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  1. I'm a huge fan and am honestly very disappointed they mentioned discontinuing them. I'd honestly be 100% down for more horror mobs in the future. I love what they did with the current ones and honestly more variety is always nice! I feel like they fit the mood, Don't Starve has always had that somewhat creepy side and I'd like to go back and expand upon that. A toggle for those who dislike it is always welcome anyways, adds to the customization of the sandbox game.
  2. At the same time I'd love if they could make the arm actually go over the body in this and the pick up animation. It really bothers me that the arm goes behind.
  3. Honestly I don't have anything funny to say I just want to show off this cute Skittersquid frame.
  4. Where's my Charlie funko? Or one of those large Funkos they rarely do, I think one for either Charlie/Maxwell on the Nightmare Throne would be absolutely amazing.
  5. In all honesty, I just want to see what they have in store. As long as it's not another child or monster. I'd prefer an adult female being added to the fray but otherwise I'm fine with whatever. There's just, a lot of monster/animal characters now and I feel like it kinda stole Webber's spotlight a bit. Also there's just... an odd amount of children in this dark horror scape of constant death. It'd be nice to change it up a bit.
  6. I believe we're talking about the one mentioned in the roadmap? Honestly I think it'll be someone new. Warly came in as a refresh, I kind of expect any others to come in as refreshes too. I'm hoping for a new character again. If not I can see Wagstaff coming in. Though it would take away from DS' charm a bit I feel.
  7. Found a dev signature whilst browsing through anims. Thought this was really neat.


    1. -Variant


      Oops, there's more.


  8. While the topic's rolling about beefalo training, there's anims of the Beefalo being whipped and responding both positively to it and negatively, are these used? Does the whip actually do anything domestication wise? (Aside from making it want to kill you that is.)
  9. Year of the Beefalo's lookin' great so far.
  10. Honestly I'm not sure. I really like the doofy run, I've gotten used to it. Making anims is a bit of a task, I can't imagine how costly new run anims would be. Would they also need another set for slow walking when you're groggy? Would they be something you earn/buy? Seems a bit game-y. Though I guess execution would be important, I'd be highly interested in having more anims to look at.
  11. I've got no idea if this was posted here yet or not but my friend Leo made a really cute mod that functions as a trash can. :'} It's a really cute alternative, though I do hope we eventually get a better form in base-game sometime in the future.