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  1. Not my usual content but I wanted to take a crack at my own Charlie and remake of AmaLee's Charlie from 2015. I'm honestly very proud of how it came out! (mine's on the right)

    1. minespatch


      Saw that on discord. I like the tweaks.

  2. It's not a new face though, that happy face has been a sprite for a long time now.
  4. Lunacy is only supposed to occur when on the Lunar Island, inside the Moonstorm or during Alter nights, running in and out of storms can result in bugging out and becoming permanently enlightened even when you're not supposed to be.
  5. What? I'm not really sure what the difference here is, she looks fine to me. Also artist don't change characters' base sprites on the fly. Have you tried? That's 32 different face sprites they'd have to redraw.
  6. I'd personally recommend Island Adventures, the team might've stopped working on it but what they've got on the table is already a great amount of work that I feel does SW enough justice. A large group of friends and I have had a blast messing around with IA, genuine fun, feels really at home too. I think there's a few people trying to bring it back too, so that might be something to look forward to if it gets going. I wouldn't really recommend Tropical Experience on that note, several modders including myself have had issues with them even to the point of stolen/copy-cat assets, I've done a few check ups on the mod and they've been horribly buggy. You can glance at most of their codework and just see how slapped together it can be in some areas. Not the mention the insane amount of creative liberties.
  7. Var_Winstarr_Waitress.png.af3632fe73b98c904e656cc721e7b20f.png
    Had fun designing a waitress type character that'd zip around and deliver crockpot meals to other players recently.

    1. minespatch


      Do you have a art thread?

    2. -Variant


      I don't, I had been considering making one recently to share drawings I do on Discord and Don't Starve art but I wasn't certain if my output would be fair enough to keep a threat going in the long run.
      I still might though.

  8. Time to dive deeper, then. Skins for the skins.
  9. I love Willow so much. Ah, the duality of Willow.
  10. It'd be neat if there was a way to remove them. Like setting up a flare under them, having it explode in the roof burning the nest and sending all the spiders fall down. Funny and effective.
  11. Actually been meaning to ask, what's the obvious placeholder art?
  12. You're an absolute life savior! Still hoping this gets fixed for base game but this'll come in handy! Can't thank you enough.