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  2. Woodie and Wickerbottom was taken into the constant around the same time If this short is an indication, several years has passed in the real world since then Wickerbottoms cat has starved to death
  3. Needs that extra space to fit that galaxy brain of his
  4. You're... you're basically just proving my point. A new player would not know to do any of this. A new player would have their base burnt to a crisp, then be crushed by bearger and then killed by shadow creatures, all in the span of a day. Have you played on a public server lately? Most players cannot pass winter without help. Infact, the vast majority of people on these forums are people who are enthusiastic for the game. We have hundreds, if not thousands of hours put in. We can pass every season, kill every boss, survive for 1000's of days easily. We are quite possibly the top 6% of players. That includes me. That includes you. That includes op. We are not in the majority. Most players can not do this.
  5. I feel like a lot of people forgot what it was like playing for the first time. Don't Starve is a hard game, you just happen to be good at it.
  6. If there's one thing I've learned from playing lots of mobas is that playing by the meta gets extremely boring extremely fast. There's nothing more fun than taking a non support character into the support role and watch the enemy team struggle because they don't know how to handle this change. The same thing applies to Don't Starve. I personally enjoy making and maintaining farms, the special foods it gives and farming for seeds. It's calming in a way. Is it efficient? No. You can technically live off of nothing but meatballs and green shrooms, but where's the fun in that?
  7. I honestly have no memory of why I needed those lmao (it was taken shortly after year of the hound, I think 2 years ago)
  8. So I got a little bored in my experimental server Don't even get me started on how much lag this caused (or how long this took)
  9. WOAHDVI0D0FJP IM HERE YEES IM FAMOUS LOOKE AT ME MUM Wait a minute we're already closing in on 2mil? Holy crud, it feels like I made the 1mil one a month ago... Someone else will have to do the 2mil one this time. I learnt that my computer is not built to handle 90 layers the hard way lmao
  10. Honestly speaking, I've had a strong suspicion the guy has been using consoles since after the Maxwell video. Things just never felt the same and went by way too smoothly since after that one.
  11. I feel like this poll should've had more options. I would like for wind to be added as eye-candy, but not 'strong winds' to the same extent as SW. Not as an obstacle. I wouldn't like for flowers to be plucked, or tufts to be harvested. I wouldn't like for it to hinder movement. And I definetly wouldn't like for my items to be blowing away in the wind and end up in the water, sinking down to the shadowly dephs. I would like trees and tufts to dance in the wind, perhaps with a light rustle. And rain and snowfall to flow in a certain direction. Perhaps add hair aswell. Perhaps add a new craftable that'd show the direction of the wind. Like "today is not a good day to go out sailing". Strong winds could be added at sea. But not on land...