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  1. I think one reason why the board wasn't on the wall was because it wouldn't make sense. After all tons of people at the factory would have been able to see it, including Wagstaff.
  2. Have you checked your settings on
  3. R.Wagstaff abilities

    Abilities he might have: His own Clockwork(Rook, Knight, Bishop) that he can create that are friendly towards him. The reason why I believe that is this: Or other buildings/mobs he can make. He might be able to build some things without a science machine or maybe even a alchemy engine. Maybe when he spawns he will have with him a personal item with him? Radio?
  4. Avengers Infinity war/Pigs Infinity war spoiler
  5. I have no problem at all with it. Use it from time to time, I think I went from Wolfgang to Wicker and then to Winona. I can defeat bosses without changing character(making gunpowder lol), but I do it anyway because I want a different character(different appearence), not necessary because of what the character can do. I might change to Wilson soon or another character. I want to wait a bit longer until the beard mod gets updated before I am Wilson again. I did pick Winona for her buildings as I don't want to spend time making gunpowder and to see how powerful she was but I can change to different character now as I have already made a few buildings but I will stay as her because I like her. Wes next? Sure it might be cheating with the buildings but I still have fun playing the game, makes it also easier as I am alone Even if I did play with others I still want the ability to change characters and play in a different way.
  6. I dont think it will be this week, maybe an announcement of what the new character's abilities are.
  7. Maybe having something Winona can craft that can be added to a lightning rod that makes it so that you could use it for power that maybe lasts longer and breaks after a while?
  8. Used maybe 12 Catapults. Quite good against Bee Queen(Used health mod since I am playing solo). I will later use it against Toadstool. I hope it is also good against Ancient Fuelweaver and the Shadow Rook, Bishop and Knight.
  9. You can not stack skinned fence with default fence.
  10. I wonder, are these scrapped or is it possible to get them? I can't see them on the list of portaits and icons in the game.
  11. Cool video. It was extremly well made. I had to buy the new stuff. More lore and stuff is always nice to have
  12. [Game Update] - 311861

    When the devs post an "[Game Update] - #" it will drop within a few minutes.
  13. Or maybe it is clothes? Part of a shirt.