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  1. Screenshot showcase

    I don't know if I can post this here but what have I done my mods have gone too far
  2. My chairs, tables, windows and lights turned invisible.
  3. Version 1.1.2


    Make Wilson scream forever!
  4. I was messing around and then this happened.
  5. I made a graphics replacement mod for DS single-player, but whenever I try to port it over, the game crashes when I enable it. Anyone know what to do?
  6. I LOVE the soundtrack of Hamlet, and I would really like to play it whenever I want. Since RoG and SW got added to it I see no reason not to!
  7. The rainforest trees that have grown on poison turf have their names displayed as MISSING NAME.
  8. Hamlet Update - October 29

    WHAT. I kinda feel bad that I don't have to buy this, because I also got Hot Lava for free...
  9. Sanic T-Shirt Mod

    Version 1.2


    I'm so sorry. This mod gives Wilson and the meat effigy a Sanic T-shirt.
  10. If you store items on the basic bookshelf you are required to spend 1 oinc to take it off.
  11. The ottoman chair is invisible when placed down and cannot be destroyed, but it can still be collided with.
  12. Shop items stored in the freezer in the deli will display names and prices incorrectly.
  13. Hedge clippings can be traded to pigs who want them an infinite amount of times, which can give a lot of money quickly.