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  1. Maybe. Could be. But I don't that character will be added.
  2. If I am not mistaken Maxwell doesn't remember everything. There is a quote if I am not mistaken that says he doesn't remember what the Ancient text says/forgot how to read it.
  3. Wormwood Blooming Item: Item that makes it so that Wormwood can be at Stage 3 blooming at any time. Nametag: An item that can be given to a pet so that it can get a name of your choosing. Pet Den(or something): An item that can let you take your pet and keep it in your base. If you click on it, it will let the pet roam free within an area. And can play with other pets. Can hold several pets. If you want to get your pet back you can just go to the item and click on it again. Koalefant: Able to mount them. Empty Bottle idea: Walter's quote cave me an idea. Maybe give the player the ability to place fireflies, Mosquitos, Bees, Killer Bees and Grumble Bees inside. Can choose to throw it to give light(fireflies) or use it as a weapon(the others) which would release the bugs, but would also destroy the bottle. Can also choose to place the bottle on the ground to give light(fireflies).
  4. So far I like the character. Skins look great.
  5. Lol, didn't notice. Used to the reskins I forgot how default looked like.