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  1. I'm hoping playing with all pokemon set to the erratic level group will help tone down grinding, especially in the late game, as the erratic level group requires the least EXP overall to reach level 100.
  2. in my tests, infinite rare candy codes cause really bad bugs with the medicine tab, which is the main deal-breaker for using a code like that.
  3. Ever since completing my first seed in pokemon heartgold randomizer, I'm trying a second seed with a psychic monotype-lite(letting myself use legendaries), all double battles and 30% higher levels, it's been rough going. Current party, almost to 2nd gym. >.<
  4. Let us combine the top hat and desert goggles into a cool steampunk looking hat, wouldn't that be cool?
  5. omg it looks like glommer buddy is eating the pumpkin cookie, so cute!
  6. It's over, it's finally over. The journey has come to an end.
  7. The final grind is finished, hopefully next update on the playthrough will be the finale. Here is my final team, most of them have come so far.
  8. had a change of heart on my favorite water type, gotta love mah boi kingdra more than starmie.
  9. Now I must ask, how does this look for nicknames? Pokemon have a 10 character limit on names, so I had to make due.
  10. Courtesy of someone from a discord I'm in.
  11. Ok so I've got most of them on the list now, just need one for the Celestial Champion.