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  1. Honestly, why are meteor showers even a thing. Like yeah, moon rocks, but there are much, much better ways to get moon rocks nowadays. They're loud, they ruin your base, they ruin your pickaxe, they uproot everything. They're not even dangerous. There's no shockwave and they're so easy to dodge, they don't even do a lot of damage when you actually do get hit. They're not at all fun to deal with, they're just annoying now. And I'm actually, completely, unironically convinced there's a typo in the code or something. There's no way they're supposed to reach that far. I wouldn't want it gone completely. But by the eight, fix the range, buff the danger, or remove it completely and put it in a staff or book or something.
  2. I actually really like the ideas you proposed. However, I do not think they exactly fit her character, or should be her passive. Because truth is, while I agree that there isn't enough pyro in that maniac, she's fine as she is.. However, I do think they should consider these for a future update, or an event. Perhaps another ruins or moon update that passivly buff Willow like how they did Wormwood. That being said, before Willow was reworked, and before we knew anything about how Willow would look like, I proposed the idea that she would be able to craft different types of lighters. Along with her normal lighter, and endothermic lighter and a shadow lighter. Shadow lighter would only have like 5 or 10 uses. The fire would be black like in the shorts, would not provide any light or warmth and have a massive sanity drain to anyone aside from Willow, but it'd do massive damage and last for much longer than normal fire. Obviously this didn't happen, but I thought it was pretty cool...
  3. Ok epic. There's a lot of items from the crystalline collection I missed out on (aka "i'll do it later" but it never happened)
  4. Ah, yes. Wouldn't be the Don't Starve fandom unless we get needlessly upset over a character buff.
  5. Ok, I love this. You really got their personalities to a t! I've always loved the little aesthetic Wilson and Willow had, really gives off the 'dumb and dumber' vibes. One thinks first and acts later, the other one acts first and thinks later. Also the voices fits them really well, this is unironically fire!
  6. The amount of characters moving around in that animation... it must've been a pain to animate. We love to see our faves interacting with eachother, it's those little things. And we finally got the farm rework! Now if only we could get those darts hinthintnudgenudge Also, poggers
  7. Someone somehow found this post and just casually reminded me that I never actually finished this... Oops! While I don't think this is good at all, the sheer fact that I drew all this with mouse is quite impressive (to me). But since I have an actual tablet now, and because this thread is deader than dead, maybe just maybe I'll finish this to the delight of absolutely no one. ..So whatever happened to this thread anyway?
  8. Torawareta kutsujoku wa hangeki no koushi daJouheki no sono kanata emono o hofuru JAEGER!
  9. wait where the heck is confused react? how will i downvote now??
  10. Oh wow. I completely missed these links when I was reading the update notes... Thank you for this! But that doesn't make sense at all? I read the updates for the updates, but missed the links because I'm blind apparently. And according to these responses, I'm clearly not alone in this. And with that logic people could just scroll to the bottom for the links. But why bother with the links if you don't care about the game?