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  1. Thanks! You're awesome! Your videos are useful, cool and funny. i love your videos already.
  2. I don't like multiplayer card games, But this game is SINGLE-PLAYER card game, i will buy it in Steam! Never Epic store! plus exclusive is not a big deal.
  3. New rare idle animation, huh? Klei, why don't you create new rare idle animation for all characters?
  4. Already added for Fashion melon skin. Come on, what about Tentacle for Wormwoods halloween costume skin?
  5. Run for your life, Shopkeep!
  6. Everybody bully Wes... That's not nice.
  7. Wow... So much updates of this year! Klei, You're sure work tryhard!
  8. *sigh* You sure talk a lot... Bernies stacking is not fair because solo can best raid bosses with Bernies stacking. Tentacles trap isn't exploit. You can do with two Bernies and sewing kit. Too strong.
  9. Great topic. I'm very agree to buff night light and pick/axe, disagree to nerf rain coat.
  10. Next be Woodie or Wes, please!
  11. This update: Finally, immunity to fire are back and these swimming costumes be added. You know what? Willow will equip swimming costume then ready to jump in the lava pond and cheers.
  12. Shadow can't attack and drag her because she with Bernie. What about Maxwell?
  13. Willow is enough strong now like Winona. Well done. Who's next to refresh?
  14. I want Innkeeper teach newbie players to play DST...
  15. Wilson : Shadow beard hair!