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  1. How about a skin for Warly that shows him in his early days, learning to cook? "The Apprentice"?
  2. And she really isn't out of place in the world, because we have things like mushroom planters, evil flowers, living trees. I'd be happy to see another magic themed character!
  3. Weird Headcannons

    *Warly would put spices on absolutely everything if he could.
  4. I assume, like Willow, that Warly will come with a refresh specific skin and possibly a skin for the portable crockpot? So glad my two favorite characters from singleplayer are being introduced to DST. I've been having a blast with Wormwood, and I can't wait to take up arms in the name of the pot!
  5. Asking for a friend, because he seemed genuinely interested in trying out Hot Lava. (Thanks for the amazing game, Klei!)
  6. Wormwood is epic in solo play if you live next to beef, just survived an entire summer with nothing but fashion melons, seeds, and manure!
  7. He's just plotting his next prank, and getting all giddy about it!
  8. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Why is Wilbur there? Shouldn't Wilba be there for having a better "were" form?
  9. Well, look at how they changed Wortox. They could always update her appearance.
  10. Wormwood is a "he"

    It's even there before you select him: *plants relate to him.
  11. WoodieRefreshWhen BeaverLivesMatter WarlyStoleMyRefresh (still hyped for Warly though omg)
  12. Oh, it will. It will.
  13. If I recall, Wortox hit early as h e c c. I'd estimate around noon.
  14. two days remain. heavy breathing HEAVY BREATHING