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  1. You don't need to dig the plants up. They'll vanish once you harvest them. I think you can otherwise burn the crops, but I've never tried. If you are unpleased about your crops position, you can fertilize the crop and harvest it immediately. It's like a farmtile, but without the farmtile and it can be anywhere. You don't lose sanity after harvesting them either, even though they are plants and counts as 'friends'.
  2. I'm currently abusing the crap out of this at the moment. Yes, you got infinite seeds, infinite crops, infinite sanity. Heres me, a few days later. Planted 60 something crops in the ground in a circle around the seedspawn. I also planted hundreds of crops along the roads and have a huuuge garden beside my base. All of this with originally a stack of seeds, but because of this bug, that was possible. You will never go hungry again AND your world will look nice and lush in the same time. Winwin!
  3. Upon further insepction, it appears that the seeds that spawn are the exact same seeds I used to plant with, as they have the exact same spoiltime as the ones I used. So instead of the seeds disappearing when used, they are 'discarded' at the center of the map. Pretty interesting.
  4. World: Vanilla Don't Starve with Hamlet enabled Character: Wormwood Mods: No mods enabled When planting seeds in the ground a seed is spawn at the center of the world. Noticed this upon searching for berry bushes. What a thought was 1 seed turns out to be nearly 20 in one pile. Planted a seed next to it to see, and sure enough right at that moment a seed spawned. First image shows me standing next to the spot, had just tested it out and picked up the seed. Second image i had planted a seed to demonstrate. As you can see, a seed has spawned. Third image is where I am on the map (the red circle) Not a gamebreaking bug but I thought it should be pointed out.
  5. My girl Willow finally getting the update she deserves? POGGERS