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  1. Out of the boats added by the recent more boats mod, I would love that moon glass crescent moon shaped one, I like the idea of a boat that can more easilly push around ocean stuff just via its shape.
  2. I threw this meme image together for a mod I threw together in 5 minutes because I hate myself.
  3. Also apparently in DS they give naughtiness when killed.
  4. Alot larger then DST, but idk the exact value, maybe look in the don't starve data files?
  5. Just imagine a mod that restored the old DS bee attack range. >.>
  6. I showed this meme image to a friend. They had something to say about it. I dunno yall, I think that wigfrid sus.
  7. DST isn't a hard game, it's a dense game. But I think that's fine.
  8. Finally got my first sprouting stone fruit, I'm gonna need more of those if I want my island to have stone fruits all around it. I don't want to use dug stone fruits due to the fact that they can become unfertilized after a while, and these are moreso for decoration then actual function. (Especially since stone fruit is alot less useful in feast and famine) Also got more of the shell beach done, continuing past the farm area and around where my docks and fish farm are. The turf is almost finished, just the small bit near the fish farms and a little beyond it and it'll be finished. As for other decorations I may grab a few carrats from the lunar island and bring them back just to have carrot decorations. Anywho, heres one last picture of me finally getting a little bit of sorting in my messy storage. Oh and for those wondering how I have a mad science lab, the brain of thought is one heck of a powerful hat. >.<
  9. Maybe campfire skins based off the ones from the old screecher mod?
  10. Fun Fact: You can open weekly gifts with the sea lab in island adventures! (The gift had a t-shirt)