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  1. Doodles! of DS!

    Are these "Adventure" pills?
  2. He added this in for the RoT mobs, and all the other PP versions are getting frame reworks so he can better develop them, once those are finished, the other PP versions are going to be updated, including boat stuff and SW mobs being able to swim. ICYDK
  3. Well, that was the original concept for the first game, that being "Don't Starve". You would get in, make a new world, figure out how stuff works, die and repeat until you become a God of sorts. In DST, it's about learning with your friends, or having a teacher friend of sorts to help explain how the Constant works. If all else fails, the forums are here to help. I'd suggest Wiki, but there's chances where the information is incorrect. Also, I noticed this is your first post, so let me welcome you to the forums!
  4. Gonna say, I didn't even know half these existed. Wow.
  5. RoT wish-list

    Wouldn't this be good in the RoT wishlist in the RoT forums?
  6. DST Forum polls

    I've always loved these pictures with Wilson in a natural environment like this. Are there others?
  7. Showcase for Boats

    Oh hey, I didn't see this here. Want to see my Maxwell galleon? No? I didn't ask you if you didn't want to. It ain't exactly a flashy boat, or decorated one, but it had Maxwells on it.
  8. There's also a command to drag specific people over, and also one for yoinking over everyone in the server. I'll see if I can find it, but the Lazy deserter is actually a brilliant idea. I hadn't considered that one yet.
  9. combine same items

    Just click and drag to combine items like that.
  10. Dumb little poll

    What about our Lord and Savior? The carrat?