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  1. One suggestion: I think you should say where you live so that one of you don't get massive lag because you are on the other side of the planet.
  2. But thats only if you are reactivating Winter's feast. So Deerclops won't keep the new attack outside of Winter's feast.
  3. 1000 posts or be lucky and one of the devs/mods changes it.
  4. I was able to buy the skins when the event ended so I think you can still buy them and get the emote
  5. It might be that we won't be able to play as other characters.
  6. If you go to the shop you can clearly see that it's for only 6 characters. Klei had a choice, Give us only a few new skins OR no skins at all. I think they said somewhere that there are going to be skins for the other characters next year.
  8. Should you unravel Forge items?

    Nope. Not at the moment.
  9. please help!!!

    I think what he/she is trying to say is how you can have it so that the mods doesnt get automatically disabled when the server crashes. Click on the X in order to re-activate the mod so that there is a green symbol instead or maybe it is click on the mod and then activate/enable mod? I don't remember.
  10. Why the lack of PVP features?

    I like the idea with Bushtraps and I agree that bush hats should make it so that when you hide you should look like a normal bush.
  11. Possible changes to Wilbur if he would be added to DST: Splumonkeys can't steal stuff from him or take stuff on the ground that are near Wilbur. Have the ability to make a structure that makes it so that Splumonkeys can't take stuff from farms, chests etc that are near the structure. Also makes it so that they won't try to steal items that are in other players inventory.
  12. All Achievements Reward

    I don't think there should be skins that you can get only by completing all of the achievements. I think I wanted there to be an achievement reward but I no longer want that. I did want there to be a skin that you could get by defeating the boss but that is a lot easier than defeating the boss 12 times and doing a lot of other things. The helmet with a lot of horns would have been a nice reward.----> Look at it, it's one of the best looking items in-game and I would have loved to wear it in-game outside of The Forge. It could have been a reskin of or If the achievements are easy and you dont need a super good team team then I don't mind much, the only problem would be if you would get problems with your computer(lag, unable to start the game, other stuff).
  13. I need some advice.

    I have heard of a challenge where you start with having a few items and you are trying to survive as long as possible without going outside the area you are in. I don't know where I can find the link about the challenge. I haven't tried that challenge but it's something I want to try.
  14. Signature restrictions

    I agree that you should be allowed to have more than 3 links in the signature and that it's the space that the signature takes that should be restricted. I really hate when some people have multiple links to posts that takes a lot of space.
  15. I took a look at another comment by nome about Forge beta portraits and then he said that all you need to post is your steam id. If you don't know how to get your steam id then copy the url to your steam profile and then go to this site or And then paste it there and then klick on "Look up/Get steam id.