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  1. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    It's night, you're on a boat with a Wendy, Wes, and Wicker. You have no food, suddenly, day breaks and you see this. What do you do?
  2. Never said this bit, but the rest was clear. I'm aware both are polar opposites but I still wasn't sure which was which. This makes more sense to me. I think I'll stick with this, then.
  3. Wurt

    Ah, that's fair. I don't know what they could do with it, it just doesn't sound as interesting to me.
  4. Wurt

    Did I talk here before? I might've. I don't want Merm befriending I want ocean slippy slappy fun hours. Wahooog. Fight me, Gnaw. I dare you.
  5. Well, you ain't wrong. Horns, Merm-ish shape, Wurt sounds like what the Merms sound like, Goat quotes, and the fact the video takes place in the swamp kind of pile on each other. I still can't wrap my head around which side is "THEM". It is the return of them, and suddenly the moon is here. Feels as if THEY are the beings related to the moon, and them landing is coming back(returning) to the forest. I'm still out of it.
  6. They can swim, it's implied. They swam to the forest(?) and SW. They don't actually swim in game, which is tragic, but seeing as how we're getting what seems to be a merm and the fact merms won't go on boats unlike pigs/rabbits there's a possibility both might be updated. Looking at you, Hounds. Otherwise Sammy says the sick have taken off to the sea, implying they've swam away.
  7. Wurt

    Would've preferred a human female, but this'll work. I'm certain all the DLC characters are gonna be monsters/Constant creatures, but I'm okay with this. I still want another lady to join the frey, but until then I hope this character is fun. I don't want something simple like merm taming, but looking at Woodie we should be expecting a lot more than that. I want to say swimming, but I have my doubts. Please prove me wrong, Klei.
  8. Just drop them in the water? Moving your mouse over the water and dropping them will let you throw them to the ocean, it's been a feature for quite a while. It's cute, I like throwing items to my friends over those 1 tile ocean gaps you always find in worlds.
  9. It looks like it wants to be put out of its misery. I love it.
  10. Secret Character

    Here we go again. Yes, that's Wendy, yes the silho is off but they revealed who it was when Wilson and Maxwell built the portal. It shows that same silho for a minute and then it fades into Wendy.
  11. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    That's him for ya'.
  12. That's because they eat wood. You can place any/most wood things in the water and they'll go for them. They'll even eat boat fragments. It wouldn't make sense for them to eat a cookie? I get the name, but the name is a pun on how the actual boat looks. It's water sailing cookie hours.