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  1. [Game Update] - 233745

    this means we cannot make Surf'n'Turf in SW compatible RoG worlds anymore?
  2. Summary of Rework Ideas for Winona

    drier cloths? she has a jeans overall and a t-shirt.. don't think that's accurate
  3. The Shipwreck Renaissance

  4. Summary of Rework Ideas for Winona

    I think the question is why "thematically" might this idea fit with her character skill set?
  5. ok... let's get this straight... I like the idea of SW in DST.. but again MOST DST players do not like the idea cuz SW had and still has a significant amount of bugs etc. if that was to change ( hopefully with the hamlet etc) the mayority of players might wanna change their opinion about SW in DST, but from what I see, DST is distancing itself A LOT from single player thematically. I would love some naval battles in PVP mode.. and I thing that's probably the most interesting idea from adding SW to DST I guess we do have to wait and see what we are gonna get with the new DLC.
  6. Summary of Rework Ideas for Winona

    that's probably not true. unless you play in a Winona's solo world.
  7. Summary of Rework Ideas for Winona

    I like ideas 1 (ty @Rellimaural) and 3 Last idea I consider dangerously OP. As mentioned before that ability with construction amulet would be just broken.
  8. ok... this discussion is not gonna get anywhere if you keep bringing many "imagine if" whatever here.. we can't have a real discussion when you are always wanna bring an argument based on something that is not in the game
  9. lol.. no mystake here.. I meant I couldn't care less if Winona was ported to DS... (no need for the patronizing tone "my good lad")
  10. tbh I personally couldn't care less about winona in DS. She seems pretty weak so far and kinda boring character overall IMO.
  11. care to share your thoughts on that? maybe related to the "tropical" setting?
  12. you didn't understand what I said. I said I do like SW in DST, but most DST don't wanna mix them. If you followed the threads here you'd probably knew that by now. On the contrary, you said many people want what you want, cuz "because." Not to mention the "what the hell Klei" etc attitude of your post.
  13. please stay on topic, and leave the personal adjectives out of the discussion.
  14. the general DST player base doesn't want to mix SW and DST... I personally won't mind it, but I do know what I want and what most DST players want. I do not ignore that fact. Besides, we don't really know what Klei wants to do in the future. You don't know either.
  15. they are probably gonna add some DS exclusive characters with the Hamlet as well.. we don't know yet.. so are you gonna ask for the same thing to be included in DST? SW characters are exclusive to DS some DST characters are exclusive to DST.. I see NO problem with that.
  16. I prefer to play with a mod that allows to play DST as single player .. and not just imposing my demands to Klei with something that it's clearly not what they have in store for DS.
  17. Are you serious? you are a Winona's main? Winona is certainly noones favorite so far... so that's an extremely unlikely scenario. You basing your assuptions and arguments on this?... hmmm :/ Besides...
  18. well.. you assume "many people" want that cuz YOU want it. Personally, I really like that the two franchises are taking different paths. I enjoy having a diferent gaming experiences everytime I play DS or DST and I think I'm not alone here. SW has a very different flavor and it's completely different from normal DS and RoG. and I hope the Hamlet is gonna add even more complex and will have different mechanics to single player. I personally WANT them to be separate products. IMO, i'd be a bit stupid having the same content in both. I prefer that the distance can create a market for both in which they can develop in the long run. This is probably not gonna be the last we are gonna hear from single player. Even after the Hamlet, cuz DS is the prime product Klei has and they clearly understand it.
  19. Dude, don't talk about Klei like they are "milking" DLCs and ****s, cuz you just need to take a look at the gaming industry as a whole to see that Klei has pretty decent business practices. So far we have no microtransactions, no fuc-k-i-ng monthly payments and no mandatory DST DLCs that will surely split the gaming base, and I hope Klei will safeguard the game from that cancer in the future. Please consider the facts before launching accusations you clearly don't have a base for. Besides, single player does have a decent player base.
  20. this is normal... one of many "set pieces" that could spawn in a new world. you can check out in the Wiki.. look for "set pieces"
  21. why are you looking under "official"? they have like different names..
  22. it's been said that an image is worth a thousand words.
  23. a well known fact that Charlie is the one attacking in darkness