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  1. Wurt

    Oh, that's right! I forgot about these! If Wortox refers to NEXTCHARACTER as "goat", would that mean Wurt's design will be mostly goat (with some merm aspects)? It would be strange for Wortox to call a full on merm a goat. Also, he doesn't seem interested in eating their soul, and I believe he only does that for children like Webber and Wortox!
  2. Wurt

    *c o n f u s e d m e r m n o i s e s*
  3. Wurt

    I still remember when I thought Wilba would be implemented during Year of the Pig event, and when they said that YotP would bring new permanent content, it just seemed too perfect!
  4. Wurt

    I have a feeling all 4 dlc characters are non human, it's just a hunch, since that's all we've received so far. At least they've been fun!
  5. Wurt

    On the bright side, if Wurt is coming with the release of Hallowed Nights, that means we'll be waiting for both an event and permanent content!
  6. Wurt

    If Wurt possibly came from the elder bog, does that mean we will soon see the return of Billy and Mumsy in some fashion? Or was the ending of the Gorge just a cute little thing for the event? The mind boggles!
  7. Wurt

    I wonder if Wurt is detailing the horrific mermification process in the animated short teaser, and that's why Webber and Wendy are cowering?
  8. Wurt

    oH MY oH mY oH mY- Joke post.
  9. Wurt

    Just makes me wonder how he could've turned out with a design refresh and the ability to use a unique blunderbuss like Wheeler's pewmatic horn.
  10. I believe I recall seeing JoeW say that he wanted to bring back the unimplemented characters one day, so Waverly might still have a chance! (Potentially as a free character like Warly if all the DLCs are non-human!) I'd buy the heck out of Waverly/her skins, though! #MakeWaverlyHappen
  11. Own Fanart Thread

    Wow, these are incredible! It's artists like you that inspire me to work hard!
  12. Wurt

    I like to pronounce Wurt with a german pronunciation, like "Vertrude"
  13. Wurt

    Just a few goofy full body tests
  14. Wurt

    I think I went a little too crazy with my rendition. I went with the 50% goat 50% merm idea. (I might play around more with the idea, potentially an "Afflicted" skin, showing the in betweens of them becoming a merm?)
  15. Wurt

    I remember my friend (who's really into goats) suggested an "Uncorrupted" style of skin that shows Wurt before they were mermified. (assuming Wurt was a goat from the Gorge who was mermified.)