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  1. Game crashes when going to Item Collection
  2. ^This. When I ordered The Scrooge Mystery I didn't get it at first because at the airport they sent it back to where it came from so the ppl I bought the movie from sent it again but with a different priority shipping if I am not mistaken. Then I got the movie.
  3. Pretty sure Tencent has to obey the laws where the games are sold at. So they can't just take the data from US, Mexican, French etc etc players and give to China's goverment because the laws in those countries might say "that is illegal".
  4. Can some of you start to be mature and not like angry 5 year olds? In what way did this ruin the game? Because Tencent owns +50%? The fact is nothing could change about the data collection or anything else. There are a lot of things that asks for your data. Other games, different software, websites. China's gov is evil. And there are times when goverments in the west were too. Like forced sterilisation in Sweden. There are tons of ppl in game imdustry that force devs to work overtime yet we support those studios. Is CCP worse? Yeah. Is boycotting Klei games going to do things better? No. Don't leave the games just because Tencent owns Klei. Wait until things actually is worse.
  5. I personally like the way Walter and his slingshot is right now.
  6. The workshop item isn't censored because the workshop item is still there. The text is still there. The only thing is we can't see the comments on the first page, but if you look you can see comments by clicking on one of the buttons.
  7. If I am not mistaken Maxwell doesn't remember everything. There is a quote if I am not mistaken that says he doesn't remember what the Ancient text says/forgot how to read it.
  8. So far I like the character. Skins look great.
  9. Lol, didn't notice. Used to the reskins I forgot how default looked like.