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  1. This one? Or an upcoming one? And where was this said?
  2. What's Turn of the Tides? Also yes, we're keeping our world, however, worlds before the beta will need to be remade.
  3. Sinner just got themselves a new drawing tablet, whoohoo! 

    Who wants to throw rocks and carrats at me while I fail horribly at using this baby? 

    1. Auth


      Sorry bud, I only got tomatoes. That work?

  4. Potential for Livestock.

    Not them attacking, but them stealing and wrecking the base.
  5. We were doing this last night. Houndi break on boats, however. They bug out. Anyhow, we've been having some sick ocean battles lately, the catapults certainly work. We like to ram each other, and try to force people away from land and let them sink.
  6. It's just a food based joke she made up, according to her profile status.
  7. Hey, don't forget this. The portal fills with Dark magic/shadows when we use it, but when Charlie uses it...
  8. There was a client side mode that changes their skin made yesterday, however. My friend is making another mod which turns them into moon rock looking fellers. But what's the gory about people are talking about?
  9. They're faster, and it doesn't resemble crocodogs, either. Plus they actually have animations for jumping in the water for boarding your boat, unlike Crocodoggos.
  10. Potential for Livestock.

    Reminds me of the OG rat concept they had. Did you know Rats existed before even Wilson himself? They thought of rats before making the main character. They'd steal your crops and eat food, here's a more recent picture they did of them for the SW DLC. I also attempted to remake them, but then legit the next day later they added the Carrat. It's 900. Legit 100 less than the Quacken boss in SW.
  11. Gestalt

    It translates to a number of things, actually. That's one of it, but there's a few more, now, sorry but I can't recall which languages these belonged to, but other names were: "Knowing figure" and "Living Being". There might be more, who knows?
  12. Potential for Livestock.

    I haven't mentioned saladmanders because I think you've nailed how they should breed, so props to you for that. I thought that the carrats getting out of hand would be fitting, as they are rats of sorts. But a more controlled breeding style would help players out, certainly. You can also just cook them alive, when they're in the ground, lighting them on fire will kill them. So that could be a way of keeping them under control. All in all the moleworm idea is the most fitting for them, but if they go with that, I'd rather them respawn much quicker than the moles do.
  13. Nope, all hound variants swim now. Good luck in that ocean.