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  1. Yes! I've always classified her as a combat based support, I'm glad you went with that aswell and not just straight up combat (like Wolfgang for instance). I'm glad the headcanon that she's an excellent singer/opera performer is now canon too! I am stoked for this!
  2. Torawareta kutsujoku wa hangeki no koushi daJouheki no sono kanata emono o hofuru JAEGER!
  3. Any character can do this if you're good enough. I put my money on Woodie, Wigfrid and Willow though.
  4. wait where the heck is confused react? how will i downvote now??
  5. Oh wow. I completely missed these links when I was reading the update notes... Thank you for this! But that doesn't make sense at all? I read the updates for the updates, but missed the links because I'm blind apparently. And according to these responses, I'm clearly not alone in this. And with that logic people could just scroll to the bottom for the links. But why bother with the links if you don't care about the game?
  7. I honestly have no memory of why I needed those lmao (it was taken shortly after year of the hound, I think 2 years ago)
  8. So I got a little bored in my experimental server Don't even get me started on how much lag this caused (or how long this took)
  9. WOAHDVI0D0FJP IM HERE YEES IM FAMOUS LOOKE AT ME MUM Wait a minute we're already closing in on 2mil? Holy crud, it feels like I made the 1mil one a month ago... Someone else will have to do the 2mil one this time. I learnt that my computer is not built to handle 90 layers the hard way lmao
  10. I haven't laughed this hard to a Starve meme in a while. Quarantine really hit us hard, huh.