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  1. Nothing really special but the Winter's feast table throws crockpot meals into the air if its not from the event. Thus I made a prison with a feeding slot. They can't get out but I can put foods on the table and it throws it into the cage. This is it. This is my presentation. Is it viable for anything? No. It's funny though!
  2. Not quite able to make the skin cause of laws but that doesn't mean I can't make my own assets. Pretty much took the existing sprites I thought looked best and matched it up, also did my own art for her crown and collar and make them into their own armors. I think it came out surprisingly close!
  3. Hmmmmmmm. I wonder who I main. 

    1. -Variant




  4. Nope! Haven't seen the Library, it's a little beetle concept I had come up with for a possible mod mob. It'd help collect resources since no mobs really do that. Was also playing around with different sizes and styles and it hit me to let her hair down and honestly there's not enough fanart of Willow with her hair down, I think it's a unique change of pace even if you'll never beat her pigtails.
  5. Been messing around in the beta so heads up for spoilers! The new trees are just gorgeous. Willow made some friends too.
  6. I knew DST 64bit would bring drastic performance changes but nobody told me the art was being updated too. Willow's looking a lot more high res than I initially thought.
  7. Victorian hair is just too good, thinking I may draw this sometime later.


    1. minespatch


      So a winter feast server?

    2. kila


      i love it!!!!! so cute!

  8. I'd like to soon! Also, meant to do a quick warm up sketch and accidentally spawned a bunch of Willows. And Moonblind glowstick Willow, thought it'd be funny if her eyes glowed in the moonblind skin I did a bit ago and thought about those glowsticks you can shake to charge up.
  9. Imagine them following you around smiling like this the whole time. They're plotting something...
  10. This'd honestly be kinda neat! They already shed twigs after a bit, they'll shake their head and drop some. I think ramming into trees drops grass too, but if you could shave the gator you could probably take them to go, too!
  11. Honestly yeah, I won't lie, I'd love to ride them, as much as most other mobs actually. Though I doubt it'd happen, whilst they are pretty much Beefalo reskins they're still lacking many art assets and animations to become ridable, also I can't imagine how well it'd work with them being water based. Almost all the ocean mechanics are tied to boats and being able to get a water walking mount would break almost all of it I imagine. Whilst not impossible I'm unsure how likely it is.
  12. WOAH Honestly one of the best Wilson model's I've seen! Surpassingly accurate, even down to his blue eyes! Absolute props!!