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  1. Ban reverentsatys for not enjoying that hamburger, even if it is cannibalism.
  2. Me on my simple boat. Couldn't use any of the boat stuff because RoT is quite new and the mod needs to be updated. I hope I can sail somewhere without changing character in the future.
  3. DST old skins

    Np. Here are 2 good threads.
  4. DST old skins

    You got a few things wrong. Some skins are from watching/making twitch videos with drops enabled. You can buy Gladiator, Magmatic and Victorian skins on steam store and in-game. Nothing in steam workshop, if there is it is not allowed. Forgot to say that some skins are from puzzles. There is a thread somewhere that explains how to solve them.
  5. I am not sure what to answer. I personally wish I would have gotten the icons and portraits that Gorge contestants got but I am happy to have the normal Cornucopia Portrait. If Loyal items will be available for everyone then the ones that we have should be timeless. I can't vote either way because I want the items to be rare and special but I also want them to be common, after all not everyone might have for an example been able to play Gorge or Forge because of computer problems. I am an owner of several loyal skins, including bottomless pit.
  6. I had a relative who died of Alzheimers, dont care really if a character have it. Didn't know the relative but heard he was one of the kindest men in the world. I would have to say that it wouln't make sense if Wicker had it. I like the way she is now. And so does many others. She probably wont change much.
  7. Why don't you think they can swim? Cows can swim. Being heavy is not something that stops a blue whale from swimming.
  8. You can just in case leave beta, weave and then go back to beta. Probably dont need to do this.
  9. Lol, I thought the beta was going to end yesterday, looked now and saw it is going to end NEXT month.
  10. Where is this from? The middle part looks like what was used in the metheus puzzle.
  11. Probably not, unless they release it officially later another day. If released today it might add a few new things and bug fixes.
  12. Winter or full moon? Or maybe something else Drops dragon fruit sometimes(in 2nd form only?) which can be used for farming, aesthetic animal that just fills the area or might drop something in future? Small chance for rock fruit to drop a seed if I remember correctly. Note I have seen the content and tried a little but also watched Glermz videos. My answers could be wrong.
  13. twitch

    He is the first person that answered you. He will probably be back soon within a couple of days.
  14. Gave it a 9. I think some small changes could easily have given it a 10(Beaver form be able to swim, perhaps not allowing most buildings/all buildings on the ships. It's a boat after all). I have not tried everything but I am happy with what I have seen.