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  1. 50/50 on this. I don't see why the fire immune character should take damage putting out fires. Maybe sanity since she doesn't want to? Fire staff thing is fun, yeah Burning twice as long seems more dangerous than helpful. Extra damage to burning mobs sounds nice but entices players to be greedy with setting things on fire. Yes please, been begging for this for a while. Seriously, mechanical gears burning sucks. I'm always sitting in fire and I never really see the sanity boost, I can agree with this. Fire doesn't come off as a decent alternative compared to... most other things. Also yeah, Bernie gets demolished against groups of shadows. I'd like if he had shadow defense so shadows would take longer on him but other mobs would do the same amount. Hating water could be neat, I can understand the sanity drain, though doing less damage to wet mobs feels unavoidable and out of touch. Also losing sanity on a boat sounds dreadful. Look at other mod characters with this downside, its not fun at all. The Charlie kidnapping was sometime before Maxwell was dethroned, as Charlie took her queen form just moments after banishing Wilson, but in the Winona video you can see Charlie is still in her Grue form from before she became queen!
  2. Looking at the unused animations for Antlion reminded me of something...
  3. Yes! This! I had completely forgotten about this, currently the gembell just fades away instead of playing this lovely animation when it breaks.
  4. As of late, there have been a TON of unused/missing animations finally coming to light, and I'm loving every ounce of it. Spear jabs and lighting animations have gone a long way into making the game just that tiny ounce more immersive. With that said, I figured it'd be time to report this one as well. Currently most if not all resources have unused animations for being walked through (like grass) and being dug up with a shovel. The animations are listed as "dug" and "rustle". Additionally the rustle anim works for each state of the plant, such as dug, dried, sick, ect.
  5. I appreciate it a ton! I do! Also yes of course, I've got a set of hawk eyes for art and animation alike. EDIT: That's a funny crow frame too.
  6. If Wilson gets a rework, I want it to follow the Wes mentality. Wilson doesn't get much for himself, but when in a group he should have things to help other players. This means people who like Wilson as he is doesn't get a total rework and loses that value, but it also means when playing in a group he'd be able to offer something to the group so others don't feel like the Wilson is a waste of a character choice.
  7. I had made a report pointing out a small seam in the Cave Hole art recently, although this was fixed in a patch earlier, I've noticed the art itself is no longer HD which makes upsets me greatly. It also sticks out when used in creative for scenic builds now.
  8. My insanely over the top nit picky detail was noticed! Huzzah! Dreams do come true! Super sick to see this crop up! I love the change! Makes me ever more curious on if my Dowdy Willow suggestions are to be considered sometime!
  9. Working on a handful of proof-of-concept stuff for a little side project I'd like to work on sometime. I'd love to try and develop a more lively desert of sorts someday. Maybe I'll hitch a ride with some coders and make it a reality one day.
  10. Some additional info on this bug, whilst Smallbirds do try their best to be their parents children, they share the same behavior they do when following player parents, resulting in them pecking their parents when their hunger gets low enough. However tallbirds are unable to feed their children, which also results in them fighting back, killing their young.
  11. W-huh?! Has the time come?? Does this mean the chopping range has been increased, if so that'd be wonderful!!
  12. Love, love, love seeing Willow portrayed in a more malicious yet playful light. Feels very in character for her! Also yyyyesss!! Gorgeous art, props!!
  13. Oh I thought this was a suggestion to use Woby as ammo. Your idea is cool too, I guess!