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  1. New Character DIscussion

    I saw Arint and Flekfis have powerful item drop in compendium. You'll got powerful item when you killing her or him. Arint and Flekfis must be bosses fight, right?
  2. Start mission, Beat against first Skree in negotiation, then lose against second Skree (Dauler) in negotiation then start battle, won battle (do not kill skree Dauler), then rescue Admiralty Partol Leader (Feldspar) and second Skree (Dauler) loves you, but Partol Leader (Feldspar) didn't loves you.
  3. Plocka become best market ever!
  4. Yeah, yeah, sorry. Just... I don't want more easy game with powerful characters in future. i wish more hard or hard mode in future. My english is still not good.
  5. He's too overpowered now. but i'm ok with it. More overpower characters coming.
  6. Day 3 - Double Quest Rewards

    Same here!
  7. Touchpad. I love it. Sorry, Start and Select buttons.
  8. Run for your life, Shopkeep!
  9. Wow... So much updates of this year! Klei, You're sure work tryhard!
  10. Why don't you try swim?
  11. After Willow refresh update.
  12. Or comic (similar to Cyclum comic) can be cool!
  13. Ugh... More characters. dislike. More biomes, more creatures, i LOVE these! Awesoooome!