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  1. I'm the type of player that enjoys designing bases, and find very little interest in combat and/or exploration. Which is why autumn is so nice. Nothing to disturb you while you're just building away. Hounds and giants are pests, but snow is the worst of them all. Infact if I could suggest anything it'd be the ability to remove snow temporarily with a shovel so the player can see the ground. But we all can't have nice things. But yeah. No offense but your suggestions sounds very annoying.
  2. I mean, I'm a Willow main, so obviously. But thing is, Willow is, on the surface, a very simple and noob friendly character, but has a pretty large skill gap. That bear can be used for so much and fire can be used to stunlock certain mobs and enemies. To effectively do these, calculation and time management is required. No I'm not joking btw. Willow is big brain energy, trust
  3. Unironically straw hat. It looks good on some characters, especially Winona. Rain hat is also cute on Webber. Rabbit earmuffs looks cute on everybody.
  4. He'll be able to craft a special silk hat, a special silk jacket, and a special silk spear. That's it. imjustjokingpleasdonotdothis I actually don't know what they can do for his rework. I honestly thought he was fine and don't know why everyone wanted him reworked over Wolfgang
  5. Willow. Her design caught my eye when I first saw it and she was really easy for me to play as a noob. I would stare into the campfire every single night and always be above half so her downside never bothered me. I also came to like her personality. She has a mean sense of humor and I like that she's rebellious and wild in an age were girls were supposed to sit down and be fine. She's the complete opposite of what the standards was at the time.
  6. Hook, Line and Inker is the lowest on my list, but that's probably because I don't understand the fishing mechanics at all.
  7. Current DST feels more like Disney than Tim Burton, and it bothers me
  8. Give Willow a new skin. Seriosuly give her a new skin she hasn't had one for almost 2 years now this isn't funny anymore