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  1. Thanks for the skin I'm literally standing next to game.
  2. A few more screenies of Culinary Archipelago, Nearing the end of a mostly uneventful winter. I get the safety goat pen set up. \ Made an auto-goat farm. And proceeded to set up for the moonstone event to get a moon callers. ' That's about it. I still need to find crab king and also make a decon staff, I forgot to make one last summer.
  3. I think the new crops do smolder if the soil they're on isn't hydrated enough.
  4. Yeah, I'm not a fan of wildfires myself, for the majority of my worlds I play with them on as I understand they are part of the game, but all I've found is that wildfires force me to just base in either the oasis or in caves and don't really add any kind of fun element to the game. As someone who is antsy and likes to run around my world alot, wildfires end up burning alot offscreen, most of the time without my knowledge until I look later that it's too late and it's burned down. For worlds where I want to have a fun base in an area I like and not have to put a bajillion flingos everywhere(like Culinary Archipelago is one), I turn wildfires off.
  5. If they make it so he sheds a pair of extra wings(like how a snake sheds skin) by feeding him lots of treats then I'd be fine. But it just makes me depressed when glommer is killed.
  6. The fact people abuse the moonstorm event to kill glommer makes me depressed.
  7. Psh, how is the constant perfect for Wilson when he can't stop asking for base?
  8. Or maybe from Terra Firma Tamper? I'd love to have the archives turf be craftable, seriously klei why make it obtainable if you don't want players to decorate their bases with it?
  9. Tbh I set alot of solo worlds to public, but put some rediculous nigh-impossible to guess password on them so friends can just see I'm playing solo world. :P