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  1. Because it would be like owning a DLC but for free when they want people to buy it. The Forge Mod is different since the Forge is free and is different on several things. You can't really do anything with the Forge Mod. No new base building. It causes no problems at all for Klei that I can think of right now while the DLC mods could. You can't save a Forge Run like a save file and continue tomorrow and even if you could you can only play it for X minutes and then start over. I am however going to download the DLC mods at some point unless Klei bans them since I would love to have a Hamlet Base in DST. There might be a way to solve the money problem by making it so that only DLC owners can have the mod but I dont think that is possible or they could make it into a DLC, sadly this would split the community in 4 groups, Hamlet DST vs "Normal DST" vs SW DST, "Hamlet AND SW DST".
  2. There is a mod for emotes, maybe you mean that? I can't find for emoticons
  3. Hi, could you tell me what is this from? Community made or something already in one of the DLCs for DS?ds.png.8c81c8d829d7a98e2f4cf5f38750c3b9.png

  4. It's out now in early access.
  5. hhh2 doesn't like the portrait and want it to have no portrait at all.
  6. Beta players will not get anything.
  7. It might be used for another upgrade. I think they talked about it on the stream where they showed the portal upgrade.
  8. Spawned without a machete nearby. Used the gonext command, didnt find it. log.txt Also this is also missing from it, idk if those 2 are related. (Inside the red area) porkland_1
  9. Masked Pig still apears when you set it to none.
  10. Magmatic Bundle

    Same thing happened when I got the bundle, got the items but I wish I could have seen the animation for the opening of the stuff.
  11. This came a lot earlier than I thought, I thought it would take atleast 4 more hours before Forge and Hamlet would come, thanks! Just bought all of the new skins. I just wished there was 1 more skin that I was hoping would be added.
  12. Tomorrow. No less than 11 hours left until twitch drops for new items comes, for forge to leave beta and for Hamlet to become early access.
  13. Dlcs and lore

    Makes sense, also in one of the houses in Hamlet you can see a painting of Pig King but it is blurred. If it is the same pig king or someone in the past is unknown but it wouldnt suprise me if it is a former pig king who like the one we see in the Constant.