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  1. Well, i finally achieve 100% completion ending for the game.


    what do i do now.

    have some arts that i draw i guess,


    everyone like drawing.

    warning, it's very thick.



    Honestly, great game, can't recommend enough, it's so worth the price.

    1. minespatch





      I'm getting Dorothy Wainright vibes from her design.


    2. Footman Crouch

      Footman Crouch

      Heheh, it's this character, they do look similar.

    3. galaxybread


      i like my own tears

  2. foo2.thumb.png.ec21454b7e4843b2b7d712412d3c5840.png20191122084123_1.thumb.jpg.68b4ca7ab5a2c212d4313c217c5672bb.jpgfoo.thumb.png.94f235022a6018be996723b1a7272396.png


    I won the game, but at what cost?

    I highly recommend this game, it's really good if you into management and SCP.

    1. minespatch


      Interesting color scheme.

  3. 20191104091207_1.thumb.jpg.fd3f0ff2ae5381110bca3fdc56ccc109.jpgara.png.9ad70b9e42ff82ef0fe19187d698709b.png

    "Oh? You're approaching me?"


    "I can't beat the sanity out of you without getting closer."

    1. minespatch


      What is this game?

    2. Footman Crouch

      Footman Crouch

      Lobotomy corporation, it's a game where you use monster for energy, overtime, you will get harder monster, but you will get more power and better gear to face ordeal later on.

      Poor Ara here handle the most dangerous abnormality that reduce her sanity by 80% and she got out insane. Angel have white gears that allow her to literally beat her senses to normal again. It's a fun game, but very underrated, it's a nice gift from my brother for halloween. 

  4. That's perfect. Nisbet is nisbest, man. That's the slogan.
  5. Doodles! of DS!

    Drawing-ish of DS characters. First time beating Adventure Mode. Everyone say cheese! Wendy n Chest~
  6. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Whatdyou mean cursed that just @Szczuku.
  7. Wurt vs. Wilba

    As a scout role in DST groupie , i like Wheeler to be added more than Wilba.
  8. Has Anybody Gotten Good Skins?

    I got 4 pleated shirt in a row, same colour too. It is based on chances, so i guess my luck is just rotten.
  9. Doodles! of DS!

    great job <3
  10. Thoughts on long pig?

    It need a buff so we can start eating each other, and farm that one Wilson that sit in base.
  11. You can always fish in the cave, the pond never freeze.
  12. I love the event that you suggest, it's definitely something that i want to do with my group of friends. Dodging rocks, shooting cannon, swing to the other boat and fight in melee, Something that we spend time together and for funsies. I like it. You guys are waay too over analysis on this idea, chill.
  13. Wurt shipped with webber?

    If you talking friend term then yeah, i find it pretty cute. two monster kids with relatable misfortune get to play softball and all that. i doubt she be friendly toward spiders, considering the amount of time merms fight with them. and technically she's not even human, this obviously show that Wendy is much more superior in term of shipping. i'm kidding of course, this thread is gonna get lock anyways, haha.
  14. Doodles! of DS!

    Ezlo finished the piece, enjoy the art! he did some new tests and it worked out, prop to him, seriously. I still have 5 more to torture him with, lovely.
  15. Next Rework?

    Wendy, and i already expecting disappointment.
  16. Doodles! of DS!

    Thanks maradyne, i'll keep it that way.
  17. Doodles! of DS!

    @EzLo54 and Crouch! the team that perfectto the drawings! WIP I'm gonna put spoiler just in case~ Don't ask who i follow for the art style.
  18. New artstyle!


    1. GetNerfedOn


      this looks much refined and improved, keep it up! :D

    2. galaxybread


      I love it

    3. minespatch


      Keep it up! The new style looks less stressful.

  19. Doodles! of DS!

    Song of the day, Lobotomy corporation! Me and Ez popping ideas and it get me to draw. Two sailing sister looking for salts. Abigail being useless, as ever. The :kappa: emote Laetitia from Lobotomy Corporation merge with Wendy Vault girl! wait this isn't DS related. I did the colouring, it's pretty bad tbh.
  20. "Well that was fun playing DST, wonder what happen to the forum"

    the forum :


    didn't read yet, but dayum, hype much?

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    2. Footman Crouch
    3. galaxybread
    4. minespatch


      People really found out before her release. Don't remember how long for such hype since the Gorge.

  21. Screenshot showcase

    Best buds sailing the ocean, took a break under the moon light. the photos that define our friendship