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  1. It seemed like a good idea at the time!
  2. Weremoose needs to have a way to heal himself in combat, don't you agree?
  3. Even if so, as I said, Woodie chops twice as fast as a normal character. Lucy + Woodie is still faster than a normal character with a glass axe.
  4. Alarsin

    [Game Update] - 341693

    Then how are we supposed to bring the unique statues that can only be crafted at the lunar altar back to the mainland?
  5. It’s not better. It has the same chopping effectiveness, however, Woodie also has 2x chopping speed. But yes, you have a point.
  6. Planter never even was a role. And he never was a better “planter” than any other character, sanity from pine cones is his only bonus. You don’t really pick a character based on that. Wormwood’s sanity boost didn’t hurt Woodie nowhere near as much as glass axes did.
  7. What's up with all the posts saying Wormwood ruined Woodie? I don't see any changes at all.
  8. I honestly don't know if it's legit lore or he was just joking.
  9. Be happy it's not a Webber.
  10. That day 28 Houndius at spawn was so worth it.
  11. Snowfallen Woodie because there isn't one. Gladiator Wortox.
  12. Woodie main I am. Kill green men I must. For real though, I really don’t think Wormwood fits into the game and I’m disappointed we’re getting him instead of Wagstaff. It’s not even about Wagstaff; I’d rather have no new character at all than a character that shouldn’t be there.
  13. Swiss navy simulator
  14. Alarsin

    [Game Update] - 337422

    If only this has been done yesterday...
  15. Fun sea adventures. That's one curious name.
  16. As much as I'm excited for all the new content, I'm sad we're getting lame Wormwood instead of awesome Wagstaff.
  17. What they could potentially do to make Winona always viable and not just a spawn-in-build catapults-never-to-be-seen-again type of character is make generators only re-fuelable (is that even a word?) by a Winona.
  18. I personally never had complaints with her hunger, but now the drawback just doesn’t seem to exist. Perhaps they should lower the window to 20 seconds?
  19. It was late at night and I was doing my daily German practice
  20. Base organising in the Forge is one step higher than 10 minute runs.
  21. For me it works the other way around, I hate losing to a silly foe much more than accepting defeat at the hands of a serious opponent. But the design and animations of the rhinos are pretty cool indeed.