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  1. Open up Chester, I've got a surprise for you...
  2. Happy St.Loner's day, ya'll!

    1. minespatch


      Top o' the mornin'!

  3. These aren't official, a nice lad/lass here on the forums drew those, along with many others! They're all bloody amazing, I suggest you check them out, Mine linked them above.
  4. Hornet's Art Thread

  5. I went and checked, it's not new, it's quite old, this is the forge upgrade check for Abby.
  6. Hitting them in itself doesn't hurt you, but when you hit them they stop chewing and go into an attack state where they wiggle around and deal damage. It's safest to tank it as kiting could get weird, they're drawn to wooden items and prefer to eat whatever's floating in the water before biting into your boat, so keep that in mind. Usually hitting one in/near the water scares the others away but don't rely on it. Darts and other ranged weapons could help scare them away. Taming a Gnarwail and bringing them over will let them kill the Cookie Cutters and throw whatever is in the water (M-meat, shells, salt ex) onto your boat so that should help you keep your distance too.
  7. Yeesh they weren't kidding about the stages. Shall I slap'eth thine yet again?
  8. Bearger is male

    It's a cry for help.
  9. What is WX's Gender

  10. is dst dead like tf2

    There's only 1 way to find out. Take my hand, you and me, and @Leonardo Cox shall venture forth to resurrect the games if you so wish.
  11. is dst dead like tf2

    Go back to PP, Deep. TF2 if still alive and breathing, and it's waiting for you there.
  12. No season for me is hard, because I'm a god at the game.
  13. Hi AFrono! It's been eons! Remember me? It's Variant, from White Mesa. It's been eons AFrono, we still meeting up in Black Forest, oh boy I sure hope so. Make sure no Winonas show up either, on that note. Salmon pie