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  1. I'm not here for about whatever recipe. I'm here for about bird in a cage. Why bird WON'T die if it ate too much cooked monster meat? Most mobs (including Bearger) will die if they ate too much monster meat (or unhealthy food). Weird... I'm not a talkative person, by the way.
  2. I prefer to all character start with 3 grafts. (2 grafts if prestige level 6 or higher.) i feel 4 grafts are too much in start game.
  3. Ah, i did feedback about this! Thanks, Klei.
  4. Buleet finally get new cute arm. Rake's new face. i'm gonna miss her old face.
  5. Start mission, Beat against first Skree in negotiation, then lose against second Skree (Dauler) in negotiation then start battle, won battle (do not kill skree Dauler), then rescue Admiralty Partol Leader (Feldspar) and second Skree (Dauler) loves you, but Partol Leader (Feldspar) didn't loves you.