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  1. Terra_Zina

    Guilty Confessions?

    In my 1000's hours of gameplay, I still turn off frog rain in singleplayer. I've done this since forever, except for the few time I forget, in which I'm quickly reminded of why I remove them in the first place. In SP, the frogs never despawn. They can be there for years. In my 300 day Webber world I still find frogs from 3 years ago! They also: can kill off the entire beefalo population in a single night with cheer numbers alone attacks my bees attacks my pigs attacks me kills the catcoons are a pain in the neck to fight takes days to dispose of safely. And by the time your down to the last few, another frog rain will probably occur (I had springs where 4 frog rains happened. FOUR!) their meat is just a colorful morsel. Useless, will probably spoil before you could get to them I hate them. I hate them so much.
  2. Wurt and Werebeaver did not get water based abilities or immunities because Klei has those already planned ahead for the new character.
  3. I would not want to buy a character if I had to defeat the fuelweaver in order to get it. There's a huge powerspike between the Beequeen, Toadstool and Fuelweaver compared to every other boss in the game. There's people with over 1000 hours who still can't defeat the former.
  4. Terra_Zina

    Guilty Confessions?

    Guilty confession time indeed. A long time ago, me and a friend I met through the game would sometimes enter pubs and burn peoples bases down. We'd laugh as they threatened us that they'd 'send our profiles to Valve and have us banned', or type in all caps. It was hilarious. I do feel a little bad for it now. I didn't have the heart to grief nice people, or new players. My friend didn't give a manure though. He was ruthless! Buddy hasn't been onine for 2 years now. I wonder what happened...
  5. Terra_Zina

    Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I haven't laughed this hard to a Starve meme in a while. Quarantine really hit us hard, huh.
  6. Willow can stunlock things with fire. Hit a mob with the lighter, and once they're on fire, you can keep hitting them for a while. Do be careful, as they'll start hitting you just before the fire is out. There's no real sign when this'll happen, it just comes down to general feeling. (I like to hit around 10-12 times before backing) Also your loot will be burned to a crisp, so I usually only do this to beefalo. Once Bernie has distracted spiders and bees, you can pretty much just stand there and hold F, they will never target you. Hounds work similar, but they're a little smarter. WX can easily deal with moosegoose and the meese, because he'll get charged by the lightning they'll produce. I think all the cool stuff you could do with Abigail has been patched out in favour of this 'new and improved' Abigail (lol)
  7. Terra_Zina

    Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    hi guys, it me
  8. Wilson - boring Wolfgang - boring WX-78 - in a fine spot Wickerbottom - could use some tweaks, but in a fine spot Wes - boring, and in the worst spot currently Maxwell - puppets are stupid, they could use some 'smartification', other than that, he's fine Wigfrid - she's fine, but overshadowed, could use some unique abilities to boost her teamplay composition Webber - I honestly don't know why everyone wants him reworked. he's fine. there are those is worse spots than him
  9. Terra_Zina

    Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    It always feels like it's the same 3 people who gets weird... A quick one to stay on topic
  10. Terra_Zina

    Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    hmmmm =)) I really backed myself in a corner here. Ate my own words. Took the L. Now I gotta make a sequel brb
  11. Terra_Zina

    Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Making this before someone else can do it
  12. Terra_Zina

    Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    willow? wait, who?? ahahahha i never knew a willow ahaha what are you talking about ahhhaha....
  13. So I guess Willow will be outclassed again... it's ok... i'm fine...
  14. Think about it. They can cover the entire world in an ingame week. They can craft huge structures and destroy entire buildings with a single stone tool. They can slay humongous beasts and other terrible monstrosities from the depths of heck by sheer will alone, and they can spend entire seasons taking care of farmwork, day and night, with no sleep. The only fuel being a small meaty meal with a cooked mushyroom on the side. Seriously, they must be JACKED. I wouldn't be surprised if they all had an 8-pack underneath!
  15. Terra_Zina

    Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Have fun finding grass
  16. Terra_Zina

    Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  17. walani... wheeler... idc i jus want monky pls klei gib me monky
  18. I'd unironically love it if they made it humerous, because only an idiot would die of fall damage. Wilson jumped off the edge to scientifically prove if there is fall damage. And there is. And now he's dead. Today Willow found out, that she is infact, not a phoenix. Wigfrid thought she could reach Valhalla prematurely. Silly Wigfrid. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (maxwells death) Webber thought he could climb the wall. He couldn't. Wes thought he could fly. Wendy had enough.
  19. Terra_Zina

    Deerclops is a she?

  20. "Where were u when Wilsun die" "I was at base eatin metbal wen lazy desert ring" "Wilsun is kil" "No"
  21. Terra_Zina

    Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    The more I look at it the worse it gets