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  1. Just world gen being funky fresh it seems. It doesn't seem like a new set piece, I got something similar recently. Enjoy it! A castle is sounding mighty sick.
  2. Wavey interacts with all boat based equipment, snuffing fires, pulling masts, lowering/lifting anchors, steering, ect. You can step on his hands to reset their progress but that's about it.
  3. Hey, been a bit. Checking in on you.

  4. It's because they share a specific tag (chef) which allows them to cook over fires quicker, Willow's lighter got changed a bit so it could cook quicker too and the result is everyone with the tag being able to cook with it too!
  5. Despite being considered a part of ANR, they were added before the branch started, that much I know. I'm not sure I have an exact number though... This?
  6. Hiya! Anyone happen to have a spare copy of the Diseased gecko sprites? Normally Klei leaves cut content in the files but not this time. :'{
  7. It does, front and side are custom, up uses the blowdart animation. The DST mods just aren't using them.
  8. Would it be too much to get the fixed versions of these sprites? Both big and small Woby were updated with hot-fixes.
  9. It's super weird! It's been appearing on absurd things too, like Crockpots, Backpacks, and Chester. Super bizarre!
  10. Is small Woby gonna be a Vargling reskin while big Woby is a beefalo reskin?