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  1. Hey, look what I found! Cyborg Yote! Hesh yeah!
  2. Best Pet Ever! How? Here. (trash screen)
  3. Start mission, Beat against first Skree in negotiation, then lose against second Skree (Dauler) in negotiation then start battle, won battle (do not kill skree Dauler), then rescue Admiralty Partol Leader (Feldspar) and second Skree (Dauler) loves you, but Partol Leader (Feldspar) didn't loves you.
  4. Plocka become best market ever!
  5. I understand. Lucky or unlucky run. I remember i got 6-7 same cards (picture card look Sal flip table), really funny.
  6. Wow, very overkill. I think 'Persistent Exertion' card really need limit and fair. My rework idea: Expend after 3 uses. that's enough?
  7. Yeah, yeah, sorry. Just... I don't want more easy game with powerful characters in future. i wish more hard or hard mode in future. My english is still not good.
  8. He's too overpowered now. but i'm ok with it. More overpower characters coming.
  9. No, yes, yes, yes and yes. Woodie is fine now, but weregoose need buff.
  10. Aww... Where's Woodie backstory/lore short video? Awesome update.
  11. Yeah. but check edit new screenshot. that's huge of damage.
  12. I have no idea what happened. But Sal had 4 'Thin skin' social banes, Sal have 99 wound debuff now. Edit: Oh no. look these on the Sal head. but still 99-98 wounds. huge of damage!
  13. Wes rework

    stop joking. stop bullying. just... stop it.
  14. Who do you main?

    i like all characters except Wortox and Wigfrid.