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  1. This world gen is such a blessing and a curse. Its got everything you could ever want, "islands", a bridge to nowhere, empty ruins, and even an empty archive.
  2. Your wording in some areas is a bit off but I do absolutely think some form of having slightly more customizable animations/idles would be wonderful. I do agree, I'm greatly saddened by Woodie and Willow's item requirement for their anims and would enjoy an alternative at some point but I'm not gonna die without it.
  3. AAAA!! I LOVE WILLOW HERE!!! At first I wasn't sure but honestly I think Koi Wurt would work wonderfully. As everyone else has said, Satyr Wortox is infact, genius, Wendy's butterfly gettup is awesome, and Wicker looks amazing. Webber is awesome, I've always wanted Poison Spider Webber to be a thing, though he could use some more floof methinks. These are all wonderful, props!
  4. Sky nautilus... what does it mean!? No but seriously, absolutely fantastical job here, you saw what I said in DMs but its super nice having a new Lorekeeper to keep everyone updated! Wonderfully written and with their sources too! Room to improve as always with any human project though I think it does its job just fine. Keep it up, excited to see the rest!
  5. Woby's walking anims are broken/bugged in that they have a spare/extra leg just sitting there. The broken anim in question is walk_woby_loop_side
  6. Keep them going!! Loving all these fixes, fantastic work!
  7. You. Shush. You saw nothing.

    1. PunkShark


      I see everything and everyone. including you.

  8. It was mentioned before (I think Discord?) that the idea of a moth boss wasn't off the table... That and the glass sculptures... All in all I wouldn't mind another boss but I certainly don't think it'd be original. Plus you have to go through Crab King for it... Hmm. I'm curious to see what it all is, the war surprised me and makes it impossible for me to try and guess so for now we wait.
  9. Almost, if not all the menus actually do have fully drawn out/animated bodies actually! It's super nice! Winona's Carrat one and Willow's promo as examples. Unless you mean other promotional things but I think its safe to say yes there too. ;}