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  1. Wurt

    Damn, nvm...
  2. Wurt

    The streams usually start 00:30 in my timezone which is in like 1 ½ hours from now. Then again I haven't been to a stream in god knows how long so I might be tripping. I'm still hopefull.
  3. Wurt

    Inb4 streams cancelled
  4. Wurt

    Everyone: EVENTUALLY!! ANYTIME NOW! They'll reveal the news EVENTUALLY! The entire dev team:
  5. Wurt

    The entire dev team probably eating popcorn while laughing maniacally. "Should we start the stream?" "Nah give it another hour. This is far too entertaining."
  6. Wurt

    Holy manure this blew up. I thought devs posted the news here or something and now i'm sad. Haven't been this hype over an update since Warly.
  7. We need this to be a thing...

    This is such a Klei thing to do lmao
  8. Going in by memory alone. Probably got a few things wrong. Also experimenting with different brushes.
  9. When Bernie taunts by spiders, you can just stand there and hold F because they will never go for you, except warriors because they have more hp. The same thing can be done for bees and houndwaves (if you have a strong enough weapon, but since you're Willow, you probably have a dark sword by now)
  10. I forgot this topic existed lmao
  11. Or give us some vague hints for a longer period of time leading to something great. Frick me do I love me some hints.
  12. Wurt

    Looking at its small horns, it is either a child or a female. Probably a child version, so as they can have an excuse to make it small like Wilba. Though I do hope it's a female aswell.
  13. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Been a minute since I posted here