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  1. Wurt can spot where danger is hiding in the swamp Cool, I am guessing it will be similar to the glasses Wagstaff have.(Or am I remembering things wrong?) Wurt can craft the Royal Tapestry and make a home for the Merm King and his Guards: The Royal Tapestry requires materials from all over The Constant The Merm King provides all Merms extra strength to fight Wurt must feed the Merm King to prevent him from starving Cool. I wonder if guards are normal Merms or different merms. I am guessing different merms. Wurt can craft Merm Houses and Merm Flort-ifications Great! She moves faster while on the swamp and can craft tiles to expand her turf That's a nice perk. Wurt is a vegetarian with a particular appreciation for Durians Many of us suspected that she would be vegetarian. Wurt can craft a Clever Disguise to get other survivors to blend in with her swamp friends Cool, will probably craft this and use it when I switch character. Likes to keep Pet Fish in her inventory Guessing it will act like a bird in the inventory. Starve if you don't feed it. Strongly dislikes Pigs No suprise there. Being wet does not affect her strong grip Didn't think about that, good perk. Wurt will be unlocked in the following ways: Wurt will be available for purchase for $6.99, in the Wurt Chest. Wurt’s Guest of Honor skin set is included in this chest for free. The Wurt Deluxe Chest is $9.99 and includes the Guest of Honor, Triumphant and Abyssal skin sets. You can weave Wurt for 2700 spool. Good thing I have my wallet ready We also have some new skins that have been added to the Hallowed Nights collection and we will also be increasing the drop rarity for skins during Hallowed Nights. I hope I can buy them directly from store. Finally, we will be adding a Loyal login bonus item for all players during the event as well as new Twitch drops! We expect this release to hit on the 24th for both PC and console. Cool The next Return of Them beta update "Hook, Line and Inker" should release early November. I am guessing we will get a fish net and be able to use fishing rod on those fish locations(not tried using fishing rod, idk name of those fish things) Guessing there will also be 2-3 new mobs.
  2. Wurt

    It's probably for the character and not the event.
  3. Wurt

    Before I go to bed now I am guessing it will have atleast 2 of these skins: Un-cursed(100% goat, 0% merm) Survivor skin Shadow skin Rose skin
  4. The Klei raid

    Because the ppl raiding don't respect the holy site(Klei building)?
  5. The Klei raid

    They could delete their games.