies for wing fillers. It may have been in the sake of balance, but Wickerbottom exists.
  7. Mmm... I dunno, mate! Klei's been giving me a truckload of Winona duplicate skins lately... looks like Winona's getting refreshed again! /s (man I'd love if either Wilson or Wes were reworked next)
  8. Thanks Carrats, you were fun, but forgotten in a week. Silly little things.
  9. Thanks! Feels good to sit down and do some doodles with this covid-19 lockdown currently happening. I'm not sure if I'm still gonna be going to work or what at this point.
  10. Been a long time, felt pretty bummed that my food re skin mod wasn't turning out, and I would feel bad for bugging someone to help me out, so it's been on hold for soooo long. In the meantime, I've been keeping busy with character design and what have you, and I'm thinking of following the Modding Guide for 2020 here on the forums, starting with making Wakely an actual character, with a bit of a re-design.
  11. Can I redeem the 4 Winona elegants I've found in the last 3 weeks for a "disable Winona skin drops" voucher yet? I've found 2 Merrymakers and 2 Fixers in little less than a month and I'm going absolutely insane. Some may deny it, but to me, this is factual evidence that my personal RNG for Winona skins is way higher than any other elegant skins for any other characters/structures/craftables. I'm cursed, please help.
  12. You don't even want to know about the Merrymaker Winonas I got in the span of only 2 weeks. I think I'm mad cursed. Of all the elegant skins in the game, of all the characters in the game, and it gives me Merrymaker Winona.
  13. Wait, don't join during Winter or Summer? I've never followed that. What if I like the challenge of starting in winter?
  14. Here's an oddly matching combo, it's the Krampus costume with Webber's Magmatic. Chained Magma-legged Roomy Rose Breeder